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    posted a message on I Have A Question About Falling Blocks

    I seriously fail to understand the use and need here. Why not simply /setblock a bookshelf at the right locations?

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    posted a message on fill help

    That would be the /fill command, look here for its syntax. And check this link for the required data types.

    You'll need to specify the block type and its variant.

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    posted a message on How do I convert an ancient PC into a Minecraft Server?

    There's only one thing you need: the drive and motivation to learn how this whole thing works, and then work around all that.

    For example: a 32bit machine has a max. memory size of 4Gb where 2Gb will be effectively used. That's a limitation but you can work around it. Linux is a good choice for an operating system but don't think that just installing Linux is enough. You'll have to tune / customize it. Don't start or uninstall services you don't need, tune the system for maximum performance (you'll probably be looking at compiling your own kernel) and also make sure that your environment is safe (don't run Minecraft as root, k?).

    Next step is knowing how Minecraft works. It runs on Java so you'll have to know how that works. Optimize the JVM by using the right command line parameters to start it for example.

    Then comes knowing how Minecraft itself works. If your players scatter around then that'll cost more resources (more chunks get loaded) than if they're stocking around a bit. You might want to try and work around that by setting up a specific gameplay. Maybe setting up a designated area where players can live, and something dedicated for resources.

    It definitely sounds like an interesting project and with the right tools I'd say it should be doable. Just don't expect the ability to host 500 users all at once, that will probably be stretching it (even with maximum memory). But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with this!

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    posted a message on What version did you think Minecraft went wrong for you? [POL]

    Although I also enjoy modded gameplay I'm actually quite a fan of vanilla. My normal de-facto game is Minecraft + OptiFine + Resourcepack.

    Quite frankly I think Minecraft has reached a peak, for me 1.12.2 is the best version out there so far, I'm still enjoying it.

    Sure it has stuff I don't really care for (Polar bears and Llama's come to mind) but it also has stuff I do care for. Husks and Strays are a welcome variation to the hostile mobs, which can really spice up gameplay for example. Even more important: there are also players who DO care for these mobs, a friend of mine can go crazy with their Llama herd / collection.

    But I also enjoy how Mojang keep an eye out for customization as well. You no longer have to rely on MCEdit, Schematica or WorldEdit to copy your buildings because you can now also use structure blocks (and they even abide to in-game rules like redstone and such). You don't have to mock around with a Creative inventory because you have hotbar slots which you can even swap (9 total) and Mojang even keeps an eye out for details to make things better (think about F3-n to switch between Creative and Spectator).

    And that's not even mentioning the mind blowing stuff which you can do with commands, command blocks, functions and redstone.

    Then add the (toggleable & customizable) recipe book, the multi-function offhand (pick + torch (and OptiFine's dynamic light) = mining heaven) and the overall same game mechanic I grew so fond off several years ago and yah... I'm still a happy player.

    You may not realize this but Mojang even added something for your enjoyment OP: the continuous ability to play older versions of the game.

    Most game developers go "yah, duh!" and force you to stick with the most recent version. Most also don't bother to continue to make older stuff available for downloads (think about older game patches) because resources, effort and "get with the program already: the latest = the greatest!".

    Mojang even does that part a whole lot differently.

    It's easy to complain, but it might help to stop and think for a moment about all the stuff you actually got over time. Including access to older versions. It's all too easy to take all of this for granted, don't you think?

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    posted a message on Minecraft Social Experiment

    If the only feature you provided was the ability to gain operator status and then get into creative then I think those reactions were to be expected. I mean: what specific extra detail did you add to the game? People could just have easily fired up a single player game and used that.

    I also can't help wonder if people actually realized the OP part, because if they did then you can be sure some would use that to grief.

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    posted a message on Vanilla Optimizations

    One very important aspect which you seem to have missed: Ever since the new launcher got released Minecraft no longer relies on a locally installed Java environment but instead downloads and uses its own runtime. And because the runtime is pretty old in comparison (1.8.0_25 vs. 1.8.0_144) some tricks may not have the required results, depending on which version you're using.

    So next to changing the JVM arguments it's sometimes also required to specifically use a different JVM.

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    posted a message on What makes a 'quality' Minecraft mod for you?
    Interesting question! Been a while since I saw a thread which actually looked interesting to me.
    Quote from C1ff»

    There are a lot of mods out there.[citation needed] But I a lot of them are ugly or unappealing in my opinion. Things like HD textures or bad GUI design can ruin a good mod for me.

    So, what makes a 'good' or 'quality' mod for you, or what are some less-than-obvious things you don't like about certain mods?

    It heavily depends on the kind of mod. I play with 2 kinds of mods: vanilla enhancements (think about Voxelmap, DurabilityShow, etc. and game enhancers (which fully change the game itself; think about RFTools, Iron Chests, Tinkers Construct, etc.).

    In all cases I prefer a clean installation and decent setup. So; mod goes into the mods folder (easy enough), customization can be done using the config file and part of that customization should also include options to change (or totally remove) any optionally used hotkeys.

    When it comes to gameplay (now mostly referring to "tech mods") then abiding to standards is key to me. For example: there are several standards when it comes to "Minecraft energy" an one of the most (?) used is RF, which stands for Redstone Flux. So I really need mods to play nicely with each other, even if they use their own kind of energy (of course: that would usually be enough reasons for me not to include it in my mod collection).

    For example: Actually Additions is a tech mod which uses Crystal Flux for energy. However it has no problems to interact with RF based mods, and even more important: although the conversion rate isn't 1 - 1 it doesn't unbalance itself (for example: if a CF generator takes 5 minutes to power something then a RF generator won't suddenly take 5 seconds).

    Next step: in-game documentation. TechMods can be quite complex, and their 'starting curve' isn't always easy to learn from using JEI. So having an in-game manual (preferably one which you must craft yourself) is really a pro feature to me. And some are really good at this (I especially enjoy Botania and VoidCraft with this).

    Finally: a decent learning / starting curve. I don't mind that some mods will eventually require custom items to build stuff (in fact: that's what I expect from them) but I do think they should keep an eye out for balancing. Allow me to work my way up so to speak. And keep it appealing if possible.

    I really enjoy some of the RFTools collection recipes because they can really add up; using vanilla items to craft "tech components" which can then be used to craft more complex tech components.

    For example: normally you'd eventually build a furnace to smelt your items. 8 cobble, easy enough. So then some mods allow you to build yourself a metal furnace; now you'd use 8 iron. And the added enhancement is that it works a bit longer than stone because of the metal casing (which also picks up on the heat).

    Then you can use that as a basis, add some electronics, and suddenly you got yourself a furnace which can create heat from using energy (RF). So you can really slowly enhance on your gameplay, one step at a time.

    E.G. I really hate when a mod fills NEI or JEI with a bunch of technical or debug items. It's really distracting when you just want to find the item you're trying to craft.

    Why? That's a very important feature. You do realize that you can easily use multiple searches, right?

    @modname normal name

    So if I needed a battery from RFTools I could use: @rfto battery
    If I simply need any kind of battery: battery

    And so forth; mods using JEI is in my opinion an essential feature. Also because JEI provides usable crafting recipe details, even provides some limited auto crafting.
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    posted a message on Message upon joining?

    Repeating command block / always active: execute @a[tag=!welcomed] ~ ~ ~ function welcome/player.

    Then in your save / world folder find the data/functions subfolder. Create a new folder called 'welcome' and in there create a textfile called "player.mcfunction". so you'd end up with: data/functions/welcome/player.mcfunction.

    Then add this to the file:

    title @s title {"text":"Welcome!","color":"red"}
    scoreboard players tag @s add welcomed

    You can pretty much add anything you'd like in there. If you want to give players something to help them get started, here is the place to do that. Just make sure that the scoreboard command is kept last.

    In addition I also suggest to place the repeating command block on a spawn chunk, so that it's always loaded and active.

    It can also be done using only command blocks but since we have functions these days I believe you should use 'm :)

    (edit): you may need to use /reload in order to reload any changes you made in those functions.

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    posted a message on My thoughts on 1.13's new Default Resource Pack, and Minecraft's evolution in general.
    Generally speaking I can agree with you, however...
    Quote from ctmsm»

    But then, after a while nobody minded the new combat system, because it wasn't actually bad, it was better than the old one, AKA the click mashing contest.

    That is actually not quite true. Many players simply gave up on upgrading entirely and stuck with 1.7 or 1.8, you can see this yourself when looking for very specific PVP servers; many still run on older versions. The same applies to some plugins as well: some are only usable on 1.7/1.8 (also with a pvp emphasis) yet despite that they're still being actively maintained (so we're not talking outdated plugins, but plugins specifically maintained for 1.7/1.8).
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    posted a message on i was thinking about sponsoring somebody server'

    If you want to sponsor someone's server then find something you like and use their regular ways of sponsoring them. This doesn't sound trustworthy at all to me not to mention pretty useless. What good will a new server be for someone who already has one?

    Also: you give a username / password which is no guarantee that the server doesn't have any backdoors and such. And of course people will have to take your word for all this, which doesn't really mean a lot on the Internet.

    If you really want to help someone out then donate to them as specified by that server, otherwise it won't really help anyone out.

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    posted a message on Advancement

    This isn't possible at this time. If you check the wiki page on advancements (the section about the JSON format) you can see so for yourself. My assumption is that this will become possible in Minecraft 1.13.

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    posted a message on The first 1x1 redstone lamp display? Damn son.
    Quote from mincerafter42»

    (I do realize that this uses observers, which didn't exist when this topic was created)

    Nice going! I have to say that although this is the least important aspect of such builds I still think that the observers make it look pretty good. It looks a bit more solid / sterner than your regular screen designs (but then again: that is pretty unimportant with these kinds of builds).

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    posted a message on Did the version selection option split up the community?
    Quote from JesseMC4060»

    This is more or less a theory I have, that the version selection option tab split up, and continues to split up, the Minecraft community.

    Options don't split up communities, players / people do. If the option wasn't there you can be sure people would have found other ways.

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    posted a message on How can I get animals to spawn on my jungle island? I'm trying to get a parrot to spawn.
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Also, if you have Optifine enabling "smooth world" (video settings, performance) will unload the spawn chunks so they are not an issue.

    That's incorrect. Best it does is spread out the FPS load but it doesn't unload the spawn chunks. Proof of concept is my redstone world. I have this option turned on and had to cope with a contraption which had issues due to chunks unloading as such I moved it onto the spawn chunks. Well, it doesn't matter anymore where I am in the world, I can even be 10k blocks out, but this contraption never unloads.

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    posted a message on Looking for a mine cart unloader with single-direction of travel, passthrough.
    Quote from LambdaCube»

    I'm quite confused about this. It looks like a mine cart that comes out of your unloader will just continue to go around the track in a circle and never enter the unloader again.

    Correct, this was just a test setup I made a few months ago and is not fully related to your issue. But it can be easily adjusted. Make sure that the switch is set to 'forward' in its default state (so it passes carts), then place an activator rail before it. That will force the switch to change, thus moving the cart into the unloader. When the cart has passed the activator rail will turn off and the switch is set back to normal, so the cart will continue onto the same route.

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