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    posted a message on [Vanilla SSP Journal][1.7.10-1.12] To Make a Gold Farm

    Though I have very much wanted to update this thread several times, my "unlimited" Internet plan from Verizon has been throttled (a synonym for limited) and will continue to be so for about five more days. I can't even view threads with more than a few pictures, including this one. We watched Netflix for a couple nights and that's enough to do it. So, I can't finish my "Thermopylae of Hades" story until I'm able to upload several pictures in a moment's time. Right now, it takes a couple minutes to upload just one.

    However, I wanted to mention, since we talked about it in this thread (I think; can't really check), that I've since captured a couple more skeleton horses and their stats were identical—as well as being different than the others I have captured. So, there has definitely been a change to skeleton horses for the worse. Much worse, and that was a horrifically bad game design choice by Mojang. The skeleton horses I already had were worthless compared to an upper-mid-range horse, but as they can't have a lead rope attached, I doubt I would have ever used them anyway. So . . . Reduce their effectiveness even further? At the same time, remove their variety? Totally remove any chance that anyone would ever ride them as mounts? Why even let players saddle them at all?

    All that is, of course, compounded by the fact that elytra completely replaced horses after the rocket update. In addition to being far and away the fastest and most efficient form of transportation, the elytra have also proven invaluable during large scale building processes.

    One more thing, today, I again met a diamond-armored enemy on the field of battle:

    He was a worthy adversary. He clearly had a Power and Punch bow, and at the same time, he had Depth Strider III boots. I know they were, because retreating into the water—normally a safe haven—gave me no respite from his attack. He gave chase and was no less hampered by the water than I. Try as I might, I couldn't elude him.

    What the picture doesn't show is that there was a hoard of zombies behind me—a dozen, perhaps more—and their rank was mottled with creepers. As the glittering skeleton's arrows whistled past my ear, I heard them bury into the wall of rotten meat at my back. Not good. If he stuck enough of the walking dead, they would turn on him. I wanted my Looting III enchantment to do its work, so I had to land the final blow.

    I dove into the water, not to slow the skeleton, but to limit the battle field to he and I, we being the only two who could wade as fast as we could dodge and sprint. He didn't take the bait. Instead, he stood on the bank and fired away, most of his arrows finding their mark. I was hungered and down to half my hearts, arrows streaking through the rain all around me.

    That's when the zombies sought their revenge and piled onto their victim. He shrugged them off, but I didn't know how much more he could take considering I had already delivered a Power V arrow right to his skull. I rushed the shore and dove into the melee hacking and slashing, desperately trying to slay the diamond skeleton. A nearby creeper charged to detonate, but I loosed a flaming Punch II arrow from my off hand just in time, sending him flying back an instant before he could explode.

    One more scything sweep of Frost Fate's Sharpness V blade and the path was clear. As I surged forward, the skeleton back peddled, drawing his bow for one last shot, but my sword was quicker. I chopped through his bow, sending his bones scattering.

    My prize was a single pair of diamond leggings, though I was hoping for his boots at least.

    They went into one of the junk equipment chests in Old Tower's cellar.

    I can't wait to update this thread with the gold farm. It's really impressive.

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on Trouble breeding my villagers

    There may not be anything wrong with it; in my experience, breeding a single pair of villagers together takes a long, long time. Of course, since it's based on chance, it might only take a few minutes. I waited like 15 minutes or so—a long time to watch a kettle boil—and they never bred. I put a few more in with them and it went a lot quicker. Five or six will breed somewhat quickly.

    You can feed them both manually, too. Just throw carrots or potatoes at their feet. That will help speed the process.

    However, I just would bury a set of three doors and surround the villagers with two-block-thick walls of glass. So much easier and far safer. I'd never keep villagers within solid walls due to the five-year-old bug, MC-2025.

    Here's a reply I made to someone else here recently:

    Quote from Sharpe103»

    I've only bred villagers in captivity, which is what I would strongly suggest you do. Once you get as many as you'd like, release them. With only three villagers, in a natural setting, it could take hours for them to breed. They may never do so. Even in captivity, it will take some time.

    My suggestion is to corral these three villagers in a small glass bubble (4x4 or so of space) with two-block wide walls. Use glass so they don't glitch into the walls and suffocate. Make it two blocks thick so zombie's don't glitch through it and they don't glitch out. Put a roof on it with a little trap door or two so you can toss down potatoes to feed the villagers since you unfortunately don't have a farmer.

    Feed them a lot of potatoes.

    Then, very nearby, dig down five blocks below the ground level of the villagers. Next, dig over three blocks. In those three blocks, place doors—all three facing the same way, toward the down shaft your just dug. The last door will be on the down shaft. You can then column up or stair step out however you'd like, but don't cover the block above the exposed door with anything except glass blocks. Leave a hole to open air where the door last stands.

    You'll have to feed the villagers, but otherwise, you have an infinite breeder.

    Here are some screenshots of my breeder from my ongoing journal . . .

    (Above) Notice the hole in the floor in the lower-left corner. That's where the three doors are buried. Nothing but glass separates it from the sky. I have my villagers in a potato patch because the farmers will feed them. Clearly, the breeder is overburdened beyond its maximum capacity and I need to cull the herd.

    (Above) Looking down at the hole where the doors are buried. You can see the outer door.

    (Above) I dug out the side so I could take screenshots. I placed torches to illustrate the number of blocks. Down five, over three.

    (Above) Looking up toward the sky. Glass seals the five-block-deep hole.

    There are many, many other ways to make an infinite breeder, but this was the quickest and simplest I found. I glossed over and oversimplified all the mechanics, but you can read more about the details on the wiki.

    Hope that helps!
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    posted a message on How do you quickly located and get to Woodland Mansions?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I'd consider a mansion "just" 10,000 blocks away to be impractically far away to ever consider going to . . .

    There's nothing practical about it. It's fun.
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    posted a message on How do you quickly located and get to Woodland Mansions?

    I'm the same way. In fact, I describe my play style as "distant adventurer."

    I collect different mementos and souvenirs at my main base as well.

    The potted jungle sapling is from my horseback ride to the jungle at 7667, 20,047 in my large-biome world, began July 2, 2014. Of course, that's only a 15-minute flight now with elytra, but that's a long, long way on horseback across the overworld! The tools are all the first of their kind to have ran out of durability and can't be enchanted or repaired any more (all in 1.8.x, way before Mending). There's a Nether Star above the nearest suit of iron armor, all of which is drops or from chests and some of which is god-tier for iron. The gray banner I already mentioned. The green banner is my first custom one ever; I copied its design form the Internet for my shield since I have the skin of an orc. The four maps are my first ever, though now I have more than a 4x4 area mapped, all fully zoomed out. And so on and so forth.

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    posted a message on How to get more iron ?

    thank you for the ideas guys , i think il just make a nother iron farm on top or near the one , or maby il make it in my spawn chuncks :)

    I noticed you are running OptiFine. I think OF's "smooth world" setting prevents spawn chunks from being used in such a way. So, you would have to turn it off for your iron farm to work while you're away, if I understand correctly. Someone more knowledgeable than I (e.g., every single person replying in this thread) might clarify.
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    posted a message on Navigating The End's outer islands
    Quote from LambdaCube»

    Holy crap! This is the best information I've heard all day. Seriously? That's amazing. This changes a lot, not only about my fighting in the end up playing the game in general. Thank you so much.

    Just remember that if you have a flame bow, and it doesn't go down from a hit, make sure to shoot it again if you want the sword's looting to work. If it dies from the flames of the Flame enchantment, it doesn't work.
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    posted a message on Banishment - An Underground Survival Challenge

    Sounds fun!

    Press F2 to take a screen shot. It's usually best to do so while in "F1" mode. In Windows, the screen shots go to "C:\Users\VampiressMedic\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots".

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    posted a message on Spider Jockeys Still Around?

    Well, well, well. Will you look what we have here . . .

    Screen shot taken about two hours ago. :lol: Guess I'm going to have to drop my suspicions about ZPM/zombie baby jockeys.

    But I was hesitant to voice them in the first place, unlike with spider jockeys. I'm still very suspicious of those. I really don't think I've seen one since 1.8.9.

    Quote from Herb_»

    Are they 1 hits?

    If you one-shot a ZPM, he doesn't get time to call his friends.

    You might want to keep one ZPM handy, trapped nearby, but healed (with splash harming potion); armoured; so you can tap him to make 'em all angry.

    You only need to do that once per 'session', because he'll stay angry until you leave (40 blocks). You'd only need to heal(harm) him like... every week or month, 'coz he'll take very little damage from a tap, if armoured up. You're rich, so give him some prot diamond or so.

    I'm sure you already know that the ones that can pick up armour from you, given armour, won't despawn.

    Ah. Yes, that was it. I let my gold farm run while I ate and started punching when I came back. Eventually, after about the tenth one hit, it survived and they all went berserk.

    I might have to try your ZPM "whipping boy" advice, too! :lol: Thanks!
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    posted a message on Please Help Design a 22-Block Long, 5-Block Wide Bridge's 12-Block Tall Supports

    I'm not a builder. Not in the slightest. I'm neither good at it, nor do I particularly enjoy it most of the time.

    This may not be an ideal gap to span, but I really need a 22-block long, 5-block wide, 12-block tall bridge and nothing I'm doing looks right to me.

    The top is of no concern, I'm talking about the supports below it—the general shape from the walking surface down.

    Here's a fly in the ointment—and I'm sure all these caveats is going to make getting a reply unlikely—it's actually an underground walkway and there will be another bridge below it. Moreover, it's a viewing area; visibility from the walkway is very important. I really don't think it needs any sort of rails or anything from the walking surface up.

    It can't be lit from above, so the real difficulty is the lighting.

    Here are some pictures so you can see the area I'm working with.

    Current (smooth stone is scaffolding):

    (Above) The far wall in the last image will be the map wall, and the map is so large it needs a viewing platform. I can't raise the ceiling (the whole castle is up there), so the map will be lower than eye level here.

    The walkway runs north-south. However, the floor at the bottom will be removed and will drop down to bedrock level far below.

    There will be an east-west bridge that runs in the center below it at the lower floor's level.

    Pretty well, the castle is all stone bricks with cobble floors. Smooth stone and andesite/polished andesite is used here and there.

    This is a vanilla survival single player world with no commands.

    With all these specifications, it probably going to be difficult to even get a reply, but perhaps the building community can help me out a little. Also, posting in threads like this help me organize my thoughts and helps me break builders block.

    Thanks for reading and for your time!

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    posted a message on [Vanilla SSP Journal][1.7.10-1.12] To Make a Gold Farm
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    Could be a change in a recent version, as all my trap horses came from 1.10.2 or before, but I cant find anything about that. I'll have to try a trap horse from this version in my speed tester, if I can get one!

    I swear I remember them having the exact same variation as regular horses.

    Your fastest horse is named Moonbeam, isn't that right, Mr. N?

    A speed of 12 m/s is pretty good. I only have a simple speedometer that measures to whole numbers, so I don't have an exact time, but my fastest horse is about 13 m/s and the horse I last rode the most commonly was 12. Of course, I just fly everywhere now. Horses went the way of the pig for me.
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