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    posted a message on Fix the UI

    I was really looking forward to infinite worlds etc

    Now i'm wonder why the hell to play a console game efficiently, we have to start using a damned keyboard and mouse.

    Went back to Xbox One edition sadly because of this. If that's not getting updates anymore then this really sucks.

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    posted a message on Really wish the console design team played MC itself.

    With all the glitches aside with updates (pig spawners now) there's good new content and fun in MC.

    Sad thing is, stuff like dupe glitches are priority it seems to get rid of despite the ways you go about it.

    With the recent update, it's rendered hundreds of hours wasted until the next update (3mths probably if it fixes the spawners) and on the console version kills a lot of content to do or have fun in.

    Now if you want decent exp then we have to farm the enderdragon until then.

    What's really sad, until coming across certain bugs in the game. It revived survival mode for a lot of us especially when you've done everything and out thousands of hours in a map. There will be those who whinge about "go play creative" for that type of thing despite the fact they are too thick to see the point. Creative takes away most of the fun and isn't that fun after awhile because you can do anything without consequence.

    Bugs obviously cannot all be found or fix until updates go live. But there seems no acknowledgement on the spawner issue. Now our family and friends who have worked hard on survival worlds for months nonstoo have to hope some uodate reverts these bugs in the next update. We might aswell stop playing for months and hope the next update fixes a lot. Without other bugs prior to this update, it's a seriously big turn off.

    People want to play for fun in their own ways. It doesn't hurt others and it's a choice to do too. MC was for enjoyment, same reason people mod the game for the ways they like to play.

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