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    posted a message on Minimum time before grass block changes to dirt underwater?

    In my experience grass will actually spread to dirt blocks underwater.

    This only happens if you have clear water enabled in Optifine, since it reduces the light opacity of water enough that it is no longer seen as an "opaque" block (light level still decreases enough to stop it from spreading in deep enough water).

    (I'm a bit surprised that sp614x still has not fixed this bug, which has been present ever since they added the option 5-6(?) years ago, and they apparently see it as a non-issue; I modified the grass code myself so full-depth stationary water will prevent grass from spreading. This also affects mycelium, which uses the same spread/decay mechanics as grass)
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    posted a message on Hacked, cracked clients
    Quote from Herb_»

    I believe Mojang has issued a DCMA takedown on Impact, and other clients. Info here.

    Does that affect this?

    Not if they no longer distribute the Minecraft jar:
    Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions that the developers of these hacked clients, as well of developers of future client, can use to possible prevent Mojang from taking down said hacked clients.

    1) Make the client injection-based. Making a client injection-based requires running an external application that modifies the memory of the currently running Minecraft instance to inject the code for the Hacked client and patch the game on the fly. Since the injection programs most likely do not contain source code, Mojang cannot take down the said client. However, the injection program can be marked as a false positive by an Antivirus program, since memory editing is commonly used by malware to spread malicious code across the system.

    2) Create an installer for the hacked client. This solution is similar to memory-injection solution, except is more permanent and required an un-modified JAR file of the correct version of Minecraft. The installer would patch the unmodified JAR file by modifying and adding files inside of the JAR. This solution is also more favorable, since it only requires running the installer one time, and will most likely not be marked as a false-positive by an Antivirus program.

    For example, I distribute my own mods using the second method; you have to manually install them into a jar you downloaded from Mojang's servers (by contrast, Forge installs mods with the first method, enabling you to simply add them to a folder and change them without having to run an installer on a clean jar each time. I'd use the first method if I knew how to make an automated installer or there was a generic one that could be repurposed for any mod by simply adding the files and specifying the version/profile name).

    Also, it is worth noting that these forums actually allow you to upload "hack" mods and tools as long as they are not designed for griefing (but how would you prevent a user of said mod from using it to grief?):
    SMP "hack" and "cheat" mods or tools are allowed unless they are designed for griefing
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    posted a message on Largest cave system in Minecraft 1.7+

    The seed "8255665205000737968" contains a cave system that is colossal even by 1.6.4 standards - except that this is for current (1.7 and later) versions:

    Here is a zoomed-out view of a 1616x1616 block area; the cave system is centered right around the origin (0,0):

    Here are some screenshots taken from inside the cave and with Spectator mode:

    While the seed I used for this example is "8255665205000737968" many other seeds - a total of 65,536 - will also work thanks to a quirk in the code; here are AMIDST maps of 6 different seeds, including this one (the first map) - note the similarities between each seed; in particular, mineshafts are identical, including three just to the south of the cave system and even the shapes of some biomes and rivers are similar despite that part of world generation using the full 64 bit seed. The seed I used also has a taiga village around 515, -205 (not shown here):

    Of note, the seed I originally discovered this cave system in is "8253976355140474032" but I did not include it because there is an ocean around 0,0; I just added 281474976710656 (2^48) to this seed until I found suitable seeds; I used the second one to generate the world due to the absence of oceans or swamps nearby, which would overwrite parts of the cave system (this works with any seed, allowing you to manipulate biome generation to your liking after finding a seed with good caves).

    Also, I found this seed with a utility I wrote that searches through seeds for the densest concentrations of caves; this was the top result out of several million seeds searched. The cave system also has more than 300 individual caves and a volume of more than 370,000 air blocks:

    This is an analysis from a utility I wrote that counts the number of air blocks within an area and outputs a list of the densest area(s) found, in this case within a circular radius of 8 chunks (213 chunks covered):

    Seed is 8253976355140474032

    Cave size is 15 and cave chance is 7
    Ravine chance is 50 and version used is >= 1.7.2
    Center of area to search is 0, 0
    Area to search is from -64, -64 to 64, 64
    Radius to calculate air volume over is 8 chunks
    Altitude range is 11 to 62

    Generating caves (may take a while)... 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
    Calculating air volume...
    Creating list of densest regions found...
    Removing redundant entries...
    Sorting list...

    Top 1 regions found by air volume between layers 11-62:
    Air volume of 372390 (13.13%) at 24, 24

    Here is an analysis from MCEdit of a 200W x 272L x 52H rectangular area centered over the cave system (212.5 chunks between y=11 and y=62):

    Here is a list of all of the cave systems within a 17x17 chunk area centered on the cave system. Note that there are quite a few cave systems which match at oppositely-signed coordinate pairs, which is due to a bug within the code that calculates the per-chunk seed, giving the same results for those chunks; this also favors the generation of the largest cave systems right around the origin (the bug is by no means limited to the origin, it just means that a dense concentration of caves around a given coordinate may be mirrored at the oppositely-signed coordinate. Some seeds have as many as 1/3 of chunks being affected while a few appear to have none):

    Seed is 8253976355140474032
    Center is 0, 0 (chunk 0, 0)
    Radius is 8 chunks (square)
    Version used is >= 1.7.2

    Size 1 cave system at -128, -112; total number of caves: 2
    Size 3 cave system at -80, -112; total number of caves: 3
    Size 1 cave system at -48, -112; total number of caves: 1
    Size 7 cave system at 80, -112; total number of caves: 11
    Size 1 cave system at -112, -80; total number of caves: 1
    Size 4 cave system at -48, -80; total number of caves: 9
    Size 11 cave system at -16, -80; total number of caves: 13
    Size 8 cave system at 80, -80; total number of caves: 13
    Size 3 cave system at -32, -64; total number of caves: 4
    Size 7 cave system at 128, -64; total number of caves: 10
    Size 1 cave system at -128, -48; total number of caves: 1
    Size 12 cave system at -32, -48; total number of caves: 14
    Size 7 cave system at 48, -48; total number of caves: 7
    Size 6 cave system at -64, -32; total number of caves: 6
    Size 5 cave system at -48, -32; total number of caves: 12
    Size 3 cave system at -32, -32; total number of caves: 4
    Size 3 cave system at 112, -32; total number of caves: 5
    Size 1 cave system at -32, -16; total number of caves: 2
    Size 11 cave system at -16, -16; total number of caves: 19
    Size 1 cave system at -48, 0; total number of caves: 1
    Size 1 cave system at 0, 0; total number of caves: 1
    Size 6 cave system at 16, 0; total number of caves: 12
    Size 1 cave system at 64, 0; total number of caves: 1
    Size 7 cave system at 96, 0; total number of caves: 10
    Size 11 cave system at 16, 16; total number of caves: 19
    Size 4 cave system at -64, 32; total number of caves: 4
    Size 1 cave system at -48, 32; total number of caves: 1
    Size 3 cave system at 32, 32; total number of caves: 4
    Size 2 cave system at 64, 32; total number of caves: 5
    Size 1 cave system at -64, 48; total number of caves: 1
    Size 7 cave system at -48, 48; total number of caves: 7
    Size 11 cave system at 0, 64; total number of caves: 13
    Size 8 cave system at 32, 64; total number of caves: 9
    Size 8 cave system at -80, 80; total number of caves: 13
    Size 11 cave system at 16, 80; total number of caves: 13
    Size 4 cave system at 48, 80; total number of caves: 9
    Size 1 cave system at 112, 80; total number of caves: 1
    Size 2 cave system at -48, 96; total number of caves: 4
    Size 1 cave system at 16, 96; total number of caves: 1
    Size 7 cave system at -80, 112; total number of caves: 11
    Size 3 cave system at 0, 112; total number of caves: 5
    Size 1 cave system at 48, 112; total number of caves: 1
    Size 3 cave system at 80, 112; total number of caves: 3
    Size 1 cave system at -96, 128; total number of caves: 2
    Size 7 cave system at 64, 128; total number of caves: 15
    Size 2 cave system at 80, 128; total number of caves: 2

    Number of cave systems: 46
    Initial number of caves: 210
    Total number of caves: 305
    Additional circular room caves: 95
    Number of small caves: 297; average width is 5.93
    Number of large caves: 8; average width is 13.34
    Number of circular rooms: 62; average width is 11.50
    Additional caves per circular room: 1.53
    Average caves per chunk: 1.0553633 (289 chunks)

    Average altitude: 33.60
    Percentage of caves on layers 0 to 9: 16.72
    Percentage of caves on layers 10 to 19: 15.41
    Percentage of caves on layers 20 to 29: 16.07
    Percentage of caves on layers 30 to 39: 19.34
    Percentage of caves on layers 40 to 49: 11.48
    Percentage of caves on layers 50 to 59: 7.21
    Percentage of caves above layer 59: 13.77

    In addition, here is a comparison to a 1.6.4 seed; despite the larger cave systems in general there are only a couple areas across a much larger area that come close in terms of overall size:

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    posted a message on Hacked, cracked clients

    From what I've seen you do not even need to hack the game if you want to be able to play without logging in - Mod Coder Pack actually launches the game without any sort of login, and by changing the command-line arguments it uses to launch the game (or a single line of code in one class) you can make it use a custom username, with a resource pack for a custom skin (if the username you use exists online it will download the corresponding skin). MCP is presumably allowed by Mojang because you have to use the official launcher, which requires an account to use, to download the assets the game needs to run; you can't just download a jar (which can be freely downloaded without an account; notably, the server jar can also run without one as well, and you can easily set it to "offline mode" to let unauthorized users join - why do they let you do that?) and decompile and run it.

    in other words, "hacked clients" use a custom launcher that lets you play without an account - the game itself can be entirely unmodified (many probably do come with game jars that are modified with hacks and cheats). I imagine that modifying the launcher itself is much more difficult and EULA-infringing than modifying the game itself since the latter can easily be modified with a few modified files which are injected into the jar after it is downloaded or run (it is considered to be OK if mods contain some of Mojang's code, otherwise the majority of mods would be illegal; even if you wrote your own class you still need to change a vanilla class to reference it, or use a modloader which does, and many mods contain vanilla code that was copy+pasted with some modifications. Naturally, mods that let you play the game without buying it are illegal).

    As far as support goes, just tell them to buy the game, plus cracked versions may have their own issues which only a cracked user may experience, just as modded versions are different enough from vanilla that they have their own support forum.

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    posted a message on ¿Por qué tan mal optimizado? // Why so bad optimized?
    Quote from SmugSmirk»

    I mean, I guess? The game can basically run on any PC, so I don't see a real need to optimize any further.

    Not according to Mojang:
    Recommended Requirements:
    CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or equivalent
    RAM: 4GB
    GPU: GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5
    HDD: 4GB (SSD is recommended)
    OS (recommended 64-bit):
    - Windows: Windows 10
    - macOS: macOS 10.12 Sierra
    - Linux: Any modern distributions from 2014 onwards

    This was recently updated so it may apply more to 1.13 (similarly, the last increase occurred before 1.8 was released - which was followed by lots of complaints of lag) - I imagine that the majority of players (including myself) do not have 3.5 GHz CPUs (the CPU is the most important factor in performance; of course, GHz does not mean everything but modern CPUs have mainly improved by adding more cores, which Minecraft still does not use effectively) - after only a year my computer is already becoming obsolete for playing Minecraft (it would be an understatement to say that my old one did not do so well on 1.8+, mainly because it had hardware from 2006, even 1.7 had some weird issue and this is one reason why I still play in 1.6.4 (due to the long time I was stuck with it, plus newer versions do not really appeal to me), which ran without any issues (aside from one caused by badly optimized pathfinding code, but that was easily fixable with a mod). Also, while Mojang says that only OpenGL 1.3 is needed (my old computer was 2.1) the game does use features from newer versions if they are available; for example, near the bottom of this crash report it says "Using framebuffer objects because OpenGL 3.0 is supported and separate blending is supported.".

    Much of this is due to terrible coding; many blame Notch but newer developers are just as, if not even more, to blame; for example:

    Note that while everybody also blames Java for being a terrible programming language that is actually not true:
    People say this a lot, but it's not really accurate in any significant sense. See here for an in-depth look but the tl;dr: 20 years ago java was slower, today they're effectively equal.

    The C++ version is faster because it was written from the ground up with speed in mind by a team of professional programmers answerable to Microsoft, while the java version was cobbled together by one guy in a garage (figuratively), and maintained by a very small team much more interested in feature creep than performance passes.

    Actually, you can blame Bedrock for some of the issues with Java - they apparently implemented BlockPos in BE first then transferred it over to JE without realizing the consequences since Java does not optimize it away like C++ does (this does not make Java worse, you just need to optimize it away beforehand by not using it in the first place, I've never understood why they think that "pos.x, pos.y, pos.z" is better than simply "x, y, z" anyway, which is what C++ optimizes it to. Worse, if you want to change the values in a BlockPos you need to create an entirely new object, not just add/multiply/etc):
    We fortunately don't use Java and so we can create as many BlockPos we want. Last time I checked we create around 400k every time a chunk is tessellated, but they're inlined and ultimately deconstructed into 3 ints and it doesn't even make a dent in the profiling :)
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    posted a message on Mojang is adding too much to minecraft
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Because we haven't been able to tweak almost everything in game using just a few command blocks.

    Oh wait...

    Really? Can you do this with command blocks?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I decided to update "Old Caves" to 1.12.2, and as a bonus I included an "Old Mineshafts" mod which increases mineshaft frequency to 1.6.4 levels (2.5 times more common); both mods together make the underground nearly identical to 1.6.4 except for mineshafts in mesa biomes, ravines, which are only different in the way they curve from their starting point, and dungeons, which will still be twice as rare unless you increase the count to 16 in Customized and will be in different locations either way (they doubled their y-range from 128 to 256 in 1.7, meaning that only half as many attempts are below sea level).

    Here is a comparison of the same seed in 1.6.4 (actually, 1.5.1, which is virtually the same; this is a world I play on, ignore the mine tunnels) and modified 1.12.2:

    Or this?

    For comparison, this is what vanilla 1.7+ looks like - there is not much variation in the size and density of cave systems, much less different types of caves:

    Or this?
    There are 31 unique biomes here, not counting sub-biomes or edge/river biomes, and representing the full gamut of climates in an area measuring about 2200x2200 blocks (there are many other biomes which are not shown here):

    For comparison, this AMIDST map of 1.7+ shows the same area - just look at how bland and boring this seed is! At least it has a jungle, and a reasonably-sized one at that (if I want huge biomes I'll play on Large Biomes). Not much height variation in most biomes either, and while you can use Customized it wrecks biomes that are supposed to be flat:

    As far as I know you have to actually hack the game to do any of those, and I doubt that commands or add-ons will ever completely displace mods because in order to do that they would have to basically open-source the game so you can have full access to the game's code and alter anything you want, not whatever Mojang deems worthy of adding a hook or setting for (even Forge suffers from this problem, which is one reason why I do not use it and many of the more complex Forge mods contain "core mods" which directly alter the game).
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    posted a message on Eye of Ender ... but no stronghold?

    If they only made diamonds more common it would have no effect on strongholds or any other structures, and if strongholds had been disabled Eyes of Ender would literally do nothing (not leave your hand when right-clicked).

    You could try finding another stronghold, which requires that you travel quite far since in 1.9+ they are at least 1408 blocks away from the origin (0,0) at 120 degree angles (for the first three; there are a total of 128). I'm betting that you generated the chunks you "found" the stronghold in in 1.8 and did not look for it until now and the game thinks there should be one based on the current version (though it should have recorded the locations of the 1.8 strongholds so it can still find them; likewise, 1.6.4 was released so their locations were remembered after upgrading to 1.7). To find another stronghold try going north or southeast (about 120 degrees away) starting at the origin and Eyes of Ender should start pointing to one of them once you are no more than 600-700 blocks away (presuming they are at the maximum allowed distance, which is up to 2688 blocks away from the origin or 4134 from the one you found; this means that you need to travel up to 2067 blocks before getting closer to another). The second ring of strongholds is quite a bit further away, at least 4480 blocks, with the rest as far as 24192 blocks away, and I doubt anybody has ever explored the entire region out to that point.

    Also, if you did start the world in 1.8 and don't mind cheating a bit you could look up the locations of the original three strongholds, which are 640-1152 blocks away and may have been generated if you explored enough to generate terrain where the 1.9+ strongholds would be*. Remember, world type does matter, which is why the link includes Large Biomes as a separate option (note that there are no options for custom biome sizes but a Customized world with a biome size of 4 is the same as Default and 6 is Large Biomes).

    *Here is a comparison between 1.7-1.8 and 1.9+, both set to default; notice that the strongholds in 1.7-1.8 easily fit within the area of the closest 3 in 1.9+, and would also be similar to your world because the stronghold to the southwest has a similar angle as the one you found, hence why I said to go north or southeast. Also, a stronghold located on the second ring may be closer to the one you found, but further from the origin:

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    posted a message on Eye of Ender ... but no stronghold?

    Are you sure that your world was created in 1.9 or later? They changed the locations of strongholds in 1.9 and that is the only reason I can think of for there not to be one where Eyes of Ender take you, besides using a world type different from default, as their locations are partially dependent on biome layout (if you accidentally disabled them when making a custom world Eyes of Ender would not work at all).

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    posted a message on Is it possible to get a user's email/contacts/IP?

    You could try searching for their username (forum or Minecraft) online as it is possible that they used the same name elsewhere; I've done this myself and found members on various other sites (I was just wondering what happened to them; a lot of active, long-term members have been quitting the forums lately for no clear reason). Of course, if you do find somebody with the same name on another site it doesn't mean that it is them; these forums and Minecraft are the only places I use the name "TheMasterCaver" but you can find people using it on other sites (for example, I do not play Roblox), and it is not the most common username.

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    posted a message on What are your current goals?

    Interesting. Whenever I try to gain 100% advancements, I end up doing the "use up a full diamond hoe" achievement, and give up.

    That isn't really that difficult to do; just find a large grassy area (about 40x40 blocks) and hold down right-click and run around and it will be used up within minutes. A bit wasteful but a couple diamonds is nothing.
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    posted a message on I need help on finding parrots...
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Yeah, they can, but it's my understanding that it's unlikely due to the difficulty of finding all the passive mobs in a ten-chunk area. That's not too hard in a biome like plains, but in the jungle, it's no easy task. As far as I know, if you've even missed one chicken than wandered down into the mouth of a cave, there won't be any new passive mobs spawn.

    The area depends on your render distance plus the spawn chunks, of which a 16x16 chunk area is always loaded, so if you have your render distance set to 32 you'd have to kill every passive mob within a 65x65 chunk area in addition to the spawn chunks; on the other hand, a render distance of 2 would be great for making more passive mobs spawn; just by moving around a bit you could spawn at least 10 mobs (so, no, a single missed chicken won't kill off mob spawning) within each 5x5 chunk area (for comparison, during world generation there is a 10% chance per chunk of a pack of up to 4 mobs in most chunks (7% in a few biomes, none in river/ocean or if water covers the entire chunk), meaning that the spawn chunks alone may have 100 or more passive mobs, a 5x5 chunk averages 10 mobs, and a 65x65 chunk area averages 1690 mobs).

    Jungles have the additional issue of ocelots, which can vastly exceed any mob cap because while they are passive mobs and count towards the passive mob cap they spawn under the hostile mob cap, meaning that they can significantly exceed either cap (in jungles where I've explored all the caves the entity count climbs into the 300+ range and ocelots are everywhere. Only the fact they can despawn prevents them from accumulating indefinitely). Fortunately, they have a very low chance of spawning, particularly since 1.7 (1/10 as often), so as long as hostile mobs can freely spawn they will be rare. However, hostile mobs (and ocelots) attempt to spawn 400 times more often than passive mobs so they could still spawn fast enough to fill the cap; if they are an issue you can fill the hostile mob cap to prevent them from spawning.
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    posted a message on MC Edit/World Gen question

    The reason why only the southern and eastern edges need to be repopulated is due to the offset to the south and east, which will overlap with chunks generated to the east and south - or the chunks which already exist along the western and northern sides, which will be populated when the chunks to their west/north generate, and is why you don't see any unpopulated chunks along those sides in a normal world ("unpopulated" actually marks a flag within each chunk which tells it to populate if the chunks to the south and east are present).

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    posted a message on Mob Spawn Rates

    Did you change your render distance recently? A still-unfixed bug from 1.7.4 (actually, much earlier but it did not affect singleplayer until then) causes mob spawning to be reduced, sometimes to the point where almost nothing spawns, if it is less than 10.

    Also, are you in singleplayer or multiplayer? The latter requires that you are either the only player online or everybody else has spawnproofed the areas around them and/or are not filling up the mob cap for a spawner to work well (it is okay for there to be multiple spawners running as long as no more than 70 mobs exist per player, less if they are close enough to load the same chunks). Note that render distance does not affect multiplayer, which is affected by the server's view distance setting and is not something that you can easily control unless you are the owner.

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    posted a message on MC Edit/World Gen question

    You have to deselect the area then only select the area that you want to repop; you definitely do not want to repop areas you've built in, especially if you use blocks like stone (including the variants) as ores and water/lava springs may generate in them, and the game will spawn passive mobs on top of your structures, even if there isn't any grass (only normal mob spawning depends on grass and light levels).

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    posted a message on MC Edit/World Gen question

    That has to do with the way the game populates chunks with features, as explained here (under "The Cause"), which is done so that features can cross chunk boundaries without loading more chunks (as the thread topic suggests this is very bad for performance and can even crash the game).

    As for NBTExplorer, "msi" refers to a Windows installer and will set it up like a normal program with a folder in program Files, start menu ions, and all that; you may just want the "zip", which can be extracted to any folder and ran from there (it is pretty much a standalone program, it may require some .NET libraries but you probably already have them installed).

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