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    posted a message on Need help lighting up big base

    Some Ideas :-

    -You should use lanterns and glowstone beneath carpets and leaves..
    -You should think about adding an automatic night vision potion dispenser [I know its expensive..]

    -Redstone lamps, it will fit the look of you structure..

    P.S. - Amazing building skills there :P

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    posted a message on Stuck in Nether!
    Quote from 109ANยป

    The only way to get back without dying is though a portal, or cheating. Have you had a good look around the surrounding area? The portal might've spawned somewhere else due to a bug. Otherwise, put your stuff in a chest (you can find one at a nether fortress if you have no wood), and find a cliff.
    And please, you really did not need 19 exclamation points, it really does not add anything, and just makes you look silly.

    Counting the exclamation points make you look silly man!! :D
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    posted a message on Finding the END PORTAL in the STRONG HOLD!
    So I went on a search to find the strong hold and try to find the end portal, the whole journey amazing and I recorded all of it and made a short time lapse! So, any tips on how I should prepare for the fight with THE ENDER DRAGON?!

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