About Me

Hi there! I manage content here on the Minecraft Forum, as well as Scrolls Fans, and Cobalt Forum. Feel free to drop me a PM about any neat content goings-on, but keep in mind that I'm not always able to respond quickly.

Aside from writing the news here, I also do occasional videos, live-streams, voice-acting roles, and other miscellaneous media-related stuff. Feel free to subscribe to the following:
MCSpotlights, the official MCF video channel
my personal Twitch channel
My personal YouTube account
My personal Twitter account



Can I apply for moderator/admin/etc?

  • Please don't ask me to be a moderator, admin, or anything else. :)

I want to report a thread/user/moderator/admin/etc, ask about forum policy, or get my name changed!

Can I join the content team?

  • I am not currently looking for new content team members. Sorry!

Can I PM you about this neat thing I made?

  • Sure! Keep in mind that I do read every message, but I don't necessarily respond to every message.

Profile Information

Minecraft Sacheverell Xbox Sacheverell919