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    posted a message on Inspirationless

    The best thing I've found to revitalize the adventure of vanilla survival play is to start a hardcore world. Suddenly, everything in the game matters a whole lot more. For example, one becomes very, very happy to find one's first coal and iron veins. Danger lurks around every corner. Just digging down to the lava layer becomes a harrowing battle sometimes.

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    posted a message on Mysterious Arrow ...

    I don't know what caused it, but I was shooting arrows while looking for a glitched/invisible horse (which are all over in my pasture). I exited Minecraft and came back and the arrows were like that. Three or four times it happened. Vanilla 1.12.2.

    Of course, I know the arrows came from me, but this is a large biome world and I've not even found a frozen biome at all, so there are no Strays here. I've never collected dragon's breath and these were regular arrows.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Minecraft day 100 in my vanilla, hardcore, single biome desert world I'm now calling "The Oasis."

    However, I'm not currently at the oasis. I'm about 1.2 km away at a location where I have constructed a villager breeder. It's right beside the future site of my skeleton spawner XP farm. While I decided not to AFK fish farm before slaying the dragon, I didn't mind waking up this morning and leaving my computer running all day as I was at work. It wasn't to "get ahead." I already have an over abundance of villagers in my world, of course—not to mention Mending for 14 emeralds. I just wanted to make certain the villagers will breed. They did!

    As I have cheap (<E20) access to Infinity (both in the breeder and in the world), the skeleton farm's arrows will be unneeded surplus. Too bad fletchers don't buy them. Neither do I need bone meal as Fortune III on my pick provides an overflow of potatoes and carrots. I will use it primarily to repair Mending equipment and fuel enchantments. I like skeleton spawner XP farms. I don't think they're too slow. I just AFK and surf the Internet as they fill up. Gives me a break. They're relaxing, in my opinion.

    I kidnapped relocated the testificates from the nearby village by simply pushing them into carts on rails. Though I found an abandoned mineshaft back at the oasis, traveling all the way there, then finding it, then fighting for its tracks when I have ample amounts of iron (more than a stack of blocks) made little sense, so I crafted them from what I had on hand. After hacking down all the village's doors, I left the two butchers behind to their doom. There are no pigs, cows or chickens in this world, so butchers are a waste of space and resources. I watched the zombies set to work as the sun sat behind the village.

    The population in the bubble city is thriving. Every so often, I take an axe to the green coats and white aprons, but it doesn't seem to faze the living. It's suppose to keep them from breeding for some short amount of time, but from what I can tell, it doesn't. At least, not noticeably. It's not like I'm keeping them in the bubble against their will. I tell them all the time, any time someone wants to leave, they're free to go.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Minecraft day 48 in my vanilla, hardcore, single biome desert world.

    After looting temples and smithies on my way to the oasis, I began branch mining. When I had exactly enough diamonds to forge a full suit of armor, a pick, and an enchantment table, I did so. At the same time, I had exactly 30 levels, so it was also time to construct bookshelves with stolen borrowed books from village libraries and start enchanting.

    On the table, none of the armor pieces had Protection (or Unbreaking) as options, so I enchanted the pick with Fortune III. I forgot to name it Hailstorm, but plan to do so later. I then imbued Hailstorm with one of the four Mending books I purchased near my spawn, about 3 km from the oasis.

    The whole process expended five levels, so after some deliberation, I decided not to add Mending to any of the diamond armor.

    I'm out of diamonds and don't have a diamond sword yet, but I rarely enter combat, so it's not a pressing concern.

    Though I would really, really like fire resistance potions, I've not yet entered the Nether. In fact, I've not done anything since forging my first diamond pick.

    (Above) With 30 levels and four Mending books, I'm ready to build an enchanting station.

    (Above) The enchanting station is as plain as it gets, but it's fully-powered.

    (Above) Forging Hailstorm on the anvil. I'd love to have Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV, but Fortune III is a godsend.

    (Above) My first suit of iron armor isn't that beat up so I expect the diamond to hold out nicely as I enchant it piece by piece.

    (Above) The oasis, MC day 48.

    (Above) The sun sets over the oasis on MC day 48.

    I haven't gotten around to making an infinite village breeder yet. Other than Mending, all the villages around are junk. Farmers are particularly rare and I make my emeralds primarily from potatoes and carrots, though paper is also a big seller.

    As shown in my last post, I have a skeleton spawner. So, I may relocate there to repair my Mending items and fuel enchanting, not to mention collect arrows for combat. It's only about 1 km away . . .

    . . . However, the oasis feels like home, so for now, I remain.

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    While I am still enjoying my last hardcore world (see above), I started another hardcore world inspired by this thread. The only options were "hardcore" and "single biome (desert)."

    I hadn't given desert single biome a try since before 1.9 made dead bushes drop sticks. While I'm still waiting for planks made from sticks, it was a step in the right direction. Though one can get a creeper to blow up stone to make cobble, one can't turn cobble into a pick without a crafting table.

    There are villages, but I don't like relying on villages in my challenge worlds.

    Of course there are abandoned mineshafts for wood, but that relies too heavily on the RNG for me. Spawn too far from one and starvation is immanent. Digging without tools is no fun at all, either. I just don't like hunting for abandoned mineshafts in desert worlds (though I'm fine with it for mesa worlds!).

    I chose the lesser of my two dislikes and made a desert world without changing any options. I knew there would be a whole lot of temples and villages, and with villages came all sorts of food. While that doesn't make for much of a challenge world (like my two favorites, Frozen River and Mesa), I figured it would be fun. That's what the game's all about.

    (Above) For a barren world of infinite sand, there sure is a lot of water.

    I spawned in a river and went toward the nearest village, which was on the horizon of my 32-chunk render distance.

    Of the very first two villagers I saw, one was a librarian.

    Yes, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be really, really funny this time, considering what happened last time, if the first testificate and librarian I meet was again selling Mending for a cheap price? Oh, wow wouldn't that be really rich!"

    (Above) Nope. Wasn't any funnier this time around.

    Not only was he selling it for cheap, it's the cheapest price possible: 14 emeralds. I gnashed my teeth. I wasn't even going to get the chance to put this guy in glass, I doubted.

    I left the village and eventually traveled west. Where I found something completely unexpected . . .

    (Above) A tree!

    . . . A tree! I didn't think trees would grow in the desert! Indeed, they don't, but they do in the river biomes, and along one's bank is where I found it.

    It was at that moment, I decided to take the world seriously, even though I already had one going strong. Of course, with this being hardcore, a backup won't hurt!

    I journeyed farther to the west, spotting a skeleton spawner along my trek.

    I continued for about 3,000 blocks before I spotted another tree. Walking closer revealed a green oasis.

    About 3,000 blocks from spawn, I finally found "home."

    I'll keep everyone posted on this world. I didn't play much, but I've managed all iron tools, partial iron armor and a bow so far. Time to branch mine.

    Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: End of first day pics (MC day 14):

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    posted a message on When might you use cheats in survival mode?
    Quote from Cryptopian»

    Do you ever use creative in your survival worlds? And if so, under what circumstances?

    No, and I would never do so under any circumstances.
    Quote from Cryptopian»

    However, I was doing a big build with bricks yesterday, and I kept running out of bricks/clay and had to waste a bunch of time chasing around the world looking for more clay. I seriously considered using the "Open to LAN" hack to jump into creative and just finish the build that way. I didn't do it. Not yet. But I'm still thinking about it.

    Don't. You'll always think about it every time you look at the big project. It will be there in the back of your mind. Just keep plugging and you'll be glad you did when you're finished.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Zeno410»

    The sliver of desert is something the vanilla biome layout does. It puts a desert border around Mesa and I'm not really sure why. I assume there are problems with junctions between Mesas and some other biomes but I put in an option to suppress those edges in Geographicraft and everything looked fine to me, or at least better than those goofy little desert slivers. I always thought the vanilla Mesa-Extreme Hills junction was particularly problematic because the desert drops down between those two elevated biomes.

    I play Hardcore most of the time and I rarely die. You just have to play very conservatively. With that village start you should be able to go a really long time.

    Hey, thanks for that info about the desert border. I didn't know that!

    I don't think I've died at all in hardcore this year, but I've died a dozen or times since I started playing in May of 2013—but there's a big difference between learning how to play Minecraft and being a veteran player!

    I have a few games where I'm pretty well settled with full iron everything, ready to go branch mining. If I'd just keep away from the game when I shouldn't be playing, I'd be fine. Also, if I'd just make a run for the dragon, rather than stopping part way to build castles and explore for fun . . . Yeah. But, then it's not a game for me. If I'm branch mining and I come across a ravine, I explore it. Is that a good idea in iron armor? No, but it's fun. :lol:
    Quote from keevelish»

    Most recent version of our server's villager trading center: fully automated, with a breeder, villager sorter, 6 potato and carrot farms, 8 wheat farms and a pumpkin/melon smasher farm. All storage is via shulker loaders and the boxes are pumped up to the trading center.

    Wow. That's quite an amazing testificate city!

    Why are the fields so big, though? I mean, wouldn't you rather have more small fields with more farmers? I don't know much about villager trading. I have a single breeder, but I haven't paid much attention to it since I was just looking for one with Mending.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Yesterday, I started a new vanilla hardcore world. I play hardcore about half the time. The other half I spend in Midgard, my vanilla single player world began July 2, 2014.

    Sometimes I die, which is common in hardcore, of course. Other times, I simply move to a new world. I've yet to beat the Ender Dragon in hardcore, but I've never actually tried to do so. While I may set out with that intention, I always end up playing just for fun, building and farming and having a good time until the inevitable.

    Other than large biome, I chose no options and no seed. I like large biome worlds as the biomes are 16 times larger than standard, which in my opinion is still pretty small, but I describe my normal play style as "distant adventurer."

    I spawned high up on a jagged mountain jutting out of the ocean like a spike. The main landmass, as far as I could tell, was quite a swim into the distance. I needed wood and food, so there was no staying on the rock. Oh well, at least I won't have to worry about ever spawning here again! :lol:

    Okay, that laugh trailed off into bitter realization, but I digress . . .

    Looking across the bay, the mountain range was really wild, not to mention very tall, almost like amplified terrain:

    I saw a couple spruce trees atop the mountain at my 32-chunk render distance's farthest edge.

    No time to fall in love with the scenery; my hunger meter was ticking. (In hardcore, if you starve, you die.) No telling how long it would take me to swim the bay and climb the mountains (especially without any possessions at all). Travelling 500 blocks, half of them ocean and the other half mountains, was likely to take me right up to dusk. With no iron, I'd have no shield to defend against the skeleton archer's arrows. With no wool, I wouldn't be able to sleep the dangerous night away.

    With no food, none of that would matter.

    I dove into the water and started swimming.

    When I climbed out of the water and made it to the top of the first ridge, my view was much more heartening: a village! More importantly, closer trees.

    I hoped that I would be able to find wool quick enough to get to sleep before the village was overrun at night by zombies.

    Being a large biome world, I really thought the terrain was weird: extreme hills, mesa, and a sliver of desert slicing between the two.

    Luckily, I did find just enough sheep to make a bed by the time I got to the village.

    I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be hilarious if one of the villagers here sold Mending for a cheap price considering I can't get it for less than 30-some emeralds in my three-year-old main world? Wouldn't that be so funny?"

    The #1 very first villager I met:

    It wasn't funny.

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    posted a message on What Happened Here?
    Quote from TheRealFanatic»

    I was not here "in the beginning" and so I feel a little like an outsider.

    The trouble is, we old guard feel a bit like outsiders now. So many of the regulars are gone that it's mostly strangers around here now. This change happened fast, quickened by arrogant apathetic choices made by Twtich.

    Minecraft sold, what? 20 million copies last year? The forums aren't dead because interest in Minecraft has waned. They're dead because Twitch is clueless.

    But, I digress . . .

    Luckily, you don't have to have been here in the beginning to be accepted. To be a good member of the Survival forum "community"—if there ever was such a thing, let alone if there is now—simply post somewhat regularly (once a day or so), answer questions when you can, ask about what you don't know, and sometimes post what you've done in your survival world now and again. That's it. Pretty simple. We're not picky, especially now that we're so few.

    However, you've entered a tangent conversation in my thread that was primarily directed toward veterans—people who have been a member since the before 2014 or so, while keeping in mind that many have been a member since 2011 even (just look at LoRaM100 above). I can't imagine 800 posts a day knowing how wild 400 was! When I joined (after a full year of lurking), it was hard to keep a new topic on the front page for 24 hours. If one logged in only once a day, the first three pages probably had new topics and replies. Let that sink in. That is not the MinecraftForum of today. Not even in the same ball park. Not even the same sport.

    So, no, you're not really invited to this party and you really shouldn't have tried to crash it. You've been here less than a year. You're just flat not qualified to talk about "the old days."

    That doesn't mean you aren't welcome. You most certainly are! :) I'm glad you've taken an interest in the forums and hope you'll continue to post! I'll be happy to read and comment on your progress!

    But, let me direct your efforts. You've already recognized one issue with your play style—in the past, you've given up on worlds before maturation. You've learned better, learned to stick with a world, to keep it for longer than a year and thus, these amazing, wonderful survival single player worlds that you see some others have will be yours. That's all it takes: time.

    My advice to you, if you want to join the "in crowd" here, is to make posts in the "What Have You Done Recently?" thread that's pitifully about ready to drop off the front page. It has several hundred subscribers. You'll have a wide audience. Just post screenshots of your world and talk a little about what you've done. That's the kind of stuff TheMasterCaver was talking about.

    Be the new guard, TheRealFanatic! The post Oct. 23, 2017 guard! We need all the blood we can get around here!

    I'm drunk.

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    posted a message on Lost Horse Canyon: Found a Horse From My Castle . . . Deep Underground in a Random Ravine About 2,500 blocks Away
    Lost Horse Canyon
    Part II

    To very be clear, here's precisely what happened last night: after saddling Speedy, I chiseled stairs out of the side of the ravine and rode him, not actually to Castle Midgard, but to my oldest outpost, Ranch 34*, about 1 km west of the castle. I decided to leave him there because I was getting sleepy and was ready just to rocket the rest of the way home, which I did.

    Upon my return to the castle, there was no Speedy in the pasture. Why would he be? I had just found him in what's now Lost Horse Canyon and rode him to Ranch 34, where he remained.

    That's when I wrote almost all of the OP.

    However, obviously, the whole story was just too much to swallow.

    Before clicking submit, I went to my five-day-old temporary backup file, made a copy of it, played it, opened it to LAN with cheats, and changed my mode to creative.

    I was very sleepy and in a big hurry, so I didn't glance over and see if ol' Speedy was in the pasture; I just flew to the canyon where I found him again and took a couple screenshots for this thread to complement those I had already taken live.

    That was double confirmation, enough to make the post. He wasn't at the castle when I returned (very important) and a creative copy showed he really was at the canyon . . . so I made the post and went to bed.

    Not having anything to do today (it's cold and rainy here, no work outside), I got up and investigated further.

    I loaded another copy of that same temporary backup from five days ago, but this time I looked in the pasture. Speedy was there. Uh-oh. Would a clone of him be at the ravine, too? Yes. Yes, he had a duplicate in the canyon.


    The strange story doesn't end there, though.

    I delved deeper into the problem.

    But first, some ranting and semi-off topic stuff in the spoiler:


    In version 1.8.9, I had a whole lot of problems with mobs duplicating and vanishing. It burns my blood to this day that Mojang so callously ignores MC-2025, the profoundly-negative five-year-old bug with multiple fixes offered by the community. No doubt, much of my problems stem from it. Further compounding the horse disappearing problem (did I mention Minecraft is a glitch-infested mess?), is the still-persistent glitch MC-101247 where a horse disappears upon dismounting, which is unrelated, to my knowledge.

    However, MC-65040 is at play as well; I have a whole lot of problems with mobs becoming invisible, and I see many others do as well. The trouble is, one doesn't notice if three or four cows or sheep go invisible in a livestock pen filled with dozens, but the way my castle is set up, I see mobs go invisible every play session. Speedy was't at the castle when I returned . . . because he was invisible.

    But, somehow, with all these horse-related bugs, Mojang still found time to make the horses look more blocky in the next update!

    Remembering my problems from 1.8.9, I read my post from Feb. 13, 2016: [1.8.9] Mobs Keep Copying. It's really a sore spot with me, if that wasn't obvious.

    I like the updates a lot. Despite being laughably far from Skyrim's combat, I think the new combat from 1.9 was an overall net positive—but mainly because of the off hand slot. Rocket boosting with elytra is my favorite thing ever. The only time I really strongly disagreed with Mojang's direction was with the Max Entity Cramming rule default for single player despite being a supposed lag fix for multi-player, and that's a pretty minor disagreement.

    However, their method of handling bugs is deplorable. I've never seen a video game development company do so bad of a job. They're just the worst in the industry when it comes to fixing bugs—and for multiple reasons, least of all the fact that they just don't fix them!

    Okay, no more complaining.


    [Off Topic]

    I keep a whole lot of backups. Once my world passed 3 GB, I slowed way down, and now that it's very nearly 5 GB, I try not to do so more than once every few days, once a week even. I have 171 backups totally 338 GB. It hurts me to say this, but I lost almost all of my backups and screen shots from 2015 (as well as some from 2014, like the Ender Dragon kill shot). My backups jump from Jan. 30 (MC Day 1,424) to Dec. 10, 2015 (1,838). That's 414 missing MC days, but I also take very long breaks, so some of that missing real-time dates might be because I just didn't play. I only play about six months a year. Still that's 138 hours of missing game play, which is probably about six months for me.

    [/Off Topic]

    * Ranch 34 is named after a now-closed real-life horse ranch I frequent, and it's also on the Z=34 axis. In Minecraft, Ranch 34 serves as an outpost at the mid point between the vast plains to the west and the castle 1 km to the east. I would bring captured horses from the plains to the ranch where they would be tested (later, I learned to just test horses on the spot).

    Knowing that I had a lot of issues with mobs duplicating, vanishing and turning invisible in version 1.8.9, I started to look through my backup files. First, I started with my latest permanent backup where I found his duplicate in the canyon. So, I went all the way back to the first save file of 2016, January 4. Not there. Okay, I had my two reference points. Only about 160 saves to go.

    That's when I read my post from Feb. 13, 2016: [1.8.9] Mobs Keep Copying. So, after I narrowed it down, indeed, Speedy appears to have duplicated the night of Jan. 13, 2016. I have save files from Jan 12 and 14, so it was definitive. Speedy's clone has been down in that ravine for more than a year of real time, or eight MC years—since MC day 2,222 and it's currently MC day 5,389 in Midgard.

    However, according to my old forum post on the matter, all the 1.8.9 duplicates vanished when I converted to 1.9 on March 16, 2016.

    So, I jumped into Minecraft and loaded my real current save game. There was Speedy in the pasture. But wait . . . He wasn't there before when I ended my session last night. He was at Ranch 34.

    Turns out, he was at the castle but was invisible, probably thanks to MC-65040. That's why he wasn't at the castle last night when I returned home.

    So, we're dealing with three bugs here, one that lets mobs glitch through walls to the other side (or suffocate), one that makes mobs invisible (but still audible, and able to be shot with arrows), and the remnants of a duplication glitch that apparently was fixed in 1.9. Again, none of this has to do with MC-101247 where a horse disappears upon dismounting.

    (Above) He's there in the upper-middle of the screenshot. Not shown: multiple invisible horses, pigs, chickens, and sheep. By the way, this is where I took a flying leap when I died in the screenshots from the OP. With my armor (minus breastplate) = one or two hearts damage. With none = death.

    I wondered if his clone would still be at Ranch 34 if what I considered to be "the real" Speedy was in the pasture at Midgard. I flew to Ranch 34 and found him there . . .

    (Above) There he is, right where I left him.

    Back at the castle, I hopped on ol' Speedy and rode toward Ranch 34 wondering what would happen if I brought the two into the same chunk.

    Bonus, before we get to that, here are some pictures of Midgard taken in survival mode at a very-playable render distance 48 using the new OptiFine pre-release that allows the slider to go to render distance 64(!):

    All images are 1920x1080, open in new tab to view.

    (Above) Looking west toward Ranch 34, Bleach Bone Forest extends more than 1 km past the 48-chunk render distance. This is why I want an increased render distance: the Twilight Watchtower just isn't quite visible from inside Castle Midgard at 32 chunks. Clouds are turned off in the options for the screen shots, but they would look small from up here atop Midgard Tower at Y=256. The last structure barely visible on the far horizon is Rose Hill Bridge, erected in December of 2015.

    (Above) A fell moon rises over Mt. Olympus, the world spawn. The sunken Brinemire Swamp is visible to the northeast.

    (Above) Looking north toward the frozen Witherfell and the great ocean border. King's Road, which is just a clearing of the trees through Bleach Bone Forest, is plainly visible. I may cobble and gravel it someday, but I doubt it. Bleach Bone Forest is an immense birch forest. Remember, Midgard is a large-biome world, making its biomes 16 times bigger than standard, so when I say it's massive, it truly is.

    (Above) The Olympian Mountains stretch south halting Bleach Bone Forest's spread to the west. In the upper-center of the screenshot is a small, square fort that encloses a staircase down to the stronghold and End portal. The three-block-wide path that runs south cuts to the east where it goes to another stronghold base perhaps 1.5 km or so from the castle. I wrote a two-part short story about building one of the bridges on that road in the "What Have You Done Recently" megathread here and here.

    (Above) Looking up at Midgard Tower. I started to add some embellishments to the tower recently, but I'll probably remove them soon.

    (Above) Looking up at the tower from the garden courtyard. No decorative arching masonry on this side, and I think I like it better plain.

    I spurred Speedy to his 12+ m/s sprint, a slow crawl compared to the elytra's 32 m/s, but I remember when I once considered it a thundering gallop!

    First, we crossed the short Black Sheep Bridge:

    Then, Longbridge:

    Then Rose Hill Bridge:

    And last, we arrived at Ranch 34 where the two duplicates met face-to-face . . .

    I hopped the fence to the center pen to keep the two separated as I considered my options. I saved and quit Minecraft, stopped writing this post and went out to feed my real horses, then eat dinner.

    A couple hours pass.

    When I returned moments ago, I opened Minecraft and . . . dropped to the ground. The Speedy from the castle that I was riding disappeared right out from under me. I literally watched myself fall from mounted height.

    As I wondered around the ranch, I noticed Lightning and some other named horses were gone, but there's only one fence in Ranch 34, so it's possible they glitched through it and wandered off. So, I flew back to Midgard to take a look.

    Back at the castle, the older skeleton horses were all invisible, so I took a pic, saved and quit, then opened the world again, expecting to see maybe one or two horses that had been previously invisible. What I saw was far more perplexing.

    (Above) No skeleton horses in the pen as they are invisible. The ones on the outer pen, I don't care if they wander away. Mojang killed any chance of them ever being worthwhile mounts by making them all have the same stats. The invisible skeleton horses are from 1.10.2 and all have different stats.

    (Above) After a save and quit. No new skeleton horses, but what's that horse in the middle?

    (Above) Speedy?!?!?!

    It makes no sense, but there's now a (third?) Speedy back at the castle.

    To be continued . . .

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