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    posted a message on What is with minecraft now?
    Quote from Talysman»
    Which kind of makes complaining about a one-time charge of ten cents kind of funny.

    Always easy to talk if it doesn't affect you personally. For all we know the OP has to deal with a $1 weekly allowance.

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    posted a message on Please add a Marketplace System in Java Edition (MCJE)

    Sounds like a pretty bad idea to me. Because once implemented you can bet that they'd shut down the current support for skins and texturepacks which we currently have because otherwise no one would buy into this. And I'm obviously not a fan of that.

    I don't play PE so I have no idea what a skin or mashup pack is supposed to be, but would it make more sense to suggest support for those instead of the marketplace? ;)

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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?

    Practice makes perfect :-)

    And you can always enable subtitles. Open the game menu, go to Options => Music & Sounds and find the option "Show subtitles" at the bottom. It might be a little cheating, but those will help you detect several mobs long before you saw them. If you don't like the idea of cheating so much (I personally don't like this method myself) then get a parrot. They're seriously useful for this, they warn you about hostile mobs long before you saw 'm coming.

    But yeah, the more you play and the more you get into it the better you'll become. I'd try to face this head first instead of avoiding it.

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    posted a message on The current state of Minecraft
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    I think that the real issue, if anything, is how, in terms of non-technical features, they add relatively little.

    I remember that, when I first played in Beta 1.5.2, the game was very different, and each update added several important features, even after 1.0 (Up until 1.10, at least).

    Now they often add lots of technical updates, and seem to add them in parts. For instance, they could simply keep some of the "partial" content from updates and release it all at once, or at least add a few fatures that use those new mechanics, such as recipes that are legitimately ONLY found in Knowledge Books.


    However, I think there might be solid reasoning behind it. See, in the past we've experienced plenty of times when things stopped working after an upgrade. I still remember having a love/hate relationship with 1.11 because although I seriously enjoyed the illagers and the observer block I also heavily disliked the fact that they broke automated brewing; hoppers would no longer push in water bottles after the first batch.

    And we've seen this happening multiple times. As of right now customized mob spawners are still broken. When you make one it'll spawn the mob during the first 'run' and after that it'll revert back to spawning pigs. "oopsie".

    The advantage of those smaller updates is that the 'bug hunts' (= noticing & actually finding them in the code) will be much easier when you have smaller updates vs. updates where tons of things change.

    Now, I definitely agree with you that updates which contain more stuff to explore are also generally more fun. But there's also something to be said for keeping it small.
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    posted a message on What is with minecraft now?

    Well, I do agree with the OP that this is pretty stupid. I mean, effectively they charge people 0,10 cents to verify consent even though the person had already bought the game and assumingly also with a credit card. If the credit card payment is good enough proof of consent, then what about the original purchase?

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    posted a message on Clickable sign command dosn't work.

    So first off: "it doesn't work" doesn't tell us anything. At the very least share error messages so that we know what to go on.

    Anyway, as I mentioned above the first step is to escape all the quotes in the tellraw command. Sure this command may work in chat, that doesn't mean too much when you embed it within another command:

    setblock -91 68 352 wall_sign 5 destroy {Text1:"[{\"text\":\" Stonepickaxe \",\"color\":\"white\"}]",Text2:"[{\"text\":\" Efficiency III \",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":\"true\"}]",Text3:"[{\"text\":\" Prise \"}]",Text4:"[{\"text\":\" Cobblestone 192 \",\"color\":\"green\",\"underlined\":\"true\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/tellraw @a {\"text\":\"<Store Informer> 'Stonepickaxe' with 'Efficiancy III' for '3 stack/192 cobblestone'\",\"color\":\"aqua\"}\"}}]"}

    This command somewhat works. It places a sign, it doesn't give an error. However... It also doesn't show the last line of text. So first test for me was to remove tellraw, and what do you know:

    setblock -91 68 352 wall_sign 5 destroy {Text1:"[{\"text\":\" Stonepickaxe \",\"color\":\"white\"}]",Text2:"[{\"text\":\" Efficiency III \",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":\"true\"}]",Text3:"[{\"text\":\" Prise \"}]",Text4:"[{\"text\":\" Cobblestone 192 \",\"color\":\"green\",\"underlined\":\"true\"}]"}

    Now all 4 lines of text get placed.

    So there's another problem, and I suspect it has everything to do with the fact that /tellraw expects raw JSON formatting.

    As a first step I replaced /tellraw with /tell:

    setblock -91 68 352 wall_sign 5 destroy {Text1:"[{\"text\":\" Stonepickaxe \",\"color\":\"white\"}]",Text2:"[{\"text\":\" Efficiency III \",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":\"true\"}]",Text3:"[{\"text\":\" Prise \"}]",Text4:"[{\"text\":\" Cobblestone 192 \",\"color\":\"green\",\"underlined\":\"true\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/tell @a <Store Informer> 'Stonepickaxe' with 'Efficiancy III' for '3 stack/192 cobblestone'\"}}]"}

    This works perfectly.

    So the problem, as I mentioned above, is that you didn't properly escape the quotes in the /tellraw command. You're working with a raw JSON command and you're trying to embed another one into that, so you'll be needing an extra set of quotes. That is... The 2nd raw JSON commands needs to be able to pick up the quotes. And the way you do that is by escaping them, and you do that using a \. But that needs to be escaped too for the second command to pick them up literally.


    setblock -91 68 352 wall_sign 5 destroy {Text1:"[{\"text\":\" Stonepickaxe \",\"color\":\"white\"}]",Text2:"[{\"text\":\" Efficiency III \",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":\"true\"}]",Text3:"[{\"text\":\" Prise \"}]",Text4:"[{\"text\":\" Cobblestone 192 \",\"color\":\"green\",\"underlined\":\"true\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/tellraw @a {\\\"text\\\":\\\" 'Stonepickaxe' with 'Efficiancy III' for '3 stack/192 cobblestone\\\",\\\"color\\\":\\\"aqua\\\"}\"}}]"}

    That works.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 1: The Game Engine
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Mojang is implementing "data packs" in 1.13, which combine all of the commands (functions), structure files, custom recipes, loot tables, etc, etc that currently require separate files (which can already be bundled with a world download) - which will automatically be downloaded and installed when you join a server

    I seriously doubt that (the download part). See: there's no need for a client to download any of those files because it's the server which triggers those events, not the client. Custom advancements already work for servers without you downloading anything.

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    posted a message on Player win help

    Well, my attachment should work.

    The command block uses /testfor @a, and this won't sent out a redstone signal unless only 1 player is detected, which will then allow you to do you thing

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    posted a message on testfor fishing rod bob in mob
    Quote from ZipPVP»

    hi. is there anyway to test if a fishing rod bob is in an entity/mob? thanks. :)

    It is a tough one because although the bobber is an Entity it has no tags or anything associated with it. It doesn't even have a valid type.

    What you could try is this: testfor @e[r=0,name=unknown]

    Unfortunately this would apply to any entity which also happens to have the name 'unknown', but this is your best bet.
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    posted a message on How Do You Feel About The New Textures?

    I think the whole change is stupid, just like I still think all the new changes in Star Wars were stupid because all of this tries to re-define history. We've all been there where you look at something from your past (be it code you made, a post you wrote, a command block routine maybe even a redstone contraption) and in most cases you'll look at that wondering: "what the heck was I thinking?!".

    Now, that in itself is a good thing. It means you're progressing, you're getting better and can even pinpoint which parts needed improvement.

    But it becomes different when some of your contents was shared in the open, for others to enjoy as well. Because your history is what made you the person you are today. Maybe you think what you produced in the past was wrong or a joke or whatever, but what about all those other people who did enjoy (or still enjoy) all of that?

    I think they should release their texture remake as an optional texture pack and leave it at that.

    Of course in the end I'm completely indifferent to the whole thing because it doesn't affect me: I already use a resource pack.

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