About Me

If you need to contact me privately, please do so by sending me a private message. If you'd like to get a question answered off-site, you can ask me on Twitter or Reddit. Try to keep command questions public though, so others have the ability to answer in case I'm not available (and others looking for answers can see them). I'll also be regularly checking the /r/MinecraftCommands subreddit, which is dedicated to commands.


Link for details:

An on-hold personal project that will eventually be a "manual" for minecraft commands & related. Because it is a personal project, I do not have urgency to complete it. It is currently on hold until I complete other (and smaller) personal/private projects.


Loot tables are a major introduction of the plugin API, and Pocket Edition has already given sneak peeks at continuing it for item and entity data that are likely to be ported to PC. My plan is to create a site that will allow users to create, debug, save, and share these specifications as accurately as possible. I will begin with loot tables, but am waiting for 1.9 to be released so that bugs concerning loot tables can be fixed before attempting to port the parser. For now, I have an experimental evaluator/debugger here.


While I do have a thread detailing NBT changes and additions for 1.9, it can be hard to navigate. Instead, I'll create a page on my site dedicated to listing NBT changes that can be sorted in a number of different ways. Since 1.9 is coming to an end, it won't be available for it, but it will be available for 1.10.

EDIT: The site is prepped for 1.10: