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    posted a message on Player's Position Doesn't Appear on a Map?

    Explorer's maps -- the ones used to find woodland mansions -- always have a dot, as far as I know... but ordinary maps only have the dot if you are close enough to the area. They will show the dot along an edge or in a corner if you are off the map, but still close enough. The wiki claims the map marker will simply be smaller if you are more than 320 blocks per zoom level from the center of the map, but I have made many, many maps and gotten lost when I went too far away from the map area.

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    posted a message on does buying mc java gives you mcw10
    Quote from Geneo»

    For now.

    I'm pretty sure once the Better Together Update comes out shortly the "free Win10" offer will go away.

    I kind of doubt that. The Better Together Update doesn't offer anything unique except for three things:

    1. Behavior Packs
    2. The Market Place
    3. playing crossplatform

    Behavior packs really aren't a selling point yet, except as a component of custom maps in the Market Place. And the Market Place, as endless, bitter threads have reminded us, sells things. No one is going to pay extra for the ability to spend more money.

    That leaves crossplatform play, which is only a selling point when there's lots of people to play with. It's actually a selling point to make the cross-platform game available for free to those buying the more expensive Java version, because it encourages more people to get involved in cross-platform play.

    What they are more likely to do is to raise the price of the Java version a little, to cover the cost of both products.

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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...

    What does the new version offer compared to the Java version? I'm legitimately asking that as I don't really follow it or know. I do know it offers better performance supposedly, and then there's the new cross play, but what else?

    I play both (but way more Java at the moment,) so I'll give a shot at answering.

    It's primarily performance at the moment... but some of the performance boost comes from the fact that Bedrock, in particular the Windows 10 edition, is designed to run on phones. A decent computer says "Oh man, this is easy to run!" But the downside is that part of that boost is achieved through lower spawn rates and entity drops.

    Take my position. I'm on Windows 7 (yes, I'm outdated partly on complacency but I am not ready to move to Windows 10 and prefer 7), so I can't use it without changing my entire environment anyway, no? I also have a massive world I play that I've spent over 5 years on and am so heavily invested in, it's more that I play Minecraft almost entirely this one world. I'm guessing that can't be converted?

    It can't be converted right now. For one, Bedrock does not yet have all the blocks and items that Java has. For another, the map format (file structure) is different. Bedrock does not support NBT.

    The upcoming Better Together Update is adding a lot of missing items, like banners and armor stands. Not sure if it's adding every missing entity, block, and item, but subjectively, it looks like it will catch up a lot.

    Mojang announced that there would be converters for previous console versions. There's been a rumor that there's going to be a Java/Bedrock world converter, based on some screenshot, but not sure if that's true or not. If so, you would still lose some features. I don't understand all the details of redstone, since I don't use it much, but I understand there are differences in the way redstone works in both versions, like (I believe) no quasi-connectivity in Bedrock. So some redstone devices are not going to work or may need to be redesigned. Mob traps are not going to work the same, if only because of the reduced spawn rates, and the drop rates are lower, too.
    I'm partial to a specific texture pack too, as well as my ability to freely edit it. Can I do that, or am I limited to a curated selection? I want anti-aliasing (and I mean real, multisample/supersample antialiasing, not this silly blurry FXAA stuff) and massive render distances. Yes, call me spoiled, but I want them. I like choosing my own skin and freely at my will. I honestly don't care that largely for most mods, but I do use one (changes visuals only, not gameplay). I'd lose that too, right?

    I haven't explored all the technical details on what graphics are supported, because my vision isn't so sharp, anyways. But texture packs are easy to edit in Bedrock, and might even be identical or close in format to Java texture packs. I mean, I've never edited a Java texture pack, but I've edited a Bedrock one. It doesn't seem that hard.

    I think some people have already ported their texture packs to Bedrock. Certainly, there are free texture packs available. In theory, you could get them from anywhere and just double-click the .mcpack file to install it into W10e.

    Maximum render distance in Bedrock is 16 chunks at the moment, unfortunately. But I'm not part of the beta, so I don't know if this is increased in the BTU.

    I use the same skin on both Java and Bedrock. The difference is that, when the skin servers are down, Java reverts to the Steve/Alex skin, while Bedrock stores your skin locally.

    I rarely use mods on Java and have never used them on Bedrock, so I don't know the differences or what's available. I'm pretty certain the mods are not cross-compatible... You can't just copy a Java mod over to your W10e directory and get it to work. There may be some mods that have been recreated in Bedrock. One sort-of example is that the upcoming "Super Duper Graphics Update" or whatever it's called is basically just shaders and dynamic torch lighting, plus support for high-def textures. Basically, Optifine without all the features of Optifine. And as far as I know, that costs extra.

    So, I'd say it's not worth it for you to switch to the Bedrock version, but if at some point you have to switch to Windows 10 for some other reason, the switch won't be too bad. I wouldn't tell you to give up the Java version, though, even if you can create a partial Bedrock conversion of your world.

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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...
    Quote from Geneo»


    I think it all boils down to money. I think the minority with the "keep it like it was in 2010" mindset want all the goodies they're used to remain free. They really don't care if the java edition goes away or not, as long as resource packs, worlds, etc. of the Bedrock editions are free. The idea of paying even a few bucks (even if it's worth it) brings screams of Doom and Gloom to the "2010" crowd, but the "2017" crowd gets that and to them, it's "normal". I've seen hundreds of posts about the virtues of the java version and every one of them always play the Free Card.

    Like new cars (or anything else nowadays), you want options, you have to pay for them. You have to for every other game, why do you think MC should be any different?
    Cause Mojang has spoiled the 2010ers, that's why. It's all about getting free stuff.

    The 2010ers have enjoyed the "old" MC and it's way of doing things for 7 years now, and still can for the foreseeable future. What's the problem? They should be rejoicing that "their" edition isn't going away and that "their" goodies will still be free. Why should they care what happens in the Bedrock editions?

    Sorry guys, but it's 2017 now. (Some of) MC is changing, evolving- as it should.

    I don't even think complaining about the lack of free stuff is valid. Because there is no lack of free stuff. If you bought/buy Java MC, you get MC W10e (Bedrock) for free. And there are free add-ons and maps available, even in the marketplace, but you don't even have to use the marketplace. You've lost nothing.

    I think a lot of the complaints are from people who like having things to complain about. That's why they complain about something that hasn't happened and hasn't even been announced as a plan for the future. That's why they complain even even when people point out things aren't as dire as they believe. That's why they complain when people like TheMasterCaver point out you will still be able to play Minecraft even if Microsoft removes all the Java versions, as long as you've archived your preferred version(s). They don't care about Minecraft. They care about complaining.
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    posted a message on Any news on official Modding API?
    Quote from 27md»

    This is kinda old post so is there anything new about it

    Several YouTube Minecrafters went to Mojang for a Creators Summit this past month, including docm77. In his vlog for Day 2 (near the end, don't remember time stamp,) Grum tells him the modding API (for Java) should be done around Christmas.

    Another YouTube Minecrafter, slicedlime, was hired by Mojang this year. In several of his livestreams, where he answers some questions people ask in chat while he's doing some challenge, he stated he was hired to work on the modding API for Bedrock (MCPE.) He hasn't mentioned any due date, though.
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    posted a message on 1.13 (probably) news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb)
    Quote from Leftypower123»

    But is the frame rate actually going to increase and stuff? I know this whole update is optimisations and stuff. Also, Dinnerbone FINALLY gave a time-based estimate for the first 1.13 snapshot - in "at least a month from now", which means, probably at least November.

    In Docm77's Mojang Creator's Summit videos (Day 2,) he is talking to Grum about the modding API and is told that it will be finished by Christmas. That, combined with the comment about the first snapshots, suggests they are planning a December or January release for 1.13.
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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?

    Jack o'lanterns are an interesting idea, but really too resource and inventory intensive to be useful as a primary means of cave lighting.

    The main place where it might be useful is when you enter open areas where you need to light up a large space and the multiple torches would be confusing. But I have another way of handling this. I use the torches-on-one side approach (the left, for me, so that they are on the right when I leave.) But I'm not too strict about it, because where the torches are doesn't matter until I get to a three-way or multi-way intersection. Then, I mark the passage that is the way back with two torches, side by side if it's a horizontal passage, one above the other if it's above (or below.)

    Another alternative: grab four pieces of andesite, diorite, or granite, turn it into the polished variety, and either build a pillar and put a torch on the side that leads back, or build an upside-down L-shape pointing in the right direction. I also use polished stone to quickly mark an interesting route when I'm busing doing something else first and want to come back and find it. Polished stone is not used in any of the naturally-generated underground structures (dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds,) so it stands out, even without a torch, as something you built.

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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?

    Yeah, more experience with caving is going to help a lot. Also, more experience dealing with mobs helps. You've got to know what their typical behaviors are, and get some practice dealing with them. For example, use an ax against individual monsters, use a sword against groups, especially zombies. Learn to jump right before swinging your ax, to get that critical hit damage going. Run from monsters you can't deal with just yet, especially creepers, but also run or at least hide around the corner when dealing with skeletons, until you get a shield. Wait until you have a bow before dealing with creepers.

    Don't look at endermen. Just don't even bother trying to fight them, until you're ready to fight them. When you hear the vwoop, keep your head down.

    A bucket of water can push mobs away from you, in a pinch. Especially endermen. A bucket of lava, if you have practice, can be used as a weapon.

    Remember, Minecraft is a building game. Consider placing blocks to defend yourself! If there is a spider ahead, place blocks to make a one-block wide opening before fighting the spider. Spiders can't fit through it. Before dealing with endermen, place blocks above you to get the ceiling height down to two blocks, so they can't get to you. When you are in a ravine, place blocks above your head to keep things from landing on you. Place blocks in general to make barriers to duck behind when skeletons shoot you, or just to break the line of sight and make the mobs forget about you. Place a bunch of blocks to seal off a tunnel full of mobs ahead, then make a one-high gap near their feet so you can hit them without them even seeing you. If it's a huge cave and there are no spiders, skeletons or endermen, pillar up 3 blocks so the zombies can't reach you. Break blocks to make two-deep trenches and cut off pursuit.

    The biggest piece of advice is to just always be aware of your surroundings, and avoid going into areas where you might be unexpectedly attacked or surrounded. Avoid mobs where possible, lure them one by one into areas where you can deal with them safely, keep your back to the wall or towards otherwise safe areas, and pay attention to the sounds.

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    posted a message on Why wanting to build in survival mode ?

    Well, I think YOUR reasoning is wrong!

    Or rather, that the entire idea that you could use reason to decide whether someone's preferences are right or wrong is ridiculous. They tried different play modes and found they liked one better. As did you. Are you saying that they actually DON'T like building in survival better than building in creative? That they don't feel the feelings they feel?

    Granted, at the end, you say something about people enjoying different things. But given that, I'm not really sure why you set up strawman explanations for why people like to build in survival, just so you could tear those reasons down as being nonsensical.

    If you want reasons you can understand better, here are some:

    (1) In survival mode, gathering resources is more than just putting blocks in your inventory. It's more like a puzzle: Where are the resources? How do I get to them? Which can I take now, with my limiting space to carry stuff? Where was that vein I saw earlier, but couldn't collect because I didn't have room?

    This is probably the main focus of people building in survival mode on peaceful difficulty. They like solving the puzzle.

    (2) Since survival mode is not just about getting resources, but getting to resources, you have to go through caves, forests, jungles, or other biomes. If you like exploring, you get that enjoyment while you are trying to get those blocks.

    (3) For those who play on harder difficulties, there are mobs to deal with. Although you claim players don't like to be killed by mobs, the truth is that players do like to be almost killed by mobs, but manage to escape. It's a sense of accomplishment.

    (4) There's also the element of surprise. Sometimes, people don't want to know what is going to happen. They want to go into caves, not knowing what they will find, or whether they will make it out alive. For these people, even dying to a mob can be fun, if it was a crazy, unexpected death. Sure, they may complain about the unfairness of the game spawning eight creepers in one area, but half the fun is complaining about the unfairness of how you died.

    (5) Surprise is also linked to the element of immersion. For people who like playing as if they are really in this alien wilderness, trying to survive and build some basic comforts, creative mode is just not going to cut it.

    What it all really boils down to is: does the fun for you come from the thing you made, or the experiences you had? If the former is more important, you'll probably stick to creative mode. If the latter is more important, you'll prefer survival, with whatever tweaks seem necessary to get the experiences you want.

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    posted a message on Mojang is adding too much to minecraft
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Don't know if you have been noticing all of the things Mojang have been doing using JSON files, but the game is slowly becoming incredibly customizable. You can already do custom achievements, with custom crafting recipes coming soon. They will keep expanding this format, and you will have a resource pack based Plugin system before you know it.

    The official page about Add-Ons for pocket edition/W10e suggested that those features would be available on all versions of Minecraft, but I've heard conflicting opinions. I was hoping that they'd start adding behavior packs in 1.13, since they were doing a heavy code overhaul already, but I suspect we won't see anything like that for a couple more versions.

    One of the Mojang developers has stated publicly (like, in the last couple months) that he is working on a C# plugin system, which will be available on Bedrock first. So that may be coming sooner than we think.
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