About Me

Hi there! I manage content here on the Minecraft Forum, since 2011. Feel free to drop me a PM about any neat content goings-on, but keep in mind that I'm not always able to respond quickly.

Aside from writing the news here, I also do occasional videos, live-streams, voice-acting roles, and other miscellaneous media-related stuff. Feel free to subscribe to the following:
MCSpotlights, the official MCF video channel
my personal Twitch channel
My personal YouTube account
My personal Twitter account



Can I apply for moderator/admin/etc?

  • Please don't ask me to be a moderator, admin, or anything else. :)

I want to report a thread/user/moderator/admin/etc, ask about forum policy, or get my name changed!

Can I join the content team?

  • I am not currently looking for new content team members. Sorry!

Can I PM you about this neat thing I made?

  • Sure! Keep in mind that I do read every message, but I don't necessarily respond to every message.

I'm from Hypixel/The Hive/etc, how did you get YT/MVP/etc rank?????

  • My work with the community is part of it, but it boils down to the generous owners of those servers, who were kind enough to extend me the invitation. I'm happy and grateful that they allow me to share in their communities - they have worked very hard to provide an excellent experience for everyone! :D

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