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    posted a message on What version did you think Minecraft went wrong for you? [POL]

    Although I also enjoy modded gameplay I'm actually quite a fan of vanilla. My normal de-facto game is Minecraft + OptiFine + Resourcepack.

    Quite frankly I think Minecraft has reached a peak, for me 1.12.2 is the best version out there so far, I'm still enjoying it.

    Sure it has stuff I don't really care for (Polar bears and Llama's come to mind) but it also has stuff I do care for. Husks and Strays are a welcome variation to the hostile mobs, which can really spice up gameplay for example. Even more important: there are also players who DO care for these mobs, a friend of mine can go crazy with their Llama herd / collection.

    But I also enjoy how Mojang keep an eye out for customization as well. You no longer have to rely on MCEdit, Schematica or WorldEdit to copy your buildings because you can now also use structure blocks (and they even abide to in-game rules like redstone and such). You don't have to mock around with a Creative inventory because you have hotbar slots which you can even swap (9 total) and Mojang even keeps an eye out for details to make things better (think about F3-n to switch between Creative and Spectator).

    And that's not even mentioning the mind blowing stuff which you can do with commands, command blocks, functions and redstone.

    Then add the (toggleable & customizable) recipe book, the multi-function offhand (pick + torch (and OptiFine's dynamic light) = mining heaven) and the overall same game mechanic I grew so fond off several years ago and yah... I'm still a happy player.

    You may not realize this but Mojang even added something for your enjoyment OP: the continuous ability to play older versions of the game.

    Most game developers go "yah, duh!" and force you to stick with the most recent version. Most also don't bother to continue to make older stuff available for downloads (think about older game patches) because resources, effort and "get with the program already: the latest = the greatest!".

    Mojang even does that part a whole lot differently.

    It's easy to complain, but it might help to stop and think for a moment about all the stuff you actually got over time. Including access to older versions. It's all too easy to take all of this for granted, don't you think?

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    posted a message on What makes a 'quality' Minecraft mod for you?
    Interesting question! Been a while since I saw a thread which actually looked interesting to me.
    Quote from C1ff»

    There are a lot of mods out there.[citation needed] But I a lot of them are ugly or unappealing in my opinion. Things like HD textures or bad GUI design can ruin a good mod for me.

    So, what makes a 'good' or 'quality' mod for you, or what are some less-than-obvious things you don't like about certain mods?

    It heavily depends on the kind of mod. I play with 2 kinds of mods: vanilla enhancements (think about Voxelmap, DurabilityShow, etc. and game enhancers (which fully change the game itself; think about RFTools, Iron Chests, Tinkers Construct, etc.).

    In all cases I prefer a clean installation and decent setup. So; mod goes into the mods folder (easy enough), customization can be done using the config file and part of that customization should also include options to change (or totally remove) any optionally used hotkeys.

    When it comes to gameplay (now mostly referring to "tech mods") then abiding to standards is key to me. For example: there are several standards when it comes to "Minecraft energy" an one of the most (?) used is RF, which stands for Redstone Flux. So I really need mods to play nicely with each other, even if they use their own kind of energy (of course: that would usually be enough reasons for me not to include it in my mod collection).

    For example: Actually Additions is a tech mod which uses Crystal Flux for energy. However it has no problems to interact with RF based mods, and even more important: although the conversion rate isn't 1 - 1 it doesn't unbalance itself (for example: if a CF generator takes 5 minutes to power something then a RF generator won't suddenly take 5 seconds).

    Next step: in-game documentation. TechMods can be quite complex, and their 'starting curve' isn't always easy to learn from using JEI. So having an in-game manual (preferably one which you must craft yourself) is really a pro feature to me. And some are really good at this (I especially enjoy Botania and VoidCraft with this).

    Finally: a decent learning / starting curve. I don't mind that some mods will eventually require custom items to build stuff (in fact: that's what I expect from them) but I do think they should keep an eye out for balancing. Allow me to work my way up so to speak. And keep it appealing if possible.

    I really enjoy some of the RFTools collection recipes because they can really add up; using vanilla items to craft "tech components" which can then be used to craft more complex tech components.

    For example: normally you'd eventually build a furnace to smelt your items. 8 cobble, easy enough. So then some mods allow you to build yourself a metal furnace; now you'd use 8 iron. And the added enhancement is that it works a bit longer than stone because of the metal casing (which also picks up on the heat).

    Then you can use that as a basis, add some electronics, and suddenly you got yourself a furnace which can create heat from using energy (RF). So you can really slowly enhance on your gameplay, one step at a time.

    E.G. I really hate when a mod fills NEI or JEI with a bunch of technical or debug items. It's really distracting when you just want to find the item you're trying to craft.

    Why? That's a very important feature. You do realize that you can easily use multiple searches, right?

    @modname normal name

    So if I needed a battery from RFTools I could use: @rfto battery
    If I simply need any kind of battery: battery

    And so forth; mods using JEI is in my opinion an essential feature. Also because JEI provides usable crafting recipe details, even provides some limited auto crafting.
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    posted a message on Did the version selection option split up the community?
    Quote from JesseMC4060»

    This is more or less a theory I have, that the version selection option tab split up, and continues to split up, the Minecraft community.

    Options don't split up communities, players / people do. If the option wasn't there you can be sure people would have found other ways.

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    posted a message on Minecraft servers have changed... A lot.

    Well, I tend to agree. Most server owners seem to be under the impression that slapping a bunch of plugins together and building a nice looking hub or spawn is enough to provide some decent gameplay, while in fact there really isn't anything special like a specific design on the server at all. It's just a collection of plugins, which you could easily have put together yourself. Most don't even seem to bother customizing it. Well, maybe apart from all the annoying advertisements you get to try and motivate you to vote for them or even better: buy custom items.

    However, I don't think it's the servers which became worse, it's simply that the whole server "market" has become completely oversaturated.

    There are also plenty of servers which have come of a good age (think 3 - 5 years old) and are still quite enjoyable today. Of course, 'enjoyment' is in the eye of the beholder, as always. I'm still very much into vanilla'ish survival play so a decent survival server is already enough to get me entertained, but I can well imagine that this might not apply to other players.

    But to answer: I obviously prefer todays servers, because the older servers won't provide you with all the new stuff we have today.

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    posted a message on HELP!! I did something real bad!!

    That happens after you enabled open to lan. There's really no cause for alarm here... Just close the game, and re-open it and you're done.

    This also happens when you're playing on a server by the way.

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    posted a message on Connecting Minecraft Win 10 to Java Edition servers?

    Quite frankly I don't really understand why some people are so negative about the whole thing. Personally I couldn't care less about the getting together update because I don't care about Minecraft on my PS3 (tried it and hated it) nor do I want to bother myself with Windows 10 (still using 7 right now) so the Win10 edition is also something I don't bother myself with.

    But even so... I'm still having fun with Minecraft. My normal gameplay consists of Minecraft + OptiFine + Lithos:Core faithfull and thats it. As one can expect I'm defining my own games and I'm having fun in the pre-determined world. Why would that suddenly change depending on what Microsoft does? I don't see how this negatively affects me in any way.

    Even if the Minecraft Java edition development would come to a halt then so what? It's still the game I love playing.

    Thing is: I don't think its Microsofts fault at all, it's the players fault. Well... figure of speech, I don't think there are any faults here actually.

    There are roughly speaking 2 kinds of Minecraft players in my opinion: those who can entertain themselves with the game, and those who need to be entertained. The latter can come in many forms: people who enjoy playing the game but not on their own, people who constantly ask you to check out their buildings and to come visit them, people who are always around when server events are being held and who will even be sad if they missed some.

    It's not really a negative thing, but Minecraft is mostly a game where you are in control, you decide how you want to play it. However, I get the impression that this approach of total freedom is simply a little bit too much for some, they need focus: a goal to work towards and objectives and problems to overcome. And that's something I think you see happening a bit more on the consoles.

    It's also why servers such are MinePlex are so extremely popular: players don't have to do things themselves but they can just let themselves be entertained.

    Take Realms... Definitely not my favorite way of playing Minecraft, but I can still recognize the potential it has. For starters by making it a lot easier for (less tech savy) players to share their work with others, but it also provides a quick and easy way for other forms of entertainment through the use of mini-games.

    And sure: the Java edition has all of that too, I'm well aware. Somewhere this (or last) year I even spend half the evening playing battleships with my girlfriend, and all within Minecraft. It was a premade map I downloaded and seriously fun! But it also required a little tweaking to set it all up (did you know that you can even remotely play together through use of "Open to LAN"? All it takes is knowing the port number) and as said: I'm sure not everyone will be able to do that.

    In the end all Microsoft basically does is cater to all that.

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    posted a message on Players breaking bedrock with redstone {Need help fixing}

    Might be funnier to add a repeating command block which detects players above y128 and teleports them right back :D

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    posted a message on Why the big hype on the words "Java Edition"
    Quote from aNaturalCause»

    Can someone explain to me why everyone is making such a big deal about Minecraft Java Edition. Besides the days in which Minecraft was a browser only game and before MS bought Mojang. Minecraft was a Java based game.

    The issues are two fold. First and foremost Minecraft has always been a Java game, that's how this whole thing started. Therefor it has always been called "Minecraft". If you mentioned "Minecraft" you were referring to the Java edition.

    Not only has Mojang renamed 'Minecraft' into 'Minecraft Java Edition' they also renamed the Pocket Edition (or mobile or whatever) into 'Minecraft'. So now if you mention 'Minecraft' they're trying to make it so that you're actually talking about the pocket/mobile/etc. edition. And that ticks plenty of people off because Minecraft has always been Java. Basically, according to some players, the original players of the game have now been moved to the sidelines and they're no longer considered official Minecraft players. Instead anyone playing the mobile editions are now considered "official" (note: not my opinion but just what I perceived around me).

    The other issue has already been mentioned by others: the fear that Mojang could very well focus their attention completely onto the other platforms and discontinue support for the Java edition. I think those are valid concerns because it is a fact that Mojang / Microsoft might be able to make a whole lot more money on those "portable platforms". Where we can simply download any skin we'd like you'd have to pay for it on the console editions.

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    posted a message on is it possible to summon a mob with more than one custom attribute?
    Quote from 119patman»

    im trying to make a zombie that is fast, and has a custom follow range is this possible? here is my command that I tried to make myself but it is giving me errors such as [21:37:32] Data tag parsing failed: Unable to locate name/value separator for string: [{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.001}]

    my command: /summon Zombie ~ ~5 ~ {Attributes:[{Name:generic.followRange,Base:200}],[{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.001}]}

    Yes it's easily doable. This is the reason why it's so important to know how the whole NBT formatting works. Those [] signs denote a list, and a list means that you can have multiple entries in it. What you're doing is trying to create 2 lists, while there's no reason for that:

    /summon Zombie ~ ~5 ~ {Attributes:[{Name:generic.followRange,Base:200},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.001}]}

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    posted a message on How can i use 2 levers for my piston with redstone at same time ?
    Quote from raketenspeed»

    BAM try to beat that.


    In fact, if you check that wiki page you'll find a whole bunch of pre-existing logic circuits which can be used to make specific switches and toggles.

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