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    posted a message on Enderdragon glitched (1.11.2)

    Not going to work. It's a known issue: ever since they changed the dragon fight sequence these mobs are no longer useful in custom worlds unless you play around x0, z0. And even then it's mediocre at best because they'll always include the "hover over portal" and "die above portal" sequences even though there isn't a portal in the Overworld to begin with.

    You can experiment with other dragon phases but that only gets you so far: after the dragon finishes his routine it'll immediately fly off again.

    Theoretically you could set up a bunch of command blocks (with timers) which all instruct the dragon to run through a specific phase. If you time it right you might be able to string the whole thing together in order to prevent the dragon from performing phases 2 (fly to the portal), 3 (land on portal) and 4 (take off from portal). But even that only gets you so far because the dragon death sequence basically starts with phase 9: flying to the portal to die there.

    So unfortunately I don't see this working on modern Minecraft versions.

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    posted a message on Anti /gamemode 1 command

    You might want to add a failsave so that this doesn't affect you. For example:

    /scoreboard players tag @p add devel

    This would tag you with the 'devel' tag. Then set up a repeating command block which does:

    gamemode 2 @a[m=!2,tag=!devel]

    This would reset anyone who changed their gamemode and without the 'devel' tag back into gamemode 2. If you want to add warnings just attach a conditional chain command block which uses the /title command.

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    posted a message on 1.12 - FAQs (READ BEFORE POSTING)

    I think it's pretty bad advice to suggest that players should "simply" uninstall a virus scanner when it gives them problems with Minecraft. What's going to keep their computers secured?

    There's also no need for such drastic actions: most modern anti virus software provides a whitelist these days. Simply add the Minecraft launcher or, if that doesn't work, add the whole program (launcher) and/or gamedirectory (.minecraft) to the whitelist. After that the scanner won't mess with the game anymore.

    I think that's a much more sensible suggestion than just advising people to uninstall the anti virus software, especially considering all the recent ransomware attacks happening.

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    posted a message on Need help with written book.
    Quote from Hoogady»

    It worked! Thanks, but now I have another question, I need to give the player cocoa beans, a white tulip, coarse dirt, and a dragon head. For some reason I can't get the "proper" names for those.

    Cocoa's official name is dye, white tulip's official name is red_flower, coarse dirt's official name is dirt and a dragon head's official name is skull. All of those use the soon to be obsolete block data value to specify the actual type you want. 3, 6, 1 and 5 is what you're looking for here.

    The best way to check this (apart from the Minecraft wiki) is to use F3-h (press F3 & keep pressed, then press h). This toggles the advanced tooltips which will show you these details in the items in-game description.
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    posted a message on I accidentally did something. Can someone explain how I fix this?

    Maybe also good to know is that glass (and sometimes other non-solid blocks (stairs, slabs)) can often be used as insulators because they don't react to redstone at all.

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    posted a message on Cannot teleport entity to entity (@p to @e[tag=???])
    Quote from RobhieMattz»

    /tp @e[tag=lobby]

    but if you do like this /tp @p @e[tag=lobby] then it wouldn't work. Check my screenshot in my post if you want proof.

    I stand corrected! :)

    Thanks for sharing, I guess I was so caught up in <source> <destination> that I overlooked the obvious.
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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra

    I think you make an excellent point but... in the end it still all boils down to personal taste. On the server I frequent I have a few elytras and plenty of firework rockets (at least enough gunpowder + paper to make them) yet I seldomly use the Elytra. Maybe sometimes to goof around with every once in a while but that's it.

    When I need to go to remote areas I still often rely on nether rails. It's also much easier on me too: you just pop in, sit back and can basically go AFK a bit and do other things (chatting, on the forums, etc.) while traveling. Can't do that with an Elytra. I also often experience minor block lag while flying an elytra and that also happens less when using boats and/or horses.

    Speaking of which... The Elytra may be fun but I seriously think that packed ice + boats easily outweighs the Elytra for travel. It's so much faster... And it also doesn't use up any major resources.

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    posted a message on What is with minecraft now?
    Quote from Talysman»
    Which kind of makes complaining about a one-time charge of ten cents kind of funny.

    Always easy to talk if it doesn't affect you personally. For all we know the OP has to deal with a $1 weekly allowance.

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    posted a message on Please add a Marketplace System in Java Edition (MCJE)

    Sounds like a pretty bad idea to me. Because once implemented you can bet that they'd shut down the current support for skins and texturepacks which we currently have because otherwise no one would buy into this. And I'm obviously not a fan of that.

    I don't play PE so I have no idea what a skin or mashup pack is supposed to be, but would it make more sense to suggest support for those instead of the marketplace? ;)

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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?

    Practice makes perfect :-)

    And you can always enable subtitles. Open the game menu, go to Options => Music & Sounds and find the option "Show subtitles" at the bottom. It might be a little cheating, but those will help you detect several mobs long before you saw them. If you don't like the idea of cheating so much (I personally don't like this method myself) then get a parrot. They're seriously useful for this, they warn you about hostile mobs long before you saw 'm coming.

    But yeah, the more you play and the more you get into it the better you'll become. I'd try to face this head first instead of avoiding it.

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