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    posted a message on Looking for 8 year olds to play games with my son

    Are you familiar with Multiplayer?
    When you launch Minecraft you can see the "Multiplayer" button.
    Click that to see the server list.

    Then select a server
    If you don't have any server listed you can search for servers here in minecraft forums or somewhere else in the internet.

    To add a new server to your server list:

    1. copy server address (for example: or or just search at
    2. Go to multiplayer
    3. Click on "Add Server"
    4. Change Server Name (optional)
    5. paste server address on "Server Address"
    6. Choose Server Resource Packs (optional, (prompt/enabled/disabled server's given resource pack))
    7. Click on "Done"

    For local LAN Party

    1. Go to singleplayer
    2. select world and click on "Play Selected World"
    3. Press 'Esc' key
    4. Click "Open to LAN"
    5. Choose Settings (optional, Game Mode:Survival/Spectator/Creative/Adventure, Allow Cheats:Off/On)
    6. Click "Start LAN World"

    -To Join a server:

    1. Go to multiplayer
    2. Select server
    3. Click "Join Server"

    -For local network

    1. Go to multiplayer
    2. Under "Scanning for games on your local network" select your world host
    3. Click "Join Server"

    The other way to join a local network is to use Direct Connect.

    This is used when you can't see your LAN host in your sever list.

    For troubleshooting go to the link below

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    posted a message on Lagging for the Sake of Fun! - what's your weird fun ways to lag?

    Has anyone tried mining lots of lapis lazuli ore with the pickaxe from the command I gave? Mining 3 ores can fill up your whole inventory. :)

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    posted a message on Lagging for the Sake of Fun! - what's your weird fun ways to lag?

    Back then since minecraft 1.8, I was playing around with the game mechanics and I used it to the extreme for fun!

    An example is a lot of redstone contraptions! I like seeing a bunch of redstone clocks and contraptions like some kind of huge factory!

    One example is making the whole floor out of lapis lazuli ore and mine it using a diamond pickaxe with the highest efficiency and fortune enchantments possible!

    Use this --> /give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {ench:[{id:32,lvl:127},{id:35,lvl:127}]}

    I'd like to see your reaction to that!

    We all know that we don't like lag while playing, especially when in a server!

    But this is for FUN! We shouldn't care about lag, because we're the ones making it and having fun!

    Tell me, what are your fun ways to lag and what's your favorite laggy experience?

    I'll start: Mine's making a shower of Bottle o' Enchanting! Make it rain with xp orbs!!!!

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