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    posted a message on [1.7-1.9] TheMasterCaver's Mods and Tweaks

    I've been able to get a working version of TMCWv4's underground in 1.7.10 without having to modify more than just the cave/mineshaft/stronghold classes by copying code between them, instead of relying on access to methods within each class:

    On the left is TMCWv4 while on the right is the 1.7.10 version; there are some differences since I did not add size variation to mineshafts and I forgot to disable vanilla ravines and simply raised the lava level to y=11 but everything else is the same.

    I'll want to make tweaks to the altitude at which caves generate before releasing a final version (currently I just set the lava level to y=11 instead of y=4; some types of caves will have to be adjusted to fit in a narrower y-range to reduce the amount of surface openings).

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    posted a message on Does the existence of other platform in Minecraft harms the java version of the game
    Quote from Badprenup»

    Bingo. The other versions were there long before Microsoft bought Mojang and they have always been developed by independent teams.

    It should also be noted that these versions, especially Pocket Edition, have always been far more popular than the Java version:
    Minecraft sold more on mobile than any other platform in 2012

    In fact, Pocket Edition was the most purchased version of Minecraft in 2012, according to numbers released by Mojang last week. Minecraft: Pocket Edition sold over 39.1% of units, or 5,899,727 copies total. This was ahead of Minecraft for Mac/PC, at 27.7%, and the Xbox 360 edition, at 33.2%…

    The difference in popularity was even more dramatic on Christmas, where Pocket Edition outsold the Xbox 360 edition by a factor of almost three to one. The PC/Mac version was outsold by four to one.

    The popularity of PE and CE simply reflect general trends in gaming, with mobile taking the top spot and PC the lowest:
    The Global Games Market Will Reach $108.9 Billion in 2017 With Mobile Taking 42%

    Mobile is the most lucrative segment, with smartphone and tablet gaming growing 19% year over year to $46.1 billion, claiming 42% of the market. In 2020, mobile gaming will represent just more than half of the total games market. The PC and console game markets will generate $29.4 billion and $33.5 billion in 2017, respectively.

    If anything, the fact that JE has continued to sell at a remarkably steady rate is a testament to its staying power:
    Revenues for both PC gaming segments are anticipated to drop slightly in the coming year. PC browser revenues have been decreasing since 2015 because of the transition of casual gaming to mobile devices. In 2016, Facebook’s revenues from gaming were at its lowest since 2011, while Zynga’s PC revenues dropped more than 30%. Newzoo expects the segment to generate $4.5 billion in 2017, a year-on-year decrease of 9.3%. Our full-year revenue analysis showed that PC revenues of public companies decreased in both Western and Asian markets last year, while emerging markets had single-digit growth rates. This decrease also has a significant impact on our longer-term forecasts. We now expect downloaded/boxed PC games to reach $24.5 billion in 2019, a significant adjustment downward compared to the $29.0 billion global figure for the PC games market in our January update.

    Here is a more up-to-date sales chart for the Java Edition that I found on Reddit (the Wiki has a more outdated chart which includes several other editions):
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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    Just two weeks after the last one I saw yet another zombie in diamond armor, and it dropped its chestplate, which had Protection II and Thorns I, which is only the third piece of diamond armor that I've gotten (I've also gotten a chestplate with Fire Protection I and Thorns I and leggings with Fire Protection I):

    This is the third one that I've seen in two months, which is quite a lot considering that I've seen about 9 total over close to 29 months of daily playing, or more than 3 months between each one; prior to then the average was one every 4 1/2 months (one month is about 105 hours of playtime).

    Also, I've explored around most of what appears to be the western boundary of the spawn continent within the current map (x = -3072 to -1024, z = 1024 to 3072); there is more land to the south but I don't plan to go any further (or as far as the current cave/mineshaft complex extends):

    There may still be more land to the west of my current location (a swamp, not ocean), and there appears to be a desert to the south, near the bottom, but there probably isn't much more. I also still plan to fill in the gap to the north, for which I'll return to the previous base I made, to the north of the Mushroom Island to the west since it is closer than the current one, around which there are more caves extending eastwards which I had not explored at the time since I didn't know how much ocean there was (as I generally stay within a couple hundred blocks of land. I did not explore westwards from the land to the east since I didn't find any caves going further west, the extension to the north also has an unexplored mineshaft at the northern end).

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    posted a message on [1.7-1.9] TheMasterCaver's Mods and Tweaks
    Quote from DarianStephens»

    If I had one thing to nitpick, it's that if Red Sand is generated in a biome that it wouldn't normally generate, any sand around the edges of caves becomes Chiseled Sandstone. I assume that's because you just shift the ID a few places, not directly set it to anything. It's probably a lot more performance-friendly than anything else, but it just looks a bit weird in some places. (Or, you could say it adds mystery to see these hieroglyphics randomly, wooooo...)
    It could just be considered a quirk, though. It doesn't really detract from anything.

    This is because I only check for and change the block ID, not data value, since only block data is passed into the cave generator; I use the biome ID to determine whether or not to use orange stained clay instead of sandstone, which works because both have a data value of 1 (so does chiseled sandstone):
    // Replaces floating sand with sandstone and gravel with stone
    Block fallingBlock = par5ArrayOfBlock[index + 1];
    if (fallingBlock == Blocks.sand)
         // Includes all variants of mesa biome
         if ((biome >= 37 && biome <= 39) || (biome >= 165 && biome <= 167))
             // Red sand has the same data value as orange stained clay
             // so this replaces it with the proper clay color
             par5ArrayOfBlock[index + 1] = Blocks.stained_hardened_clay;
             par5ArrayOfBlock[index + 1] = Blocks.sandstone;
    else if (fallingBlock == Blocks.gravel)
         par5ArrayOfBlock[index + 1] = Blocks.stone;

    Fixing this would require modifying both the cave generator and chunk provider classes to pass in the metadata array, which would no longer make it so compatible.
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    posted a message on Chunk glitch -- terrain from a different save?
    Quote from DuhDerp»

    It happens when you create a newer world with the same name as an older world you deleted. When you delete a world, you aren't actually deleting the save data and it's not actually gone forever like it says on-screen. Every single bit of your world data is still there on your computer, there's just no convenient way to access it via the Single Player index of worlds to choose from.

    That is not quite true; when the game deletes a save it is really deleted - the game means it when it says it is gone forever. However, because the client runs on a separate thread form the sever it is possible that the server is still running when you try to delete the world, which will fail because you can't delete a file that is in use; alternatively, the game deletes the region files and the server recreates them when it saves - note that the server thread says it is saving chunks just before the client tries to delete the world, which is still saving as seen by the lines about saving the Nether and End after the client's failed deletion attempt:

    [00:19:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Flatworld6'/Overworld
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/INFO]: Deleting level Flatworld6
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/INFO]: Attempt 1...
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/WARN]: Couldn't delete file C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Flatworld6\region\r.-1.0.mca
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/WARN]: Couldn't delete directory C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Flatworld6\region
    [00:19:42] [Client thread/WARN]: Unsuccessful in deleting contents.
    [00:19:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Flatworld6'/Nether
    [00:19:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Flatworld6'/The End

    The fix for this is so obvious I have absolutely no idea why Mojang has not fixed it yet - make the client wait for the internal server to shut down before it can do anything else:

    if (this.theIntegratedServer != null)
        if (loadingScreen != null)
            this.loadingScreen.resetProgresAndWorkingMessage("Shutting down internal server...");
        while (!theIntegratedServer.isServerStopped())
            catch (InterruptedException ie) {}
    this.theIntegratedServer = null;

    With this code (originally take from Forge) I have never been able to reproduce this, or any of the other world corruption issues that this causes (not only does this cause issues with deleting saves, it lets you quit the game while the server is still saving - resulting in world corruption, which, among other things, includes swapping chunks (a chunk is copied form one area and moved elsewhere). I actually think that the OP may have experienced the latter since there is a single chunk by itself, while the deletion bug usually has more chunks (in vanilla the code above simply sets the server object to null immediately after telling it to shut down, which is like pulling the plug on your computer while saving; if you've ever seen a stacktrace starting with " Stream Closed" and referring to files in the game output when quitting a world this is what happened).

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    posted a message on Does the Minecraft team not fix bugs on purpose?

    The breaking of bedrock itself should be fixed since it is unbreakable by definition; the only way it can be "broken" (without Creative) is by being overwritten by another block; for example, you used to be able to use dark oak trees to break bedrock because the game did not check the block being replaced when it placed logs, so they could overwrite anything (this issue affected all trees with branches so you could have oak or jungle trees growing branches through your walls).

    I'm not entirely sure how every possible bedrock-replacing bug happens but some other bugs which have not been fixed, or were only fixed after a long time, are very easy to fix; for example, I was recently looking through the bug tracker and came across the following report:

    MC-103430 Vines breaking too slow (enchanted shears)

    Despite being reported for 1.9.4 and later the bug affects versions back to at least 1.6.4 and probably much earlier - all I had to do to fix it was to add vines to the list of blocks that shears are effective against (this also makes them faster than by hand when unenchanted) - and I see lots of bugs like this.

    Worse, many other bugs have fixes posted to their relevant bug reports - yet again Mojang seems to ignore them (granted, some are more of a hack than a real fix but they are a good temporary solution, such as the fix for MC-43968; a full fix for this would require a new light rendering engine but they should at least correct the incorrect offsets in the code).

    Also, they don't seem to understand how much of the code works; the following bug is still open despite not being a bug, or rather, comes to an incorrect conclusion:

    MC-69990 Max dirt height defaults to 256 in Customized world (max world height is 255)

    256 is actually the correct value because the game calculates the y-coordinate as min + random.nextInt(max - min), which gives a range of 0-255 (the entire usable y-range) because nextInt(n) returns a value between 0 and n-1 (0-255 is 256 values since it starts at 0, not 1). Hence, the real bug is the sliders not going up to 256, not that the default height is wrong as suggested by the description (if I were to fix this I'd make it so that the indicated height is the real max height; diamond would be 0-15, iron 0-63, and so on. Of course, older worlds would have their ores all set 1 higher so just making the sliders go to 256 would be a proper fix).

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    posted a message on Why has this forum been falling into inactivity?

    I've had an experience which suggests that there are in fact still a lot of people who want to discuss the game - I recently signed up on Reddit due to how slow things had become around here (not that I'm planning on quitting the forums) and yesterday I posted a submission which just shows a couple maps of one of my worlds with a short description (on the image page) and the response is simply overwhelming compared to my experience on these forums (the Reddit post refers to the world in the second forum thread listed, which has had occasional updates regarding what I've done and is far more detailed):

    Consider also there there are nearly 10 times as many registered users on these forums as subscribers to the Minecraft subreddit, which makes the response I got all the more overwhelming - the online Minecraft discussion community is still very much alive and well, just not here (you ought to see how much discussion there has been over the changes to the horse model, and related posts, or even just making the stone slabs in blacksmiths an actual anvil) - they just don't want to use these forums, even though I think they are much better in many ways; I've also had confirmation that former forum users have moved on to Reddit since they said that they remembered me from the forums and one even asked if I signed up because of the Twitch merger (which again cannot be blamed for the long-term decline).

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] TheMasterCaver's World (updated to version 4)

    If you get the chance to, when are you gonna update the mod to version 5?

    I have not spent much time working on an update since I'm still playing on my first world but I have added the following features, along with more bugfixes:
    Many parts of world generation now use a true 64 bit random number generator instead of Java's Random, which only uses 48 bits, increasing the number of truly unique seeds by a factor of 65536-fold. In particular, cave generation is unique for every seed (structures and terrain are only partial due to requiring extensive code changes to otherwise use a custom RNG, but two "same lower 48 bit seeds" will likely not have them in the same locations and even if two do match they will be different). As a bonus, this gives a significant speed boost to cave generation (Random uses a thread-safe implementation that is slower and special methods specific to the cave algorithm were added, reducing the number of method calls).

    Cave variation has been increased further; "cave clusters" and most types of special cave systems are now twice as common (e.g. 1/4096 chunks to 1/2048 for vertical cave systems) and are no longer restricted from near the origin, which only applies to the largest variants of caves and ravines, colossal cave systems, and regional caves.

    Increased size variation of mineshafts (initial distribution is linear instead of triangular; smallest and largest sizes are still less common).

    Tweaked biome generation (land and ocean); seeds no longer resemble vanilla but AMIDST can be used to map out seeds (only land/ocean and climate zones) using the "AMIDST" files.

    Birch, jungle, and spruce logs now use the 1.7+ end textures; Meadow villages now use normal logs instead of all-bark (the original reason for making them all-bark was so they would look much different from oak; this also means that they no longer have unobtainable blocks (they can't even be placed by the player since the placement code overrides their data value).

    Beaches generate alongside several biomes that have "edge" biomes, including Extreme Hills (gravel beach), full-size Ice Plains Spikes (gravel beach + double width of Ice Plains), full-size Ice Hills (border of Ice Plains Spikes + Ice Plains, except for gravel beach next to ocean), while not displacing them, as multiple passes are used to add them (in 1.7+ EH Edge is no longer present since the vanilla code can only add one edge biome, which was replaced with Stone Beach).

    Explosion damage to items uses the vanilla damage calculation instead of the modified calculation for creeper explosions so they are not always destroyed regardless of distance (minimum damage for modified creeper explosions is 6 while items have 5 health).

    Added two new enchantments: Smelting and Vein Miner. Smelting makes iron and gold ore drop ingots instead of themselves, as well as 1-3 or 2-6 XP respectively (based on their abundance and XP drops of other ores when mined; e.g coal is 0-2 and diamond is 3-7. For comparison, smelting coal gives 0.1, iron 0.7, gold 1, and diamond 1). Smelting is compatible with Fortune, averaging 2.2 drops per ore with Fortune III (same as most other ores), while it is incompatible with Silk Touch (which will override it if you hack both of them on a tool) and can only be applied to iron, diamond, or amethyst pickaxes (iron is required to mine gold and it would be completely useless on wood). Vein Miner enables you to mine more than one block at a time (effective on all ores; all blocks must be of the same type as the block mined), with level 1 mining up to six blocks (center block plus up to 5 blocks adjacent to the sides; all 6 sides are checked but one must be removed to expose the center block) and level 2 up to 18 blocks (a 3x3 cube minus the corners and one block from the center of one side; blocks are only mined if they are adjacent to a block which was mined by the first level). It is compatible with both Fortune and Silk Touch and can only be put on a pickaxe since all the blocks it is effective on require one. Both of these enchantments can only be found in naturally generated chests, making them true "treasure" enchantments (as opposed to the vanilla ones, which are only unobtainable from the table), and are mutually exclusive (can't have it too easy; Vein Miner also adds 0.005 exhaustion per block broken after the first block, which adds 0.025 as normal, but does not cost extra durability).

    Increased variation of underground dirt, gravel, stones, and biome-specific blocks; the number of veins of each varies between 50%, 100%, 200% of normal while size varies inversely (based on actual vein size, which is not a linear function of the "size" parameter), for about the same amount of each in a given 8x8 chunk region (regions are square with a 0-1 chunk offset around the edges to make them less abrupt).

    Giants now use the new mob AI and as a result will now pathfind around obstacles, with a followRange of 32 blocks (instead of 16). They also move slightly faster, jump higher, take fall damage after 6 blocks (instead of 3) with half the fall damage per block afterwards, and are more willing to take drops.

    Added a penalty for spam-clicking a non-entity (air or a block) which is much more similar to 1.9's attack cooldown; reduces damage dealt by weapons (sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel) regardless of whether you hit a mob before by up to 50% with the penalty lasting for up to 10 seconds. Damage is reduced from 100% to 50% for a penalty duration of 0-6 seconds and penalty increases if you click more than twice per second, activating after 2-3 clicks. This does not affect the previously added per-mob cooldown, which only affects subsequent hits, but 10% of the cooldown timer value is added to the penalty timer if it is not at its minimum. The per-mob cooldown was also decreased from 1 second to 0.75 seconds (compare to 0.625 seconds for swords in 1.9).

    Mushroom blocks with all-cap and all-stem sides are now obtainable with Silk Touch (instead of the pores-only texture, which was changed to cap-only in 1.8+).

    Eyes of Ender now always lead to the start of a stronghold, not the portal room, to make finding the portal more challenging (in vanilla they lead straight to the portal room if the chunks it is in were just generated; after reloading the world they lead to the start, which is a spiral staircase).

    In a similar manner to tools and armor two enchanted books can be crafted together to remove their enchantments, giving you one normal book back.

    Giant mushrooms generate in 2.5% of 2x2 chunk regions outside of giant cave regions and 25% within (the latter was added in TMCWv4; unlike vanilla both colors generate in both variants for a total of 4 types. This is planned to be added to player-grown mushrooms as well).

    Silverfish naturally spawn in all biomes (only Extreme Hills, Forest Mountains, and Volcanic Wasteland still have silverfish stone) with the same frequency as cave spiders and only below sea level; unlike silverfish spawned from spawners or spawn eggs these silverfish cannot hide in blocks and require a light level of 7 or less to spawn (a new tag was added so how a mob was spawned can be saved; this is also used so cave spider jockeys only spawn naturally, not from spawners; their chance was increased from 1/33 to 1/25).

    There is a rare chance (3.226% of slimes or 1/10 as common as each smaller size, which have equal chances) of a size 8 slime "mini-boss" spawning in swamps, which has double the aggro range (32 blocks), 64 health, deals 8 damage (on Normal difficulty), can jump over obstacles 4 blocks high, fall up to 8 blocks with no fall damage, and drops 8 XP and splits into 2-4 large slimes when killed (up to 85 slimes and 120 XP total).

    Endermen do not despawn if they are holding a block, with an increased (decreased) chance of placing (picking up) blocks when more than 64 blocks away from a player (horizontally only) to reduce buildup in unloaded chunks.

    These are just some of that I've added or plan to add. Once I finish exploring the current map I'm on I may take a break from my first world, but that may still be a while, but probably less than the nearly 2 years that passed between versions 3 and 4 (version 4 was released early this year with the last update in July; version 3 was released in April 2015 and last updated in September 2015; any updates I make to a version after the first release are just bugfixes and minor additions).
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    posted a message on [1.7-1.9] TheMasterCaver's Mods and Tweaks
    Quote from DarianStephens»

    I suppose, if you've abandoned these mods, there's not much chance for the cave variations from more recent versions of TMCW to be... I guess forward-ported?

    Even if not, the Underground mods here have made caving fun again, even more so than back in 1.6.4! I've been playing with the light version (For the Forge compatibility) with a bunch of friends, and we could spend a couple of hours exploring cave systems, whereas we'd be lucky to get a half-hour-worthy cave before. This will almost certainly be a permanent addition to my 1.7.10.jar, though I have to admit it's tempting to go back to 1.6.4 temporarily, just for the extra variety provided by your mod. Then again, lack of forge compatibility does bring it down a little, but it would most likely still be fun with just your mod.

    One reason why I haven't updated is because there haven't been many requests for updates, but I could look into updating TMCW Underground to version 4. Due to the much greater complexity only the "light" version is probably practical but would mostly have the same caves and such while the "light" version mainly lacks some of the biome-specific features (many of which are specific to TMCW anyway) and mineshaft changes (aside from their altered spawning) and has the vanilla lava depth/ore distribution (this may be the biggest issue since TMCWv4 shifts lava level down by 7 layers so this means there would be more large caves/ravines breaking the surface unless I reduce their depth range, which was set so they are mostly below sea level).

    ETA: It may be more of a problem to update and keep things simple because caves, mineshafts, and strongholds all depend on each other so I'd have to modify ChunkProviderGenerate, meaning it would not work with any mods using their own chunk provider, which would replace it, since I change the constructors for the cave, mineshaft, and stronghold classes since they are dependent on one another (e.g. whether a mineshaft generates depends on the caves in the area so they do not generate on top of larger/special cave systems or larger single caves and ravines; likewise, mineshafts and caves/ravines are disabled and/or reduced near strongholds).
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    posted a message on [Help][ModLoader] and block harvest/mining level...

    I'm not sure why the textures changed; did you modify the default texture atlas (a single texture file was used for all textures prior to 1.5)? Any new textures have to be added to blank areas and existing textures unaltered, I don't know if ModLoader handles mod textures any differently and only have experience with post-1.5 textures (which should never have this issue since each block/item has its own texture).

    As for making only specific tiers of pickaxes able to mine blocks, the issue is that you check for "Material.rock" before checking for your custom ores - if they have the material of rock (as with vanilla ores) the game never checks for them because as soon as it sees that the material is rock it returns true regardless of the tier used; you must move it to the very end of the "if" statements (where it checks for Material.iron):

    // Delete this code
    if(block.blockMaterial == Material.rock)
         return true;
    // Custom blocks
    if(block == mod_Ores.SuperGemBlock)
         return toolMaterial.getHarvestLevel() == 3;
    // Move check for Material.rock down here
    return block.blockMaterial == Material.iron || block.blockMaterial == Material.rock;

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    posted a message on How do I find my seed in 1.12.1 please?

    There are several ways, the easiest being the /seed command, which can be used regardless of whether cheats are enabled unless you are on a server (none of the following options will work either unless you have access to the actual server files or they are willing to give it out). You can also select the world in the world menu and click on "recreate", then "more world options" and the seed will appear in the seed box (you do not need to actually create the world; note that if you do it will not include any changes that you've made or world generation changes from a different version). NBTExplorer can also be used to read the seed from the world's level.dat file (listed under RandomSeed") without having to open the game. In all these cases the seed will be a number regardless of what you originally entered (a random seed if you did not enter anything).

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    posted a message on woodland mansion generation nerf
    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    Main problem is where these are generated.
    Most of mansions that I found, were generated near or over a lava lake.

    I don't know why Mojang has not fixed this yet - have you ever found a lava lake (or water lake, distinct from underwater terrain) in a village? I haven't, and this is because when part of a village generates in a chunk the game disables lakes within that chunk, and this can easily be extended to include other structures (the code that places structures returns true if it placed something and this applies to all structures but only the result for villages is used). I even extended this to include strongholds and temples in my own mod and also made it so that instead of completely disabling them they do not generate near or above the surface for villages and temples or underground for strongholds and are only completely disabled if both generate in the same area (deserts still have underground water lakes as well; this can easily be done by simply restricting their maximum altitude).
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    posted a message on How Minecraft becomes a bad game with PVP?

    I don't do either of the two things mentioned in this thread (PvP and building, the latter aside from what is necessary in Survival) - there is no real goal to playing Minecraft or any one right way to play it, which is why it is so popular even more than 8 years after it first came out. If people like watching PvP and YouTubers get more views on these videos then of course they'll make more PvP videos, and this is why such channels are much more popular than, say, redstone-oriented channels, or modded Survival is more popular than vanilla Survival (as much as I enjoy caving in-game watching a video of someone else do it is boring; conversely, I actually do watch some of those "bad" videos, though I much prefer it when they are not on a big server but with a close group of YouTubers and do more than just PvP).

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    posted a message on My thoughts on 1.13's new Default Resource Pack, and Minecraft's evolution in general.

    Fortunately, you won't even need to make your own (or download somebody else's) texture pack to keep the old textures - for once Mojang is actually giving us the option to keep an old feature (unlike, say, 1.9's combat changes or 1.7's world gen changes, via more customization), though this won't be able to revert changes made to entity models (at least horses) unless you are using Bedrock (they plan to make the texture changes universal) or they add the ability to change entity model to Java:

    Old textures will be a separate download when the new default pack officially releases, more info to follow.

    Of course, any new textures would likely have no old equivalents simply because there were none, but that has always been the case.

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    posted a message on Allocated memory hitting 100%
    Quote from Clockpie»

    Minecraft can reach 1GB ram easily, especially on large words. Try getting 2GB ram.

    World size has no effect on memory usage; I have a world which would require over 6 GB of RAM (nearly twice the amount my computer has in total; 3.2 GB usable out of 4 GB on a 32 bit OS) if it were all loaded at once but the game only uses 200-300 MB out of 512 MB allocated, which is not even fully used either - because only chunks within render distance are loaded (plus the spawn chunks). Age also has no effect; I've spent thousands of hours in the world and even the 500+ tile entities at my main base (in the spawn chunks, so they are always loaded), including chests with millions of resources, have not been an issue.

    That aside, a sudden increase in memory usage may point to world corruption; even when I've played around with Superflat presets and created a world made out of mob spawners, the game only lagged severely without maxing out 1 GB of RAM. Of course, mods may change things and it sounds like you are playing modded since vanilla dungeons certainly would not cause any problems (and even here it is because many mods and/or Forge are badly coded; despite all the new features vanilla memory usage has never been increased since early release if not earlier, Mojang sets it to 1 GB for a good reason as too much can slow down performance - and that test was done starting at 512 MB, which already showed a decrease when increased to 1 GB).

    Also, what is your render distance, which does play a large role in memory usage since it affects how many chunks are loaded at once. Though vanilla limits it to 16 unless you allocate more than 1 GB so it shouldn't be an issue - unless Optifine still lets you bypass this limit.
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