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    posted a message on Magical Crops - Farm your resources! [3.2.0] Who stole my tiger? [Magical Crops 4 BETA download available]

    Just wondering if anyone here knows why this mod has problems with Resonant Rise 3? They don't provide much more information then that it is no longer supported and that you should use at your own discretion.

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    posted a message on Herblore Modâ„¢ V2.1g [Finally Updated!]

    You can smoke cannabis out of a hookah, theoretically anything you can smoke tobacco with you can also smoke cannabis with. Also this dude is not going to update this mod anytime soon, he has stated this multiple times.

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    posted a message on [90% OFF] | 100% CUSTOM PANEL | SSDs | Unlimited Slots | DDoS Protection | INSTANT Modpacks | 5 Locations
    Firstly, might I say that the layout and cleanliness of the website is what had drawn me in to begin with as well as the ATluancher's promotion of NodeCraft. Upon purchasing it took little over 2 minutes for my server to be up and ready. I proceeded to apply the newest resonant rise jar to my server, which went over seamlessly. The interface for picking your modded jar is nothing short of beautiful. Now on to what makes me recommend these fine people over any other server service I have had thus far. When I eventually ran into problems updating my server the support was prompt at a response and ridiculously fast at solving my problem. Of course as anyone who has ever modded minecraft knows, it can be a big pain in the back side and often the amount of mods make it easy for problems to arise. The part that impressed me most is their ability to solve the problem fast and without messing anything up in game. There is little to no server lag, any I have ever experienced was due to some crazy bug in a mod which can easily be resolved. While I have yet to experience anything that would make me feel the slightest bit negative towards NodeCraft, I am aware that the future could prove me wrong. As of now I am giving them a 10/10. Give them a try today!
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