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    posted a message on removal of the 'ite' blocks

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that you can use Customized to disable their generation since the OP just seems to not like how they appear in the world. If you do still want to be able to find them you could set their max height to a low value, such as 8 (count should also be reduced to 2-3, making them more concentrated but not so much that they mostly overwrite themselves with the variant that generates last), then they will only generate below y=8, below the level of most caves (mineshafts can go deeper but they are rare), and even without any naturally generating you can still craft them.

    Also, you can remove them from an existing world by using MCEdit to replace all stone blocks (make sure all subtypes is checked) with stone:0; to prevent them from generating in new chunks you can edit level.dat to change the world type to Customized and add the appropriate preset to generatorOptions (it is worth noting that even if you downgrade (not recommended!) they would not disappear and simply turn into stone since the actual block ID still exists; they even reappear again if you upgrade as metadata is not updated unless the block is changed).

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    posted a message on Is it permissible to post a "Survival Journal" for a modded world?

    I never heard of any such restriction on Survival journals and have posted numerous modded Survival journals myself, including opening discussing the mods that I use, as have others - after all, modded Survival is still Survival. The mods section is just for discussing mods themselves and I've never seen any Survival journals there.

    Here is my most recent journal; a few of the posts (e.g. #16) entirely discuss some aspect of the mod I used, not what I did while playing while many others mention various mechanics and other things as I came across them:

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    posted a message on What is the maximum number of GHz?
    Quote from Hoogady»

    How is GHz not a good indicator of performance? If it isn't what is?

    Here is a good example, of why GHz is not a good measure of performance:

    Note that both CPUs have the same clock speed but the Core i5 is nearly 20 times faster overall - close to 5 times the performance per core - and still nearly 3 times faster on a single thread, and all that for only 40% more power consumed; this is all because of various improvements to how they process things (the past 9 years have also seen improvements to other system components, such as memory speed, which can easily bottleneck performance; even current DDR4 memory is extremely slow compared to CPU execution times so they add lots of very fast cache memory to CPUs). Also, note that the overall score does not necessarily reflect the performance that you'll achieve in a given program; for example, Minecraft mainly depends on the performance of a single core when performing server-side work and client-side rendering (a singleplayer client can effectively use two cores but each core only handles one of the aforementioned).
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    posted a message on How Mojang/ Microsoft Ruined Minecraft and Ways We Can Fix It

    The first one can easily be solved with commands or plugins; I imagine the reason why so many complain is because they want a no-cheats/commands way to disable it (for example, you need to use a command to give yourself a sword with no cooldown instead of just starting a no-cheats Survival world and crafting them as usual), and as far as PvP is concerned it has little effect on 1vs1 since both players have to deal with it; if you keep losing it is because you are not timing your attacks, which is pretty easy (I've always timed my attacks to damage immunity, which lasts nearly as long; add reaction time and there is no difference - note that I do not do PvP but 1vs1 PvE is not much different. The only thing I don't like is the fact that you can't quickly hit more than one mob in succession but sweep attacks and Sweeping Edge lets you damage multiple mobs at once, and bows, which always had to be charged (well, after Beta, I started in 1.5.1) work just as well as before against ranged mobs).

    The second issue is likely either on your or the server's end or anywhere in between but not due to an issue with the game itself; maybe they could increase the timeout or make in configurable but if it times out for more than a few seconds you'll likely have issues when reconnecting (sudden teleports, insta-death, etc). Admittedly, I've never played multiplayer but have seen others play it without constantly having the issues you describe, and when they did have lag others players said they had it too and it was obviously due to an overloaded server and/or insufficient connection to it this is particularly an issue when somebody hosts a server on their own computer).

    As for the last, non-Java versions have always had DLC, particularly Console versions, which forbid any non-official form of modding (including changing textures or skins) since the console manufacturers (only one of which is Microsoft) forbid you from modifying the consoles themselves. You can also still make your own content for the Pocket and Windows 10 Editions - and with all the restrictions these editions have they will likely never displace the original Java version, which (I believe) Microsoft promised to never interfere with - and has not. What about the far greater sales of other editions? They have always been far more popular, long before Microsoft came into play in 2014:

    In fact, Pocket Edition was the most purchased version of Minecraft in 2012, according to numbers released by Mojang last week. Minecraft: Pocket Edition sold over 39.1% of units, or 5,899,727 copies total. This was ahead of Minecraft for Mac/PC, at 27.7%, and the Xbox 360 edition, at 33.2%…

    The difference in popularity was even more dramatic on Christmas, where Pocket Edition outsold the Xbox 360 edition by a factor of almost three to one. The PC/Mac version was outsold by four to one [amounting to a mere 15.6% of all sales, which is more or less how things have been since].

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    posted a message on Twitch forced migration is not a good idea!
    Quote from ITOFAL»

    I don't care if it's a Curse, Twitch or Blue Cheese account - I just want to know what's happened to the Curse Minecraft Mods pages (yeah off topic I know, but I am soooooo p-ed off right now).

    But if being bought by Twitch means more than being forced to have a Twitch account but a changing of the great way Curse gave us access to Minecraft mods with full information for all these years, then I for one have a message for them censored and cya.

    Are you referring to the "Mods on Curse" tab at the top of the page? As far as I can tell it still works; I don't know if they changed the layout recently since I can't recall looking at it until now (I have not used any mods other than my own for several years) but it doesn't seem broken in any way.

    As an aside, there is still a "Get [Curse] Premium" link at the bottom of the page, which gives me a "not found" page (this was discontinued months ago).
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    posted a message on Number of pixels that can possibly be created in Minecraft (Minecraft numbers)

    How did you calculate this? If you take the number of pixels on a standard block, which is 1536 (6 sides with 16x16 = 256 pixels each) and allow every single color combination using RGBA (8 bits for each color plus 8 for transparency for a total of 32 bits; 2^32 = 4294967296) the resulting number is incalculable, at least on any standard calculator; I had to use this site to calculate it (enter 4294967296^1536) and when saved as a text file with spaces removed the size on disk was 14797 bytes (or that many digits).

    Even using plain RGB with no transparency, which gives 16777216 colors per pixel, I got a 11098 digit number, and if all 6 sides used the same texture, 1850 digits.

    As far as other numbers go, a while ago I made a thread which included calculations for the chances of the largest possible single cave system, which is around one per 8.8 x 10^52 chunks in 1.6.4 and 1.7 x 10^21 in 1.7; both of these are far in excess of the number of unique cave systems that can actually generate, which is about 19 trillion in 1.6.4 and 40 trillion in 1.7 (281 trillion * 1/15 chance per chunk in 1.6.4 and 1/7 in 1.7) so either very likely do not actually exist (in fact, there are 65536 times more worlds than possible unique cave systems and, assuming no overlap, only 20 worlds are required to exhaust every possible "chunk seed", which is also used to determine how most other aspects of world generation appear. This does not mean that you'll find the same things that often since chunks which match will not be in the same patterns). For comparison, every possible Minecraft world has about 2.6 x 10^32 chunks (not accounting for world type, which has no effect on caves or most other non-biome-specific features).

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    posted a message on 128 Strongholds

    Assuming you are now playing the world in 1.9 or later the game will be using that version's world generator and all 128 strongholds may exist, provided that you did not generate new terrain around their locations in older versions, in which case you may have up to 131 strongholds (the 3 original plus 128 more; since the 3 original strongholds were only 640-1152 blocks from the origin they can be generated without generating the closest 3 in 1.9+. Note that it is possible for a stronghold to be partially generated and not have an End portal; in order to find the pre-1.9 strongholds (assuming you generated the chunks they are in in an older version) you may have to use a utility like AMIDST (set to an older version) since they did not save structures with the world until 1.6.4 and even then you have to load the chunks they are in for them to be saved).

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    posted a message on Enchanting today

    To get some idea of how easy it is to get XP, I've accumulated more than 3.3 million XP (as determined by your "score", which is the lifetime XP that you've collected regardless of what you've spent; 3.3 million XP is equivalent to reaching level 875 in 1.8+, assuming it all went to your XP bar) all through normal gameplay - no XP farms whatsoever; I average around 5000 XP in a typical play session spent caving, so all that comes from mining ores and killing mobs - and I only need to spend around a quarter of it on repairing gear, I often reach level 60+ before having to spend any of it (I still play in 1.6.4 and have to repair stuff on the anvil so I've never actually accumulated more than 70 or so levels at one time; due to often accumulating so many levels I effectively spend far more XP, once over 7000 on a single repair that otherwise only cost 1000. While Mending does not exist you just had to rename your items and the prior work penalty would always be 2, though repair costs were far higher then since 1.8 since you had to pay for durability and the enchantment cost, so no unlimited "god" gear; many items with more than 2 enchantments force you to use individual diamonds or damaged items, and more than 3 are unlikely to be repairable at all).

    For some comparisons, I mine around 4000 blocks per play session, which requires collecting only 500 XP to keep a diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking III in full repair, which can be obtained with just 500 coal (I typically mine around 2000). With the maximum of 6 items held or worn at a time this increases to 3000 XP, which is comfortably less than what I actually get, and I actually would only have 4 items at any time (main hand + 3 pieces of armor) for 2000 XP (i.e. just the coal that I mine would be just enough). Other items are used/damaged far less so this is by far the factor determining how much XP I need; while this cost seems higher than the cost to repair my gear on the anvil as mentioned above I regularly repair items when I have many more levels than needed, which effectively increases the cost plus I have to watch their durability and make sure I always have enough levels when they need to be repaired (I use the sacrifice items for a bit to get the most out of each repair so this has never been a problem). Note that I have played around a bit in 1.9+ so I know that it is very easy to keep my gear in full repair with Mending.

    In other words, I really just can't see why everybody depends on XP farms to recharge their Mending gear (or repair gear prior to 1.8; 1.8 is the only recent version where you had to keep replacing gear), at least items which are used in combat or mining resources, and while I do have some items, like an axe or shovel, which do not gain any XP through use I could easily repair them with XP gained from taking smelted ore and food out of furnaces. I've even made a mod that adds in items which are much rarer and more expensive mainly so I feel like I'm actually using the XP that I get (which still exceeds my needs, I'd never intentionally make it so that farms were required since I view them as a game-breaking exploit).

    As far as enchanting itself goes, I've never had much of an issue with the randomness since I only need to make one set of gear and given how often I die (not even once in my last few worlds) by the time I did lose anything (even less often than dying since you do not necessarily lose everything) I'd likely have a stockpile of books looted from dungeons that could be used to enchant new items (in my first world I have enough to recreate my gear several times over; as with enchanting the necessary XP can be easily obtained by mining quartz). Likewise, I've had a couple "oops" moments when an item I was using broke (the Unbreaking bug has saved my pickaxe a few times) but had the books to replace it without any actual enchanting, as well as enough levels on me so I did not need any more XP.

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    posted a message on When might you use cheats in survival mode?

    The only time I've used Creative is on a few small worlds I had where I just wanted to explore one thing or test something out without having to go through the entire early-game startup process (which in my case includes everything from spawning to killing the Ender Dragon); for example, I once made a world to explore the largest known cave system (at the time) that I'd ever found and used Creative to build a basic base and give myself the gear I normally use, I also used NBTExplorer to set world spawn over the cave system (which was over 10,000 blocks away from actual spawn; this was not really necessary aside from making it easier to use a mapping tool to map my progress) and change the world type to the Superflat Overworld preset (placing a hard border around the cave system so I knew when I was done with it). However, the actual playing/exploration was entirely done in Survival and I've never used or switched to Creative for any other reason; likewise, all of my worlds have had cheats disabled and I do not use Open to LAN; I've never even enabled the bonus chest (which really isn't cheating, it just doesn't make much of a difference in most cases).

    Also, you may count using tools like MCEdit, which I've used to copy a base over to a new world for similar reasons as mentioned above, since again I just wanted to experience the results of modifications I made (on my fully "legit" worlds it has taken around 2 days of playtime to reach the "end" and start caving; the last time I've done this was several years ago).

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    I found one of the densest cave systems that I've ever found, with a huge semi-open chamber in the center. Even the surface, where caves are usually less common, was a complete mess from all of the intersecting tunnels:

    I analyzed the area around the cave system and found a total of 87 caves within a 3x3 chunk area, including a single chunk with 54 caves - the second highest that I've found in any cave system that I've analyzed (one other cave system had 54 while the most was 58; in theory as many as 156 caves can generate in a single chunk in 1.6.4. Even 1.7+ can have as many as 56 although both of these are virtually certain to not actually occur in any seed):

    Seed is -123775873255737467
    Center is -1920, 3024 (chunk -120, 189)
    Radius is 1 chunks (circular)
    Version used is <= 1.6.4

    Size 24 cave system at -1936, 3008; total number of caves: 32
    Size 1 cave system at -1904, 3008; total number of caves: 1
    Size 31 cave system at -1904, 3040; total number of caves: 54

    Number of cave systems: 3
    Initial number of caves: 56
    Total number of caves: 87
    Additional circular room caves: 31
    Number of small caves: 85; average width is 5.87
    Number of large caves: 2; average width is 11.79
    Number of circular rooms: 19; average width is 9.90
    Additional caves per circular room: 1.63
    Average caves per chunk: 9.666667 (9 chunks)

    Average altitude: 31.39
    Percentage of caves on layers 0 to 9: 26.44
    Percentage of caves on layers 10 to 19: 19.54
    Percentage of caves on layers 20 to 29: 14.94
    Percentage of caves on layers 30 to 39: 3.45
    Percentage of caves on layers 40 to 49: 5.75
    Percentage of caves on layers 50 to 59: 13.79
    Percentage of caves above layer 59: 16.09

    That said, in terms of overall size and density I've still yet to find a cave system that surpasses the one I found around -800, -1050 over four years ago, which has twice as many caves spread over about twice the area:

    Here is a series of renderings of the cave system; surface at night, below sea level, below layer 20, and y=11:

    Also, I explored the entire cave system in 3 hours and 50 minutes and mined a total of 3758 ore, including 47 diamonds; the total amount of ore is less than what I've found in other recent large cave systems in terms of ore found per individual cave/tunnel (about 43 each) due to the high density while I found about 3.5 times the average amount of diamond per session.

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    posted a message on Why has this forum been falling into inactivity?
    Quote from badrockwall»

    propley cause the mods ban and give you warnning points for litrary anything

    That sounds like an issue on your end because I have not seen any change in the propensity for moderators to issue warnings; here are the dates of every warning that I've gotten (most of them for being off-topic), and I have never gotten a ban, which only happens if you get too many warnings in too short of a time period and/or do something bad enough (I think you need 3 points within 30 days for a ban, with more and/or subsequent bans leading to longer bans):

    May 10, 2017
    Sep 20, 2016
    May 21, 2016
    Apr 5, 2016
    Jan 20, 2016
    Dec 5, 2015
    Sep 30, 2014
    Aug 20, 2014
    Apr 9, 2014

    I do disagree with some of the warnings and post deletions (no warnings) since I don't think my posts were that off-topic and somebody else, even the OP, made the original post that promoted me to reply to them (I think that if the OP wants to go a bit off-topic in their own thread they should be able to and one or two semi off-topic posts here and there are not an issue, only if they turn into an ongoing discussion).
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    posted a message on What Happened Here?
    Quote from TheRealFanatic»

    Just a side note - I don't find the forums all that quiet or useless here. However, I DO also look in on reddit and also, PlanetMinecraft looks to have forums but I haven't explored them too much. I realize that, compared to many, I am a raw newbie. So perhaps things interest me, that no longer hold any appeal for others here. I do appreciate nearly all of the comments I find on the forums here. My own specific puzzle, lately, is why there isn't more discussion of some of the machine-specific aspects of the game.

    The forums used to be orders of magnitude more active; one look at the total number of posts in this section, then at the activity in recent days should tell you all; here is a list I made showing how posting rates in this section have declined over the years (ending around mid-October, the time I compiled this. 2011 represents the total and average since the forums were created in mid-June 2009 since I did not find any archived pages for 2009-2010):
    2011: 598122 (259898/year, 712/day)
    2012: 889659 (291537/year, 799/day)
    2013: 993015 (103356/year, 283/day)
    2014: 1138817 (145802/year, 399/day)
    2015: 1177298 (38481/year, 105/day)
    2016: 1196886 (19588/year, 53.7/day)
    2017: 1205090 (8204/year, 22.5/day)

    If you think the above is bad, since I compiled this there have been only 11.2 new posts per day in this section - that's a decline of over 98% from the annual average for 2012 - in other words, there used to be over 70 times more activity than there is now - averaged over an entire year (in other words, peaks were even higher, possibly over 100 times higher). You'd think that Minecraft was a long-dead game, not one that is supposedly selling millions of new copies and gaining millions of new (and total active) users per month (even as much as I am/was against the idea that the game is dying as so many others have claimed I have to wonder if Mojang/Microsoft are really telling the truth - after all, they have $2.5 billion at stake).

    The attitude of the forum admins doesn't help either; they seem to fully accept the decline as normal and try to explain it away as the game simply being old, players losing interest, or recipe books being added (less asking for help needed), etc, but as mentioned above the game is still doing very well in terms of sales and new users so even as old ones quit the userbase has remained stable or even increased. Why does nobody want to talk about what they have done in Survival anymore, even more so for Creative, or want to share their experiences? I've considered making a new modded world just to try to revitalize the forum (I have occasionally mentioned things I've done or found in my first world but much of what I do is not really interesting enough to mention it on a daily basis, and even my modded worlds are mostly about caving so I imagine they don't garner much interest, especially after I've made half a dozen or more worlds/journals which are all basically the same).
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    posted a message on Why has this forum been falling into inactivity?

    One thing I find curious is that the online user stats (at the bottom of the main forum page) show over a hundred members online during most of the day yet there is so little activity, and quite a few members seem to be on regularly but don't seem to do much (I've seen members with 0 posts who have been around for years). A hundred concurrent members online over a day potentially represents thousands of members; assuming each one spends 10 minutes online (Alexa shows less than 2 minutes for all visitors) this means that there are around 14,400 members visiting the forums every day - but based on activity only around 1% of them, if even that, actually do anything.

    Also, I don't buy the "game is 8 years old" argument since the game continues to sell tens of millions of copies per year and player counts continue to increase (22 million copies were sold in 9 months between June 2016 and February 2017. Even the Java Edition, which is particularly mentioned by the "Minecraft is dying threads" continues to sell millions of copies per year. There were also 55 million active players earlier this year - 15 million more than less than a year ago - which represents 45% of all copies ever sold so the game sure seems to have a good player retention rate).

    In addition, why is the Survival Mode section so dead? There were only 6 active threads with a total of 6 replies over the past day! Surely people still play Survival and want to share what they have done; I'm the only one who has had an even semi-regularly updated Survival journal recently. Likewise, Show your Creation? Creative Mode?

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    posted a message on What Happened Here?

    That is almost definitely a chunk that regenerated; the reason why the trees are offset from the regenerated area has to do with the way the game populated chunks with features - the chunk-sized area features are centered in is offset by half a chunk to the south and east so they can cross chunk boundaries, and the area is only populated when a 2x2 chunk area around it has been loaded so features do not extend into nonexistent chunks (with bad results if they do; this also limits the maximum size of a single feature to 17x17 blocks or +/- 8 blocks from the center block, with larger structures generated in chunk-sized pieces). This is explained in more detail here. The lighting glitches are due to the game not updating block light from surrounding chunks after it regenerated.

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    I found a zombie in diamond armor today, one and a half months after the last one:

    Also, after a longer than usual play session (4 hours and 12 minutes) I reached a total of more than half a million iron ore mined (I did not intentionally play until I reached the goal; I did not check to see how much I'd mined until I stopped playing):

    I've also mined more than 11,000 diamond ore as of today, after surpassing 10,000 on August 17 (74 days ago), which represents an average of 13.5 per day (at this rate it would take about 815 days to mine the total, so this is mainly a product of the sheer amount of time I've spent caving, not efficiency; even with an above-average number of diamonds found today I averaged only 6.2 diamond ore per hour, 6.67 diamonds per hour including two from a mineshaft).

    Also, here are some screenshots of caves I explored as well as a before/after rendering of what I explored today; you can see that I finished exploring an area to the right (mainly a mineshaft, plus some caves and a ravine) before leaving that area and going to an area I'd previously marked to the northwest, where I finished exploring a cave system, then I went through a ravine going to the north with more caves leading from the northern end. Yet another ravine, not explored yet, is near the northern end of those caves:

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