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    posted a message on Making a new server, Looking for staff, builders, and Devs
    IGN: Herobrinehawk

    Age: 14

    Timezone: CST
    Do you have skype: Yes
    Do you have a mic:Yes

    How can we trust you: You can trust me because I have helped other server develope just as I plan to do with this one.

    What can you bring to the team: I can bring help for commands used, I can build and I know about 8/10 of minecraft.
    What position do you want: I would want a position where I could make a difference like moderator/head-mod/pre-mod.
    Why do you want this position: I want this position so I can make a difference to the server and so that I get access to the commands like World Edit.

    Do you have previous experience in this position: Yes I have helped other servers.
    Any Extra Info?:

    I have a youtube channel. I have 2.5 pages about me if you type in Herobrinehawk in the web. I can be trusted because I plan to help out this server and be loyal, that's what I always do. I plan to stay on this server for long.

    Thank you for considering me.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PE Awesome Seed!
    Hey All!

    This is Herobrinehawk!

    Use this following seed for a awesome scene on Minecraft PE where obsidian is found!

    Thank You
    -Herobrinehawk :)
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    posted a message on Survival Mode
    Hey All!

    This is Herobrinehawk!

    The following is what difference I want in survival Minecraft!

    *More Difficulty Options
    *More Brightness

    Thank You
    -Herobrinehawk :)
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    posted a message on Creative Mode
    Hey All!

    This is Herobrinehawk!

    I really want Creative Mod to have more options in it! Creative mode should have the following:

    *Spawn Cages

    Thank you
    -Herobrinehawk :)
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    posted a message on Suggestions for Minecraft that will change the WORLD!
    Hello Everyone!

    This is Herobrinehawk and I suggest that the following should be included in Vanilla Minecraft:


    *Giant Spider

    *New Snow-land Type {Which includes Snow Villages}

    *Polar Bear

    *Ruby Ore

    *Ruby Sword

    *Ruby Helmet
    *Ruby ChestPlate
    *Ruby Leggings
    *Ruby Boots

    *Ruby Pickaxe
    *Ruby Axe
    *Ruby Shovel
    *Ruby Hoe

    Thank You For Reading

    -Herobrinehawk :)If you guys liked this please reply!
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    posted a message on Herobrinehawk's X-Ray
    Hey guys,

    If you want x-ray in the form of an texture pack, you have come to the right spot.

    Go to:

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    posted a message on Herobrinehawk's Texture Pack 1.6.2 Download!
    Hey Guys,

    Here is the link for my texture pack:

    Thanks For Reading,

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    posted a message on New Adventure Map: By Herobrinehawk!
    Hey Guys I am making a new Adventure Map which will probably by released in about 2 months.

    It will have quest you must finish to complete the map.

    It will also have mob fights.

    It will have villagers to help you.

    More News Will Be Posted In Half A Month!
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    posted a message on Free ModPacks!
    Hi All,

    These are free mod packs I think should be out for everyone!

    1.) Kovacic's Mod Pack :

    This mod pack has awesome mods like Flans (guns), Animal Bikes and much, much more!Hi all,

    This is Mod Pack two.

    2.) FTB: Feed The Beast

    It is one of the best Mod Packs!This is the 3rd Mod Pack,

    Tekkit: Comes in Technic lancher!

    It is the best mod pack of all time!
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