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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    I don't want to create exactly AdventureCraft but for Smp, I just want to impelements the mechanic trigger, the plugin will probably be called "AdventureCraft Server Lite" (I know, THAT's a big name :biggrin.gif:).
    I added the MobSpawner, RedstoneTrigger and RedstonePower. I will continue with Inverter and Triggered Door. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    MobSpawner won't be so complicated, just choose the mob and the time between 2 spawns (It could be just 1 mob for each mobspawner). I'm gonna make the redstone triggers too. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]

    I'm making an "AdventureCraft for Server" plugin. I don't want force players to install a launcher, so I'll just implements the trigger mechanic. I work for a day and i product a plugin (Just 2 blocks, but the mechanic is there, and add another block won't take so many times).
    But, I absolutely want to know if the way to create an adventuremap is hard, and your ideas to make it easier.
    Here is a video (In french) where I show how make a link between Trigger and MessageBlock.
    Because I don't want to add blocks (Need launcher, mods, ...), I translate AdventurecraftBlocks in original blocks (Gold block => Trigger, MessageBlock => WoodenPlank, ...). If you want to turn a original Block into a ACBlock, you need to hit it with a Redstonetorch (Redstone means "Life" in my world ;P). Then, use /acmodify [Id] [Arguments] to modify a block. Arguments are differents for each blocks (With MessageBlock /acmodify [Id] set [Message] will change the message of the block).

    Finally, I won't add special objects of AdventureCraft (Boomerang, ...) but all the blocks about Trigger Mechanic (Storage bloc, restone trigger, ...). :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]

    First of all, I'm French, so my English isn't so good. :tongue.gif:

    I made french tutorials for AdventureCraft right here, but I received some replys telling : "Can you make a English version ?".
    But my English, well, I think you understand ... :tongue.gif:

    So If somebody wants to translate my tutorials, he will be so sweet. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit]Capture The Flag

    I introduce you my new plugin. It's a dream I realized 'cause it's a game I've always wanted to create. I try to make something totally custozimable. The admin can choose the location of the flag, of the spawn, the team's color, ...

    Description :
    This plugin will make a Capture The Flag with some configurations. And to help you with this configurations, you have some special commands for Admin. Your players will have some commands too, to join a team, leave it, show the list of teams, ...

    The game is very simple : The goal is stealing the ennemy's flag (Left-Click on it) and bring back it to your base (Left-Click on your's). Because I don't like change the client's game, I didn't add new blocks. I use colorful wools to simulate the flag, I follow those all of the wat. So, The flag's carrier can't place it, drop it or use it (fix it, buy it, break it, quick erase it ...). When a player die or join a team, he will respawn at his team's spawn location.

    Installation :
    To install this plugin, your server must work with bukkit. If it does, download this file :
    Capture The Flag 1.0 (Preferable link)
    Capture The Flag (Direct)
    Move it to /plugins, the jar file has to be in /plugins/CaptureTheFlag.jar and the folder in /plugins/Capture_The_Flag. When the files are where they have to be, you can configure the game. You can open the file /plugins/Capture_The_Flag/options.yml. Its content is explained in the next part.

    Configuration :
    First of all, open the file /plugins/Capture_The_Flag/options.yml.
    Inside, you will find teams' configurations. Each lines equals to a team, here is the structure of a line :
    [Tag]: {name: [Name], flag-type: [Color], spawn: [X/Y/Z], flag: [X/Y/Z]}

    In bold, you have what you can change :
    [Tag] : The team's tag. It's the word players have to write for join a team, or for admins to set the location of a element. So it's a identification word for commands.
    [Name] : Team's name. It will be display in chat message.
    [Color] : It's the color of your team. Here is the list of which word you can write :white orange magenta light_blue yellow lime pink grey silver cyan purple blue brown green red black
    [X/Y/Z] : It's a location. He has to be like that, -58/698/12, with slashes between each numbers. You can modify this parameter in the game, so you don't have to touch it now. :smile.gif:

    Commandes :
    All the commands begin with /ctf. For example, to see the list of teams, you have to write /ctf list
    Players' commands :
    • list : Display the list of teams with there tags and there sizes.
    • help : Display the available commands.
    • join [Tag] : Join the tag's team.
    • leave : Leave the team where you are.
    Ops' commands :
    • set [Tag] Flag/Spawn : Your position will be the flag or the spawn of the team you specified with tag. Exemple : /ctf set red flag
    • on/off : activate/desactivate game. If you activate, flags will appear and players will be teleported to team's spawn. If you desactivate, players will lost there stolen flags and flags' block will disappear.
    • restart : Like an on them off.

    I hope you will have a lot of fun with this plugin. Don't hesitate to write your remarks, suggestions, servers using this plugins.
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