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    posted a message on 100 chunks render distance in Minecraft PC version
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Woo. That's pretty bad, but not surprising coming from Java Edition.

    How playable is 64 chunks?

    What type of CPU/RAM/GPU do you have?

    It's not really playable for me. With a Core i5 2500K 4GHz, 16 GB RAM, and GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB, I get basically a constantly 19 FPS at a render distance of 64, and that's after giving it the few minutes to load all those chunks. That was with anti-aliasing disabled too, whereas usually I can use it at a render distance of 32 and mostly always stay at refresh rate.

    There comes a point where an increasing amount of the further view you get becomes lost behind terrain in front of it (for example, and can only be seen at higher elevations). Also, that terrain appears distorted more and more, if that makes sense. What I mean is, say you have a large lake/small ocean that would extent from one land mass to another on a render distance of 32. On a render distance of 64, if that body of water was near the edge of your render distance, it'd take up such a small amount of screen estate that it's appear smaller, perhaps because in the real world we have a horizon due to the curvature of the globe, but it's another example of how it's a large trade-off for small gain past a point.

    I did not, however, notice any anomalies with snow or terrain generating incorrectly.

    I won't deny if I could use a higher render distance that I might (but there'd come a point I'd be happy with it and wouldn't go higher, maybe around 40-something), but 32 feels like a decent sweet spot for me.

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    posted a message on Shaders mod lag on a good computer?
    Quote from no00ob»

    I know this post is old af, but I decided to tell my experience. Well, I have a GTX 1060, 8gb ram, i5 6600K, but still with ultra seus shaders I get 20-40 fps

    Yes, that sounds about normal. With the same video card, I also had to turn the render distance down to something like 16 or so to have good frame rates, and that wasn't even at highest shader settings. I think it was basically medium-high, I can't remember, but looked like this.

    It was surprising to me since at the time about a year ago the video card was still relatively new and higher end and still struggled with Minecraft shaders, which I remember my old GeForce GTX 560 Ti being able to run about as well. Minecraft performance has always been strange given the variable of a game it is, and shaders on top of it only that much more so (not disrespecting those who make shaders available at all as the work is appreciated).

    Shaders are nice and all, especially for screenshots, but I think I might actually prefer without when it comes to playing day to day. I prefer being able to use higher render distance and anti-aliasing instead, and while the lighting looks nice in one way and definitely makes Minecraft look more advanced in terms of graphics, there's just something about it that I prefer but yet don't prefer. Even if it performed the same and worked with anti-aliasing, I think I might not use it.

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    posted a message on 100 chunks render distance in Minecraft PC version

    I love all things pertaining to render distance. Now that the game has natively supported a render distance of 32 chunks for a long time now, I'm surprised OptiFine never pushed that further. There comes a point where you don't gain as much visibly (mostly you only will when at higher elevation) compared to the extra performance needed, so perhaps it wouldn't be practical to play with such a high render distance, but I'd still like to OptiFine push that to, say, 48 for those who want it and/or for screenshot purposes. A render distance of 32 was mostly unfeasible at it's introduction too.

    I actually already use Forge for the one single mod (besides OptiFine) that I do use, but I'm still on version 1.10, so I'm not sure if this would work for me.

    Quote from RamboHD»

    I discoverd 2 "bugs" and threre is something know that decrease Minecrafts performance especially at large render distances.

    1. If you change the render distance, even if it is only one chunk the game reloads all chunks which can take over 15 minutes on 100 chunk render distance.

    2. I created a new world at 100 chunk render distance, that means the game have to generate 205*205 > 40000 chunks, it taks the game far over 15 minutes to do that (I´m not sure if all chunks in the render distance are generated or only that in my field of view). BUT the taskmanger say there only 30% of my CPU power are used at all! So this can be over 3 times faster! Because this can be done on differend threads and processor cores easily.

    Neither of these are necessarily bugs, especially the first one.

    That is normal behavior on every render distance, but you notice it more because of the long time it takes to load chunks at higher render distances because the performance needed is exponential, not linear, for higher render distances. For reference, I can load into a world with a render distance of 32 and within (rough guessing here as I never timed it and it's variable) around half a minute or so, it's entirely loaded, but with a supposed render distance of 64, I would not expect it to happen in under a minute.

    The second one is also simply because Minecraft is not perfectly multi-threaded, not even when generating and/or loading chunks (not necessarily a fault of Minecraft). I have an older now CPU with four cores/threads, and the majority of the time I have observed CPU utilization, it is mostly between that 25% and 50% use range. Clock speed and IPC are the things that drive Minecraft performance mostly, which is why a CPU with fewer, faster cores is the most ideal. The extra cores are mostly seldom, if at all, used.

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    posted a message on How many times have you seen a charged creeper?

    In over five years of playing, I've never seen one. I think it's the only Minecraft thing I've not yet seen.

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    posted a message on Can i create a second account?

    If you purchase one, you can probably have as many as you like I would imagine. Otherwise, you can't have multiple names associated with one account if that is what you are asking.

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    posted a message on [Help] Minecraft 1.7.10 with mods installed, fps down on an Intermediate Laptop

    If I'm understanding correctly, you tried allocating a whole lot of RAM, but then are confused with low RAM use and low CPU use and think you've got performance unused? If so, this isn't quite correct.

    Don't allocated any more than 2 GB to 4 GB unless you're using a LOT of mods and/or a large render distance, in which case you might need up to 4 GB. The situations which need more RAM than that allocated are likely very, very few and far between. Forcing more RAM allocation won't give you more performance anyway. RAM is simply something the game needs enough of to do what it needs to do. RAM amount does not increase performance. It is merely something that will REALLY hurt performance if there's not enough of.

    As for the CPU, this one is different. For one, overall CPU utilization is not a good metric to determine CPU use. Most programs are not 100% perfect and will use 100% of every core and thread 100% of the time. It just doesn't happen. Minecraft is somewhat multi-threaded, but for the most part, it seems to rely on one core heavily, and a second less so maybe. I think the last time someone involved in game development was asked about this, they commented that three cores was all you'd need for optimal results. On my quad core PC, I often see between 25% and 50% (maybe sometimes near 60% at most) use most of the time which is what I base that off of, so a faster CPU per core (IPC + clock speed) is what will be best for Minecraft. Laptops often have lower clocked CPUs (less than 3 GHz).

    That being said, I'm still confused as to your frame rate not changing between lowering Minecraft settings (this did include lowering render distance too?), but I'm also confused at that graphics running Crysis or whatever on Ultra too though. My laptop with a Core i3 4010U (1.7 GHz), 6 GB RAM, SSD, and Intel HD 4400 runs the game (version 1.10) decently-ish (would guess between 40 FPS and 60 FPS with v-sync but I never really monitored it) at medium-high settings with a render distance of 12. I don't use mods though besides Optifine, so have you tried without mods?

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    posted a message on Is Intel HD Graphics is enough to have a lag free modded survival?

    Interesting. I've been through that menu before but never really looked too closely at most of it. At first I thought it was some new feature, since I'm a bit outdated, but you're right, there it was even for me.

    I wonder what that does, and if it might help. Thanks for pointing it out anyway and telling about your experience with it though, so I'll try it the next time that other PC is used. I'm not expecting miracles anyway so if it doesn't do anything for me it's fine. It could just be I need more of a video card for that PC now with the settings and render distance I want.

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    posted a message on Is Intel HD Graphics is enough to have a lag free modded survival?
    Quote from DuhDerp»
    (Recent) versions of vanilla/modded Minecraft seem to use much more complex graphics stuff by default, which just adds to the extreme load the renderer gets put under. While the OP will definitely have to tweak things a little bit more, most of the rest of us who maybe played fine with 1.7.10-1.9 but now have major issues with 1.10+ can pretty much wipe out 90% of the lag issue by turning off a single particle type via the Animations (Terrain animations) settings provided by Optifine.

    Render distance, fast/fancy graphics, fast render, fast math, and all the other stuff we can tweak via vanilla/optifine settings? Combined they don't really come close to the wreckage that Terrain animations does to Minecraft.

    Can you elaborate? I remember versions 1.3, 1.7, and 1.8 all having severe performance impacts (1.7 and 1.8 especially were horrible), but when I went from 1.8 to 1.9, and then from 1.9 to 1.10 where I now am, I didn't notice anything.

    The lag I still do notice is that initial horrible lag for about ten seconds when entering the Nether (started with 1.8 and even affects my faster PC) and my weaker PC only has issues with jungles, but strangely it seems to just be select ones, and only when looking at them (started with 1.7). I like to keep myself informed on performance impacts and changes, so what are the terrain animations and what did they do? I wonder if it might be worth trying to change on my weaker PC.

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    posted a message on Will an SSD increase minecraft performance?
    Quote from InuYasha86000»

    I know, dumb question, but i'm running on an AMD FX 6300 six core processor with mechanical drives and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti and was curious if an SSD would help with performance at all since minecraft is java based.

    Maybe, but it would be situational, and even then it would likely be minor. At least, when I got an SSD about four or five years back and used it for Minecraft, I don't recall there being that much of a difference. My laptop also has an SSD, but plays the game worse than my TV streaming PC does, which has no SSD (it's because it has better GPU performance and slightly better or comparable CPU performance). The CPU and GPU are way more important for Minecraft, and in your case the CPU is probably the bottleneck.
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    posted a message on Crafterra, my Survival World (Image Heavy & Download Available)

    It made it easier to do since part of the core region (which we spend almost all of the time in) is generated with 1.2.5 terrain so there's still plenty of others out there, just no more in my immediate main city now.

    Not quite an update on the download or a video yet (still plan to bring them soon), but my excuse this time is I was still working on Minecraft, just on an entirely new location, perhaps our furthest away yet not counting areas in the 1.7+ terrain regions which are some 46,000+ blocks away and accessed through the nether. For this one we just set out with minimal stuff on foot and boats until we found a place.

    Originally it started as just the single house (the pigs were held here), but one by one, it was added to, and now it stands finished as this very small village.

    Here's a few others.

    It's actually yet one of my favorites despite it's small size, and I love the combination of Dark Oak wood and Acacia. I went with practically entirely wood houses and design for everything (just some Brick in places like where fences are). This did make them resource heavy on those wood types but as it was a small village and I had them to spare, after I made the one house and loved it I decided to make a village of it. It even spawns ocelots pretty frequently in some areas, like where the Jungle has a clearing where it extends as a narrow band near the docks are. Of all the outposts, campgrounds with tents, etc., we set out and explored and set up, this is the second to be turned into a village (which reminds me, the other is years old and I never showed it and it's pretty close to the size of this one too).

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    posted a message on Is Intel HD Graphics is enough to have a lag free modded survival?

    Intel HD graphics can refer to a wide range of graphics, of which have a wide performance spectrum. Without knowing what HD graphics you're asking about and also the resolution it needs to render at, we can only guess at performance. Typically, the better the CPU, the better the HD graphics it also has. Also, typically the lower end the laptop, the lower the resolution the display. Lastly, the newer ones tend to have faster ones as well (but this is not absolute, as a newer Celeron may still have slower graphics thatn a barely older Core i5, for example). With a Celeron, you're probably not looking at good graphics regardless, and then the CPU itself is also pretty much one of Intel's lowest offerings. If you keep the render distance and graphics settings lower, it should be modestly playable, but I can't say for once you start adding mods to the game.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    There's nothing wrong with 4 GB of RAM when the game doesn't even need 1/8th of that, and if mods do need more it is because they are usually badly coded; my computer only has 3.2 GB of usable RAM (32 bit OS with 4 GB installed) and there is still plenty of free memory when playing, either with 512 MB or 1 GB allocated...[/img]

    Using 32-bit is partly why your RAM use may be lower, and it is not directly comparable to 64-bit OS/Java scenarios (which is probably what most typical players these days will be dealing with), as is what I'm guessing to be a lower render distance. Render distance seems to be one of the bigger contributors to RAM use. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I can't even start the game with 1 GB of RAM allocated because it literally freezes as soon as I open the world with all RAM is use, and even with twice that, it loads fine but I'm near cap RAM allocation right at the start. I had to set it to 4 GB to be completely problem-free.

    There's also the strange matter that the RAM use the game reports doesn't necessarily seem to be the whole of it, at least not for me. My PC has 16 GB of RAM, and with 4 GB allocated (and the game using less), I was yet once having issues of actually running out of RAM somehow with Minecraft supposedly taking up close to 10 GB despite that in game number reporting less than 4 GB. I don't know if that's some strange thing for just my sort of case or what, but I still believe in practice you want much more RAM on hand than what the game says it can run with regardless.

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    posted a message on Finding Woodland Mansion has made my world laggy
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    If this bug affects PE as well I don't know if it can easily be fixed by simply deleting a file (Mineshaft.dat)

    I'm also not sure about the non-Java versions, but I once had entity movement one and off type lag due to that very same cause (mobs would appear to be on stop and go but would actually be moving), but the odd part was, it only happened when I was hosting my world as a server so a second player could play. When playing that same world on LAN it didn't lag like that. That was versions ago (like I want to say 1.6 to 1.7 time frame) so I've no idea about now.

    Anyway, when I had that issue, simply deleting the file does indeed help, albeit temporarily until the size of the file grew again.

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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...

    So it sounds like less of those things are limitations than I thought, but yeah, it also sounds like there's no point to put in the time, effort, and cost to change what I'd need to only lose my world and half my render distance for more performance, which wouldn't really be there because I already don't need it that often, and if I cut my render distance in half now it's even less of an issue than it already is. That being said, thank you for the answers, and even if it's just more performance and cross-platform play, there's no reason for me to change.

    That's... more or less why I replied. I wasn't trying to argue which was better one way or the other, but just to give an example of why there could be reasons Java may be better for someone, as that one reply sort of incorrectly lumped us all under the same banner when everyone has their own reasons.

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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from OhFly»

    At what point do you begin building nether hubs to access other bases?

    In my world, it was when I left my initial starting location and set out for my now old primary city/base, which was ~3,000 blocks away. It was done both to link those locations, even though I largely left the old one, and also to access the nether.

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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...
    Quote from Geneo»


    I think it all boils down to money. I think the minority with the "keep it like it was in 2010" mindset want all the goodies they're used to to remain free. They really don't care if the java edition goes away or not, as long as resource packs, worlds, etc. of the Bedrock editions are free. The idea of paying even a few bucks (even if it's worth it) brings screams of Doom and Gloom to the "2010" crowd, but the "2017" crowd gets it and to them, that's "normal". I've seen hundreds of posts about the virtues of the java version and every one of them always play the Free Card.

    Like new cars (or anything else nowadays), you want options, you have to pay for them. You have to for every other game, why do you think MC should be any different?
    Cause Mojang has spoiled the 2010ers, that's why. It's all about getting free stuff.

    The 2010ers have enjoyed the "old" MC and it's way of doing things for 7 years now, and still can for the foreseeable future. What's the problem? They should be rejoicing that "their" edition isn't going away and that "their" goodies will still be free. Why should they care what happens in the Bedrock editions?

    Sorry guys, but it's 2017 now. (Some of) MC is changing, evolving- as it should.

    That first paragraph really reads like a promotion for lining up to pay for stuff readily and has me scratching my head. I mean "we 2017 people get it, we accept it and pay and not wanting to pay is your only excuse". Is that really a part of the argument? There was a time, not too long ago, where you DID pay for a game, a whole one at that, and that was that. Part of the entire reason Minecraft has been so successful IS because of the value for the cost it brings! Therefore, if you shift that model, it only follows to expect some disapproval from at least some of the existing player base.


    What does the new version offer compared to the Java version? I'm legitimately asking that as I don't really follow it or know. I do know it offers better performance supposedly, and then there's the new cross play, but what else?

    Take my position. I'm on Windows 7 (yes, I'm outdated partly on complacency but I am not ready to move to Windows 10 and prefer 7), so I can't use it without changing my entire environment anyway, no? I also have a massive world I play that I've spent over 5 years on and am so heavily invested in, it's more that I play Minecraft almost entirely this one world. I'm guessing that can't be converted? I'm partial to a specific texture pack too, as well as my ability to freely edit it. Can I do that, or am I limited to a curated selection? I want anti-aliasing (and I mean real, multisample/supersample antialiasing, not this silly blurry FXAA stuff) and massive render distances. Yes, call me spoiled, but I want them. I like choosing my own skin and freely at my will. I honestly don't care that largely for most mods, but I do use one (changes visuals only, not gameplay). I'd lose that too, right?

    The performance of the new version is nice, but I brute force past the high requirements 99% of the time anyway (and that's with a 6 and a half year old CPU/platform). Cross platform multi-player is nice but that merely makes the community bigger rather than brings anything "new" to the table, and I never really play it, so again not a matter to me.

    Can all or even most of these things be addressed? If they can't, what reasons does someone like me have to change versions and lose my progress for? Would it outweigh that? I am aware I'm not the typical target player here but I'm just giving you a point not to banish everyone under the same banner. We all have our own reasons for preferring either one.

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