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    posted a message on Giant Spyro the Dragon Pixelart [480x490 | 66364 blocks]

    Wow. I'm, uh, gonna stick to actual art programs, but I didn't think this was possible. I've only seen small pixel arts. XD

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    posted a message on ¿Por qué tan mal optimizado? // Why so bad optimized?

    The problem is that optimizing code isn't fun and no one wants to do it. So no one did it. And by now, you'd basically have the re-code the whole thing.

    Quote from Miles323»
    Why? Overwacht. Modern game. . .Run fast on low graph PC's. Obviously not on 60FPS, but 30 or 25 are aceptable. MC for windows 10 runs better only because it's made in a graphic engine.

    Overwatch runs at 15 FPS for me, and it looks like this.

    Even on resource-heavy servers and whatnot, Minecraft stays around twenty. On normal maps, higher than 30. It could certainly do better, but Overwatch is not a good example. XD
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    posted a message on Guild Of The Makers - [Map Making Clan] [PC] [Discord Required]

    In Game Name: BionicToodles

    Age: 19

    Discord Username and tag: (edited out)

    Timezone: EST, usually available from early afternoon to early night (though I may stay until late night sometimes).

    Do you have a mic, and will you speak in our discord: Yes.

    Some of you're builds(portfolio link works as well): - My current big project - More pics from that project, WIP level I'm working on. - A WIP, but the interiors shown in the pics are complete. Sorry for the quality of this as I failed to take pics of my builds during my time on this server. But I built all the buildings shown in this image, except the unfinished one above the "S".

    I've done a little bit more, but I'm a dummy and never take pictures.

    Why do you want to join: I'm always up for a new project. New friends to work with. Etc. Of course I really don't need more distractions, but I'm going to apply anyway!

    What type of builds are you the best at: Buildings/structures are my forte, fantasy/medieval style usually though I've done some modern. I use a lot of reference images, so I'm a bit slow, but I'm almost always happy with the finished product. However, I think I'm pretty good at improv. I'm not too familiar with minigames at all, so I honestly don't know what to expect here, but I'm prepared to give it a try.

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    posted a message on Bad FPS when fullscreen. Good FPS when in windowed mode

    As a compromise, you can turn on borderless windowed mode. It'll look like fullscreen but play like windowed.

    Go to "Launch Options", change the resolution to the proper one, and add this to JVM arguments: -Dorg.lwjgl.opengl.Window.undecorated=true

    If the window doesn't fit your monitor or looks weird, press WINDOWS KEY and UP ARROW at the same time.

    As for the actual cause of your issue, some people have said Shadowplay doesn't work well with Minecraft. If you really want fullscreen, try disabling Nvidia Shadowplay. Otherwise, I'd imagine it may be an issue with Vsync or Minecraft not picking up the right monitor refresh rate. That's all I can think of.

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    posted a message on What do you think about those sliders?

    Well yes, the graphic design is pretty nice. I have to say, the realistic landscape on the right contrasts a lot more nicely, compared to the left one which... Well, it feels like still looking at the button on the side. I wouldn't say that's bad, I just like the right one more. XD

    Oh, and the logo in an inconsistent place is kinda weird. The logo on the right should probably be touching the button as well, not the left corner.

    But I'm not sure this really belongs in the creative section... ;P

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    posted a message on A Noob's village and other builds

    I think it's cute that you've put so much work into this world for your son. Make sure you save it. ^^

    For a new builder, you're not too bad either. But some things I find are a little too square. Especially the roofs. I think having a square house with a roof that's just stacked on top doesn't look too good. Such as in this picture:

    The building on the right looks fine, and the two on the lower and upper left as also fine. But that building in the middle, with the stone bricks and just a layer of yellow right on top, doesn't look as good.

    You have a pretty good idea of depth besides that though. In building, depth and dynamic shapes are the most important for your build to look interesting.

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    posted a message on How Do You Feel About The New Textures?

    I just heard about this, and here's what I think...

    Thank god they're updating those hideous diamond blocks. I'm fine with emerald as well, though I wish they'd do it like "chiseled emerald" or whatever since the designs are different.

    I'd also be fine with having "chiseled" diamond blocks and still keeping the old texture available, but my god is diamond and gold useless for building. I can only hope gold blocks get the same treatment

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    posted a message on Can i buy mc without a credit card

    Make an account for your sister on the site (she can change the username and password later) and see what the payment options are.

    If Paysafe isn't an option, you can buy a prepaid card from Gamestop or other stores. When you put the code in you'll just have the game.

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    posted a message on Block appearance

    I don't think so. For something like that, you can either use a mod or make a custom resource pack that simply gives bedrock stone textures (as long as you don't plan on using bedrock anywhere else in the map).

    But someone more familiar with pistons can probably get to the root of the problem. Though it sounds like you could simply use more pistons...?

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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 superflat map

    Forgive me if I'm ignorant, but you should be able to just load up that version of the game and open a superflat map, right?

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    posted a message on Spyro the Dragon In Vanilla - Toasty 75% Complete

    I believe this would mark the end of Toasty's exterior building.

    Now onto the new interiors! Now, what sort of story could a huge castle with only one dragon living in it have...

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    posted a message on Cloud-Related Gamerules
    Quote from Badprenup»

    cloudQuantity might not work, as clouds are generated from a single PNG file. Although I suppose it could just tell the game to treat random patches of it as cloud-free the lower it goes.

    All in all I don't dislike any of these but I think instead of it being a gamerule it should just be a command with subcommands. Like /cloud add/remove <cloud base level> <height> <speed> <direction> <etc>

    Oh, I didn't even think of that. My ideas are always a bit too complicated. ^^ Plus, I wasn't sure if a command like /cloud would "stick" for others who downloaded the map, though you could just use something like /gamerule CloudProperties if it didn't.
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    posted a message on Cloud-Related Gamerules

    Maybe I'm nitpicky... Yeah, I know I am. But I know all you map builders are nitpicky too. So I thought up a few little ideas to help micromanage our maps even more!

    These would need to be game rules, not graphics settings. Firstly so they can be changed and tweaked at will (not every area in a map might have the same weather), and secondly because graphics settings are client-side. So if a map maker tweaks these as a setting, it's not going to do anything for people who download it.

    /gamerule RenderClouds (0,1) - Overrides client's in-game setting if it's on (people who turn clouds off will keep them off due to performance reasons, people who have them on will have it disabled in that map). This is useful for map makers who build high up, because anyone who downloads it will get clouds going through the map. Also useful for maps that have multiple areas, some with clear weather and some without.

    /gamerule CloudHeight (0, 255) - High builds could still contain clouds that appear way up above. Or you could bring them low to add fog.

    /gamerule CloudSpeed (0,255) - Affects how fast the clouds drift. 0 brings them to a stand-still. Higher values can give the illusion of high winds or a storm (or just look silly).

    /gamrule CloudDirection (?) - Not sure how you could translate this to booleans and integers, but anyway. Clouds will drift north to south, east to west, etc, maybe even diagonally.

    /gamerule CloudQuantity (0,255) - The amount of clouds rendered at once. This could create anything from very sparse amounts to extremely overcast skies.

    /gamerule CloudLayers (0,1) (Height above the first layer - 0,255) - Adds an extra layer of clouds higher above the first. It could add more depth to the sky, or give a map fog AND clouds, but may tax the system. Both layers would share values from all other commands. (Not sure how the quantity setting would affect this... Either an even split, or randomized between layers.)

    /gamerule StormyClouds (0,1) - Would turn clouds dark grey without changing the lighting or causing a storm. Alternatively...

    /gamerule CloudColour (RGB value - 0,255) (Brightness - 0,255) - Since we're already getting kind of silly with the amount of customization, why not have cotton-candy coloured clouds at will? Or pitch black clouds on a perfectly sunny sky. Maybe this would just look weird, but it'd be great for surreal maps. With a high CloudQuantity value, you could almost tint the sky red or grey or blue.

    Is this too much? Am I neurotic? Should I care less about customizing one of the most inconsequential graphical features in Minecraft? Probably. Let me know if some or all of these commands are completely useless and stupid!

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    posted a message on Post your Art!

    Note: Gifs reduce colour count, not so good for anime soft shading. :D Anyway, this took about a forever and a half to make, but I think it really helped with my anatomy. (If not my clothing design....)

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    posted a message on Color Choice

    The dark and light is a nice contrast, and the pink throws in a splash of colour. I like it. I think any other pastel, like light blue, would work as well. But pink looks just fine.

    I like your curvy style too. ;P

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