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    posted a message on The problem with the Mo' Creatures mod
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Like others have said, the modding isn't affecting Mojang's ability (or the legality of) to add new mobs to the game, even if those mobs have already been added the Mo' Creatures or another mod. The only reason the creator of Mo' Creatures is listed in the credits is that Mojang voluntarily got help from him to work on the horse mob.

    Additionally, Jeb's statement about the turtle only meant that he wanted to add his own original spin on it

    I believe the shulker was that original spin on it, because it resembles the turtle in an abstract way. But I could of course be wrong on that.
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    posted a message on Did the version selection option split up the community?
    Quote from JesseMC4060»

    This is more or less a theory I have, that the version selection option tab split up, and continues to split up, the Minecraft community. I say this because of the option it gives, for players to stay behind the newest updates because they just don't like the latest version's changes. Of course, there are logical reasons to stay behind, such as to get access to mods that have been abandoned and left stuck on that version, but sadly I don't think many people use it for that. I feel like I'm seeing a lot of players use it just to avoid change, which splits up the community into like 4 or 5+ different types.

    The question is: does it matter? It is strange that people always speak about a community in regards to a game, while there is no real Minecraft community and never has been. There are only multiple communities, namely on servers and on fora, each with different purposes and characteristics.
    On fora users are debating the game, so it is inevitable that fora communities are divided. On servers users are playing with or against each other and only small servers have real tight communities. On big servers it is mostly players just coming and going and maybe forming subcommunities around minigames, factions or subworlds.

    So there is no big, overall community that has the same views or even the same enthousiasm about the game. There are million of players with completely different views, playstyles, preferences, ages, tastes, beliefs, etc. Some play the game very intensively, some are playing it casual. Some want to build huge and complicated structures, some just want to lurk around and maybe blow up something from time to time.
    There are even different kinds of Minecraft versions, to divide the so called community even further. So if you let the idea of that one big community go and just play the game the way you want to play it, everything will be fine. And especially today with all the social media it should never be a problem to find a small community of like-minded players. On servers or on the social media themselves.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from Herb_»

    You can also edit it yourself, if you dive into the .jar; it's /assets/minecraft/textures/gui/title/edition.png

    When I have access to a better graphics editor, I think I'll change it to a similar font saying, "BETTER APART".

    Yep, that edition.png gives so much more possibilities for resource pack makers: finally you can give the game your own official subtitle:

    "Master edition"
    "True edition"
    "The one, the only, the proud"

    And for our beloved complainers, you can have:

    "Sadly not beta 1.7.3"
    "The lousy combat edition"
    "Down with Microsoft"

    :P :P

    Or you can of course just leave it empty, so that you don't have a subtitle anymore, like I have done.
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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    First I would like to say that that smiley thing was on accident. It was meant to be a B )

    There is theory, and there is real life. Have you heard of Hermitcraft? It's a pretty cool server. Watch some videos of it.

    What do you see? People using the elytra as their main method of transportation. You don't see people using minecarts with chests to transport large amounts of items. They can just fill up their inventory and/or ender chest with shulker boxes that are filled with items.

    Just as a sidenote: the reasons that those Hermits can use their elytra's so extensively, is because they have made every enderdragon drop the elytra by defeat with command blocks, and because they have hours and sometimes even nights long AFK sessions with automatic fishing farms to get mending books more often. They also are fond of building huge farms for mobs and paper, to get an almost infinite stock of firework rockets. So HermitCraft is very cool and all, but not exactly representative for normal Minecraft play...

    With more common play, you have to find the elytra in ender ships, which are quite rare and largely spread out over the outer islands of the End, and you have to apply mending on it for sustainable flight, which is a quite rare enchantment. So if you want to do the same as the Hermits, you have to invest a lot of hours in the game, maybe even in AFK-sessions, to reach and to keep up that same level. Because their YouTube video's can be short, but every cut can and mostly will represent hours of grinding or AFK-ing.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from HeroicChipmunk»

    The UI for the inventory menus and for item selection has to be my biggest gripe. I can't just click on an item and move it now to were I want. There was nothing wrong with clicking the item to select it than be able to move it to where I wanted it regardless of what was there. Click and hold to move an item may seem like less effort needed but it requires an open slot for the item to move to. (I know minor detail). Click and drag is not how the inventory screen should work. So far that's the only issues I have with the new update but only time will tell if I find more problems with it.

    Like Tails1 said, for some reason your game has turned touchscreen mode on. It happened also to me once and it took a while before I knew what was going on. Fortunately the solution for this problem is very simple: go to the Options menu, then to Controls and turn Touchscreen Mode to OFF. This will solve your problem.
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    posted a message on What are your guys opinion of the rebranding of PC Minecraft to "Minecraft: Java Edition"?

    I understand and respect the choice of doing so, but my feeling is still saying that the Java version is the original, "real" Minecraft and the pocket editions are branches of it. Even if the pocket editions are played much more and are getting more and more love, it feels just weird that the Java version with this subtitle looks now more like a branch off then the other way around. Especially also because the Java version has still by far the most features and the most freedom and flexibility qua mods, skins and resource packs.

    I think it would have been a different story if the pocket edition also had recieved a subtitle, namely just "Pocket Edition." It would feel much more equal to me then this.

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    posted a message on How do you think people would have reacted if Creepers had been added in 2017?

    It is an interesting question. The same question I also have with the beacon, the command block, even the Nether, those special things. Mojang has kinda a tradition of implementing features no one would really think of and would indeed probably not get much support as suggestions.

    Fortunately, we have already a good example of what would happen if a universally panned suggestion would be implemented, namely the horses. Before Minecraft 1.6, it was quite a taboo to suggest rideable horses into Minecraft, because the suggestion forum was already full of horse suggestions and no one thought they would belong in vanilla. We had rideable pigs after all.

    But the horses came and after a while of complaining and ranting about them, the community has gotten used to them and now they are just as part of vanilla Minecraft as the beacon, the command block, the Nether and the creeper.

    So I think that if the creeper was implemented nowadays, it would go the same stages of acceptance: hating, complaining, writing suggestion topics about making it an option or removing it, giving constructive feedback, playing with it, getting used to it, accepting, loving. And making ridiculous redstone farms of it within a day of course.

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    posted a message on Username

    I would not choose a name with PvP in it, because you restrict yourself a little bit to one playstyle in your name, while it is always possible you are going (also) to do other stuff online.

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    posted a message on Planes
    Quote from fishg»

    Right now there is not way to fly in survival, you can only glide with the elytra. Adding in complete flight would be overpowered.

    Actually, there is. With firework rockets you can boost yourself up in the air and you can fly around as long as you have those rockets. It is quick, easy, very elegant and those rockets are pretty cheap to make.
    Even lifting up is a matter of jumping from a small cliff, activating the elytra and boosting with the rockets. Experienced flyers can even lift straight up from standing position on the ground with just one jump and a boost.

    So why, asking the openings poster, should elytra flyers bother themself with such a relativity clunky, more expensive plane?
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    posted a message on How do people learn?

    Press the escape key and in the menu you will find the button Advancements. As soon as you have crafted a crafting table, you will get new advancements to achieve.
    Achieving them will unlock new achievements and after a while also new tabs with thematic achievements.
    You don't have to do them in order, but if you do, they will lead you through the different features of the game.

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    posted a message on Super Mario World

    Allow me some feedback:

    I understand you want to recreate the SMW map as close as possible, but I would still make more of it in Minecraft. 2D levels in a 3D game do not really fit well, so I would advice you to make the levels more 3D and thus improvise more about how the level would look like in 3D. You can use the game Super Mario 3D world as inspiration, because that is an excellent looking hybrid between 2D and 3D in her levels.

    The map looks colorful and lively in SMW, because it is quite small and the grass is bright green. However, in Minecraft it looks quite barren and a little bit dull if the grass is not that vibrant. So I would place more mobs, plants, cool details and all that stuff in the map, of course inspired by the levels of SMW.
    For example: some levels in SMW have a greenish background, as if you are in a forest, so you can plant or build some trees around that level in the world map. Again, you can use Super Mario 3D world as inspiration, because the world map there is also full of live and detail.

    To make the grass more vibrant, you can do a few things. You can use a resource pack, you can use lime concrete or terracotta instead of grass, or you can change the biome of the SMW map into the mushroom island (or jungle, but for Mario the mushroom island is the only fitting of course) with MCEdit.

    So my advice is: don't try to replicate the SMW too strict, because it will not really work out in Minecraft. Try to recreate the colorful and lively ambience of the game, in the world map and in the levels, make the levels more 3D, and thus use your imagination and Mario inspiration to let SMW really shine and sparkle in Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I like that they finally added colored beds; that was something that should have been added a long time ago.

    I don't think they should have changed the wool colors, though, for two reasons:

    1) It makes some old builds look weird.

    2) It decreases the variety in colors.

    The concrete is also neat, but I think it's kind of what hardened-clay/stained-clay/terracotta should have been. If the hardened-clay/whatever block colors were more close to the actual dyes, the concrete would probably not have been necessary. I like that that hardened looks sort of like colored stone, and has an earthy tinge to it, though I think it would have been better if it had had a color palette closer to that of the dyes.

    However, now we can choose between the bright colors of the concrete, or the earthly colors of the terracotta. So that is 32 colors instead of 16. Why should that be a problem?
    I for me definitely like the bright colors, but I wouldn't want to miss the more soft and subtile colors of the terracotta. Her white for example is perfect for skins and old medival houses and the cyan for example has that excellent modern industrial touch, especially combined with soft yellow and iron.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from StickyFantasy»

    I don't like the new 1.12 update because it adds so many unnecessary things that help out almost nobody unless you are a person who likes to build.

    Guess what many, many Minecrafters actually do like?
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    posted a message on Need new survival world Ideas

    First craft or find both a special object, and nametag it "The Object" or something like that.

    Decide first what the object should be: a beacon, a pair of elytra, etc. So each of you must have such an object.

    Now leave both the current base, but each in another direction.

    You can take with you whatever you want, but also start with nothing but The Object.

    Each must now build your own base, without telling the other where it is, and you must hide The Object in it.

    Decide how much building time each has, before the game begins.

    You can not hide The Object in an enderchest and it must be achievable without breaking anything.

    You can however build traps, deadly contraptions, mazes and all that stuff to make stealing it a difficult task.

    Make also a special trophy room in your own base, to place the others Object in it.

    The goal is to steal The Object from the other and place it in your own trophy room.

    However, if PvP is on, you can only place it there if your own Object is still in your base.

    You can only make an attempt when the other is also online, so that the other can defend its base properly.

    You are not allowed to destroy anything in the others base.

    When you win, the other has to take you out for a romantic dinner and pay for it. ;)

    Instead of one object, you can also have multiple objects, so that you must have them all and you can steal your objects back.

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    posted a message on What do you think the best/worst Mc updates are?
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    The second part is now worse, since there's a 256 block-high limit, and half of it is unused.

    You can now however raise the height limit in an extremely simple way, with still having a normal, playable world with decent height variation. Create a costumized world and set the Biome Scale Offset (third page) a little bit higher, and you are done.
    0.141 gives a little bit more body to the default hills, 0.282 makes the hills more extreme and higher, without disturbing the default landscape too much, 0.423 and above lets the world become more like the amplified world.
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