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    posted a message on Mojang is adding too much to minecraft
    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    The community is listened to. Remember the Combat Update? That didn't come out of a vaccuum, you know. It was constantly tweaked until it was released. And then tweaked a bit more. Remember when Mojang changed a thing and then changed it back because of the community? What exactly is so important? Do the majority actually get ignored, or is it a small group of outraged people? Have you actually checked?

    If they listened to the community there would be far more underground content, but no, they even made it less interesting in 1.7 (there are suggestions to add more content on Reddit, the only place Mojang actually reads, and all they said is that it is "impossible" to even add customization even though it only took me a few minutes to hack 1.12.2 without using MCP so it almost perfectly replicates 1.6.4, just by changing a few numbers). They sure seem to have forgotten that the game is called "Mine"craft.
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    posted a message on Question about map generation

    You do not need plugins/mods/whatever to do this - Mojang added the Customized world type just for this reason; to create a Customized world click on more world options when creating a new world and click the world type button until it says Customized, then click on the customize button that appears and on the first page you'll find a list of various settings including structures - just click on the yes/no buttons to change them. If you want a Large Biomes world change the biome size to 6 (4 is default, 5 is between them); as long as you do not change any settings other than enabling/disabling structures the world will generate exactly the same as a Default/Large Biomes world (you can simulate Amplified but it will not be the same since Amplified excludes oceans, rivers, and swamps from having higher terrain but Customized does not).

    (I'm a bit surprised that Customized is so little-known, it has been in the game for 3 years now)

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    posted a message on Enchantments: Water Haste

    This has already been added to the game as one of the easiest enchantments to get (you can get it on a helmet or book enchanted at level 1):

    Aqua Affinity

    Increases underwater mining rate.

    Breaking blocks underwater is allowed at regular speed, though the player cannot be floating to get the full effect. Specifically, when swimming, mining takes 5X as long. Levels above 1 are no different.

    I see no need for a separate enchantment that does the same thing for tools; maybe tools can receive Aqua Affinity?
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    posted a message on How can I remove all villages from my Minecraft world

    Like Sidmarill said, if your structure already has mods in it it will remove the mods. But as seeing you are in vanilla, you could use the worldedit mod to make changes and than change it back to vanilla, it will warn you if you leave a modded block it's missing these and make a backup of it, but backups are always a good thing in the first place. And even though you are probably in 1.12.2 the mod for 1.12.1 should still work. Hope it all helps.

    You only get that missing mod warning if you open the world in Forge without the mods - vanilla does nothing at all except crash or regenerate the offending chunks in the worst-case (just some unknown blocks usually doesn't cause any issues other than disappearing); for example, the following happened when I intentionally opened a modded world in vanilla, there were no other indications that anything was wrong:

    However, if only vanilla blocks (items, entities, tile entities, biomes) are present it is perfectly safe to open the world in vanilla unless a terrain-altering mod was used (there will be discontinuities between new and old terrain, as with upgrading from 1.6.4 to 1.7.2, otherwise it is still safe to open it in vanilla, unknown biomes will also just default to plains but that could cause undesired effects).

    Also, I personally recommend using MCEdit since you do not need to install any mods along with the potential issues using mods can cause, and MCEdit is capable of performing extremely large operations with minimal resources (for example, I've used it to analyze a 90,000 chunk world on a 32 bit system; that many chunks requires on the order of 5 GB of RAM to load all at once. It will run slower though due to disk caching). MCEdit is also able to open worlds created in almost any version, even ones released after it was released (as long as the save format remains the same, this is likely to change in 1.13), as well as virtually any mod (again, unless they alter the save format, such as Cubic Chunks), although there may be issues with some blocks (e.g. an unknown light-emitting or transparent block will be treated as if they do not emit/pass light since that properly is inherent to the code, not the save data).

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    posted a message on [1.7-1.9] TheMasterCaver's Mods and Tweaks

    11/27/2016 - While I'm no longer maintaining these mods in general I updated "old caves" (1.6.4 cave generation) to 1.11 because I had modified the class to demonstrate that caves had not been changed since 1.7 (some are claiming that they restored pre-1.7 cave generation or otherwise increased it).

    Also, see the end of this post for updated installation instructions, Mojang has sneakily added stuff the the json file which makes the launcher redownload the jar even if you rename it, as if they are on a war against mods.

    These are a few simple mods that I made for 1.7.x after seeing a request to remove void fog, which can be done with mods (Optifine) for earlier versions but I haven't seen one for 1.7.2 yet. I also uploaded several mods for cave generation; removing caves, using the generation in 1.6.4 and earlier, or doubling the 1.6.4 generation, and similar mods for ravines (these are also compatible with the server, which uses the same class). They are just simple edits done using JBE on the class files; I can easily update them as new versions come out as long as the code remains similar (without help from MCP). All of the mods here are compatible with each other and can thus be mixed together, except for "TheMasterCaver's World Underground" and the cave/ravine mods as it uses a custom combined cave/ravine generator class.

    Cave generation mods:

    These mods can also be used on the server (jar version), which uses the same class files.

    For 1.12.2 - includes an "old mineshafts" mod which increases mineshaft frequency to 1.6.4 levels (2.5 times more common):

    Older versions:

    For 1.11:
    Old Caves:

    For 1.9.2:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.9:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.8.3:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.8.1:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.8:
    No Caves:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.7.10:
    No Caves:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.7.5:
    No Caves:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.7.4:
    No Caves:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    For 1.7.2:
    No Caves:
    Old Caves:
    Double Old Caves:

    Here is a comparison of three worlds all generated using the same seed (-123775873255737467), centered around spawn:

    Default 1.7.x cave generation for comparison purposes:

    No caves; ravines, mineshafts, and lakes still generate; it is also important to note that dungeons are extremely rare without caves, although the loot can be found in chests elsewhere (music discs from creepers, dungeons also have only two out of 12):

    Old cave generation; generates the same way as versions through 1.6.4, including across old-new chunks (no cut-off caves):

    Double old cave generation; twice as many caves as old cave generation, which similar to caves in early Alpha and InfDev versions:

    Also, here is a large-scale (4000x4000 worlds using the same seed) comparison of cave generation up to 1.6.4/old caves (left) and after (right):

    Old Anvil Mechanics mod:

    For 1.8:

    This mod restores the anvil mechanics from prior to 1.8, where renaming kept repair costs from rising and repair costs increased with durability and depended on the enchantments, resulting in a relatively high but fixed repair cost or sacrificing repairability for "maxed out" items (this still has a penalty in 1.8 by reducing the number of repairs if you combine books/items but since all items are affected by a limited repair lifetime it is less important). It also makes using enchanted books practical again, especially through combining multiple low-level books (e.g. Sharpness I) to get higher level enchantments.

    Here is an example of repairing and renaming a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency V and Unbreaking III:

    cost before renaming; the cost of repairing an Efficiency V, Unbreaking
    III diamond pickaxe with a new pickaxe is 31 levels, plus a prior work
    penalty of 4 since I used two books to make it, each operation adding
    two levels:

    cost after renaming; the prior work penalty is now only 2, reducing the
    cost to 33 levels; also, using diamonds cost 21 levels for one diamond,
    increasing by 5 with each additional diamond:

    I have not tested every enchantment but I did test Depth Strider (new to 1.8), which cost 19 levels on diamond boots.

    Note that due to changes in leveling up you will spend more XP to repair items; the pickaxe in the example above costs 1032 XP prior to 1.8 but 1758 XP in 1.8, an increase of 726 XP or 70.3%; I still consider this to be pretty low in comparison to what you can get though using it, at least when caving (I average around four times as much XP from mining mostly ores); more significant is that you can't always repair highly enchanted items with new ones; for example, an Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III diamond pickaxe can only be repaired with one diamond for 37 levels (1406 XP pre-1.8, 2368 XP in 1.8; equivalent to 5624 and 9472 XP for a full repair, an increase of 68.4% and too expensive for me to afford using one for all mining, as I once did, but there is little reason to do that).

    Also, renaming costs 7 levels again, which may be a bit much for non-tool/armor items considering you want to have 30 levels to enchant, although that is less important with the older anvil mechanics, where you'll also be regularly spending many more levels when repairing (for comparison, in 1.8 the prior work penalty is 0, 1, 3, 7, 15, and 31 for the six repairs you can do and it costs two more levels to repair with a new item; this means a cost of 2, 3, 5, 9, 17, and 33 levels - the example I gave is as expensive as the last repair possible; this increase also means it is impractical to extend lifetime by simply removing the anvil cost limit, as the next repair would cost 65 levels, then 129, and so on).

    Basically, you get the convenience of being able to simply repair items as needed without having to run back and enchant new ones but with higher long-term XP costs (which as noted shouldn't be an issue).

    Ravine generation mods:

    For 1.8.3:
    Double Ravines:
    Quadruple Ravines:

    Older versions:

    Here is a look at double and quadruple ravine generation, with caves removed for clarity (same seed as other examples, so you can compare it to No Caves); the latter is a bit extreme but I threw it in for fun, still less underground stuff than pre-1.7 cave generation:

    Double ravine generation:

    Quadruple ravine generation:

    Abandoned Mineshaft Generation mods:

    For 1.8:
    Better Mineshafts:
    No Mineshafts: (only included for backwards compatibility, I've stopped updating it for 1.8+ unless requested as Customized can disable them)

    For 1.7.10:
    No Mineshafts:
    Better Mineshafts:

    As its name suggests, No Mineshafts disables abandoned mineshafts from generating, with other structures generating as they normally do, so if you don't like mineshafts you can remove them without removing other structures (in 1.8 you'll be able to do this with the customized world settings so this mod wouldn't be needed anymore for new worlds).

    Better Mineshafts changes the way the game places mineshafts; instead of using a random chance of generating in any chunk (0.4% chance per chunk, one per 250 chunks) they generate to a 14 chunk grid at local coordinates 0,0 and 7,7 with the chance multiplied by 98 to get the chance back up to the normal frequency (14^2 = 196; 2/196 = 1/98). This results in a more uniform spacing between mineshafts and more importantly ensures they (almost) never overlap, as opposed to the frequent multiple-mineshaft complexes that are seen in vanilla. Here is a look at an area approximately 1200 blocks on a side showing the separate mineshafts:

    Also, a reduction in frequency within 80 chunks of the origin was removed, which leaves them more common than vanilla within that area; the overall reduction in 1.7 from a 1% chance to a 0.4% chance per chunk combined with this makes them often very rare close to the origin, while IMO the pre-1.7 frequency is too high away from it, especially with the overlapping of many mineshafts. This is the same methodology that I've used in my other underground generation mods. Note also that you can still change the chance in Superflat worlds but the maximum chance is about 0.0102 or 1/98.

    Large Ender Chest mod:

    For 1.8:
    For 1.7.10:

    This mod is basically a "poor man's" substitute for a backpack mod, allowing Ender chests to hold 54 stacks of items (large chest size) instead of 27, while having the advantages of an Ender chest (i.e. contents not lost on death, transport items without carrying it; a Silk Touch pickaxe is still required to mine it though so it isn't quite as OP as a backpack).

    No Derp Strongholds mod:

    For 1.8:
    For 1.7.10:

    Ever been annoyed by a stronghold that is cut apart by caves? Well, this mod eliminates that by making them always overwrite blocks; the default behavior is to only overwrite non-air blocks when the walls generate, resulting in no walls where they intersect caves. This is even more true for Superflat worlds with floating strongholds, which will result in a bunch of random disjointed pieces floating around. In addition, I removed code that checks for the presence of liquid where a piece will go, which otherwise prevents it from being generated, resulting in strongholds under oceans often missing pieces, particularly when the portal room is disconnected from the rest iof the stronghold (portal rooms already don't have this check, so strongholds added to the "Water World" Superflat preset will only contain a portal room, but with this mod will fully generate). Note that misalignment can still result in cut-off sections, including portal rooms (often just a wall separates them) and corridors end without being closed off, but everything that can be generated will generate intact.

    Here is an example of a stronghold in Superflat, showing that it completely generated:

    Render Distance-Mob Spawning Fix mod:

    For 1.8:
    For 1.7.10:

    This mod fixes the issues introduced in 1.7.4 when render distance started to directly control how many chunks are loaded when previously the internal server always loaded chunks to a "view distance" of 10; they presumably did this to allow larger render distances to work (as in 1.6.4 "Far" is effectively only 10 chunks due to this), but without considering the impact of a bug that has plagued multiplayer servers for years. In this case, the minimum view distance is limited to 10 chunks, but can go higher, which is what they should have done.

    TheMasterCaver's World Underground:

    For 1.7.10:

    "Light" version (only modifies caves, mineshafts, ravines, underwater sand for compatibility with Forge/other mods):

    This mod replicates the underground generation (caves, ravines, mineshafts) of my 1.6.4 mod "TheMasterCaver's World", which includes more variation in the size of caves, cave systems, ravines and abandoned mineshafts. Overall cave density (air blocks as a percentage of all blocks between lava and sea levels) is comparable to that in 1.6.4, while mineshaft frequency close to that of 1.7+ (40% of 1.6.4) but being spaced apart in a similar manner to villages; overlapping mineshafts, common in vanilla, are very rare if not impossible, they are also prevented from generating in the middle of large cave systems (can still overlap and generate in areas with lower cave density). Caves and ravines also cut through the surface of desert and mesa biomes (a feature that has been added to vanilla in the 1.8 snapshots), with floating sand blocks replaced with sandstone or orange stained clay; gravel in oceans is also replaced with a layer of stone if it is over a cave, and sand/gravel patches likewise place sandstone/stone over caves to avoid cave-ins (still possible if a vein of gravel generates in stone at the bottom of a body of water, or under sand, but ocean caves are much drier than vanilla). The "water check" code was also replaced so it acts on a per-block basis instead of entire chunks, preventing caves/ravines from glitching out (ending in flat vertical walls at chunk boundaries), with a 2 block border carved around bodies of water (sometimes cuts right up to water at chunk borders as the code can't check adjacent chunks).

    Note also that caves go down to y=6 instead of y=11 (full version, "light" version is unchanged) before becoming filled with lava; bedrock was reduced to one layer to suit and the ranges of rarer ores are lower (diamond only generates up to y=10, but this has no effect on abundance when mining at only one level, e.g. y=6; the removal of bedrock also mostly offsets the decrease in range for only a slight reduction in per-chunk counts and minable area).

    Here is a look at caves around spawn using the same seed as for the other cave/ravine mods, with 1.6.4 included for comparison:

    TheMasterCaver's World:

    Vanilla 1.6.4/old cave generation:

    That doesn't look much different, aside from caves affected by terrain, and in the lower-right, extra caves which are generated near and above sea level in Extreme Hills biomes, and the locations of ravines and mineshafts (ravines are the same as in 1.6.4 and are actually the same ravines as in 1.7+, just going in different directions from their starting points). Of course, just looking near spawn isn't a very good comparison since the larger caves and ravines are restricted to outside of a 32-64 chunk radius from the origin (a circular area, with two levels of restriction, 32 chunks for a larger variant and 64 for a larger and rarer variant with a larger minimum size); here are examples of what you can find further away from spawn (all of the cave renderings are at the same scale for size comparison):

    Massive crater from one of the largest caves possible breaking the surface, an extremely rare occurrence:

    (note the odd floating island around a single block of water, due to the custom water check code I use; vanilla would bail out for the entire chunk it is in)

    A look at the cave system containing the above, which is otherwise a rather ordinary cave system (there may be other, smaller large caves not visible here):

    A truly mammoth cave about 65 blocks wide at its widest and 120 blocks long, containing a virtual lava sea:

    As you can see here it overwrote virtually the entire cave system it generated in at lower levels:

    Bedrock to surface ravine in a mesa/desert (more likely in/near mesa biomes as they are deeper):

    As with the giant caves, a look underground, showing a quite large ravine near the center, which even loops around on itself several times on the western end. In addition, in the upper-left you can see a cave system that has multiple large caves:

    A look inside the cave system mentioned above:

    Of course, you can also rarely find extremely large cave systems (a 2000x2000 test world had just one at the very edge; there is also a check to prevent two or more from generating next to each other, they also prevent regular caves and ravines from generating on top of them):

    (of note, the seed I used for all those comparisons has a naturally occurring cave system that is as large and dense as one of these, located at -800, -1050, albeit in a deep ocean biome; the cave system shown above also overwrites a large cave system otherwise present with the "old caves" mod)

    Also included are the no void fog and stronghold mods; the render distance fix and Ender chest mods weren't included but are compatible (none of the cave/ravine mods are as I replaced their classes with a single class that only resembles the original MapGenCaves in name). A few other tweaks made were allowing water lakes to generate underground in deserts (below y=48) instead of not at all as well as under villages, including lava lakes (again below y=48, so not a fire hazard to houses) and making dungeons as common as in 1.6.4 by lowering the range from 256 to 128 (unnecessary as caves are practically nonexistent above y=128); this makes them twice as rare in 1.7, cave changes aside, because they didn't adjust the number of attmepts per chunk in accordance to the change in range (twice the range = twice the attempts for the same density). Dungeon chests can also contain cocoa beans and jungle saplings to compensate for the rarity of jungles in 1.7+ (prior to 1.6 they had cocoa beans; I included jungle saplings because they need jungle wood to grow).

    No Void Fog mod:

    This mod will no longer be updated since void fog has been removed from the game, but you can find versions for 1.7.x here:

    Comparison of without and with No Void Fog; void particles are also disabled:

    How to install:

    Installation instructions for the official launcher can be found here; note that I advise using WinRar or another archive instead of simply unzipping the jar with Windows's built-in zip utility because certain versions (e.g. 1.6.4) may have a class called "aux.class", which is an invalid Windows filename and corrupts the jar.

    In addition, Mojang added some new stuff the the json files for all versions, which must be deleted to prevent the launcher from redownloading the jar; you want to delete the stuff after "downloads" near the end, as shown in this bug report on the issue; when launching the game you should see "Couldn't connect to server (responded with 403) but have local file, assuming it's good" in the launcher log when it tries to download the Minecraft jar.

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    posted a message on Chunk error

    Given all the things that you've done to try to fix it this is most likely a corrupted chunk; if you open the game output you may even see errors relating to it (e.g. "wrong location").

    You can try fixing it yourself by opening a copy of the world in MCEdit (I advise version 1.0 since 2.0 is still under development) and deleting the chunk; it is possible that MCEdit may not show anything wrong (i.e. the block data itself is intact but part of the chunk structure is corrupted) in which case you could try exporting a schematic of the area before deleting it, then open the world in-game so the chunk is regenerated, then go back in MCEdit (make sure that you only have the world open in one at a time!) and paste the schematic in so all the original data is restored (I have never tried this but depending on the nature of the corruption it may work without losing anything in the chunk).

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    This is the most badly generated village that I've ever found; when I first saw it I thought it wouldn't take much to fix it up since it appeared to be on relatively level ground:

    The village was so dangerous that I trapped the villagers before they could kill themselves (in the lower-left you can see a cactus item, which was a cactus that one of the villagers tried to kill itself on); one had already been converted into a zombie villager, probably due to a lighting glitch in the house since it was day when I visited it both times:

    Most of the time I spent playing today was fixing it up by terraforming the landscape around it; I ended up with this:

    Also, instead of using one of the village houses I made my own since it would have more space and be more suitably located; the projection on the right side encloses a staircase going down to the railway:

    I believe this is the first time I've actually made a house that looks like a house (in particular, the roof); I also used smooth sandstone to make it match the village houses. I still need to make potato, wheat and chicken farms, the latter two for getting emeralds (none of the villagers in the village currently have anything that I can trade for emeralds though, this is mainly for my main base), which will all be put underground (the village has a single farm which is entirely carrots, which I've used for food while fixing it up and building a base).

    Also, while finishing the rest of the rail tunnel I also mined into a small cave with a dungeon; the cave was smaller than the dungeon itself and was probably the end of a cave that went up to the surface (prior to 1.8 caves cannot cut through sand or sandstone). I also ran into a couple other caves and a ravine, which I've left alone for now:

    Here is a rendering of the area from x= -2048 to 0 and z = 1024 to 3072, with a rail line running south along the upper-right (eastern) edge and a couple branches to the west, including the one I just made near the bottom. The southern end of the north-south railway also branches to the east:

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    As the title indicates, this is the first (non-demo) world I created when I got the game, appropriately named "World1", based on the seed -123775873255737467 in 1.5.1-1.6.4 (created in 1.5.1, 1.6.4 is almost the same except for no water lakes in deserts and different chest loot); the seed was randomly generated by the game (I don't think I even knew about seeds back then) and as it turned out it has been a very good seed, starting right from spawning, which places you near a village, no blacksmith but that doesn't really make a difference, near the intersection of a plains, desert, and jungle (open space for building, sand for glass, and wood). Of course, there are also plenty of caves underground, including several mineshafts within a couple hundred blocks of spawn (two overlapping at different levels to the southwest, where a large surface cave opening leads down to them, a third under the desert to the east), and an exposed ravine to the west, although that part came much later; I initially made a network of tunnels under my base and didn't really start caving until around two months had passed, based on an old copy of the world (caves that I intersected were walled off, much of this has since been "cleaned up").

    Here are surface and underground maps of the area around spawn, as seen in the actual world and a recreated world in 1.6.4:

    (I did not post an AMIDST map because I don't want to see what I haven't explored yet)

    I had initially played on this world for around 6 months before I went off of it for about a year while playing around with modding the game, before returning back to it, first by modding a copy with a version of my mod "TheMasterCaver's World" (biome generation modified to have similar parameters to vanilla biomes they replaced so as to minimize chunk borders; here is a rendering of the modded world), then a second time after I'd played more modded worlds (for example); currently this is the only world I am playing on, with a total of around 1 1/2 years of daily gameplay, far longer than any other world I've had and representing about half the total time I've had or played Minecraft.

    The world isn't entirely vanilla (beyond an area about X= +/-800 and Z= +1600); I modified the way mineshafts generate by removing their torches so unexplored mineshafts do not show up when I render the underground with MCMap (the mapping utility I used to make the 3D renderings you see in this thread), as well as preventing them from generating in areas with a lot of caves (they are still much more common than they are in 1.7 and later). This includes removing naturally generated torches from existing chunks (before I'd removed them from new mineshafts) by scanning them with code that removed torches attached to wooden planks in a particular manner underground (most of the torches I placed were left alone). I also made a few other modifications to my game, such as changing the way maps render and center themselves (similar to 1.7/1.8) and adding a "rail block" which allows me to compactly carry and store rails (I've mined as many as 900 rails in one day before, so being able to turn this into 100 blocks is a significant advantage); note that I do not use them for long-term storage and there should be none in the world download (versions before 1.7 are particularly finicky about invalid items, regenerating chunks that contain any). In addition, this world has gone through a name change, by which I mean I had to manually edit the save so tamed animals would recognize my new name after I changed it when name changes came out, as 1.6.4 uses player names instead of UUIDs to keep track of data.

    That being said, here are some renderings of the whole world (this and some of the following information may not be current; for example, I've since explored a large area to the east of what is shown below):

    Minutor (day):

    Minutor (night); yes, most of the light you see comes from cave openings, you can also see my main base in the center and villages (8 in total, including one in my main base):

    Unmined, showing all caves underground:

    One thing that stands out is the lack of mineshafts closer to the origin (center), since they are less common within that area (linearly decreasing in frequency down to 0 at the origin from 80 chunks away along either axis)

    Here is a close-up of my main base, along with some screenshots (a bit old but nothing major was changed):

    This is the first part of my main base that I built, which has had changes to its layout since but has not been changed otherwise (enlarged, etc); I added the area shown above to expand it:

    Part of my underground storage room, where I store all the resources I find while caving (the staircase in the screenshot above leads down to it); there are over two million resources stored here, and would be even if I did not use Fortune for a while after 1.6 came out, prior to which I also only mined what coal I needed, you can still find some caves with the coal left behind (I later re-explored most of these caves to remove the coal). I've mined more than a million coal ore alone, 400,000iron ore, and some 100,000 other ores. Other resources include moss stone taken from dungeons, rails from mineshafts (also used in my railways), wool crafted from string mined from cave spider spawners (plus some cobwebs, which I only started collecting very late into the world after I added a mod block that let me craft them into blocks as you can with string and wool; these blocks are broken down for storage so there are no permanent modded blocks or items in the world), and loot taken from chests, plus some miscellaneous items such as a chest of mob drops):

    There is a large enclosed area with a glass roof, containing animals and oak trees; I originally made this area as an oak tree farm:

    Besides my main base I have numerous secondary bases, of which a more recent one is shown below; most of these bases are relatively simple as they are mainly used as temporary storage areas (filling up a double chest, then I make a trip back to my main base) and to restock on food and wood; at least one older one has more things including enchanting setups and more farms, the latter of which are also seen in my newer bases since I've been trading to get emeralds so I can trade for diamond gear, which I started trading for after I found a villager selling diamond pickaxes, later on buying all gear:

    Here is a full-size rendering (4256x3106 pixels, click to see a larger version) of an +/-8 chunk wide swath centered around the railway I made to this base, prior to exploring further; note the absence of caves around the base (which partly shows up on the cave map as parts of it are underground; my main base does not since I use glowstone), which is why I use MCMap to show my progress and removed torches from unexplored mineshafts (I even modified MCMap itself to use a small and more realistic range around torches, which also reduces near surface clutter in forests (MCMap counts any air space that has a 2+ block roof overhead as a cave):

    Here is a list of the locations of every base I have, grouped according to the rail line they are on and numbered in the order I built them:

    1. (-140, 290) - Main base

    Along railway to east:
    2. (150, 315) - first secondary base, this and 3-4 still contain chicken farms that I used to get food from
    3. (450, -500) - this one has a cactus wall around it
    13. (1560, 280) - base shown above
    14. (2315, 705) - built inside a village
    15. (2560, -250) - easternmost base

    Along railway to north (from northwest corner of main base):
    4. (-285, -375) - first base using jungle trees instead of oak trees for wood
    5. (-590, -840)
    6. (-595, -1315) - just behind this base is an impressively deep vertical cave
    7. (-310, -2140) - northernmost base

    Along railway to west (from southwest corner of main base):
    9. (-875, 330)
    16: (-1710, -320) - the most complex secondary base by far; unlike the others it is also built of quartz, and also has 4 zombies and skeletons wearing pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns that I caught on Halloween 2016
    17: (-2315, 325) - westernmost base

    Along railway to south (split off from western railway):
    8. (-85, 880)
    10. (720, 1560) - built inside a village; there are pink sheep in the forest to the west
    11. (-500, 2040)
    12. (515, 2550) - only base built on water
    18: (-1530, 2580) - southernmost and furthest away base, inside a village

    There are also a few structures not considered to be bases and which are not linked by railways scattered around, mainly in the area around base #3. Most of the railways are at y=58, though a short segment to the east of my main base is at y=63 (originally, most were but I moved them down; the railway to the east also went as deep as y=31 along the segment to the north, which I changed before the newest addition to the easternmost base).

    Here is a list of all of the villages I've found in the order I found them in (I did not actually record most of them but the way I explore makes it easy to figure out the earlier ones; #3 might have been found before #2).

    1. (-150, 300, plains) - just to the southwest of spawn, inside main base
    2. (-200, 750, desert)
    3. (360, 120, plains)
    4. (220, -430, desert)
    5. (-700, -470, plains)
    6. (-330, 1100, plains)
    7. (720, 1560, desert) - contains base #10
    8. (-790, 1890, desert)
    9. (1250, 620, plains)
    10. (2340, 720, desert) - contains base #14
    11. (2900, 1010, desert)
    12. (-1530, 2580, desert)

    Of course, as you can guess, the most notable thing about this world is the sheer amount of caves I've explored - nearly every cave, mineshaft, and ravine within generated chunks, save for a strip around the edges, has been explored; the exceptions are mainly caves that do not connect to anything else or the surface since the main way I find new caves is through interconnections underground, I'll also check out any surface openings I come across after I've explored an area but do not actively seek them out (most such openings are short dead ends).

    Here are some statistics that give you some idea of just how much caving I've done in this one world:

    There are 217,945 blocks of mineral resources here (including 120 emerald blocks), equivalent to 1.96 million resources, which when combined with moss stone, cobwebs (albeit most crafted into wool), and rails represents 2.17 million resources collected over 707 play sessions, an average of 3,067 resources per session:

    As for WHY I mine that many resources even though I do not use many of them, they are a byproduct of caving, which I do for fun, not to get resources; when In start a new world I branch-mine for resources and save caving until after I defeat the Ender Dragon, which to me is the "end" game.

    This is a rendering of the whole world I made with MCMap, which as mentioned before only renders caves that have torches in or near them, along with a full-size animation of an area I explored over several sessions:

    Also, here is a combined rendering of how I explored the world over three periods, between breaks to play on other worlds:

    Each frame represents a single 3-4 hour play session, so I do explore quite a lot in a few hours, which has included entire large (by 1.6.4 standards) cave systems, up to three separate mineshafts, and half a dozen ravines (not all at once):

    A few underground screenshots taken with MCEdit (similar to Spectator mode):

    Under my main base at spawn; compared to other areas this area includes a lot more tunnels between caves, as well as branch-mining at diamond level, which I no longer do in this world or in newer worlds except to get resources when I start out. There is still a staircase down from my storage area:

    At -800, -1050 is the largest and densest single cave system in the world, and one of the largest and densest I've seen in any world:

    Here is an Unmined rendering of the cave above (in a recreated world) showing just how dense that cave system is (from sea level and y=20, the latter of which shows denser caves better); it is unlikely I'll ever find another cave as large and dense as this one (I've found much bigger ones by scanning seeds for dense caves, I estimate that around a million chunks, 18-19 times the size of this world, need to be explored to find a cave like this):

    That is not the largest cave system overall though; around -50, -1700 is a huge cave system/complex with more than a dozen separate mineshafts intersecting it:

    Another big cave system is around 900, -70:

    Not the entire underground is Swiss cheese though, as seen in this sparse area, including unexplored caves (in the upper-left is a desert temple):

    It is also interesting just how close caves can get without interconnecting; here is an unexplored mineshaft that is just one block away from another one that I explored. If there had been ore or gravel here I'd have broken through (there are also often breaks in narrower caves and ravines, and larger breaks in ravines under the ocean, which I'll usually mine through):

    You can download the world here to see it for yourself (dated 12/6/2016, which is also the last time I've played

    on this world for the time being as I'm again playing on another world): (290 MB)

    (the first few pages of comments were made back when I had posted this thread for the TMCW-modded version of this world; I decided to reuse this thread instead of making a new one with the same name)

    Some relevant links:

    Caving to the Far Lands - a detailed analysis of just how much caving I have done based on actual area explored and cave/structure frequencies.
    I just mined one million coal ore
    What's the longest you've played on one world? - includes some details on most of my other worlds
    Does anybody else come close to this level of caving? - I've always been interested if anybody else plays like me (surely there are, some have even told me that 1.7+ is unplayable without mods to bring back 1.6.4-style caves, which is also how I feel)

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World
    This is where I will be building a new base, at around -1500, 2560:

    This is the 12th village that I have found in this world; I found it while digging a rail tunnel to at least x = -1024 or as far as land permitted and after I had reached x = -1024 I went to the surface and walked further west to see how far land went (further north ocean starts as far east as x=1024 but it appears that land goes further west as you go further south) and came across it. As with several other villages I've decided to build a base within it, which will also be the furthest away base in this world, a journey of around 4,000 blocks by rail from my main base.

    Of note, the last time I found a village in this world was well over a year ago, in July 2016, around 7 months when only counting the time I've spent playing on it, which is by far the longest I've gone without finding one and is largely attributable to the last map I explored being mostly Ice Plains. There is also more Ice Plains to the south of this village, as can be seen on the left side of the screenshot, which is probably the same one that I found further south in the map to the east (aside from not having Ice Plains Spikes and having Frozen Ocean they are more or less the same as 1.7's snowy climate zones, and actually use some of the same code, minus the code that separates climate zones by temperature).

    Also, I used Unmined to look at what I had explored over the past week - it was just as big as I thought, a densely intertwined network of caves extending 475 blocks north-south and averaging about 100 blocks wide; the "loop" that I mentioned earlier turned out to be a more separate area rather than part of the network (the way MCMap renders caves can make it appear as if they overlap when they do not since a cave at a higher altitude can render "above" a cave at a lower altitude and some distance away):

    On the far left side near the center you can one of the areas that I'll be exploring next (the cave system I mentioned finding while exploring the ravines; only part of it shows since I used MMAT to trim away chunks without torches, there is another unexplored cave system to the east on the right side which is close to an old return point there).

    Also, here is an analysis covering the entire cave system/network, which contains a total of 476 caves (I restricted the analysis to only check within rectangular regions which together cover the cave network, instead of the circular regions that it normally checks, similar to how I only analyze the entire world which I've explored):
    Size 32 cave system at -1232, 1616; total number of caves: 44
    Size 11 cave system at -1136, 1616; total number of caves: 17
    Size 1 cave system at -1120, 1616; total number of caves: 1
    Size 1 cave system at -1264, 1632; total number of caves: 3
    Size 24 cave system at -1152, 1648; total number of caves: 27
    Size 9 cave system at -1104, 1648; total number of caves: 12
    Size 22 cave system at -1200, 1664; total number of caves: 30
    Size 1 cave system at -1120, 1680; total number of caves: 1
    Size 3 cave system at -1264, 1696; total number of caves: 7
    Size 18 cave system at -1184, 1712; total number of caves: 26
    Size 2 cave system at -1200, 1744; total number of caves: 2
    Size 5 cave system at -1120, 1744; total number of caves: 7
    Size 3 cave system at -1184, 1760; total number of caves: 3
    Size 18 cave system at -1168, 1760; total number of caves: 26
    Size 4 cave system at -1200, 1776; total number of caves: 8
    Size 9 cave system at -1168, 1776; total number of caves: 9
    Size 1 cave system at -1312, 1808; total number of caves: 1
    Size 15 cave system at -1296, 1808; total number of caves: 21
    Size 7 cave system at -1232, 1824; total number of caves: 10
    Size 23 cave system at -1200, 1824; total number of caves: 35
    Size 5 cave system at -1152, 1824; total number of caves: 6
    Size 1 cave system at -1136, 1824; total number of caves: 1
    Size 1 cave system at -1120, 1824; total number of caves: 1
    Size 9 cave system at -1280, 1840; total number of caves: 10
    Size 1 cave system at -1312, 1856; total number of caves: 4
    Size 6 cave system at -1168, 1856; total number of caves: 6
    Size 28 cave system at -1136, 1856; total number of caves: 33
    Size 2 cave system at -1120, 1856; total number of caves: 2
    Size 1 cave system at -1104, 1872; total number of caves: 1
    Size 13 cave system at -1072, 1872; total number of caves: 16
    Size 26 cave system at -1120, 1936; total number of caves: 41
    Size 7 cave system at -1104, 1936; total number of caves: 7
    Size 4 cave system at -1136, 1984; total number of caves: 6
    Size 12 cave system at -1088, 2000; total number of caves: 21
    Size 1 cave system at -1056, 2000; total number of caves: 1
    Size 8 cave system at -1120, 2016; total number of caves: 8
    Size 1 cave system at -1072, 2032; total number of caves: 1
    Size 18 cave system at -1040, 2064; total number of caves: 21

    Number of cave systems: 38
    Initial number of caves: 353
    Total number of caves: 476
    Additional circular room caves: 123
    Number of small caves: 465; average width is 6.04
    Number of large caves: 11; average width is 12.03
    Number of circular rooms: 77; average width is 11.54
    Additional caves per circular room: 1.60
    Average caves per chunk: 1.1226416 (424 chunks)

    Average altitude: 33.24
    Percentage of caves on layers 0 to 9: 21.01
    Percentage of caves on layers 10 to 19: 18.91
    Percentage of caves on layers 20 to 29: 17.65
    Percentage of caves on layers 30 to 39: 7.98
    Percentage of caves on layers 40 to 49: 7.35
    Percentage of caves on layers 50 to 59: 9.87
    Percentage of caves above layer 59: 17.23

    To put things into perspective, the cave density within this area is 2.5 times higher than the average for 1.6.4 (0.446875 caves per chunk; 1.7+ averages 0.34375 caves per chunk). Also, here is a comparison to the largest and densest cave system that I know of as well as the densest one in this world:

    It is likely that there are far larger networks similar to the one I just explored but they are difficult to find due to their irregular shape; the way I search for dense caves is by checking a circular or square radius and a radius large enough to cover the entire network I explored has a much lower cave density than within the network itself; it still shows up as the densest region within a 16 chunk circular radius, which covers the whole area; I found a peak air volume of 916,000 centered near the western edge:
    Seed: -123775873255737467
    Air volume of 916249 (8.55%) at -1256, 1832
    Air volume of 895049 (8.35%) at 2552, 24
    Air volume of 887386 (8.28%) at -984, 840
    Air volume of 867375 (8.09%) at 1960, 376
    Air volume of 864292 (8.07%) at 248, -2152
    Air volume of 834232 (7.78%) at -1480, -776
    Air volume of 825681 (7.71%) at -728, 1528
    Air volume of 824063 (7.69%) at 392, -1096
    Air volume of 784112 (7.32%) at 712, -1560
    Air volume of 777536 (7.26%) at 1480, -712

    Of note, all of the top 10 densest regions that I've explored so far are denser than the densest region in 5 other seeds I checked, even when including the entire +/- 3072 block area around the origin:
    Seed: -7126978501944978399
    Air volume of 728365 (6.80%) at -920, 2776
    Air volume of 680648 (6.35%) at -184, 888
    Air volume of 679651 (6.34%) at -520, 2360
    Air volume of 677629 (6.32%) at -1288, -2328
    Air volume of 669400 (6.25%) at 888, -2824
    Air volume of 666178 (6.22%) at 1064, 2744
    Air volume of 655096 (6.11%) at -2840, -1864
    Air volume of 639132 (5.96%) at 1336, -2344
    Air volume of 637859 (5.95%) at 3032, -2232
    Air volume of 637680 (5.95%) at 1560, 104

    Seed: 437892543908682598
    Air volume of 747254 (6.97%) at 1560, -2936
    Air volume of 726341 (6.78%) at 2888, 1016
    Air volume of 721918 (6.74%) at -264, -2856
    Air volume of 712197 (6.65%) at 1640, -1016
    Air volume of 710439 (6.63%) at 984, -3064
    Air volume of 695895 (6.49%) at -2904, 632
    Air volume of 683526 (6.38%) at -2696, -1064
    Air volume of 676556 (6.31%) at 2360, 1928
    Air volume of 673100 (6.28%) at -1400, 1400
    Air volume of 668399 (6.24%) at 1064, -1176

    Seed: 7448419379893292932
    Air volume of 770611 (7.19%) at 1720, 2728
    Air volume of 741604 (6.92%) at 1784, 1768
    Air volume of 739069 (6.90%) at -2536, 2728
    Air volume of 735443 (6.86%) at 2840, -1480
    Air volume of 726950 (6.78%) at 1656, -520
    Air volume of 725423 (6.77%) at -1608, -1816
    Air volume of 724349 (6.76%) at -1736, -936
    Air volume of 700503 (6.54%) at -104, 2104
    Air volume of 677693 (6.32%) at 72, -8
    Air volume of 674580 (6.29%) at -2104, -1400

    Seed: -5502727572495969600
    Air volume of 718521 (6.71%) at 2472, 200
    Air volume of 714704 (6.67%) at 40, 792
    Air volume of 709545 (6.62%) at 1368, -1784
    Air volume of 703753 (6.57%) at 40, -904
    Air volume of 699338 (6.53%) at 2056, -520
    Air volume of 665431 (6.21%) at 3016, 2584
    Air volume of 657307 (6.13%) at 1480, 2664
    Air volume of 653456 (6.10%) at -1320, 616
    Air volume of 653213 (6.10%) at -1320, 2248
    Air volume of 649978 (6.07%) at 2728, -632

    Seed: 1225594636699254796
    Air volume of 777344 (7.25%) at 344, 2120
    Air volume of 720420 (6.72%) at 1224, 2888
    Air volume of 704250 (6.57%) at 760, -1416
    Air volume of 686598 (6.41%) at -1368, -936
    Air volume of 661351 (6.17%) at 280, -360
    Air volume of 658947 (6.15%) at 1656, 1736
    Air volume of 658585 (6.15%) at -216, 616
    Air volume of 650549 (6.07%) at -1496, 1464
    Air volume of 650489 (6.07%) at 248, 1240
    Air volume of 648141 (6.05%) at -216, -2312

    Interestingly, the seed with the largest and densest cave system that I know of has a similar density distribution as my world; while every seed in theory has the exact same number and density of caves there may be differences in local distribution due to the fact that each chunk's seed is directly related to surrounding chunks since the game calculates a per-chunk seed by multiplying the x and z coordinates by two values derived from the world seed (notably, either of these can be 0 so every chunk has the same seed value based on the x or z coordinate):
    Seed: -7501191248410737040
    Air volume of 1002050 (9.35%) at -296, 104
    Air volume of 902681 (8.42%) at -376, -1368
    Air volume of 872144 (8.14%) at -168, -2216
    Air volume of 871469 (8.13%) at 2024, -2152
    Air volume of 832560 (7.77%) at 216, 1352
    Air volume of 832261 (7.77%) at -2824, -2632
    Air volume of 821456 (7.67%) at 2968, 1336
    Air volume of 816007 (7.61%) at -1032, 2472
    Air volume of 793162 (7.40%) at 616, 1976
    Air volume of 792613 (7.40%) at 2200, 280

    This is also supported by the fact that when compared to the "worst" of the 5 seeds above my world has only 0.8% more air underground within a 192 chunk radius of the origin, so caves must be more clustered together on a smaller scale, and there are actually fewer cave systems in my world (99.1% as many) but there are 1.82% more caves for 2.7% more caves per cave system, and caves and circular rooms are slightly larger in the "bad" seed:
    Seed: -123775873255737467
    Air volume of 81189754 (5.27%) at 8, 8

    Number of cave systems: 5787
    Initial number of caves: 38186
    Total number of caves: 52619
    Additional circular room caves: 14433
    Number of small caves: 50979; average width is 6.03
    Number of large caves: 1640; average width is 11.79
    Number of circular rooms: 9539; average width is 10.97
    Additional caves per circular room: 1.51
    Average caves per chunk: 0.4543445 (115813 chunks)

    Seed: -7126978501944978399
    Air volume of 80538948 (5.22%) at 8, 8

    Number of cave systems: 5838
    Initial number of caves: 37534
    Total number of caves: 51678
    Additional circular room caves: 14144
    Number of small caves: 50011; average width is 6.04
    Number of large caves: 1667; average width is 11.87
    Number of circular rooms: 9426; average width is 11.06
    Additional caves per circular room: 1.50
    Average caves per chunk: 0.44621933 (115813 chunks)

    Also, this is what the seed for my world looks like in 1.7+; air volume is 84.5% as high while the number of caves is 76.6% as high so air volume only fell by 2/3 of what would be expected. Cave systems are also 1.67 times more common but 45.9% as large:

    Seed is -123775873255737467
    Air volume of 68615775 (4.45%) at 8, 8

    Number of cave systems: 9664
    Initial number of caves: 29280
    Total number of caves: 40321
    Additional circular room caves: 11041
    Number of small caves: 39109; average width is 6.03
    Number of large caves: 1212; average width is 11.98
    Number of circular rooms: 7378; average width is 10.99
    Additional caves per circular room: 1.50
    Average caves per chunk: 0.34815606 (115813 chunks)
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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    I've found even more caves, including another particularly dense area, with a size 32 cave system with 45 caves, the largest single cave system that I've found so far (if it can be called single when it merges with everything else):

    I accidentally looked at the Endermen while taking this screenshot:

    This screenshot was taken while standing at y=16, with the surface near sea level - a view of the sky from nearly 50 blocks below the surface:

    Here is a sequence of renderings of what I explored over the past two days:

    The caves I most recently explored appear to form a loop around a cave-free area with at least 7 separate cave systems with a total of 97 caves identified within the western side of the loop (I identify these by recording the coordinates when I find something notable, then running a simple program that counts the number of caves within a 0-3 chunk radius):

    Size 32 cave system at -1344, 1728; total number of caves: 45
    Size 6 cave system at -1360, 1760; total number of caves: 6
    Size 1 cave system at -1312, 1808; total number of caves: 1
    Size 15 cave system at -1296, 1808; total number of caves: 21
    Size 7 cave system at -1232, 1824; total number of caves: 10
    Size 9 cave system at -1280, 1840; total number of caves: 10
    Size 1 cave system at -1312, 1856; total number of caves: 4

    The caves do finally appear to be ending though; I last stopped playing while exploring a network of at least 4 intersecting ravines on the southwestern edge of the loop, with only a few caves in the area (then again, I marked a return point to what may be a new cave system around -1368, 1866, if not as densely interconnected as all the others).

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