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    posted a message on Wireless Redstone V2.0.0.0-alpha

    I think the download is down

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    posted a message on [1.7.4][24/7] ArchaniaMC [Factions PVP] - More Factions Req!
    I think the server's down
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    posted a message on Minecraft causes my laptop to caught fire
    Quote from EmptyGroceryBag

    Don't forget to re-apply thermal paste.

    @OP Are you playing on a bedspread or something soft? If so, move to a hard surface and see if the temps go down.

    Re-apply thermal paste on a laptop?
    That's a horrible idea, you're way more likely to break something and void the warranty
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    posted a message on Weird lag. D:\
    What are your specs?
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    posted a message on Top 10 best games for Steam?
    10. Batman: Arkham Asylum
    I feel like B:AA is a solid game with a very balanced gameplay that makes it possible to choose your preferred playstyle. Overall a great game, but it still only makes number ten

    9. Batman: Arkham City
    B:AC is the perfect Batman game, with a good storyline and a open world to run around and divekick baddies in. It's a very nice game, but only enough to warrant a number nine

    8. Counter-Strike: Source
    CS:S is truly a classic shooter, somehow continuing being fun after several years of play. Though a great game, its age pushes it down to a measly eight

    7. Super Meat Boy
    SMB is perhaps the most rage-inducing game you will ever play, yet it still is amazingly fun. The art style alone would place it on this list, but because of the limited replayability. Overall a seven

    6. The Binding of Isaac
    TBoI is perhaps the best roguelike on the market right now. It's a bizarre game where you are stuck in a cellar with your bible-crazed mother, several dozen different enemies and over 150 different items to help you defeat your own mom, satan, and ultimately a blue baby with crossed out eyes. The only reason this isn't on spot number five is that it gets a bit repetitive when you have gotten platinum god. Great game that really surprised me with its incredible amount of fun

    5. FTL: Faster Than Light
    A splendid roguelike spaceship action-adventure game. There's honestly few games I've played that had the same satisfactory effect when you finally kill that damn final boss. Worth every single penny

    4. Saints Row the Third
    A wacky FPS centered mostly around driving around in tanks and shooting large-breasted women with assault rifles. The game that just keeps on giving. Probably my favorite shooter on the market today

    3. Terraria
    Terraria is a very fun sandbox sidescroller, somewhat like 2D Minecraft. It's a great game that I personally have sinked nearly 250 hours into before getting bored with it. While an outstanding execution of a already great concept, I feel like it just gets boring after you can beat the final bosses without problems. Great game, 9/10

    2. Garry's Mod
    GMod is a really fun sandbox game where you run around and blow up all kinds of stuff. And if you get bored with that, there's dozens upon dozens of custom gamemodes whose only intent is to make you think "Just one game more". Overall a fantastic game that you'll (probably) never get bored with.

    1. Sid Meier's Civilization V
    CiV is a truly amazing game that once you started simply cannot stop. There's no such thing as a short CiV game. You sit down at 4pm thinking you'll only play for an hour, then you glance over at the clock and notice you've spent the last 4 hours locked in a slow-moving land war against France. I feel like CiV is perhaps the best game I have ever played, or at the very least in the top three.

    TL;DR: Read it, it took me a long time to write dammit
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    posted a message on Random fact about yourself!
    I type just as quickly using Dvorak as I do using Qwerty
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    posted a message on [ADV] The (Updated) Labyrinth
    I've updated fireb0rn's old map, The Labyrinth


    Everything has been (lightly) rebalanced and should work. Please inform me of any errors.
    Refer to original thread for more pictures and information

    Light settings: Moody, no smooth lighting
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    posted a message on Games you HATE!
    Quote from BlakBackJK

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl version. Those were the worst Pokemon games ever! Why did they get some much praise? Platinum, on the other hand was really quite fun. Since it had more Pokemon to catch. PKMN D/P 3/10

    D/P weren't all that bad. Meh at worst.
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    posted a message on Do you consider using the debug screen cheating?
    Since there's no other way to get your coordinates then I consider it perfectly fine
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    posted a message on "Can't reach server" message on LAN
    There should be an option called "Allow from local network", IIRC
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    posted a message on Chunkloaders do they really ?
    I usually use the ones from Railcraft. They seem to be the least overpowered
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    posted a message on Will McMMO make my server PVP unfair to players?
    If you put a level cap on, no. Else: Maybe
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    posted a message on Apple Pie, Why Not?
    Only if they're placeable, like cakes
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    posted a message on Your Mining Method
    Depends; mining for materials is definitely quarry material where as mining for space is TNT mining
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    posted a message on Problem with advanced furnace
    Quote from sidben

    Nope, it has both tutorials, Mod Loader and Forge. I just used on my WIP ModLoader mod.

    There is a download file for a 1.4.2 example, I updated it to 1.4.5 and got everything working (except shift-clicking, will fix it later)

    Sorry, I only read the title
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