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    posted a message on Why did mojang get rid of the far lands?
    Even the current 30 million block limit is artificial; you can check the actual code yourself (search for 30000000; this is for 1.6.4, before they added a wall, explaining how "fake chunks" happen; the code simply returns 0 instead of a block ID, etc, after that point); there is no viable explanation for such a limit in terms of what variables can handle; a 32 bit integer can range from +/- 2.147 billion, so they added that limit probably just to have a hard limit on world size - not that anybody would ever have a problem with it.

    Also, I suspect they removed the original Far Lands by going from single-precision to double-precision variables; the accuracy of single-precision is close to the 12.5 million block limit; double-precision has far more accuracy, enabling a vastly larger world size (millions of times) before the math goofs up or integers overflow*. Of note, some things still goof up because they use single-precision variables, such as the position of torch flames (in 1.6 anyway), but when I tested it I didn't get any of the jittering present in the Far Lands or Bust videos (your position uses double-precision now).

    *From the Wiki:

    The hard limit where chunks are overwritten is at X/Z of ±34,359,738,368, which is about 23% of the distance from the Earth to the Sun. At X/Z of ±2,147,483,648 (crashes at 2,147,483,439), item positions, mob pathfinding and other things using 32-bit integers will overflow and act strangely, usually resulting in Minecraft crashing.
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    posted a message on Nerf Fire Resist Potions.
    Only 75% damage reduction from a level II potion?

    *Puts on full diamond armor for 80% protection* (and still die in lava in 10-15 seconds)

    It would only make sense to reduce the time the potions last for to give you time to escape lava but not just go swimming in it like it is water (which I've done before to get glowstone/quartz over lava). Since potions already don't stack this also solves the problem of just bringing more, although you can still bring some 30-odd potions (leaving a few slots for weapons, etc).

    Also, it isn't like it makes the Nether a place to play around in; zombie pigmen, Wither skeletons, Ghast explosions, contact with blazes (yes, blazes also damage you directly, not just with fireballs), etc all still hurt you, and the inability to use a water bucket warrants some form of better fire protection (note also that armor doesn't protect against burning, only contact with fire or lava). Falling from a great height into lava will also likely kill you regardless since it doesn't negate fall damage like water unless it is deep enough (sort of like how water used to reduce fall damage).

    So basically, I don't see any reason to change how fire resistance potions work.
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    posted a message on So, I decided to start over
    Previously, when I wanted a new main survival world for fresh areas to explore (well, just once), I used MCEdit to copy over my main base, so that wasn't really starting over but more like just moving everything to a new base; I decided to start over this time instead (I also reset my statistics and achievements; I play my main worlds in their own profile, even before using mods/Forge). In particular, the last time I made a new world was because I found out how to modify cave generation. This time though, there is a new twist, as the following screenshot shows (note that I did use the same seed as my previous two worlds; the lake shown here is where I put my base; my first world was simply called World1 and I named my second World1v2 and of course this one is World1v3):

    Notice anything weird? Click the button below to find out:

    Wait a minute, are those clouds* just above sea level, and the y-coordinate is over 130?! Yep, that is thanks to my latest modification, raising the height of terrain - in 1.6 nonetheless (you can read about it here), which was limited to 128 because of how the terrain generation code was written, only finally raised to the world height limit in 1.7 (and no, I didn't find out how to do this from looking at decompiled 1.7 code; I looked at an old mod that did this and a lot more, although I kept terrain exactly the same otherwise); I basically doubled the size of the array that holds terrain data and added 64 to the normal terrain, filling in the rest with stone and a layer of bedrock at the bottom, of course, removing the original bedrock so it doesn't block everything below it.

    *Optifine can change the height of clouds; setting the height to 50% moves them to a "normal" height.

    I also adjusted a lot of things to account for the increase in terrain height; for example, iron ore has double the range and double the ores per chunk (but the same density/percentage of blocks), the same is also true of coal (50% more + 50% higher range), while for rarer ores I did something different, adjusting the ranges relative to that normally above lava level in caves; e.g. diamond ore normally can be found up to 5 blocks above lava (11-15), but I made it 10 blocks, which is actually 2 levels lower (to layer 13) because I lowered the lava level from 10 to 3, something I previously did to make more room, leaving it as-is (bedrock is just one layer so lava is still up to 3 blocks deep); the amount of ore was adjusted based on the new total y-ranges, about 50% more gold and lapis (to y=45) and about the same amount of diamond and redstone (to y=13, but the removal of bedrock offsets the decreased range). Similarly, the spawning ranges of some mobs had to be adjusted, or no slimes spawn in swamps (instead, deep underground; I also increased the range of slime chunk spawning).

    Additionally, I also modified the generation of abandoned mineshafts; besides extending their y-range, I made them 3 times less common (chance = 0.0033...) but also removed the decrease in frequency within 80 chunks of the origin (i.e. not actually 3x less common near the origin but less common than the mess I started encountering on my first world, almost nothing but mineshafts everywhere; a much larger y-range also makes them less likely to intersect each other).

    Note that I used Minecraft Land Generator to pregenerate a world large enough to have every old biome because the terrain generation is VERY hard on the game, especially when generating a supercolossal cave system (made even more so by the doubling in terrain height); a single region file is around 10-12 MB. I still need a few modded classes when playing though to fix spawning ranges, as noted above, but not the 20-odd classes that I needed to modify (I also made it very easy to change the terrain height/lava level by adding a new class which has a couple simple methods that return the height to add and the lava level in caves; at first I just hard-coded the changes in but decided to make everything adjustable).

    In addition, I add my modded classes to the jar using this method, so I don't have to mess around with the actual jar and can easily change what I add (I used the Forge source for the in-game mod so all of the Forge code added is there since Forge refuses to patch modified classes; the other classes were modded for a non-Forge server, so I have two copies of several classes).

    That said, I am currently gathering materials to make a huge base, much better than the one I had before, which was mostly built haphazardly over time; starting by mining - yes, actually mining; I haven't explored any caves yet (there is a cave opening right near by, guaranteed to lead to a cave system because of how I made caves generate, with a special type of cave spiraling down from the surface over every cave system, otherwise no caves cut through the surface); among other things, I am collecting a huge amount of cobblestone/stone and wood, as well as mining out dirt deposits so I can fill in that lake. In the meantime, I just made a simple base a short distance underground:

    It is pretty interesting when you have to dig down over 100 blocks to find any diamonds (I have found 18 so far out of over 2,700 stone mined, although a lot isn't all the way down). Of course, my world has something even better than diamond; amethyst, of which I've found just one ore so far (caving is really the only practical way to find it since it is about 7-8x rarer than diamond):

    (one ore is the most common vein size, although if you are REALLY lucky you can get up to six; this uses a custom vein generator I wrote to randomly put up to 6 blocks in a 2x2x2 cube in random locations, so many times less than 6 will generate, plus the vein size is logarithmic, with values of 0-1 being more common, plus a 50% chance of no vein in a chunk, even not considering a size of 0, averaging about 0.4 ore per chunk)

    I'll definitely NOT mine that until I have Fortune III on a diamond pickaxe (yes, only a diamond-level pickaxe can mine it). Or use anything other than enchanted books to enchant the tools/armor I eventually make (not just because of bad enchantments, but if for example, I got Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Unbreaking III on a pickaxe I might as well kiss it goodbye since even with just the latter two enchantments it costs 37 levels to repair, not that you need Efficiency since the base efficiency is already about the same; higher durability makes up for the rarer ore, which I found more than enough in my previous world; note that I didn't adjust generation when I doubled terrain height, so it is effectively even rarer now).

    Meanwhile, I'll have to start a cow farm to get leather for backpacks, as well as collect string; each big backpack requires 16 leather and 56 string to make and I use four of them, plus 8 more leather for a normal backpack, although I'm not in a hurry to get either amethyst tools/armor or backpacks yet, only using iron right now.

    Also, here is a look with Unmined at what lies underground; the world size is 3008x4000 blocks (size chosen to minimize ocean while being 2x bigger than my largest world generated normally; I also put a bedrock wall around it and made it superflat with a preset of 2;0;0 - meaning nothing at all generates past the pre-generated area):

    Note: I only made this during testing, deleting the Unmined cache files after making this so I don't get tempted to check on where I am, only using MCMap to map underground areas, which only shows areas near a torch (all torches were removed from mineshafts and strongholds so they aren't shown); it took Unmined about half an hour to map the world. Unmined is also not very useful at showing the surface for this kind of world since it makes higher elevations darker; everything other than water was dark brown.
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    posted a message on Redoing the Invisible Barrier at 30,000,000 Blocks
    Quote from Markpolner

    Due to the limitations of the variable types x,y and z are stored in you CAN'T have an infinite world. After a certain point, you lose a decimal point of accuracy, after reaching a number where it needs to store more numbers, meaning you start skipping through blocks.
    No Support

    A better way would be to simply make you loop the world, so chunks generate on the other side of the world. So, if you walk to the north, you'd end up in the south. :L

    There is no limit due to variable size; 32 bit integers have a range of +/- 2.147 billion, far larger than the artificial 30 million block limit.

    Yes, I said artificial; you can even look at the code yourself and see that they hard-coded the limits into the game, even before they prevented you from going past it in 1.7 (search for 30000000; it is used in many areas, returning data if X/Z is within +/- 30000000 and nothing if outside, hence the "fake chunks").

    Also, the likely reason why terrain stopped generating weirdly beyond +/- 12.5 million after Beta 1.7.3 is because they started using double-precision instead of single-precision variables in the code that generates terrain "noise"; the increased accuracy (53 bits of precision vs 24 bits) is more than enough to push the boundaries out to +/- 2.147 billion (note that some things still use single-precision and start glitching well before even +/- 12.5 million but they could just make them double-precision, at some cost in speed, but a lot of stuff is already double-precision, like player and mob positions).

    But in any case I can't possibly see anybody ever being limited by the boundaries that have been imposed; if cubic chunks were ever implemented, then yes, I'd definitely support more height (I've modded the game to increase the depth of terrain, if not the actual height limit) but otherwise I don't see any point in removing the limits or having the world "wrap" around (which would require more work to avoid discontinuities in terrain generation at the border of +30000000 and -30000000).
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    posted a message on overlaying schematics on maps in mcedit
    Did you try deselecting "copy air" in the import menu when you imported it? Only non-air blocks will then be copied over; depending on how deep you set it into the mountain, you might want to check that none of the mountain sticks out, or remove them afterwards.
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    posted a message on Disabling dungeons, strongholds, etc.
    Turning off "generate structures" will prevent strongholds and other structures from generating but not dungeons; note that this will also prevent villages from generating but you can make a village by curing zombie villagers.

    Also, if you turn off structures there is no way to defeat the Ender Dragon since strongholds contain the portal to get to the End, although defeating it isn't necessary. In addition, without any naturally generated chests it is impossible to get horse armor, and saddles in versions before 1.7.

    Dungeons can be removed by editing the appropriate code, which I know where to find (I can even do it without decompiling/recompiling the class, I only need to change a number in a for loop from 8 to 0). I could also try removing spawners from strongholds and mineshafts so they can still generate but without spawners (only for 1.6.4 or earlier though since this requires more code editing); this will enable you to still play normally.

    Another thought I had is to use Minecraft Land Generator to pregenerate a world (2000x2000 or larger so all strongholds are included), then use MCEdit to remove monster spawners (select all, then fill/replace; select monster spawner and replace with air), then you wouldn't need mods, although if you explore new areas they will generate, but if you only mine near your base it shouldn't matter.

    Note that monster spawners also generate in Nether fortresses, but only blaze spawners, none of the mobs you don't want, so they don't need to be touched (I think MLG only works on the Overworld).
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    posted a message on I found an emerald in the Sunflower Plains.
    Is there an Extreme Hills biome nearby? If so, emerald ore can generate anywhere in a chunk that has at least one block in Extreme Hills, even if most of it is in another biome because it generates on a per-chunk basis. Also, emerald ore is indeed more common than diamond ore in Extreme Hills (about 12% more common per the figures given here), although it is spread out over twice the range so if you stay at the diamond layer you should find more diamond (as also noted in the link). In addition, the figure given of 0.2 emerald ore per chunk over an entire world may no longer be accurate given the changes in 1.7.2 (a world I am in has Extreme Hills all over the place, at least around spawn, plus smaller oceans means more land and more EH biomes).

    Also, how do you mine when it is so dark (light level 1); I light up caves so it is above 7 (and higher; if mining redstone, light level 9, makes it get brighter I put a torch down) pretty much everywhere, even putting torches where I mined out something if it looks too dark (on maximum brightness).
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    posted a message on anvil Q fixing Diamond sword, Enchanted.
    What enchantments do you have on the sword? Also, did you name it? Naming a tool or weapon will permanently set the prior work penalty to 2 regardless of what you do with it; otherwise, the cost will increment by 2 every time you repair it or add enchantments.

    One possible way to save it is to rename it while trying to combine it with an enchanted book with an enchantment that doesn't work (e.g. Sharpness I when you already have Sharpness V, you can even use a non-sword enchantment); because of the way the base cost is calculated, it is much lower when you use a book.
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    posted a message on [ANSWERED] How to delete chunks from your world folder
    A much safer method than deleting region files is to use MCEdit to delete chunks; this way you can selectively delete as little as one chunk, either by selecting the chunks you don't want and deleting them or selecting the ones that you do want and pruning the rest (the latter enables you to easily see how many chunks you selected - just make sure not to hit delete instead; MCEdit doesn't allow you to undo deletes, so make a backup first).

    You said that you wanted to remain in your old world, but another thing you can do is export your structures and import them into a new world, which will eliminate chunk borders.
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    posted a message on How do you guys do it? (Vanilla)
    Quote from Barbershop666

    Congratulations, you're willing to use shortcut programs and mods in order to change the game to your preference and/or to make it easier. I'm not, and in the style of the infathomable vastness of minecraft, I plan on making infathomable sized creations that will require the closest thing you can get to creative mode via vanilla survival, which means as much possible farms and automation in order to provide the items/blocks required to build these dream worlds.

    Where you use mods, minimaps and mcedit, I gain vanilla advantages that get you somewhere in the same ballpark of ability, I keep the mental image of what my world looks like in my head with coordinates to tell me where I am additionally, and I rebuild if I need to because my integrity requires it of me.

    Yeah, well you can play the game the way you want; this shows you how I play it, and not to "beat it":

    (oh yes, you will NEVER find caves like these in vanilla, not even close; some single cave systems can be over 500 blocks across and contain over 1,000 individual caves and would take a normal player months to explore; even before I used mods I explored all of this, mining over 400 blocks worth of diamond alone and using a diamond pickaxe over 330,000 times and using almost 100,000 torches)
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