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    posted a message on Modding Minecraft for yourself; what I did
    So, I was wondering how many people mod Minecraft themselves for their personal use; that is, not writing mods for others to use or downloading a mod somebody else wrote, perhaps because there wasn't a mod that did what they wanted, add back a removed feature (roses? real oceans?; not that I know how to do these, oceans probably have a size/frequency set in the code though), etc. I ask this because I have modded the game myself to make it more fun for the way I mostly play it; I increased the amount of caves that generate and made it so there is a greater variety of cave systems, as well as ravines (the following is spoilered for very long content).

    Here is what the world I'm currently exploring looks like with Unmined, covering an area about 1900x1800 blocks:

    The first thing you'll notice is the variety of cave system sizes, with two really large ones (I call those "supermassive" caves, with a 1/4096 chance per chunk, there's also a 25% chance of one of those becoming a "supercolossal" cave system up to 500 blocks across), some medium sized ones and a lot of smaller ones. You can also see a lot of thin lines crossing the map, which are caves that I modified to be relatively straight and very long; while I made the average cave system denser (by 25% on average), I also spaced them further apart (about a 10% increase overall, excluding other cave types) and those caves help link them together, and it is often easy to tell when you are leaving one system and going to another.

    I also made it so that cave systems can't cut through the surface (grass or dirt and grass for supermassive caves; the default generation also doesn't cut through sand, sandstone, etc) except for occasional caves which slope down to layer 10, so on the surface there's just occasional small openings (about 3 per 7x7 chunk area), no huge pits or gouges.

    Cave systems are made bigger by extending the range of chunks checked during generation, by default +/- 8 chunks from the starting chunk (17x17 chunks, 272 blocks max; vanilla systems are only about half of this though), to 31x31 chunks (496 blocks), and multiplying a "range" parameter by a higher number (default 16; up to 56 for supercolossal caves), "range" itself is also changed from 8 for regular caves to 15 for supercolossal caves, a change from 8x16 or 128, to 15x56 or 840 (presumably maximum length from one end to the other), but all curved up, so they fit in the 496 block range with few exceptions (just makes a flat dead end).

    I modified the way ravines generate as well, changing their width, length, height and curvature (the first three are only semi-independent, curvature increases with length+random); here is an example I found in a test world, used MCEdit to remove the top (the area shown is about 100x100 blocks to get an idea of its size):

    That's more of the exception though; I've found a few ravines that are only 1-2 blocks wide and 5 blocks high/long, only recognizable from their structure. Ravines also don't cut through the surface, so they don't leave huge openings all over the place; they were also made slightly rarer than vanilla, a 1/60 chance per chunk instead of 1/50, due to the average size being bigger. Some can also loop around on themselves multiple times, or be so tilted along their length that one end is below the other but not connected.

    Also, here are a couple screenshots of a supermassive cave system I'm currently exploring; I felt the need to switch to Peaceful in order to explore the center of this thing, the first time I did so in a month of playing this world; this is more like foam than Swiss cheese, as often used to describe overly dense cave systems (I'm considering reducing the density, this isn't even a maximum-size system, as mentioned above, although supercolossal caves are basically bigger rather than denser):

    (the last thing you want here is a skeleton shooting you off...)

    I also frequently play around with new ideas; for example, I recently found out how to make a cave system (successfully, see below) appear at a certain X/Z coordinate, or multiple of, instead of just relying on the RNG (this could be useful to position cave systems so they never overlap, with a random displacement added so they don't appear in a fixed grid), as well as how to selectively prevent ravines from generating so I can make then not generate near the center of supermassive cave systems because that becomes a bit too much (currently bugged; they partly generate if they cross the boundary instead of completely generating/not generating at all).

    I frequently get weird results while doing this; this is an early attempt to make a cave system generate centered at a certain X/Z coordinate - well, this wasn't what I had in mind!

    (I made most of the surface textures transparent in my MCP version so I can easily see underground)
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    posted a message on Wither Fighting Tips
    I would dig down to bedrock, then dig a 1x2 tunnel at least 20 blocks long and spawn the Wither in a small room at the end (it won't be able to fit through but will destroy surrounding stone, but slowly enough so you can kill it before it gets very far; watch out because it can still hit you). Also, get a sword with Smite V and a bow with Power V for fastest results, along with the suggestions posted above. Splash potions are also preferred since you can just throw them down for instant effect (PS. Instant Health harms the Wither since it is an undead mob, so you can heal yourself and hurt the Wither if you drop one close enough).
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    posted a message on How much FPS?
    FPS has nothing to do with RAM, as long as there's enough. Minecraft only needs 200-300 MB when you're using the default textures and no mods (I run with mostly default textures and 7 mods in Forge and 512MB is plenty). If you actually did allocate 8 GB and it only used 3-4% of it, you'd just waste memory because nothing else can use it. One thing you can do is to use two JVM flags to allocate memory; I use -Xms512M -Xmx768M, which means that 512 MB is allocated at the start and it can allocate another 256 MB if for whatever reason it exceeded 512 MB (best to ensure that Xms is enough to avoid possible lag spikes from reallocating memory).

    The GPU is a much bigger factor in your frame rate; laptops in particular often use integrated graphics which can be suboptimal (I'm guessing though that one with a Retina display would use something better; however, higher resolution displays increase the load on the GPU).
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.7.2 Runs Faster Than 1.6.4
    1.7.2 runs a lot worse for me on the same settings, not to the point where it's unplayable but definitely annoying after a while; not so much low FPS (which is about half of what I got in 1.6.x, around 50 FPS vs 100 FPS, no Optifine, but still acceptable by itself) but jittery, even when I just turn around without moving. Also, Amplified doesn't run noticeably worse, maybe some more chunk loading related lag when flying in Creative, despite the "beefy computer" warning.

    Well, I'm sure that Optifine will be able to fix it, as it does for the chunks not rendering properly bug (not so bad in 1.6 but a lot worse in 1.7, similar to 1.5 for me). Oddly, Optifine doesn't change my FPS much either with the same settings (I also use it to disable fog/void fog).

    I am still playing my main world on 1.6.2 (runs the same as 1.6.4) because I figure I'll just make a new one after everything updates; Forge, mods and all; heck, for how I play my main world, the new biomes don't really make much difference; the only thing I've really used from 1.6 is the block of coal (mine coal -> make coal blocks for more inventory space, same as with everything else except iron/gold and even those before I used a backpack mod). Of course, I've played other worlds on 1.7.2.
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    posted a message on It seems that the underground is no longer swiss cheese anymore.
    Quote from MentalMouse42

    I generally do like the changes, but... I haven't seen a dungeon since 1.6.x! I hope those haven't been turned into Very Rare Occasions.....

    Dungeons require an air space underground in order to generate, so fewer caves = fewer chances of a dungeon generating; as far as I can tell, they still attempt to generate at the same frequency since I've found plenty, with cave generation modified with JBE* (I replaced the numbers I mention upthread with 50 and 17, making caves 3.3x as dense but 2.4x further apart, although just to play around with right now until Forge, MCP and mods update, including updating my greatly modified cave-gen**).

    Use JBE (Java Bytecode Editor) to open the file api.class and go to the third method listed, which should look like the following:

    getfield api/b Ljava/util/Random;
    getfield api/b Ljava/util/Random;
    getfield api/b Ljava/util/Random;
    bipush 50
    invokevirtual java/util/Random/nextInt(I)I
    invokevirtual java/util/Random/nextInt(I)I
    invokevirtual java/util/Random/nextInt(I)I
    istore 7
    getfield api/b Ljava/util/Random;
    bipush 17
    invokevirtual java/util/Random/nextInt(I)I

    What you want to change is where it says "bipush" right before the "invokevirtual" calls to Random (I already changed them here to 50 and 17, the original file has 15 and 7; to get the generation in 1.6 and earlier back, use 40 and 15, which will generate caves the same way with the same seed, so a 1.6 world will have caves matching up with new 1.7 generation).

    **If you want to see what I have done with the cave generation, click the button below:

    This is what worlds (a test world) I generate look like underground using Unmined; the "supercolossal" cave system near the top is 500 blocks across and contains over 1,000 individual caves (they generate only once per 16,384 chunks on average), along with several smaller "supermassive" cave systems, generating once per 4,096 chunks with a 25% of becoming supercolossal (the smallest cave systems everywhere were generated with a density of 50 and frequency of 17, like I did above with JBE, with a chance of generating slightly bigger and the size restricted to 5 to 40, 35 for the larger ones):

    Interestingly, the cave size parameter for that massive cave is only set to 30, since I modified how long individual caves generate and made it so they can branch a lot more; a single cave will produce over 40 more; vanilla caves can only branch once into two much narrower and shorter caves.

    Here I used MCEdit on that test world to delete chunks, cutting through the supercolossal cave system (note that the surface isn't cut through with caves since they only go through stone, with only some caves being able to go through dirt/grass for occasional entrances):

    I also modified ravine generation; this is one of the more extreme examples of what can happen (for scale, this cutaway covers about 100x100 blocks), although ravines can also be smaller than vanilla, weighted towards smaller sizes and less curvature (I vary the width, height, length and curviness; I also prevent their generation in supermassive cave systems):

    (this ravine actually loops around in a complete circle at lower levels, other may loop around more than once, in different directions, or have one end under the other but not connected due to how tilted they are; there can also be normal ravines as well)
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    posted a message on Worried about playing 1.7 in my main survival world...
    I don't know if this would work (says it supports up to 1.5, but doesn't actually need Minecraft to work and the chunk format hasn't changed) but on another thread I came across a utility called "mcmerge" which smoothens out terrain between old and new chunks and places a river between them (of course, make a backup before trying this; you also need to run it twice, once on the world before the changeover and again once you explore new terrain, not sure what it does with trees, structures, etc).
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    posted a message on What Have YOU Done in Survival?
    Quote from Purechillos

    That's all really impressive, what do you do for storage? Could you show us your storage room and what it looks like inside of your village base? I'd love to see that.
    Props, for being such a dedicated miner.

    I didn't really do much for storage; I just dug out a set of 3x4 corridors and put chests along the sides, with one for coal, iron, gold, redstone, lapis, diamond/emerald quartz/glowstone, rails, and miscellaneous (mainly stuff from chests and wool made from cobwebs) and dirt/stone/gravel/sand; 9 in all, with blocks of the respective material used to indicate what is in them, plus another with 64 furnaces stacked two high on each side:

    The signs are used to indicate I filled the chest; yeah, three large chests filled with iron blocks, kind of silly to do the same for the rarer ores since I have less than half a chest of gold, never mind diamond/emerald and quartz/glowstone even though they are put together, one on each side. Of course, for coal I have a double row of chests... I also actually tried placing the blocks themselves in a big storeroom at first before I realized that would soon become ridiculous (well, at first I wasn't getting as much as I do now; I used unenchanted iron pickaxes and only used Fortune on diamonds and took a few stacks of torches down instead of making them as needed, for about the first couple months).

    No idea what I am ever going to do with all of this stuff; I could explore without mining anything other than what I need but it is more fun to mine everything.

    Here is a look at the village I made from the top of a jungle tree; I added a few more buildings and put more doors on the others, making enough villagers for three iron golems (for some reason iron golems seem to like water because they are always standing in it), the "cobblestone" squares are retextured glowstone (I used around 400 pieces total, replacing torches when I had enough), I also changed the glass texture because I think the default looks ugly with the streaks on it:

    Also, I actually ignored the village for the first few months of playing, after which it was depopulated and I had torn down a few buildings; I cured a couple zombie villagers to repopulate it, not so much to trade with (occasionally) but just to have them.

    As for inside my house, I wouldn't call it anything special; I just basically made a big room with a smaller room off of it (view from that room) with armor/tools/supplies in it:

    Of course, I also have horses although I haven't really used them. You can also see part of my animal farm; the reason why the building is so high I because I used to use an enclosed oak tree farm for wood, with the farm being much smaller; I also actually used dirt to build it first, then later replaced it with cobblestone, using up a couple diamond shovels in the process (hmmm, a use for all of those coal/iron/redstone/lapis blocks I have?):

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.7 Release Date and Prerelease Info
    I haven't even updated to 1.6.4 yet since there is no difference between 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 unless you plan to move your world to 1.7; I am going to wait until Forge and the mods I use update, including MCP since I did some of my own modding (check out this Unmined map to see what I did; the "supercolossal" cave system near the top is 500 blocks across, albeit only occurs about once per 16,000 chunks, with several "supermassive" caves, the normal caves are also denser but further apart than 1.6.x, with ravines also being much more variable). Even then, I'll probably just play until I explore too far for my liking and just use MCEdit to transplant my main base to a 1.7 world, after using AMIDST to find a good seed (mainly, a big flat plains biome at spawn, and no "supermassive"/"supercolossal" cave nearby since I want them to be very rare finds, I have only just started exploring one in my current world after a month of playing).

    Of course, I have played around on the snapshots, mainly just to see/use the new features but none of them as a main world.
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    posted a message on Replace cave generator in Forge
    First, while I have no experience in making a mod for Forge, I have modded* the base class files, but this means you have to either modify the jar directly or include them as a library, the latter of which I did for my game, using the method described here (Forge still needs -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true).

    This is a crude hack though, and while I don't really care myself, if I were to make a mod that replaced the cave generation in 1.7 with the old generation others would want to be able to just drop it into the mods folder. I could even add a configuration file so you could change the size/density and frequency of cave systems (basically the suggestion I proposed here, perhaps just a config file if adding new options is difficult); some people might just want no caves, rare massive caves, etc.

    Now, looking in the ChunkProviderGenerate file, I find the following code which suggests ("getModdedMapGen") that Forge enables you to use a custom cave generator (several more lines for ravines/villages/strongholds/etc), but I haven't been able to find anything on how to do so:

    caveGenerator = TerrainGen.getModdedMapGen(caveGenerator, CAVE);

    Of course, a non-Forge mod (just for old generation) can be done with just JBE since all I have to do is change a couple numbers and it is easy to find the class file even without MCP (decompile with JAD, use grep to find a string used in MapGenCaves, as long as they don't change it too much); I did this in the snapshots. Again, I have no experience with making a mod for Forge so perhaps I could just do this unless somebody can give me a template to work on (the basic Forge stuff and just put my stuff into it). The config file would look like the following:

    #Default generation for 1.6.x and earlier is 40, 15 and 50 respectively; density is maximum size of cave systems and frequency is 1/x chance per chunk

    The code would then just have (plus whatever is done to read the file):

    (cave generator)
    int i1 = this.rand.nextInt(this.rand.nextInt(this.rand.nextInt(caveDensity) + 1) + 1);
    if (this.rand.nextInt(caveFrequency) != 0) i1 = 0;
    (ravine generator)
    if (this.rand.nextInt(ravineFrequency) == 0)

    NB: It would be impossible to completely disable ravines (but make them like a 1/10000 chance per chunk) but caves can be disabled by using 0 or 1 for density, with sanity checks added for negative/extreme values.

    *I almost completely altered the generation of caves and ravines; most people probably wouldn't want it though since it produces insane cave systems, 200+ block long ravines which loop around on themselves, etc; this map gives you an idea of what I did; for scale, the "supercolossal" cave system at the top is about 500 blocks wide, just to the SW is a massive "ravine", which also vary in size/curvature/etc)
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    posted a message on I can never Survive! Help me!
    Quote from FutureNyanCat
    At Layer 12 - lava is most common - so if you put it out and mine out the obsidian (or cobblestone if it was lava touching water), you'll find diamond under it. I was able to find 56 diamonds without dying, and I was a lucky miner.

    Mining obsidian sounds like a very tedious way to get diamonds, even with Efficiency V; I find stacks of diamonds just by exploring caves without trying to mine out lava. Also, lava isn't more common at a particular layer but rather fills up caves to layer 10, so you can encounter lava all the way to bedrock at about the same frequency, plus there is no correlation between lava and diamonds, one of the most enduring Minecraft myths, only because in caves diamonds are mostly found near lava because they are on similar levels (diamonds are most common between layers 5-12, with a flat distribution, only falling off at the low end because of bedrock).

    That said, even if you prefer caving it is a good idea to branch mine first until you have good armor and weapons. Some other tips, based on what I do: Instead of bringing torches, bring a stack of wood (logs) and just mine coal as you need it (one wood makes 32 torches, so you can make 2,048 torches before you run out). Bring a pair of Feather Falling IV boots to put on when exploring ravines and other big drops. And always, always bring a water bucket and dump it on (next to) lava whenever you see it (if on a ravine ledge, pour it down the side as you go along); conversely, dam up water springs so they don't push you into lava, or your items if you die. You can also use an Ender chest to store what you mine for extra inventory space and you don't lose the contents if you die (even if all chests are destroyed). You can also play on Easy instead (Normal is default) until you get better, or even Peaceful.

    That said, the last time I died in lava was several months ago when I was running along in a cave and jumped over a 1 block high/wide rise - only to fall down a hidden 1x1 hole on the other side into a big pool of lava, with a Fire Resistance potion the only way to get out.
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