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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from Herb_»

    You can also edit it yourself, if you dive into the .jar; it's /assets/minecraft/textures/gui/title/edition.png

    When I have access to a better graphics editor, I think I'll change it to a similar font saying, "BETTER APART".

    Yep, that edition.png gives so much more possibilities for resource pack makers: finally you can give the game your own official subtitle:

    "Master edition"
    "True edition"
    "The one, the only, the proud"

    And for our beloved complainers, you can have:

    "Sadly not beta 1.7.3"
    "The lousy combat edition"
    "Down with Microsoft"

    :P :P

    Or you can of course just leave it empty, so that you don't have a subtitle anymore, like I have done.
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    posted a message on Username

    I would not choose a name with PvP in it, because you restrict yourself a little bit to one playstyle in your name, while it is always possible you are going (also) to do other stuff online.

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    posted a message on Super Mario World

    Allow me some feedback:

    I understand you want to recreate the SMW map as close as possible, but I would still make more of it in Minecraft. 2D levels in a 3D game do not really fit well, so I would advice you to make the levels more 3D and thus improvise more about how the level would look like in 3D. You can use the game Super Mario 3D world as inspiration, because that is an excellent looking hybrid between 2D and 3D in her levels.

    The map looks colorful and lively in SMW, because it is quite small and the grass is bright green. However, in Minecraft it looks quite barren and a little bit dull if the grass is not that vibrant. So I would place more mobs, plants, cool details and all that stuff in the map, of course inspired by the levels of SMW.
    For example: some levels in SMW have a greenish background, as if you are in a forest, so you can plant or build some trees around that level in the world map. Again, you can use Super Mario 3D world as inspiration, because the world map there is also full of live and detail.

    To make the grass more vibrant, you can do a few things. You can use a resource pack, you can use lime concrete or terracotta instead of grass, or you can change the biome of the SMW map into the mushroom island (or jungle, but for Mario the mushroom island is the only fitting of course) with MCEdit.

    So my advice is: don't try to replicate the SMW too strict, because it will not really work out in Minecraft. Try to recreate the colorful and lively ambience of the game, in the world map and in the levels, make the levels more 3D, and thus use your imagination and Mario inspiration to let SMW really shine and sparkle in Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I like that they finally added colored beds; that was something that should have been added a long time ago.

    I don't think they should have changed the wool colors, though, for two reasons:

    1) It makes some old builds look weird.

    2) It decreases the variety in colors.

    The concrete is also neat, but I think it's kind of what hardened-clay/stained-clay/terracotta should have been. If the hardened-clay/whatever block colors were more close to the actual dyes, the concrete would probably not have been necessary. I like that that hardened looks sort of like colored stone, and has an earthy tinge to it, though I think it would have been better if it had had a color palette closer to that of the dyes.

    However, now we can choose between the bright colors of the concrete, or the earthly colors of the terracotta. So that is 32 colors instead of 16. Why should that be a problem?
    I for me definitely like the bright colors, but I wouldn't want to miss the more soft and subtile colors of the terracotta. Her white for example is perfect for skins and old medival houses and the cyan for example has that excellent modern industrial touch, especially combined with soft yellow and iron.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from StickyFantasy»

    I don't like the new 1.12 update because it adds so many unnecessary things that help out almost nobody unless you are a person who likes to build.

    Guess what many, many Minecrafters actually do like?
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    posted a message on Why wanting to build in survival mode ?

    Sometimes just mining block after block can be a peaceful, soothing experience: just constantly hearing "tac-tac-tac-plock, tac-tac-tac-plock, tac-tac-tac-plock" and seeing nothing more then caves and ores.
    Also just hiking through the world, with some basic tools and maybe an elytra to glide from (or to) high mountains can be a nice way to get relaxed. And hiking is something you do the best in survival, because you can then not fly and thus actually have to walk. Or get a horse of course. Especially in peaceful mode, you can get a decent and beautiful walking simulator in Minecraft, without ever ending the hike.

    I'm also a creative player, but in my buildings I'm always inspired by survival. I fill my houses, castles or other livable structures always with furniture and with inhabitants, mostly villagers. It makes my worlds just more coming alive and not just collections of "dead" structures. Huge cities where the buildings are only (dark) empty shells are just not working for me.
    Creative mode gives me then also that feel of accomplishment when I've finished a complicated or huge piece of work and because of the liveliness, it feels like I'm really part of the world, taking care of my villagers community. It is a story unfolding when I build, write and think about it.

    And that's what I also like about seeing eleborate survival bases on for example YouTube: they are alive, there are people working, playing and building there. They are not just dead, empty structures, but they contain the stories of the player(s) and his or her adventures there.
    And many survival players also love to build eleborate, advanced farms which are quite pointless to build in creative mode: they would only generate more junk there in the form of items you never use. Those farms look mostly very awesome and industrial.
    So in my opinion survival mode has it's own merits that creative mode can not really accomplish. Just flying through a world is just not the same then actually walk through it and nothing will trigger your vertigo more then standing on a very high pillar or building in survival, staring down.

    You know what also is a fun experience? Playing survival with commands, by /giving yourself the items. Sounds weird, but it is a surprisingly fun mix between creative and survival: you are still bound to the laws of nature of the world (thus no flying) and creepers are still your worst enemies, but you can build whatever you want and will find new tactics and mechanics for that due to the way of playing (crafting tables for looking up the item names in 1.12 and slime blocks for quick scaffolding are your new best friends). Basically it is survival, but without the grinding part.
    Is that reasonable? Probably not. Does it even make sense to play the game that way? Also probably not. But, who cares? It is all about having fun and one should not rationalize too much about that.

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    posted a message on What do you think the best/worst Mc updates are?

    The update that frustrated me the most was 1.3, when singleplayer and multiplayer was merged. Not because of the merging itself, but because it brought the buggyness of multiplayer into singleplayer.
    All the mobs were acting very glitchy, going through walls, fences and floors and the light engine gave us horrible dark spots everywhere. It took quite a few updates before that all was more or less fixed.

    It was not fun to see your fluent behaving mobs and nice, stable world seeing changed in the mess that you as singleplayer could once happily avoid.

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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?

    I love 1.13 already only because of the raging fans everywhere.

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    posted a message on 1.13 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb)
    Quote from KoiYT»

    New jungle door texture (notice the dandelion?):

    Also noticing the cauldron next to the door.

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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?
    Quote from TheUnknownFew»

    honestly though, that is REALLY insignificant to something you can simply add yourself by simply extracting the resources already downloaded on your computer from the Minecraft jar. You dont need to download a resource pack anywhere. You just need to select a version of minecraft with the old textures and extract them and make a resource pack out of it.

    Until new updates with new features are coming out. Then you have to texture all those features for yourself in the old style, or accept that the textures of most new features will clash qua style with your old ones.
    Because from the moment the new textures are implemented, every single new feature, from mobs to blocks, will be textured in the new style.
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