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    posted a message on taking mod requests
    Quote from googoo9567

    i am a modder starting out and have no ideas so can you post up some simple ideas for me to do for you

    list of things i can do:
    Block generation
    redstone powered Blocks
    lit Blocks
    list of things i cant do(yet):
    world generation
    tree generation
    and anything else that isnt on the can do list

    How about a piston that extends by 2 blocks?
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    posted a message on Amazing Redstone Mod Idea!
    That space saving idea would have saved me MASSES of redstone logic gates etc.
    I back this idea!
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    posted a message on (Request Ideas)Ideas for a SMP server mod
    Quote from william2405

    Hi guy I'm working a a SMP server mod and need ideas for things to add or make.

    Please post any ideas you have down below

    Okay, I've yet to find a well working SMP plug-in which allows invisibility?
    -Would be used as an anti-grief method

    Auto sneak over crops/farmland?
    -No more dirt plots on our farms!

    Also, I've always been curious...
    Is there a way to add things like 'milenaire' or 'mo creatures' to a server?
    I'm not sure if they need to be client based
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    posted a message on Better than wolves mod item id's
    I like the sounds of that.
    Hemp seeds!
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    posted a message on wont star
    -Start minecraft.
    -Don't log-in, click options (button above)
    -Now click 'Force Update'
    -Now log-in and it should start fine.

    One thing for texture packs;
    -Download the file and place on desktop
    -Open minecraft
    -Click texture packs
    -Click 'open containing folder'
    -Copy&paste your zipped texture pack into this folder
    -Now it should be an option within minecraft
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    posted a message on Do slimes exist?
    They don't tend to 'spawn' rather exist within a deep cave.
    I've always found them near water
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    posted a message on Save File to Download?
    Quote from theodore49


    Just wandering how do you get your save file to download for other people?
    By that I mean how do I give my world to other people via download?


    You can find the world in your .minecraft folder.
    You then need to add it into it's own .zip file before you can post it for upload.
    I can't remember the exact route, but it's in a folder named world OR the name of your SSP world
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Colored Bricks Mod By Regi24
    Was expecting more from a first comment lol.
    And this looks brilliant. All the colour building potential, without the fire/lava fear after building
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    posted a message on Minecraft not working on Chrome
    Definatly download the client over playing 'in browser'
    Less lag, you can modify it much easier,

    Also, I had this problem, Use firefox, it's got more java support than chrome
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    posted a message on So I cleared out a valley and flattened it a little...
    Quote from ace62394

    What should I build in it?

    Hoover Dam
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    posted a message on Minecon in Vegas
    It would cost me around 30 times more than the game cost, in travel just to get there.
    Sorry guys, it's not worth booking time off work, and £600 flights!
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    posted a message on Can't run minecraft in browser!
    Quote from FPSLauren

    Hey , well I bought minecraft 2 days ago and I can't download it on this computer so I tried to run it in browser and it didn't work however I tried in browser yesterday and it worked first time! But this morning it won't work again , it just say that I need to log in when I already am!And help?

    Have you tried using a different explorer i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox?
    Also, try logging out then back in to make sure it registered?
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    posted a message on Metal attracting lightning
    I've not yet seen lightning hit a mob/animal, but I've seen it hit my wooden house and set it alight! D:
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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft Partner, for youtube series
    Quote from KF_P3NGU1N

    Im looking for someone to play minecraft with me, or even multiple people....max of maybe 5. i can set us a server up over hamatchi and wheni done it in past people have had no lag so it should be fine connection whise. i want to make some sort of youtube series...any ideas are welcome. so if u want in please post or send me a PM.

    1. Age 16+ (i dont want to be playing with kids, i am 17)
    2. you have a server....if not we can set one up over hamatchi
    3. Microphone, and a TS3 server....if not we can chat over steam or i can get us in a clan server i use.
    4. Speak English...For Obvious reasons
    5. your not a complete idiot, but likes to have a laugh
    Look forward to seeing if i get any reply's

    My In-game Minecraft name is: AlexOvLa

    I'm 21, have my own clanforge server (recently started) I have 4 existing players on the server, a mumble server (max 10 slots)
    IGN SeanFiction. Let me know your thoughts
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    posted a message on DarkColony - TESTERS NEEDED!
    No offence but I've had obsidian armour and tools.
    They were in the 'YogBox' mod pack.

    I wouldn't suggest making them, when the ground work has already been done.
    Download that and change the skins if need be?

    I think they were apart of Rigumi's Mod (forgive me for misspelling)
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