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Hello readers! Basically I'm known as Raiden/Raiden Dragneel. PrinceOfDerpness is actually my new name, I have been using it ever since I've been derping people on other community. I didn't get to play on any other server since my account is not Premium. I've been playing Minecraft past months ago but quitted because I really don't know what to do. Until one day(It was last week) my cousin invited me to play Minecraft on LAN. It was fun, he showed me some stuff you can create. What's interesting is, the new version of Minecraft. It's A LOT different than the one I used to play.

I hope one day I will be able to join the others and become Premium so that I could meet up people and make some friends.

Thank you for reading.
Interests Roleplaying and most importantly, derping.

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Minecraft PrinceOfDerpness Xbox Inside the box, waiting to be unpacked.

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