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    posted a message on structure block
    Quote from mrmcrayfish»

    I am having a lot of trouble with the new Structure block. If i wanted to load an existing structure like, an Ocean Monument, how would I do this?

    You don't, those structures are generated differently and not using structure blocks. I wrote a guide about structure blocks and their overall usage, you can find that
    Mojang does a lot of weird things when it comes to new Minecraft versions, and this is actually no different. But... I also think it's a very awesome new feature which can really help to enhance, save and complete your own Minecraft levels.

    Due to personal reasons I need a serious distraction right now so yah, lets do another small mega guide :D

    Best Minecraft Servers
    The 4 new zecret block variants
    2 new hidden blocks

    Most regular blocks in Minecraft can be easily obtained if you got access to gamemode 1 (Creative mode). All but a few hidden blocks... There's the command block (id 137 => minecraft:command_block) and its two counterparts the chain_command_block (id 211) and the repeating_command_block (id 210). We have a barrier block (id 166 => minecraft:barrier) and finally you also can't obtain a mob spawner through your creative inventory (id 52 => minecraft:mob_spawner).

    Edit: And I forgot my all time favorite: farmland (id 60 => minecraft:farmland)! :D

    And now we have 2 more hidden blocks: the Structure block (id 255 => minecraft:structure_block) and the Structure void (id 217 => minecraft:structure_void). The fun part is that unlike the command block there's only 1 structure block, even though it can show up as different counterparts (see picture above).

    Let me tell you guys: these are totally awesome.

    What can a structure block do?

    Simply put: it can save and load structures. And more, but the information regarding the 'data block' is still very obscure. And it even changed between the official MC 1.10 release and now. So I won't be talking about the data block, only the other variants: the save, load and corner structure block.

    On my redstone world I've build one large metal pyramid and placed 2 beacons on top in order to give me speed II and jump boost II. The problem is simple: when I get out of reach from the pyramid then I lose my status effects. I tried setting up some smaller pyramids but that only became annoying while switching between 2 perks, 1 perk or even 1/2 a perk (jump boost vs. jump boost II for example).

    And I'm too lazy to rebuild such a big pyramid on all corners (I play vanilla here). But a solution to that problem has now been found!

    Save your work using structure blocks!

    It's really very simple: place a structure block outside of the structure which you want to save. By default this will be a data block, but we'll need a 'save' block. So right click to open the interface, and click the mode button (lower left corner) to change it:

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Structure block interface, the 'mode button' is highlighted.
    Now we need to specify 2 coordinates: first the starting position and then the end position. So both corners of the structure which we want to save. I'm going to save a beacon pyramid, which is 10x9 blocks wide and 6 blocks high (4 blocks for the pyramid, 1 for the beacons and 1 for the yellow glass on top).

    Important: the first coordinate will be relative to the position of the structure block. Also note that the structure block cannot cope with negative size values, so the coordinates of the starting point are always lower than the end point:

    Best Minecraft Servers
    The structure (save) block is in the lower right corner of the screen (on the ground). But if you look at the crosshair you'll see that the pyramid sits within a negative X and Z range. Now look closely at the left side of the beacons: you'll see a vertical green line. This is part of the box surrounding the pyramid and it indicates where the starting point of the structure block is set. The box shows us which area is going to be saved by the structure block.

    You can probably see where this is going: the only thing I have to do is to make sure that the box covers my whole structure, and then I merely have to click 'SAVE'.

    Corner blocks!

    Now, working with coordinates has become second nature for me, but even so I still manage to make mistakes from time to time. So what to do if all those coordinates only confuse you to no end?

    Simple: then all you do is place corner blocks in 2 opposite corners of your structure and give them the same name, place the save block outside of your structure and give this the same name as well, then click detect. Now the 'save box' will be generated for you automatically:

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Look closely: there's one corner block between the chest and the structure block (on the ground), the other can be seen floating in the air (in the center of the picture).

    So how do we make sure that the box fully encloses our structure? Simple: use the hidden blocks!

    Hidden blocks & structure void blocks!

    Did you know that air blocks are blocks too? Now you do :p So if you enable the option "show invisible blocks" then this is going to happen:

    Best Minecraft Servers
    See the blue boxes? Those indicate air blocks, can you spot the error here?
    Look closely at the picture above and you'll see that I made an error. The extension is 2 blocks wide, but only 1 layer of blue boxes show (see left side). This can really help you to determine the right size of your 'save box' because all invisible air blocks are now shown.

    But there's more...

    Air blocks are real blocks even though you can't see them. So if you save a structure then those air blocks will replace any other blocks when you load the structure again. Unless you can somehow remove those air blocks... And that can be done using the structure void blocks.

    We all know the void, right? Go beyond the bedrock floor and you'll end up in the void, like this:

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Spookay! ;)
    A structure void block is exactly that: it's a block like the void: it represents nothing. And unlike an air block it also won't replace any other block when you load a structure again. I'll show you in the last part of this tutorial ;)

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Loading / placing structures

    First you place a load block, you do this in the same way as shown above: place a structure block, open the interface and click the 'mode button' until it says "[L]" (for load). Then type the name of the structure you want to load, enter the starting coordinates and click "LOAD":

    Best Minecraft Servers
    I entered the name and starting coordinates, now I'm going to click LOAD

    Best Minecraft Servers
    After clicking LOAD for the first time you'll first see a box which highlights the destination
    This is basically all there is to it. The number buttons and the | labeled button allow you to rotate and mirror your structure, after you click on them the highlight box will show you exactly what's going to happen. Once you're satisfied then all which is left to do is click the LOAD button again and your new structure will be placed.

    Redstone power!

    But things can become really exciting when you hook these blocks up with some redstone ;)

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Here I set up a structure load block and made sure that the highlight box isn't shown. I placed a pressure plate which triggers both the command block below it and the structure load block. Please ignore the command block on top of the glass, I only use that to clean things up again ;)

    So, when I step onto the pressure plate then this suddenly happens:

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Can you imagine all the stuff which you can do in adventure maps?

    So yeah... A quick guide on structure blocks :)

    In short: the Minecraft jar file contains a 'structures' directory (assets\minecraft\structures) which in its turn contains endcity, fossils and igloo. The upcoming 1.11 (currently only available as snapshot) adds mansion to this list. As a result the only pre-made (official Minecraft) structures which you can load are the endcity (towers and endship), the different fossils as well as the igloo.

    If you want to load in an endship you'd use: endcity/ship as the name in the structure load block, but for more detailed information I'd like to refer you to that link (structure block tutorial).
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.11 Update Opinion Thread
    Say, a general question considering this is about 1.11 and all. I know nothing is certain, but how do you guys feel about the revised hunger system?

    I can't help disliking the current settings, and not because combat became more difficult with it, but because other challenges have fully gone. When starting the game you needed to make a good consideration between taking action and gathering resources as well as being a little in-active or actively looking out for food.

    Because chances are high that if you don't keep hunger in mind then you might run into some small issues right away.

    Another challenge happens if you die. Do you take some food with you or can you reach your death point with minimal (or without) food to reclaim your stuff?

    In the current snapshot (16w38a) the system doesn't pose any of these challenges at all anymore. The amount of stuff you can do before you actually start to get hungry is plain out crazy in comparison with 1.10. I can punch trees, make tools, chop more trees down and even dig out the start of a mine and get some ores while I'm at it (coal and iron), and after all that (one in-game day) I only lost 1 hunger.

    I can't help feel this is one of those classic "changes because of the change" thing. As far as I know the main idea was to reduce the options players had to eat and heal themselves during / after combat. I think it would have been a better idea to reduce the healing instead of completely nerfing the hunger mechanics.

    What do you guys think?
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    posted a message on Are Shulker Boxes too OP?
    Quote from rkpkid1997»

    Second, while Jeb was showing the clip of Shulker Boxes, he confirmed that you could not put a Shulker Box inside a Shulker Box. But he never said whether or not you could put one in a normal chest. My bet is that you can't, and will only be able to keep them in your inventory or placed in the world.

    Although it is an interesting theory (we don't know yet of course) the video seems to contradict this a bit. Because the shulker box could be transported in a hopper and also stored in a dispenser. I know you can differentiate between container types, but what would be the point?

    A dispenser can also place the block, which could make it the ideal storage for these anyway. Press the button, the box gets placed, use the box, then break it (or piston push it) and put it back into the dispenser through hoppers. Compared to that I think storing these in chests would hardly be an issue to worry about.
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    posted a message on Autojump? Good or bad?

    My main gripe with this is that they enabled this by default. I think that was a major oversight because what's the point on the PC version? I think that was a really good way of making several players hate the option from the start. Not because they think it's bad, but because they felt it got forced on them.

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    posted a message on Are Shulker Boxes too OP?

    With the introduction of Shulker Boxes, storing loads of items has become far easier. With it's special ability of retaining all of it's contents when broken and placed, they act similar to an Ender Chest.

    Well, I wouldn't say easier per definition. For starters: we don't know the drop rates of the shulker shells. For all I know it could be a rare drop, which would make shulker boxes decently rare, also reducing their OP status. But even if they are common: the main focus lies more on transporting several items at once than actually storing them.

    I mean: I don't think I would rely on shulker boxes to store my items in chests, because it makes things actually harder. After all: you have to place a shulker box down before you can use it. And when I need some items I don't want to mess around like that, I want to open a chest, grab my stuff and continue working.

    The real question comes to play when you compare Shulker Boxes to Regular/Ender Chests and see all of the advantages that shulker Boxes have, enough to make regular chests and Ender Chests obsolete. Do you think that the Shulker Boxes are overpowered?

    I don't. I also don't think they render chests obsolete. As mentioned above: it's far easier to store & retrieve items from a regular chest. I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't stack shulker boxes (because the top 'spins' open) which would impact their usefulness even more.

    And that's even ignoring the obvious: at the start of your game your only option is wood and regular chests. You'll only get a chance of getting hold of these after you defeated the Ender dragon. Which means that chests are still very much important.

    In my opinion the shulker boxes are an excellent extension for the current storage mechanics. (double) Chests are far more easier to use for storage while shulker boxes are easier to mass transport items or bulk-store items.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.11 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    Llamas don't seem to have a unique niche. I don't know why one would use them as opposed to other mobs.

    Well, the automated herding / caravan forming can be a big issue I think. You only have to lead one llama (using a lead obviously) and the rest will automatically follow. That can be a lot easier than trying to pull a whole lot of donkeys behind you with 10 or 20 leads at the same time. I also think it might be a lot less laggy.

    Shulker Boxes basically make the Chest ad Ender Chest completely obsolete due to the fact that you can have several of them, store them in Ender Chests and Regular Chests, and that they can hold the same amount of items a Normal Chest can.

    Well, your own example shows that it wouldn't make the Ender chest obsolete ;) Still, not to sure about the obsolete part. Thing is: you'd still have to place a shulker box down in order to use it. And assuming that you can't easily combine some (place them on top of each other or something like that) I think a double chest could very well be more accessible than a shulker box, for the simple reason that you can store more and its easier to use (you can stack them).

    Which is why I'm personally really looking forward to this. I don't think the shulker box makes anything obsolete, it merely enhances on things. In this case making it easier to transport more items at the same time. I for one can't wait to take one or two with me on a mining trip. I'll store all my coal (blocks) in one box and the gems and ores in the other, leaving my regular inventory open for common blocks like cobble, stone variants and mining materials & tools.
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    posted a message on Elytra doesn't really live up to expectations

    Well, I do agree that the Elytra doesn't really add much to gameplay. I mean: after you visited the End the game is more or less over, so you won't be using it to help you "win" the game. In that aspect I can agree that its a little underwhelming.

    But the potential of the Elytra most certainly is not. You want practical uses? So I'm hunting for nether quartz to make more comparators. My nether base sits on top of a huge canyon and I can see another netherrack level down below. What to do? I can't just assume that whatever is under me is fully solid; if I just dig down then chances are fairly high that I'll find air, optionally dropping dead. Going down in Minecraft like this is a lot harder than going up.

    So now you got the Elytra. I swoop down, land on the level below me and providing that my assumptions were right I can now collect enough netherrack to use for the new bridge which I'll need to reach my netherbase again.

    Same more or less applies to the new End structures. Once you managed to raid a tower it can be bothersome having to either dig or parkour your way down. So now you can simply jump off and glide to safety.

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    posted a message on The trading nerfs are not, not cool

    I actually agree with the OP that these changes aren't very fun, simply because of the fact that they take away your freedom to play the game in the way you want to. Personally I consider trying to obtain enough enderpearls as a kind of grinding. Same more or less applies with trying to obtain blaze rods. So for those who don't think all this grinding is fun there was an alternative: instead of "enderman grinding" you spend your time on other ways of grinding. Farming and hunting to obtain enough materials which you can then trade for those eyes of ender.

    In an open world sandbox game I expect the freedom to play as I'd like to. And it certainly seems that this aspect is now getting nerfed. Mojang wants you to visit the Nether before the End because "thats how the game should be played" so they'll make you by taking these options away. Each to their own, but to me this contradicts with the kind of game that Minecraft wants to be.

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    posted a message on New snapshot is hard..

    Another thing which many people overlook: don't forget that eating food will now also heal you a bit. So you don't have to rely on the automatic regen to kick in, instead you can eat some food and see a set amount of hearts getting instantly restored. That too accounts for something. In fact, its for that reason alone why I'm perfectly fine with not being able to craft notch apples anymore.

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    posted a message on ClownerCraft Survival Non-PVP

    I'm asking on behalf of a friend of mine, but is this server still active? They're wondering because they couldn't connect to the server nor the website and when they asked me I've done some searching myself and also spotted several retracted server listings. Eventually I found this thread so figured I might as well ask here.

    Edit: Ok, only after posting this did I manage to find your Facebook page, found the redirect to your forums and the reason for the downtime. I'll pass that on to my friend and I wish you all the best with the restoration process!

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    posted a message on Where can I download for test mc 1.9?

    This has been mentioned more often but it cannot be stressed out enough in my opinion: be sure to make backup copies of your worlds before you try experimenting with this!

    Maybe helpful: here is a step by step guide I wrote on this subject, maybe that can also help you...

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    posted a message on Anyone else notice this Ender Dragon head feature?

    I can't help think that this is probably a bug or a glitch, but even so I hope that they'll leave this in. This is exactly the kind of added benefit which I was referring to in the "why do you hate 1.9" thread. This makes it a lot more profitable to fight the ender dragon, and repeat that fight if you don't get its head the first time. Which eventually also means that it becomes a lot more profitable to try and reach the End, since lingering potions can be really nice to have.

    So yeah, thanks for sharing this. I'm definitely going to try this trick out for myself in a moment ;)

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    posted a message on Command Block help needed

    That's not as easily answered as you think because... what kind of functionality are you looking for exactly? I mean, I could now mention that you can use the tp, give, gamemode and time commands to respectively teleport someone, give a player items, change the mode of the game and finally change the time of day, but is that really helpful?

    You could also check this Gamepedia wiki pagefor an overview of all the available commands.

    Thing is: I think it would be much more beneficial if you share with us what kind of functionality it is you're looking for so that we can then try to fill it in with the appropriate commands. Otherwise this would be a very broad question indeed.

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?
    Quote from Pykaxe»

    Do people really use fully-zoomed-in maps? Huh. I pretty much only use fully-zoomed-*out* maps, so starting at 1:4 instead of 1:1 means I don't need to carry around as much paper when I go exploring...

    I do indeed, and I know several others who do. My main gripe with the new map system is that we no longer have a choice in the matter. In the current system you can easily zoom out to get the 1:4 zoom level. But in the new system you can't easily zoom in again. If your location on the 1:4 map happens to be in the upper right corner then its virtually impossible to get a 1:1 zoomed map for that location, because the zooming focuses on the lower right corner. I don't mind the change perse, but I do think it's bad that we no longer have the freedom to chose our preferred zoom level.

    Quote from rodabon»

    Heaven forbid we have to work a bit to get to a new dimension and boss fight. And what do you mean 'same kind of rewards' when there is the additional content in the end now? You grudgingly admit you like the new end content and then down play it later while trying to make a negative comment.

    With 'same kind of rewards' I'm referring to the mob drops in general; while fighting mobs has become a little more difficult due to the time out the rewards (drops) has't changed. Not even if you find yourself swarmed by several mobs at the same time. My gripe with that is that many players keep talking about balance in the game, yet I can't help wonder if the changes in combat don't shift this balance a bit more towards grinding. Although I'll be the first to admit that the definition for "grinding" is a difficult one. After all; I wouldn't be surprised if some players would even consider mining a form of grinding.

    For the record: I don't "grudgingly admit" anything; I simply honestly think the new End structures are a very cool approach which absolutely fits the atmosphere of the End. Like I said earlier: I don't hate the new update; but there are parts which I really admire just like there are parts which I don't really care for. That's called an honest opinion, nothing more. I understand that the concept can be very hard to grasp for both fanboys and haters alike; but in the case of 1.9 I wouldn't call it all bad, just like I also don't think it's all good either.

    Like you said yourself: nothing wrong with having to actually do some work to reach the goals of a game, but when you make things harder on the players it's a common approach to also make the rewards more appealing. Which I think is lacking a bit so far.
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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    It already was like that before 1.9, as gold is more difficult to amass than most potion ingredients.

    Which is exactly my point. Potions won't give you the exact same effects as the Notch apple, but the ones they can give you can last longer and potions are much easier to make in general. That's why I think that the intended changes to the Notch apple are not an improvement.
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