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    posted a message on MineCraft Project Planning
    Sometimes, before I embark on a really big project, the OCD part of me demands forethought and planning so that everything lines up just right. Usually, I use MS Excel. What I do is shrink the columns and rows to make a nice grid. Then, I change all the borders to a light grey, so that unused blocks will still print on paper. Then, I use black borders to mark where I'm building, and a fill color to denote block type. For the truly big and complex projects, I do a top-down view as well as a sideways view. I find this helps both with making everything meet up and even out, and it also helps me effectively manage my creative ideas.

    What do you use to plot out your epic projects?
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    posted a message on On aiming and crouching functionality
    So, I have a problem. I played far too many 90's console RPGs as a kid, and am now incurably afflicted with the need to build structures, primarily castles, floating in the skies.

    Normally, minecraft accomodates with the mutual understanding that the contents of my head will be opened several times as I learn painfully intimate lessons on gravity. Such is the price I must pay at the hands of the elusive "shift-failure."

    Sadly, it does not appear that minecraft PE is willing to support my habit. I find it very challenging, if not impossible, to place blocks side by side going progressively outward from one another without having a grounding base. If you have trouble envisioning this, imagine building a bridge in the sky. Typically you can (using shift in regular minecraft) peer over the side, allowing one to place blocks adjacently. But, with the current state of affairs in PE, you're forced to build pillars from underneath in order to place parallel blocks in the sky.

    Has anyone found a workaround for this?
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