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    posted a message on Connecting Minecraft Win 10 to Java Edition servers?
    Quote from Herb_»
    Textbook Microsoft,
    1. Embrace: Development of software substantially compatible with a competing product, or implementing a public standard.
    2. Extend: Addition and promotion of features not supported by the competing product or part of the standard, creating interoperability problems for customers who try to use the 'simple' standard.
    3. Extinguish: When extensions become a de facto standard because of their dominant market share, they marginalize competitors that do not or cannot support the new extensions.
    I copy-pasted that without changing a word. I think it is obvious how bedrock, and its proprietory nature, fits this pattern.
    Time and time again. Good lesson.

    Take another. Walmart buys shirts from Acme Shirt Corp., but Acme sells to lots of suppliers. Walmart pays Acme $1 a shirt and orders a lot of shirts. To meet Walmart's demand, Acme stops selling to so many other places. Walmart buys even more. To meet that increased demand, Acme opens a new plant hiring lots of people. Great for the economy, right?

    Well, the next step is Walmart says, "We can only pay you $0.75 a shirt now." At that point, Acme has to eat the loss. It's lost customers and has opened a new plant; overhead up, customers down means they're stuck. Then, Walmart knows it can really squeeze. It can buy the company for pennies on the dollar, or, since it's probably already selling generic versions of the product anyway, it can just let them go out of business. Plenty of other shirt makers out there ready to take Acme's place. It's done that process over and over again.

    "But, Walmart's prices are lower!"

    No. Practically everything is more expensive now (including adjustment for inflation) than it was a decade ago, let alone two decades. I'm 36 and recall going to college paying out of my pocket working a part time job and co-renting a nice apartment. I didn't eat ramen every other meal, either. Try that today. Forget about it.

    Replace Walmart with Amazon and it's the same story.

    It's like the analogy of shortening the dog's chain. If you take it link by link over a long period of time, it won't realize how short it's become and it won't remember how long it was.
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    posted a message on Button that Toggles Between Two Different Functions

    Noice, I may use that for an automated portal activation/deactivation system. Mind providing a blueprint of it, or using this ( with a schematic of the whole system? Could allow me to build it myself, knowing what materials go where.

    I just rebuilt what Silver_Illusion posted. The entire setup is shown, other than that, as described, one dispenser contains flint and steel and the other a bucket of water. My attached image from post #6 shows the slight edit he suggested. You'll have to mess with setting the tick delays in the repeaters (by right clicking them) on a case-by-case basis.
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    posted a message on Button that Toggles Between Two Different Functions

    Nether portal to Thermopylae Fort in Castle Midgard's gold farm antechamber. Three-year-old vanilla hard-difficulty survival single player world.

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    posted a message on Button that Toggles Between Two Different Functions

    That worked! Thanks so much for your help, Silver_Illusion!

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    posted a message on Button that Toggles Between Two Different Functions

    Okay, works as requested . . .

    . . . But, now I'm hung up trying to get my double-pulse generator to work.

    The far dispenser lights the portal with flint and steel, and the other one has a bucket of water. It pours out and deactivates the portal, but it doesn't "double pulse" to suck the water back out of the portal. If I put a button on the chiseled stone block for testing, the double-pulse generator works fine.

    What am I doing wrong? Probably obvious to redstone users!

    Thanks again!

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C6 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Thanks sp614x! I've been in several Reddit threads preaching the good word.

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    posted a message on Button that Toggles Between Two Different Functions

    Hey, I'll check that out when I get a chance to play next. Thanks a lot!

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    posted a message on Button that Toggles Between Two Different Functions

    My Google search foo has failed me. I am not a redstone user in the slightest. I don't know the terminology at all. I searched, but lacking the vocabulary, I was unable to find an answer. The title of this thread was difficult to formulate.

    I have two dispensers. I have one button. When pressed, I want it to send its normal pulse of power to the first dispenser, but not the second. When pushed again, I want it to send its normal pulse of power to the second dispenser, but not the first. When pushed again, I want it to send its pulse back to the first dispenser. Again pushed, the signal goes to the second dispenser. Repeat ad infinitum.

    The answers I found all seemed to indicate I need to use a T flip-flop, and I have used one of those before, but it sends a constant signal—not a pulse like a button.

    Help would be appreciated.


    EDIT: Looks like I found what I'm seeking, but for some reason, it's not working for me, not yet at least.

    The piston keeps turning on and off over and over. However, I expect I'll eventually figure it out.

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    posted a message on [Vanilla SSP Journal][1.7.10-1.12] To Make a Gold Farm

    Though I have very much wanted to update this thread several times, my "unlimited" Internet plan from Verizon has been throttled (a synonym for limited) and will continue to be so for about five more days. I can't even view threads with more than a few pictures, including this one. We watched Netflix for a couple nights and that's enough to do it. So, I can't finish my "Thermopylae of Hades" story until I'm able to upload several pictures in a moment's time. Right now, it takes a couple minutes to upload just one.

    However, I wanted to mention, since we talked about it in this thread (I think; can't really check), that I've since captured a couple more skeleton horses and their stats were identical—as well as being different than the others I have captured. So, there has definitely been a change to skeleton horses for the worse. Much worse, and that was a horrifically bad game design choice by Mojang. The skeleton horses I already had were worthless compared to an upper-mid-range horse, but as they can't have a lead rope attached, I doubt I would have ever used them anyway. So . . . Reduce their effectiveness even further? At the same time, remove their variety? Totally remove any chance that anyone would ever ride them as mounts? Why even let players saddle them at all?

    All that is, of course, compounded by the fact that elytra completely replaced horses after the rocket update. In addition to being far and away the fastest and most efficient form of transportation, the elytra have also proven invaluable during large scale building processes.

    One more thing, today, I again met a diamond-armored enemy on the field of battle:

    He was a worthy adversary. He clearly had a Power and Punch bow, and at the same time, he had Depth Strider III boots. I know they were, because retreating into the water—normally a safe haven—gave me no respite from his attack. He gave chase and was no less hampered by the water than I. Try as I might, I couldn't elude him.

    What the picture doesn't show is that there was a hoard of zombies behind me—a dozen, perhaps more—and their rank was mottled with creepers. As the glittering skeleton's arrows whistled past my ear, I heard them bury into the wall of rotten meat at my back. Not good. If he stuck enough of the walking dead, they would turn on him. I wanted my Looting III enchantment to do its work, so I had to land the final blow.

    I dove into the water, not to slow the skeleton, but to limit the battle field to he and I, we being the only two who could wade as fast as we could dodge and sprint. He didn't take the bait. Instead, he stood on the bank and fired away, most of his arrows finding their mark. I was hungered and down to half my hearts, arrows streaking through the rain all around me.

    That's when the zombies sought their revenge and piled onto their victim. He shrugged them off, but I didn't know how much more he could take considering I had already delivered a Power V arrow right to his skull. I rushed the shore and dove into the melee hacking and slashing, desperately trying to slay the diamond skeleton. A nearby creeper charged to detonate, but I loosed a flaming Punch II arrow from my off hand just in time, sending him flying back an instant before he could explode.

    One more scything sweep of Frost Fate's Sharpness V blade and the path was clear. As I surged forward, the skeleton back peddled, drawing his bow for one last shot, but my sword was quicker. I chopped through his bow, sending his bones scattering.

    My prize was a single pair of diamond leggings, though I was hoping for his boots at least.

    They went into one of the junk equipment chests in Old Tower's cellar.

    I can't wait to update this thread with the gold farm. It's really impressive.

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on Efficient gold farm ?

    I'll note that I've since abandoned the AFK par of MND's design. No desire to AFK for gold any longer. Regardless if I want gold, a Looting III sword increases the output exponentially while also providing a fantastic about of XP to recharge Mending gear (and/or enchant, if you do so; I don't).

    Unfortunately, I can't return to updating my gold farm journal until after the 13th as my Internet is throttled until then. I plan to start working on the gold farm once again during my next play session.

    The only reason I use an overworld design rather than one on the Nether's roof is because I don't use glitches. Not that anything's wrong with those who do.

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    posted a message on Ocean Monument design questions and suggestions
    Quote from Herb_»
    iv class="quote-body">

    And advice about the look of the thing... I am thinking of maybe keeping the structure of the monument but clearing out the inside of it and making a grinder there. Does that sound sensible?

    Or should I remove the entire monument and build my own thing instead?
    This is a topic I dread. I know that one day, I'm going to undertake this Herculean ordeal, yet I do not look forward to it. At all.

    I've procrastinated on my gold farm build that I probably could have finished it and a guardian farm—and gold farms are the easiest. From what I understand, guardian farms are the worst sort of dredge. Good news for you is that you've accomplished what I've heard is the worst: getting rid of the water. Congratulations! :lol:

    How bad was it? How many hours do you figure it took? Looks like you used a redstone machine; details on it?

    You've hit every question I've had on the head. Total rebuild, or gut the inside? What is the spawn area of the guardians? What about under the floor where the support columns meet the ocean floor?

    Personally, I wanted to go for a stealth build, gutting the inside, but from the appearance of all the farms I've seen, it would be a lot easier to build a cubic design. As for what I'd suggest you do . . . I can't say I recall seeing any of your builds, Herb. Not a single one. Any links?
    Quote from Herb_» know...The usual first-week stuff.

    Ha! That sounds like a list of my accomplishments over the course of a few months.

    The OM is maybe for exp if it works well for that, but probably/mostly for prismarine.

    Prismarine crystals and shards to make sea lanterns is all I seek as well. No plans to mess with XP when I have multiple other options for that.
    Of course, Looting will greatly increase the haul, but I have a feeling after a bit of AFK'ing, I'll have all the sea lanterns I could ever use.

    My "main plan" (I guess) is to make the moosh island into a "paradise", with all the good vills and small but usable farms for pretty much everything. In nice builds,

    That sounds very cool!

    Keep us updated with pics of your progress!

    Thanks for the link. I only very recently started keeping bookmarks of Minecraft-related pages and I recall that thread.
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    posted a message on Eye of Ender ... but no stronghold?

    Good luck, fellow large biome world player! Slay that dragon!

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    posted a message on I need help on finding parrots...

    Yeah, they can, but it's my understanding that it's unlikely due to the difficulty of finding all the passive mobs in a ten-chunk area. That's not too hard in a biome like plains, but in the jungle, it's no easy task. As far as I know, if you've even missed one chicken than wandered down into the mouth of a cave, there won't be any new passive mobs spawn.

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    posted a message on Trouble breeding my villagers

    There may not be anything wrong with it; in my experience, breeding a single pair of villagers together takes a long, long time. Of course, since it's based on chance, it might only take a few minutes. I waited like 15 minutes or so—a long time to watch a kettle boil—and they never bred. I put a few more in with them and it went a lot quicker. Five or six will breed somewhat quickly.

    You can feed them both manually, too. Just throw carrots or potatoes at their feet. That will help speed the process.

    However, I just would bury a set of three doors and surround the villagers with two-block-thick walls of glass. So much easier and far safer. I'd never keep villagers within solid walls due to the five-year-old bug, MC-2025.

    Here's a reply I made to someone else here recently:

    Quote from Sharpe103»

    I've only bred villagers in captivity, which is what I would strongly suggest you do. Once you get as many as you'd like, release them. With only three villagers, in a natural setting, it could take hours for them to breed. They may never do so. Even in captivity, it will take some time.

    My suggestion is to corral these three villagers in a small glass bubble (4x4 or so of space) with two-block wide walls. Use glass so they don't glitch into the walls and suffocate. Make it two blocks thick so zombie's don't glitch through it and they don't glitch out. Put a roof on it with a little trap door or two so you can toss down potatoes to feed the villagers since you unfortunately don't have a farmer.

    Feed them a lot of potatoes.

    Then, very nearby, dig down five blocks below the ground level of the villagers. Next, dig over three blocks. In those three blocks, place doors—all three facing the same way, toward the down shaft your just dug. The last door will be on the down shaft. You can then column up or stair step out however you'd like, but don't cover the block above the exposed door with anything except glass blocks. Leave a hole to open air where the door last stands.

    You'll have to feed the villagers, but otherwise, you have an infinite breeder.

    Here are some screenshots of my breeder from my ongoing journal . . .

    (Above) Notice the hole in the floor in the lower-left corner. That's where the three doors are buried. Nothing but glass separates it from the sky. I have my villagers in a potato patch because the farmers will feed them. Clearly, the breeder is overburdened beyond its maximum capacity and I need to cull the herd.

    (Above) Looking down at the hole where the doors are buried. You can see the outer door.

    (Above) I dug out the side so I could take screenshots. I placed torches to illustrate the number of blocks. Down five, over three.

    (Above) Looking up toward the sky. Glass seals the five-block-deep hole.

    There are many, many other ways to make an infinite breeder, but this was the quickest and simplest I found. I glossed over and oversimplified all the mechanics, but you can read more about the details on the wiki.

    Hope that helps!
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    posted a message on Houdini Villagers


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