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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    Something smallish I'd love to see in Vanilla Minecraft, is color coded Compasses. Being able to make a compass for each color of dye. And being able to make corresponding waypoint blocks to place in the world. Each color of compass would go with the same color waypoint block. And the compass would always point towards it's own waypoint. Don't make 'em too expensive to make, but they shouldn't be really easy either. Maybe something to do with redstone and gold? As well as compasses obviously.

    My main reasoning, is that I hate the maps in Minecraft. They're mostly useless for me. And not all versions of Minecraft even have coordinates. Specifically Pocket Edition and Windows 10. So something that you could use, in Vanilla Minecraft, that'll help you set waypoints, and find your way over long distances for every version of the game, would help a lot.

    As it is, if I play my Windows 10 version, I don't even want to stray too far from my house, because I don't wanna lose it. And I'm forced to use coordinates in other versions, which feels a bit cheaty to me.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    I have a suggestion. A tiny suggestion.

    Give us a way to get leather without horses and cows.

    The reason being things like Survival Island and stuff. I started a Survival Island world yesterday. It's pretty much just a single island, with nothing even remotely near it. It had a single tree on it, and a few bits of tall grass. It's fun, and I like it. But there's NO way for me to get Leather. I'm in an Ocean biome, so passive mobs can't spawn. I could cheat to get some spawn eggs, but that takes the entire point out of survival. It wouldn't be a huge deal, but 2 fairly important things for me require Leather. Item frames that I use for organizing storage, and books that I need to make an enchanting room.

    I'm not entirely sure how to make leather more common. I've always liked the idea of using rotten flesh to make leather. Perhaps crafting 3 rotten flesh gives you Leathery Flesh, that you can smelt into Leather?
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    posted a message on Terraria vs. Minecraft
    I'd have to go with both, and neither.

    I love Terraria. It has everything that I feel Minecraft should have. Tons of ores to mine, tons of bosses, weapons, armor, special abilities, collectibles, enemy variation, underground biomes. The hell area has more to it. Reasons to explore, like random loot and whatnot. Armor set upgrades, craftable decoration things, colored lighting, wiring that you don't have to hide, and even more once you beat the main stuff and get into hard mode. It's everything I want from Minecraft......BUT... The 3D of Minecraft appeals more to me. There's just so much more i can do with 3D than I can with 2D. I can make a 3D town I can wander around and explore. In Terraria, building a town is fine, but you have to keep every building in a big row, or make a tower. And to get around you have to jump over everything, or go under it, OR sit there opening and closing doors for ages.

    Terraria is great, but...the 3D in Minecraft is just more fun.

    It's an even bigger difference if you compare the console versions. I dunno about other people, but the controls on the console version of Terraria is a pain to get used to. Minecraft is simple. But on the other hand, console Terraria is more updated compared to it's PC counterpart, than Minecraft is.

    I love both games for different reasons. And which game you're going to prefer is going to depend on what you like better. 3D or 2D? Simple, or more complicated? Fighting based, or building based?
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    posted a message on OldDays/NBXlite, SpawnHuman, SSP, SSPC
    Has anyone managed to get the 1.6.4 daily build to work with MultiMC yet? It apparently supports jar mods for newer versions now, but whenever I try, it doesn't seem to work properly. The only indication that it's even partially working, is that the "play smp" button is there. Just thought maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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    posted a message on MultiMC 5 [Windows / Linux / Mac]
    Honestly, I'd love to see the ability to use custom jar files(custom minecraft versions). Mainly, for jar mods. Mainly, I'm trying to get the 1.6.4 version of the OldDays mod to work with MutliMC. It's 2 things that need to go directly into the jar. I assumed that's what jar modding is for. I tried it, and it crashes when I try to make a world. I know the mod works because I've used it in the official launcher. So I assume it's something to do with multimc loading it. I dunno, I just think it'd be easier if I could just make a copy of the 1.6.4 jar file, and add the mod to it manually, and have it show up as a new version in the version list.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    I do gotta wonder though, at this point, does it even matter in the first place? I mean, the thread is 372 pages long now, it's been here for ages, it's not hurting anyone. If you understood it wasn't a wishlist, then why even mention it in the first place? Sorry, it just seems like it was said to stir stuff up and cause arguments.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    You know, honestly, the main thing I wish they'd add to Minecraft, is more difficulty. I don't know about everyone else, but I find the game to be pretty easy, even on hard. Maybe it's just the way I play. I play very safe. I always make sure to have at least 2 swords on me, and I keep everything well lit up. I never run out into stuff without looking around first and I try to lure one enemy out at a time. I barely ever die unless I stupidly fall off a cliff or into lava. The thing is, for me...that makes it too easy..but that's how I play, and how it feels right to play.

    I think the first step to making the game harder, is to add daytime hostile mobs. I don't mean enemies that just don't die in sunlight, I mean hostile mobs that actually spawn in the day time on the surface. The next would be to make health/hunger more of a problem. As it is, you can do almost anything in the daytime and barely worry about getting attacked, and because hunger goes down so slow, and health regens when it's up, you barely have to worry about that either. The other thing that I think could help, is adding some flying hostile mobs. Maybe a mini ghast or mini ender dragons?

    Now, adding all of these hostile mobs won't mean anything if you have no reason to go outside. So adding more stuff to do in the world would help. Such as structures that actually have a purpose. Maybe structures that have a mini-boss in them that gives you a small amount of loot when killed? Maybe even some other structures with traps, or parkour type areas that have loot at the end.

    Another thing that would need to be added to make fighting a bit more of a thing, would be more weapons. Preferably some new ores after Diamonds. As well as new melee weapon types(other than just a sword), new kinds of bows, and new kinds of arrows.

    Besides all of the difficulty stuff, I feel the game could use with some upgrades to other things also. Such as upgraded furnaces that can either cook faster, or cook more items at once, or cook with less coal. More storage chest type blocks, like a vertical chest or something. Colored torches(with colored light). Something similar to the redstone paste mod(multi-colored redstone that can overlap and place next to other colors without connecting, and being able to place it on the sides/bottoms of blocks). New redstone based blocks, like an auto-planter, or tree cutter(or at least an update to other things allowing you to make them). Colored beds. Making other blocks Dyable, like colored bricks. Maybe some new kinds of liquid, along with new kinds of liquid pools?(Slime, mud, etc). More interesting biomes(Like biomes with HUGE trees or something). Backpacks. Furniture.

    It just seems like there's SO many obvious things to add that would be amazing, but instead, they're adding all this stuff barely anyone asked for. Sure, bunnies are nice, but I'd much rather have ANY of the things I suggested above, over a rabbit. I mean, yay, a rabbit, another friendly mob that's not very useful for anything other than food.

    NOW, I've heard the argument that the game is designed around building. It's not really about the exploring and fighting, and survival. But I say that's a stupid excuse. They added Survival mode for a reason. They added swords, and hostile mobs for a reason. They even added bosses, for a reason. If they didn't want to make a survival game about exploring, and killing mobs, maybe they shouldn't have added a Survival mode. And for people that say it's still fun to collect blocks, that's what peaceful is for. If they're going to add survival, hostile mobs, and try to make it interesting to explore. They should really consider adding MORE to make people actually want to play Survival.

    And then there's people that try to argue that mods exist, use them. Well there's a couple issues with that. One, I shouldn't HAVE to mod the game to want to play it. It was fun for a while, but it's gotten boring, they should try adding things to keep people interested. Two, not everyone wants to use mods. Plenty of people would rather keep the game vanilla. Three, the game's also on console now. There's not really a choice to use mods there. It would be nice if Mojang would take that into consideration too since the console ones aren't really adding anything that's not vanilla.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    First off, note this post will be yet another Terraria vs Minecraft related post. I'm not saying either one is bad, I'm saying Minecraft could do with looking at Terraria. If you don't like that, feel free to ignore this post.

    I got back into Terraria recently. I played the PC version for ages, and decided to give the 1.2 console update a try, and even though it's the console version, I'm having a lot of fun. Having just played Minecraft yesterday, I noticed a big difference between the two that I've almost forgotten. And honestly, I think Mojang could learn a thing from Terraria, that would make Minecraft a LOT more fun.

    For instance. With Minecraft, you have 5 tiers of tools/swords/armor. Second highest tier being Iron. Well, you can find Iron almost right away just by looking in a hole. So within almost no time at all, you can already have Iron tools and a sword, and working on a set of Iron armor, before even getting any kind of shelter set up. Keeping in mind, while you're doing all this, you've probably only been attacked by a mob once or twice, and that's only if you went into a cave.

    Terraria on the other hand. Has a LOT of tiers of tools/weapons/armor. I don't know the exact amount, but there's a lot. Even ones that aren't as important like wooden stuff, and cactus armor. The fact that it's there in the first place is nice, even if you don't use it, you can make a mannequin, and make the set as decoration to collect all of them. Then unlike Minecraft, it'll take a fairly long while before you're even close to top tier stuff. You have to defeat bosses and even get into Hard Mode(by beating more bosses), just to get some of the stuff. The fact that there's so much stuff, gives you something to constantly try and work towards. In Minecraft, there's almost no reason to make Diamond stuff, other than a pickaxe to get obsidian. So you can have the most useful set of stuff, right away pretty much in Minecraft.

    Aside from normal ores, there's also extra ores, like the gemstones for even more weapons and items, and even decorative uses. So you're constantly finding ores, so you don't go into a cave and get let down that there was NOTHING there. You're almost guaranteed to find at least SOMETHING in a decent sized cave.

    Which leads me to Terraria's idea of Loot. There's chests all over the place in caves, the giant dungeon, special locations, even on the surface. So you're constantly finding chests to loot, so you always get the feeling of finding new stuff. In Minecraft, there's rarely any feelings like that at all. The only chests really, are in Mineshafts, which aren't all that common, and in Dungeons which aren't all that common. So in Minecraft, it doesn't give you much reason to explore, and leave your basic spawn area. Even the structures in Minecraft barely have a purpose. The only useful thing in Villages is the farms.

    Then there's Terraria's enemies and bosses. There's so many of them, you're never getting bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. Even the normal ones like slimes and zombies, there's variations of them. Minecraft only has the one version of each mob, and there's not even that many to begin with. And there's barely any bosses in Minecraft.

    Saying all that. Even with the large focus on combat and magic and stuff in Terraria, the building aspect is still there, and a ton of fun. So anyone saying Minecraft is a building game, and would be stupid if you added stuff like that.. It works just fine in Terraria, AND keeps the building side of things. So I don't see an issue.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    I still think my main suggestion, is to make Minecraft harder in Survival.

    I've been watching a Dark Souls let's play, haven't played it yet, going to next month..but still. One thing I notice, and like about it, is that you don't start with the best stuff. You start with barely anything, and SLOWLY work your way up to better weapons and armor. Even leveling up is slow unless you grind. Well, it's the complete opposite in Minecraft. Within the first couple minutes in a new world, a lot of times you'll find Iron right away. You can literally start the game with an iron sword and pickaxe with almost no effort. And diamond isn't THAT big of a deal compared to iron.

    I feel that Minecraft needs more of that slow progression. It should actually take some effort to get to iron, then to diamond. As it is, Leather armor is pointless because you can usually get iron fairly easily, and you don't want to waste the leather when you could use it for books.

    I dunno, maybe it's just me, but almost never have any sorta of difficulty in the game unless I purposely do something stupid, like run out into an entire group of enemies with no armor and a wooden sword. But even then, you can usually still kill them if you're not stupid. Even the simple wooden sword can kill most things with no problem. The game should start out hard and gradually get easier with better items, but instead, it starts are really easy, and gets easier.

    Another thing I think it could take from Dark Souls, and other 'loot' based games, is finding tools, weapons, and armor. One thing I love about 'loot' in video games, is the feeling of constantly getting new stuff. Constantly getting upgrades to my items and tools. You get none of that in Minecraft. You can get 2 versions of each weapon, tool, and armor. A normal one, and an Enchanted one. And neither of which feel very..good to get(?). Like, I don't really feel any accomplishment when I get the next tier of tool or weapon, because ores aren't hard to find. And I don't feel any accomplishment when I enchant something, because exp is easy to get. I guess that's part of the problem. I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when I do things, because everything's pretty much just handed to me. Everything's so easy to get that there's no feeling of earning stuff.

    Saying all this, I get that some people aren't going to like a 'harder' mode. So I'd suggest adding it as a separate difficulty or world option. Not the 1 life Hardcore mode, but something like an "Extra Hard" mode. Add daytime hostile mobs, make mobs do more damage overall. Add more enemy mobs in general. Make Iron harder to find. Make Leather armor a bit more useful and worth making. Make EXP harder to get. Maybe add some random 'loot' dropped by mobs, such as weapons with +1 attack or something. Just to get some new things occasionally. Maybe add some new weapon/tool tiers so you can keep upgrading(since there's only like 5 tiers at the moment.) Add traps in caves. Add minibosses that spawn randomly. Add more to do in the nether to actually make it worth going there(that alone would add some difficulty to the game if you were forced to go to a 'hard' version of the Nether.).

    Even some more 'quest' like things would be nice. "Go to the Nether and collect the 'Flame of somethinganother' from the top of fortress that's guarded by a miniboss and a million other enemies." It would give some actual reason to have enchanted diamond armor and weapons.

    Also, Bow/arrow upgrades.(Iron, Diamond bow and arrow)
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    posted a message on New world, documenting progress
    Nice. I enjoy seeing stuff like this with people that used Olddays. It's like, my favorite mod, yet I barely see videos or pictures of people using it.

    Still trying to find a 'good' let's play with the olddays mod.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w17a Ready for Testing!
    Hmm, I tried to make a customized world with very few changes just to see how it works, and it got stuck at building terrain. Although it seems after it crashed, I loaded it back and the world spawned the original world creation crashed, but the world still worked. Weird.

    Also, this customization is awesome but I gotta figure it out. I barely changed anything and I have a weird lookin world. Maybe it got corrupted or something because it crashed the first time, but it looks kinda cool.
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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    Facebook is getting as bad as google. Buying things, and shoving their stupid social network into it despite no one wanting, or asking for it.

    What a few people that don't agree with this don't seem to realize, is that the Oculus was originally designed for games. It's whole purpose was games. People got early dev versions and everything, specifically to make games work with it. And then they go and sell it to facebook, a company that has NOTHING to do with proper games. There's no need for the Oculus to have anything to do with facebook. There's nothing on facebook that even makes sense to be on an Oculus.

    The only thing I can imagine them doing, is adding some kind of "share to facebook" button, and charging twice the price.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    I've suggested something like this before, but it's a suggestion I don't hear often, and really would like to see. It'd add a lot more fun to the game for me.

    Randomly spawning chests in caves. ALL caves. I know it's been done in Terraria, but hear me out.

    One of the things I enjoy about open world games, is the 'Loot'. Loot a lot of times, is the main reason for exploration in an open world game like Elder Scrolls, or Fallout, or whatever. There's always that feeling of "I gotta keep going, I might find more items.". Whether it's items you can sell for money, or items that are simply better than what you have, or just items that are useful like potions and stuff. There's always that sense of reward when you find a random chest or storage container, and you get something out of it. Even if it's something simple, it keeps you looking, in case you find some more stuff. It's a similar feeling to when you find ores. "Oh just one more vein.". Well, in this case.. "Just one more chest."

    On top of that, some kind of actual LOOT would be nice. I doubt it'll happen, but one of the things about finding items in games that I mentioned, is that you might find items you can repair your good items with, or items that are better than your current items. Or just money or something. It'd be nice to see some way of implementing an ITEM that can repair tools and armor too. Similar to the Repair Hammer from Oblivion. As well as some new kind of tier system for weapons, armor, and tools(as well as new weapons/armor/tools to go along with it). Something where you could start with simpler items and stuff.. and be able to find tons of variations to weapons and things. Pre-enchanted weapons. Diamond Tipped weapons/tools. Studded Leather armor. Etc.

    It'd add a LOT to exploration and cave exploring. Not to mention the new 'loot' could be added to dungeons and things also.

    And while we're talking about new armor/weapons/tools. Why not Ender Dragon stuff? Have it so you can collect the egg, and use the egg to re-spawn the Dragon whenever you want(only in the end). But every time you kill it, the next one gets harder. So there's SOME work to it. It drops the usual XP, but also Ender Scales and Ender Bones. Which could be used for tools, weapons, and armor. It'd be better than diamond.

    New Bows would be nice too..
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w11b Ready for Testing
    So, I can barely get a minecart to go up a hill now. Even if it's an entire hill of powered rails, it tends to get stuck. Occasionally it goes up, but otherwise, it just rolls back down.

    Why? How is this a good change? There was nothing wrong with the physics of minecarts before. I just got used to using them too.

    If you wanna add something to minecarts, how about a proper stop section, so you can stop and go, without having to manually make one. Like a specific rail for stop/go. Or a way to connect minecarts together with tripwire hooks and string.

    Quote from elgatuno


    also, what? 3D block? is there a resource pack or something that has this?
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w10b Ready for Testing
    Quote from Greenis Creepis

    All this elementary bug fixing is annoying. Do the programmers operate under a system of sloppyness at mojang? Do they check their own work, or just pass it off as half done and let people find it as a bug so later they can waste time fixing it, instead of doing it right the first time. Curious.

    Well, these ARE snapshots and not actual releases. They're simply fixing bugs as they happen. The snapshots come out no matter if all the bugs are fixed or not. However they wait until a large amount of bugs are fixed before they release the actual update.

    I'm going to assume they're testing the game, obviously. But not to the point of finding ALL of the bugs right away. Which is why the have a place just for bug reports, so people can help find bugs. They're continuously working on it, which fixes some bugs, and makes new ones. And as said, the snapshots comes out whether the bugs are all fixed or not.
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