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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary

    Oh, might I suggest one?

    Quest: Little Fed

    While you're doing your usual mercenary things, a lone pup wearing some sort of red cape rushes towards you with a note in its mouth...

    "Help!" Says the note.

    "My grandmother's friend has gone crazy! ...Even crazier than when she moved into a swamp!

    "My grandmother sent me to her house with my dog to deliver her a cake, but now she's talking about turning *me* into a cake!

    "She's trapped me in a cage, but I've snucked out my doge. Please, find me before it's too late!"

    Requirements: Find a Witchhut in a swamp and kill the witch.

    Reward: You free the little girl. As a thanks, she teaches you how to make a cake.

    *You can now craft cakes and pies!*

    The girl leaves with her dog to her Grandmother's hut.

    *Please build a new 'kitchen' room in your place


    A furnace (in front of a window for extra credit!)

    A chest to put ingredients/food items

    A crafting table

    A table table for cakes/pies (be creative! No green)*

    Recommended: Stage 3 (potions'll come in handy);

    for style points, kill the witch with an axe!

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    posted a message on Uninvited Guests (A diary?)


    Anyhow, here's day 2-

    Once I logged back in, I saw that the enderman stayed throughout the night- good thing I sleep with my eyes closed, aparently.

    Today would be the day I started building the second floor; I didn't want to loose any sleep worrying about the situation I was in. "Out of sight, out of mind", they say. I don't know how I was able to sleep that last time, but I knew I could sleep easier with a room to myself.

    Construction went all right- I may have fallen off once or twice, but nothing a quick bite to eat couldn't help. It was nice to get away from the quickly cramming space.

    But then, I heard a squeal.

    Oh no.

    I rushed downstairs- the Enderman decided to take a look at the block that was holding the water for my wash room- damn thing flooded the floor.

    My dog was alright. But the wolf...

    The wolf somehow drowned from the incident. Squealed one last time before I could do anything.

    The Enderman just teleported away; either scared off or just done with its job, I don't know.

    My dog... just looked at me.

    The slime was still just trying to kill me.

    I held a mini funeral for the Wolf- after that I got rid of the wash room. The slime seemed to be trying to drown me in the process.

    Some time passed with me just planning on improving my defences- I was actually planning something pretty big that I've never done in Survival.

    I was out in the woods, cutting trees to make some improvements to my house. Once that was done, I came back to my house.

    But then...

    At that time I opened my door, I saw...

    ...I saw none other than that same Enderman.

    My grip on my axe grew stronger- my gaze upon it growing as deadly as its own.

    One look into its dead, vile eyes. That's all that it would take.

    But before I could do that... my dog walked right between us. He looked in my eyes...

    If I were to fight that monster, my dog would get hurt. I- I couldn't do that.

    I couldn't lose another...

    At that moment, I heard a... Cackle... Just outside.

    A witch.

    An Enderman is one thing- a witch is a whole other level of a threat. I put my axe away, cursing the Enderman's name as I passed it, and drew my sword. Hopefully it was just my imagination.

    I went outside, leaving my dog in the safety of the house. I've once before lost a dog in another game by fighting a witch- I wasn't going to lose another one. Especially with what just happened to the Wolf. As I followed the noise into the tunnels that led to the mines I kept my sword ready.

    Sure enough, I saw the witch.

    I may respect that the swamp be hers, but this was my mine- mein mine, you could say. I'm El Pasoan- you don't mess with the Miners.

    But I'm cautious- a creeper once followed me into the tunnel and ruined some of the lighting. Ever since, more creepers have made a habit of ambushing me here...

    ....Sure enough, the witch was accompanied by another creeper. The witch looking away, I quickly drew the creeper's attention and attempted to silence it out of her attention.

    ...You could say that plan, *blew up* in my face.

    The explosion grabbed the witch's attention; but as fortune gives as it takes, she was hurt by it more than I was. I sprinted towards her and leaped up into the air with my blade in hand. Landing with a clean hit, she flew a bit out of my reach. It was then that I saw her reaching for a potion; I believed it to be one of healing, so I hurried to close in the distance before she could drink it. What I didn't see was that it wasn't the right color... She threw the potion into my face, and I immediately felt the potion making me weaker. Nonetheless, I powered through, and with two hits, the Witch was down, leaving nothing but a pile of sugar.


    I came back to my house; hurt, weakened, and in need of munchies. I couldn't fight the Enderman. Not now.

    The moon once again came up. It seems as though it takes a liking to the tall monster in my house.

    I ate, left, and slept.

    When I would come back down, the Enderman would be gone. Again.

    ...A... chicken did spawn in my house. ...There's really nothing else to that story, I... now have more eggs than I know what to do with.

    As this was a rather long play session, I would eventually see my big plan I was speaking of in action.

    And that plan was something great- yes, I'll brag, it was sick.

    A wall.

    ...No, I'm not getting political! I built a wall! It's what you do in Minecraft!

    I've been preparing this for quite a while now. It was worth it.

    It wasn't made of something cheap like dirt, wood, or even cobblestone. This was made with fine-crafted stone bricks; heated in a furnace then crafted by hand. I wanted it to look *good*.

    Sure enough, I executed my plan into action. It reached from around the area where the beach, swamp, and forest met, and spanned an area that covered my house (of course), my farm, and even the tunnels where the mine was in (which I re-lit), and then went all the way around to connect to the trench I dug and filled water in. Before, the trench just covered about half of the side of the house- I didn't make it go all the way around because then it would go downhill, and I designed it to lead any mobs that went in to go down into the ocean.

    It took an entire day in-game to build it. I had to make sure it was high enough, and generally look good. I did make a new series of tunnels that connected the inside and outside of the wall, but wasn't worried about mobs getting through them; they were meticuously well-lit, and it would take too long for one zombie or skeleton to get through it, let alone an army of the undead; even then, I designed the tunnels with fortification in mind, and the way the tunnels were dug, they could as easily come out into the dessert as they could my fort.

    ...Needless to say, I worked hard on this.

    The next game day, I worked on lighting the whole place up- in a good way, of course. Fortification is useless if monsters can seemingly come out of anywhere there is darkness. I waited for night to come again to test it all out.

    ...Sure enough, it worked!

    Spiders seem to be able to climb over the wall, though. I'll be sure to place an overhang on the wall; perhaps with machicolations...

    But it was getting later irl as it was getting early in game. I headed into the safety of my home before I logged off. But before that, I stayed out to see the sunrise.

    The game makers did a really good job.

    I turned around, and out behind the trench, guess who I saw.

    I don't *think* it's the same Enderman that keeps spawning, tbh. The game can't actually be working like that- it makes as much sense to believe it's the same Enderman as it is to believe your pet slime (is actually Herobrine in disguise, shh!)

    But I still have a feeling...

    It- he looked at me. I looked at him. I still respected his opinion on eye contact, of course. He then turned away to see the same sunrise I was, and I too turned away. When it finished, the Enderman was gone. I went back inside, and he wasn't there.

    Everything was still normal- my pet slime was plotting my doom, my dog was still a shade darker from jumping into the water (not really an important story, but he's still dark- don't know what to do, if I need to do anything?), and even more animals spawned into my house. (Btw, that's now fixed; I used the rest of the stone bricks to replace all of the grass tiles)

    And I logged out.

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    posted a message on Uninvited Guests (A diary?)

    So I've decided to start a new world on my PS4, considering there was a new update. And in this new world, I was fortunate enough to find a place by the ocean where I could call home. And that home was rather sizable- at least, for what I'm usually used to, and I still have plans for expansions.

    Anyways, I've called this place home for perhaps a few days now, and I'm rather proud of it. It was built on a hill, of course, but I'm used to hilly terrain, and terraformed enough to keep the house from 'floating'. Aside from that, although it was my own, it wasn't really anything standing out. I did put a wash room, but that's just because I didn't know what to do for a while.

    Anyways, as customary to Minecraft (and ADHD), I found many a project to keep me busy- trenches, mines, farms, what have you. This tale sprouts from a project that could've been easily dodged.

    That spot I talked about where I had to terraform; well, it was Survival, of course- and early on too, I should mention- and a few dirt blocks can be hard to come by if you're too obsesed with the environment's view to dig wherever you can. So yes, I may have skipped a few blocks when building the support for the house; and so when I heard growling whenever I passed the house and went mad looking for where it was originating, I had only myself to blame when I found the source.

    Quickly disposing of the threat and fixing any future problems, I went back home.

    Now, my home is already shared by my two dog- well- Okay, I have A dog. There's also a wolf that (somehow) got into my house. Before you ask, yes, I HAVE tried taming it; had to give up my dreams of quickly growing my farm in the process... But it doesn't do much, and I'd like to think my doge likes the company, so I just let it be.

    Anyhows, I make it back around the house, and bump into a slime. Tiny, so it's just hopping around, doing no damage. I could've sworn there were more of the lil buggers... must've drowned. Sad, but they're of no concern to me. I live right next to a swamp biome, you see, and I've been on the interwebs long enough to know who's swamp that is. ...Yeah, witches, let's go with that.

    The slime looks at me, and of course starts leaping towards. I don't have the heart to kil it's 01010 heart, so I let it be- I'm quick to close the door behind me though, because it's packed enough as it is.

    Turning around, I see no other than an Ender man. Of course.

    The things scare me, but I'm no fool. ...Then again, I'm not brave either. Keeping myself from looking at its eyes, I make my door just a bit taller to accomidate my new 'guest' and open the door, trying to incentivise it to leave. "What are you waiting for!?" I emplored it, knowing I was speaking through a screen. "It's DAY, aren't you supppsed to go back to the En-"

    Looking behind me, I saw a moon in the process of rising- hordes of the undead with it.

    I look back at the Ender man (fittingly enough in a forced bow), and told it he could stay foe the night.

    Slime got in too. Of course.

    I have no idea what to do- I have a dog and a wolf living together (and neither of them have their shots), a tiny slime trying to smother me with no avail (tracking slime, if only in my head), and a roommate who takes eye contact hostily (and I'm pretty sure he- it's stealing stuff when I'm not looking).

    And a player who refuses to kill anyone because I'm still shocked as to what just happened.

    I head to sleep (both in-game and irl). Although I have to admit, it was uncomfortable seeing the Ender man sleeping without a bed...

    More to unfold, if anyone is as amused at this as I. I'm equally hopeful and scared of the possibility of eviction- on the one hand, the place would be less cramped and those renovations I'm planning will be easier to do.

    ...On the other hand, I consider myself a writer, and this material is just too good.

    ...And uh, well, the buggers are growing on me. A bit.

    Hopefully I won't wake up accidentally having a staring contest. That's a contest I KNOW I'll lose.

    ...Also, come to think about it, how was I able to sleep in the first place? Looks like I'll have to start moving upstairs *pronto*.

    And, well, making an upstairs. Heh, maybe having a roommate with two hands isn't a bad thing after all.

    ...I'm so lonely...

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