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    posted a message on CLOSED

    You sound like a great addition to the community! I don't work at an amusement park, however I noticed you do, and visit one regularly, as well as am constructing one in-game currently! You have been accepted! PM coming your way!

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    posted a message on === The Sanctuary Community === Vanilla 1.11.2 Survival Server! Tight-Knit Community!
    Quote from Priorcity»

    Are you still allowing new members on the server and is there an economy on the server?

    Yes, and Yes~ :D

    Our currency system and shops are run on honor, and the accepted currency is diamonds. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to post them, and I will answer them ASAP. :)

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    posted a message on === The Sanctuary Community === Vanilla 1.11.2 Survival Server! Tight-Knit Community!
    Quote from ALufkin24»

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I know they were talking about spawn getting griefed earlier b/c some one decided to burn the leaves.
    Dunno how true that is.

    Don't give up on us yet though! :(

    The sad truth is, the phrase 'some people just want to see the world burn', is very real at times. Though everything has been patched up, it's something nobody on the server will forget happened.

    Even then though; Very mature, active community! I still highly recommend this for anyone looking for an amazing SMP Experience! :D

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    posted a message on === The Sanctuary Community === Vanilla 1.11.2 Survival Server! Tight-Knit Community!

    Awesome community with great members, and a friendly staff! I highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a great SMP experience!

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    posted a message on SoulCraft Community [Vanilla] [Snapshots] [16+] [15w41b] [YouTube LP]

    Love the spider farm. <3

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    posted a message on SoulCraft Community [Vanilla] [Snapshots] [16+] [15w41b] [YouTube LP]

    All good, I'll look into what caused this, and if possible, fix it.

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    posted a message on NEW FACTION/BENDING SERVER! (Need a couple staff members)
    Quote from Toys»

    Here is a server review. Keep in mind that the owner banned me for trying to help him:

    1. Owner is immature and unwilling to listen to player suggestions even when you spend the time explaining the benefits and how easy it would be to fix.

    2. Owner has no knowledge of Factions and how chunks work.

    3. Spawn looks like any other simple starting Factions spawn.

    4. I was banned for trying to help the Owner fix his problems.


    Doesn't look like the server will last. The owner, iiR3kt, needs to learn a lot before hosting a server.

    I wasn't on long enough to see #1 or #4, however I backup what Toys said here.

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    posted a message on ShadowCraft 18+ -Mature- Community Survival Server
    Quote from Fire_ManBR»
    Come on fella, talk to your community,try to explain them that im a serious player!
    I play minecraft since 2012 and i can make a lot of stuff, i can be a good thing to the community of your server!
    I can speak Portuguese, English and spanish, why would someone like that be a childish player?
    Just give it a try !!!
    I am so serious that i didnt even lie about my age!
    And i have a decent microfone, i can use skype, team speak, raid call or any other program, i am tired of minigames server and those simply unrecogniseable survival servers i just want to have fun on a serious community like yours.
    I study on a hard school, i had to pass a test of 5 ppl the slot to get in, i know exactelly how it is to be 18+, ive lived with my brother and had to manage money for food and other stuff!
    i am 1.78m!
    I am an adult in a 15 years old kid body!

    It is based on age and maturity, we understand some 17 year olds may be mature, and in the case of that there's a chance of being accepted. However, you are 15, and should by now understand the fact no means no bud. Sorry, but you are declined.

    Please do not post anymore on this topic, and find a new server.
    Happy Minecrafting!
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    posted a message on 1.9.2 SoulCraft Community! SMP 16+ [Custom Dungeons][Custom Features][Multi-world][Friendly staff][24/7][World Reset]
    ShadowCraft is a community server for Minecraft players ages 18+. ShadowCraft was founded in October 2013, and has since grown in size, with more and more players joining and expanding our community, and we are always looking for new members! Members shouldn't have to worry about grief, or theft, and as such, free land protection is available, and all griefing actions may be rolled back by the server OP, server owner, or server admins. We also have some minigames, with more coming every few months, and as far as new content or minigames added, players may vote on what they'd like to see added to the server. We also have building competitions, such as the monthly build-off, and server events from time to time. If you're over the age of 18, and you feel ShadowCraft is the server for you, apply today!
    Our server uses gold as a currency, with values being:
    Nugget: 1g
    Ingot: 9g
    Block: 81g
    To make use of your money, place a chest, then place a sign above it that has [vault] written on the top line. This will create a bank account for you, and then add gold to it. We also have a mall, pictured above, with player-ran shops. You may spend your money here, or use it to open your own shop inside this mall. To buy items in the mall; Punch the sign on the chest of the item you want to buy, type the amount, and you'll be given the item, while the gold is removed from your account. Simple and easy!
    As with any server, you are expected to follow the rules, and failure to do so may result in jail time, or banning from the server. Our rules are as follows:
    1. No floating trees - These are not fun to find. Please cut them down.
    2. No building entire structures of dirt or cobblestone, they will be taken down. Starter homes is ok, but please don't make an entire mansion out of dirt.
    3. No building within 250m of another user without their permission, you risk your area being rolled back if you do. Staff may help you determine if your good to go in an area if you ask.
    4. No being a jerk to everybody, we respect you, it shouldn't be too hard to do the same.
    5. No griefing - Banned on first offence.
    6. No discrimination
    7. No cheating/hacking
    Every month, there is a theme for a build-off to be built, and the best build wins a prize of $5000 in server money.
    Builds run from the first of the month, to the last of the month, and are judged by staff. Happy building!
    As with any game, it's not fun to see something you don't want forced into it. So I give you the option to vote on polls when we plan to add something big, such as a new minigame, plugin, or public service build, so you can tell us if you do, or do not want it.
    If you are over the age of 18, feel free to apply! I aim to check all applications within 1-2 hours, but may get busy, leading it to take longer. Please be patient.
    Minecraft name:
    Why ShadowCraft?
    Previous Bans:
    Any friends in our community?
    Any mods you use?
    How far must you be to build from others?
    Are you joining for Survival or Creative?
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    posted a message on New server! Need Admins, Builders, Mods, etc. First come First serve!
    Name: Justin

    Age: 20

    Country/State(Not necessary, but preferred): United States

    IGN(In Game Name): ShadowReaper777

    Position You Want: Moderator

    Why you should be given this position: I'm a kind, helpful Minecrafter and would love to help out a newer server. I also a bit about some plugins if any are used, so I can be helpful if one breaks.

    What makes you different than other players: I'm really easy to get along with and friendly to all, but this doesn't mean I'm not stern when the need comes. I'm usually sunshine and rainbows, and love helping everybody out!

    What skills do you have: Redstone, Building, Server ownership.

    How would you make a difference in this server: I could be a very friendly face and help out anybody who needed a hand if I'm free, though most of the time when someone needs help I'll set aside what I'm doing to help them regardless. Helping others is a very important quality of mine.

    I can be contacted via Skype, Email, or TeamSpeak.
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