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    posted a message on Server wont respond

    Sometimes these issues also resolve over time.

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    posted a message on On a scale of 1-10, how are your redstone skills?

    Difficult. I'm tempted to go with 8, but might also be 7 I suppose. Then again, the vote is 7-9 so I guess I'm good :D

    Designing my own contraptions, even capable of optimizing said contraptions (to some extend anyway). Currently messing with some experimentation where I try to get a contraption to perform different tasks based on the kind of signal coming in (somewhat of a multiplexer idea). It "works" (somewhat) but has still plenty of quirks to iron out (which to me is part of the fun: the experimenting and the learning process).

    Still run into common mistakes though. The obvious ones being sometimes overlooking the timing differences between singleplay and multiplayer environments. But more commonly I run into chunk (un)loading problems. So I have a neat design which works in singleplayer and multiplayer with the main caveat that when the chunk unloads my contraption somewhat stalls. Often easily (temporarily) remedied but it does leave plenty of room open for design improvements.

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    posted a message on So the Not Enough Items mod is now useless?
    Quote from MakalEnzo»

    With the 1.12 Update (with this new recipe book), could 'Not enough items mod be a useless mod??

    Definitely not. (I'm talking about JEI because I like that most, but what I explain here also applies to NEI).

    For starters: the search feature with JEI is far superior to that of vanilla Minecraft. I sometimes like to play "tech" (rolled my own small collection of mods) so when I need a battery block I can type in control-f and 'battery' in the search field but that gets me batteries from 4 - 5 different mods. Annoying. So when I type: "@rftoo batter" I'll get the battery blocks from RFTools (awesome mod IMO). Even better: I don't have to drag and drop items. One click on the right mouse button is enough to put 1 block into my inventory.

    There's more: speaking of that same RFTools (but I think more mods provide this feature): what about auto crafters? I have build a digging machine which collects tons of items which get stored in remote storages based on block type (cobble, other stone, wood items, ore items, etc.) and then thanks to XNet (also an awesome mod) some get transported onto a refinery line (crushers, smelters, auto crafters). I don't know about you but I keep my 1.12 recipe book set to show "only craftable" because otherwise it gets really annoying. So what if I want my autocrafter to make me sea lanterns? No way that I'm going to try and look that up in vanilla. JEI is soo much easier: control-f (search) type in "sea" and then left click.

    Next stop, I already mentioned grinders, JEI also supports 3rd party crafting mechanics. I don't know all the names from mind (I play tech sporadically) but there are altars (Botania, also an awesome mod), atomic reconstructors, empowerers, etc. All those steps can also be shown by JEI, so you'll know exactly how to make a certain item. Even if it doesn't require a crafting table.

    Finally... Ever tried to use the creative inventory to get something from a different mod? All mods have their own categories so you'll basically have find the right category, then search in there and then you'll find what you need (for example when you don't know the actual name of the block). JEI allows you to search for name, type, mod name....

    The new crafting recipe book is an awesome feature in my opinion, but it does not make JEI obsolete. Especially not if you play a modded game.

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    posted a message on Minecraft servers Download .dat files

    You could also consider using a plugin such as Schematica or world downloader. This would allow you to download the structure which you can then rebuild elsewhere.

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    posted a message on Unable to login to minecraft launcher

    Try typing in the password instead of pasting it in. Sometimes that can help prevent issues.

    There is a possibility that if you recently updated stuff in your account then logging in will be blocked for 10 or so minutes. I don't know why but I have experienced the same thing. In those cases simply waiting for 10 - 20 minutes should be enough to settle things.

    Worst case scenario: remove "launcher_profiles.json" from your Minecraft directory. Warning though: this will also remove all your launcher profiles. So if you use customized profiles then you may want to be careful here. But this file also contains your login profiles as well as the so called "session tokens". So if this file is already there it might help to simple remove it.

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    posted a message on Bizarre Behavior with Observer Blocks -- is it a bug?
    Quote from Gr3atsaga»

    But the thing is... all of them use a clock that is built with just two observers. You see, for anyone that doesn't know, if two observers face each other it will create a clock. We used this as the basis for our system, and termed it "The Battery".

    Thanks a bunch for sharing that, appreciate it because I wasn't aware of this behavior yet. And with using a piston I can also achieve that which I personally prefer in clocks: having the ability to turn them on and off.

    Here is where the Bizarre Behavior comes in though: Placing down two observers facing each other creates a clock, which runs at a decent speed. But, place one observer down and then another caddy-corner to it, and push one observer in front of the other with a piston such that both are now facing each other, and the clock ticks faster.

    I've been doing some experimenting and noticed that you don't even need the 3rd observer. Every time I use a (sticky) piston to push the observer block the clock will tick noticeably faster than when I place the observer block manually.

    What I want to know is, is this a bug? Because it is the entire reason why our Watchmen Pipeline is as fast a machine as it is. If this is a bug, and Mojang eventually patches it, that breaks our system.

    Now, my guess is as good as anyone elses but I am quite tempted to consider this a bug. Thing is, I've tried to wrap my head around it but it makes little sense. By placing the observer in front of the other one you trigger that one, that will then get observed by the one you placed and your chain reaction begins.

    In theory you could say that a piston "aligns" itself better with the in-game ticks so that the observer gets placed exactly "on time" but even so it makes little sense because the reaction can only start once placed and once the placed observer notices the original one change states. As far as I can tell (this is a rough guess!) the way the observer gets placed should not make a difference.

    So I'm very tempted to consider it a bug. As to Mojang fixing it: we could always decide not to report it ;)

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    posted a message on To what extent has the EULA been enforced?

    I've read stories (like so many others) about some servers getting shut down (black listed). Problem is that you're always reading 1-sided comments, so for all I know there could have been completely different reasons for Mojang to reach that decision (compromising user accounts for example).

    Quite frankly I've become a little skeptical about the whole thing. I've seen servers apply changes to their services in order to become EULA compliant (it was mentioned that the action was requested by Mojang). But only to introduce other updates at a later moment which basically went directly against the EULA again (like items which you can purchase for real world money yet which are not directly obtainable in-game). Of course they could have made agreements with Mojang about that, but seeing such moves still strike me as odd.

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    posted a message on Working Nether portal on/off switching

    I didn't think this was possible (even got into problems because I tried using a firecharge to turn it on, which does work from a distance) but I was wrong. Which, I'll be honest, discovered by accident.

    Note: I didn't optimize my circuit or anything, this is simply the best I can come up with at this time (I should be asleep, couldn't sleep, then remembered this thread). But this might make it easier to rebuild (I hope).

    So... See attachments. Portal uses a level which turns it on (using flint and steel) and off (using a water bucket out of all things). I think this should be pretty self-explaining but just in case... Behind the lever is a redstone dust; that powers the dispenser which will trigger the flint and steel (turns things on). On that same block is a redstone torch which powers a comparator in subtraction mode (place comparator, right click on it) and a repeater running into it but set to 4 ticks (right click three times).

    What this does is ensure that the only time a signal comes through is when you turn the whole thing off. Theory: When off (current mode of picture) the repeater disables the signal. So when I turn this on (torch goes off) nothing will change with the signal (was already off) so the observers don't get triggered.

    When the signal does get through the delay on the repeater will ensure that the signal goes on, and off. So generating a double pulse, which is needed to place and collect the water. As you can see you also need 1 observer to handle this. 'Behind' it is a repeater set to 2 ticks (right click once). What that does is generate a double pulse shortly after each other. So the dispenser with the water gets triggered twice: place the water and remove it (pick it up again).

    UPDATE (edit2): I updated the instructions and replaced the attachment with the new more compact design,

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    posted a message on illusioner help
    Quote from ModmanX»

    so i'm making a hotline miami inspired map, is there a way to make the illusioner never cast spells through json editing? and if it's possible can you link a tutorial?

    Keep in mind that the Illusioner is unused right now so most likely also a bit unbalanced.

    At to spellcasting, I think that if you set the SpellTicks parameter high enough then you can prevent him from ever casting spells. See the data values section on the Illusioner.
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    posted a message on More Dragon Eggs

    I don't think this is a good idea, mostly for the reason which was already stated by Mastermined: it would seriously affect the value and speciality of the egg itself.

    Besides, if you want this to happen then it's already possible. Same argument with those servers: it's extremely easy to adjust or override the loot tables of a mob. So if you want the dragon to spawn more eggs: adjust its loot table and you're done.

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    posted a message on Trouble with execute-detect command
    Quote from JTgamer145»

    Oh ok now it works so thanks :)

    But I noticed that it can only be activated once. Can I fix this so every time I step in an iron block the command activates again?

    Assuming you're using the latest version of Minecraft you can change your command block into a repeating command block. As its name implies it'll repeat the command over and over again. If you see 5 buttons below your command block interface you got the right version.

    "Impulse" needs to be changed to "Repeat" and "Needs Redstone" needs to be changed to "Always Active" (just click on the buttons). The command block will also change color from orange to purple.

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    posted a message on Message upon joining?

    The problem with these threads is that many things change over time and with each new version will you get better ways of setting this up.

    Right now (1.12) the easiest way I can come up with is a repeating command block, a conditional chained command block together with the scoreboard tag function.

    So... put this into a repeating command block: testfor @a[tag=!welcomed]

    Add a chain command block, set to conditional and always active: scoreboard players tag @p add welcomed

    Then keep adding chained (conditional) command blocks with commands to execute. For example: title @p title {"text":"Welcome!","color":"red"}.

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    posted a message on Trouble with execute-detect command

    If you step on an iron block it'll be below you (y -1) not above you (y +1). So try this instead: execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ iron_block 0 say hi.

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    posted a message on Do YouTubers Nowadays Ever Get A Chance To Success in Minecraft ?

    My take: don't try to set up a youtube channel in hopes to get fame and fortune. If you do that then your channel will be flawed from the getgo with risk that the moment you're suddenly unsatisfied with the results you may get depressed over it and drop it.

    Instead seek out some fun. Set up a channel because you enjoy sharing and doing all that stuff. Who cares about views and likes and all that, be selfish and do it for yourself. And if you keep it up for a while you may get noticed. And once that happens then there's a chance that the ball may start to roll so to speak. More people may notice and you might attract a crowd.

    As with most things it'll take time.

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    posted a message on Questions about lava: dousing with water and can I escape from it?

    I always use nearby stone or walls to pour water over lava, easiest. As to getting out: if you wear a full set of so called "god armor" (diamond armor with the highest level & collection of enchants) then you can fall into lava, even take a small swim, and then climb out safely. Your armor may get damaged, but nothing which Mending can't fix.

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