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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?
    Quote from Pykaxe»

    Do people really use fully-zoomed-in maps? Huh. I pretty much only use fully-zoomed-*out* maps, so starting at 1:4 instead of 1:1 means I don't need to carry around as much paper when I go exploring...

    I do indeed, and I know several others who do. My main gripe with the new map system is that we no longer have a choice in the matter. In the current system you can easily zoom out to get the 1:4 zoom level. But in the new system you can't easily zoom in again. If your location on the 1:4 map happens to be in the upper right corner then its virtually impossible to get a 1:1 zoomed map for that location, because the zooming focuses on the lower right corner. I don't mind the change perse, but I do think it's bad that we no longer have the freedom to chose our preferred zoom level.

    Quote from rodabon»

    Heaven forbid we have to work a bit to get to a new dimension and boss fight. And what do you mean 'same kind of rewards' when there is the additional content in the end now? You grudgingly admit you like the new end content and then down play it later while trying to make a negative comment.

    With 'same kind of rewards' I'm referring to the mob drops in general; while fighting mobs has become a little more difficult due to the time out the rewards (drops) has't changed. Not even if you find yourself swarmed by several mobs at the same time. My gripe with that is that many players keep talking about balance in the game, yet I can't help wonder if the changes in combat don't shift this balance a bit more towards grinding. Although I'll be the first to admit that the definition for "grinding" is a difficult one. After all; I wouldn't be surprised if some players would even consider mining a form of grinding.

    For the record: I don't "grudgingly admit" anything; I simply honestly think the new End structures are a very cool approach which absolutely fits the atmosphere of the End. Like I said earlier: I don't hate the new update; but there are parts which I really admire just like there are parts which I don't really care for. That's called an honest opinion, nothing more. I understand that the concept can be very hard to grasp for both fanboys and haters alike; but in the case of 1.9 I wouldn't call it all bad, just like I also don't think it's all good either.

    Like you said yourself: nothing wrong with having to actually do some work to reach the goals of a game, but when you make things harder on the players it's a common approach to also make the rewards more appealing. Which I think is lacking a bit so far.
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    posted a message on A Creeper Protected Me!
    Quote from Baryonic_Lord»

    Yes, build a massive tomb to honor him and invite all of his family and friends!

    Oh, that's going to be a blast! :D
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    posted a message on Why does Minecraft lag in the first place?
    So why is it the only game I have ever played that lags?

    Not that easy to answer because it could be related to a lot of things. For starters; your Java version, any optional custom settings you use in Minecraft, Java system settings which could be changed, etc, etc. Example: Minecraft 1.8 is extremely laggy for me, close to non-playable. But the previous version 1.7.10 poses no problem at all. Also; the latest 1.8.2 snapshot (at the time of writing 1.8.2-pre6) works a lot better for me as well.

    As to the game being simple... Careful there. It may look simple, I fully agree, but I think its also fair to say that Minecraft is one of the more underrated kind of games where complexity is concerned. I mean... One simple example; it allows you to build pretty complex digital circuitry and some players have taken this to such extremes that they even managed to build CPU's, calculators (somewhat the same, I know) and even whole computers within Minecraft.

    So with that in mind... No, I don't agree that it's a simple game. Simple looking, that's for sure.
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    posted a message on POLL:about mobs
    Nice poll!

    As to herobrine; I don't see the problem here. We all know he doesn't exist (or did it; considering that they removed it in 1.8 according to the changelog :P ) so heck; in the end it's simply a funny jest. I like it!

    My favorite hostile mob. is definitely the creeper. For the simple reason that when you go mining or walking in the main land you'll always have this guy in your mind because of the sneaky way he attacks. Also because he's pretty often to be found close to a skeleton. Usually the first thing on my mind when fighting a skeleton is "ok, watch out for the creeper... doh, where is it?!".

    I like cats in real life so obviously that's my favorite passive mob. Funnily enough its a bit related to my hostile mob preference I guess, considering how it can help me scare off creepers.

    Unfortunately I couldn't vote on the boss anymore so figured I'd share; definitely the wither. Not merely because of the mob itself, but also how you can fight it. I mean; the Enderdragon is usually a one on one (or many) fight; you can bring other players with you on a server (or lan game) but that's it. The wither otoh. will also easily start attacking other (passive) mobs which gives you a lot of extra advantage to fight and kill it.

    And I know; usually you'd create a smaller environment so you can fight it in relative close quarters which gives you even more advantage. But yah; I also like fighting it out in the open at times to add a bit off extra suspense. And the first time it immediately went after a couple of sheep had me laughing soo badly ;)
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