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    posted a message on how can i make my map famous ?

    Right, well. As with anything, there are a few things to consider if you want your product to be famous.

    - quality

    - gimmicks

    - availability

    Looking at the screenshots on your linked page, the map looks alright. That said, a lot of maps these days go above and beyond with regard to quality so there's plenty of room for improvement. Make sure your map is easy to follow, runs smoothly, is free of glitches and isn't too difficult or too easy. Gimmicks are also very important since many successful maps have some sort of unique feature that's never been seen before.

    As for availability, you want your map to be seen by lots of players. If some popular Youtubers played it then you'd have that pretty much covered but keep in mind that the top YouTubers are only looking for the best maps to play. I'd reccommend submitting your map to if you haven't already - most decent maps on there get upwards of a thousand downloads if you've got an enticing name and roster of screenshots. I think there's also a subreddit for Minecraft maps, but I'm not sure what it's called.

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    posted a message on Minecon Earth Cape question

    There's no cape for Minecon this year and you shouldn't reply with any of your information. This email is almost certainly a scam.

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    posted a message on New water physics announced at Minecon Earth

    It fixes one of the most irritating design features in the game, allowing us to build better underwater and with water (and lava I'm guessing) in general. The drawback of breaking some contraptions is a heavy price to pay but it's worth it in my mind. Besides, building contraptions is all about ingenuity and evolving design, so I'm sure people will come up with some way around any issue. There's even been talk of Mojang adding-in a new, valve-like block that'd serve as a replacement for old signs, trapdoors, etc. .

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    posted a message on Does the existence of other platform in Minecraft harms the java version of the game

    If Minecraft had never been released on other platforms then it almost certainly wouldn't be as popular as it is today and wouldn't have been purchased by Microsoft for >US$ 2 billion. If that were the case, then Mojang wouldn't have as much of a financial backing to develop the game on Java and may not have progressed it as far as it actually has been.

    That's just some speculation, but do remember that Java edition, while being the original and beloved by many, is not the centre of the Minecraft empire - and for good reason. Bedrock has many more players than Java, not to mention it has a more financial potential. Think about it like this: Java is the father and Bedrock is the son. Originally, the father lead the way; he was stronger, faster and better in most ways. However, there will always come a day when the son realises he is stronger than his father.

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    posted a message on How Minecraft becomes a bad game with PVP?

    Just because you dislike PvP doesn't mean it should be removed from the game. Servers and YouTubers cater to their audiences so, if they want PvP then the servers will offer PvP. Sure, Minecraft was originally designed around building and, later, surviving - but that doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't evolve.

    I'm not much of a fan of PvP myself, but I wouldn't stop others from enjoying it. How would you feel if the PvP community called for building to be removed from the game?

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    posted a message on The Trash Button

    I'd feel a little uncomfortable having such an easy way to destroy items, especially when carrying valuables. Having cluttered chests and inventories can also be a hassle so there's certainly merit to the idea but as has been mentioned, there are plenty of physical ways to destroy items. I almost want to argue that it doesn't make much sense having the player eradicate matter with their bare hands, but it's not as unrealistic as some other game features - still, it doesn't really feel right to me.

    no support

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    posted a message on Dragon head

    You're able to get dragon heads from the floating ships in End cities so they aren't creative-only. They're a challenge to obtain since you have to do some extensive exploring on top of defeating the dragon itself so having the dragon drop one upon death would decrease their value.

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    posted a message on How to find diamonds quicker?

    1) Dig down to y=11.

    2) Start mining in any direction.

    3) Every fourth block, mine out a branch to each side at eye level and as far as you can reach.

    4) Profit.

    That what I do. Branching only every fourth block means you're leaving 3-block gaps so the only veins you can miss are 1-block wide - missing these isn't that important and they're among the rarest veins anyway. Sacrificing these also means you cover a greater area than leaving 2-block gaps so you're likely to find more diamond in a given timeframe. Other than that, make sure you're using the best pickaxe you have access to (enchanted with efficiency and unbreaking, ideally) and you're set. Good luck.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Hardcore Idea. Please Provide Input So I Can Work Out The Kinks
    Quote from stankface8»

    1. Making it as authentic as it can be. Should it be nodded or should I keep it vanilla to gather more people?

    2. I am afraid of too many people going off on there own and not figuring out a civilization

    3. Finding a way to loop the world. Idk if people have made a round world mod yet or something of the sort.

    4. What to do with the dead people? Should i just leave them off the server or should I enable them to be able start from the beginning on a different side of the world?

    5. I want to find something to make time different on different parts of the world like irl.

    6. People would have to deal with grieving because there are no rules.

    7. Should it be only open to intermediate builders that way architecture has a chance?

    8. Should i give builders 3 fall deaths before they die?

    9. Finding people to make this happen. We need a minimum of 50.

    10. If modded, should I do an animal mod and disable creapers, skeletons and zombies? Or make it a little mystical like GOT?

    11. Ageing? Should i set a certain time for people to be allowed on the server? And when they reach that time should they be able to be reborn and start somewhere else in the world?

    12. Racism and Segregation handling? There were slaves and constant struggle with diversity throughout time?

    13. Death messages on? Or leave it to mail carriers or going to the civilization to find out.

    14. You would have to apply to the server because we can't have people joining willy nearly and they must be committed

    15. Civilizations would have to be documented in forums such as laws made, religions, cultures, etc (which I encourage) Because this is a learning experience.

    16. Dehydration instead of XP?

    1) I'm thinking that using mods would be a good idea since they give you a lot more options than just vanilla. Gathering that many people (who are actually interested in playing-along for the long term) would be difficult either way but anyone who's interested enough to give it a go is probably willing to use a mod or two.
    2) Here are two options. You could make sure to only recruit people who are willing to work together or you could design the world to be particularly unfriendly and force them to work together. I'd favour the latter since it's more realistic.
    3) The hardest thing here would probably be making the edges of the world tile together so that there's no cut-off line to be found walking on a complete loop. With that done, you could just run a mod or even some commands to teleport the player to the opposite side of the map when they reach the edge - although that would make building there a little tough. Other than that, I've never heard of a round world mod despite the demand for one. I'd be tempted to just use a hard world border.
    4) First off, you'll want to balance death very carefully. It's easy to die in vanilla even if you're being careful (creeper, unnaturally-long falls) but a sensible person in a medieval civilisation isn't going to run into a lot of deadly scenarios until you put them into one. Never seen GoT but I take it there's plenty of death in it. As for dead players, I guess it would be more authentic for them to leave, or possibly come back in spectator mode (you could even incorporate ghosts into your world).
    5) Like different time zones? I've never seen that done before but a good modder could probably get it to work.
    6) Building and breaking are both much more easy in Minecraft than real life, and I guess that would have to remain the case for the world to play-out in a reasonable timeframe. Maybe there'll be a law system to discourage greifing, but if your players are all willing to work together and the whitelist remains, then it may not even be a huge problem.
    7) If you do manage to recruit >50 engaged players then there are bound to be a few experienced builders involved. In the real world, the best builders would naturally make themselves known over time and eventually become the dominant architects so, if your world is polished enough, maybe that'd work too. Same for other professions: architect, butcher, farmer, explorer, miner etc..
    8) Sacrificing realism for development sounds like a reasonable decision to me.
    9) Advertising on the server recruitment section would be a good start, and word-of-mouth is always a good option too. If you know anyone who might be interested IRL then there's an option as well. Perhaps you could start up the server with a lower number of inhabitants and continue recruiting from there; people may not be very interested if they have to wait for the other 50 or so people before the server is actually started.
    10) Changing the mob spawns is a good idea for realism.
    11) If you wanted to do aging, then a good idea would be to display the players' ages above their heads using a scoreboard so that other players can tell how old they all are. Personally, though, I probably wouldn't bother with aging.
    12) Probably not necessary but racism and segregation would certainly add another layer of depth and immersion to the world. Be sure that new players understand it's just part of the story, though.
    13) Either way would work. Consider someone dies without any witnesses: should everyone else be told immediately or should it be left to become apparent over time?
    14) That's sensible. Perhaps you could allow a handful of the players to be silent moderators who secretly keep their eyes on new players.
    15) great idea
    16) That's a good idea too. I guess you could use a mod that changes the XP bar to display hydration.

    I once played on a little realms server with around 10 other players and we were initially all a part of a single village/civilization. I think the way it worked was that a couple of the server leaders started off playing together and built a little town before opening it up to other people to join in. Lots of us had shops in the town centre and at one point, we tried to introduce a currency system. That didn't really work very well and people just tended to get their resources themselves rather than buying from others and feeding the economy. The point is that getting people to play-along can be difficult and the town only came about because the builders were knew each other and worked really naturally as a team.

    Vanilla Minecraft is balanced to be fun for a single player, so in multiplayer there's nothing to stop people from playing alone. I'd strongly recommend making the world less singleplayer-friendly so that people have to work together. For example:

    • Make ores a lot rarer
    • Change the world generation such that the surface is a lot higher - this means deeper underground but would prevent you from building structures above around 150 block in height
    • Large biomes - making exploration more challenging
    • Stronger mobs
    • Quicker drowning
    • Frostbite/heat exhaustion
    • Quicker starvation when running/swimming/building
    • Naturally-generated stone, dirt etc. takes a lot longer to mine
    • Longer day-night cycle
    • [+EDIT] Smaller inventories

    Those are just some ideas. A world like this will be challenging to pull-off but there's lots of potential in it. Best of luck!

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    posted a message on SWITCH PARKOUR (brand-new mechanic | testing phase)


    Switch Parkour (working title) is a large-scale parkour/puzzle map centred around a free-to-roam, suburban environment combining both scale and detail. What this map has that others don't is a sharp, minimalistic design palette and a unique and custom game mechanic - with each jump you make, every block in the level changes. You'll have to figure out the cycles and break the mold to make it to the end of each level, finding secrets and skipping trails along the way.

    So there's the hook. This map just reached its completion stage and now I'm looking for people to help bug-test it and give me some feedback. It's entirely-playable so any bugs are likely to only be small in scale but still worth attending to. Levels are unlocked non-linearly and found by exploring the map; there is also a lobby (first picture below) allowing you to access each unlocked level more conveniently as well as a tutorial level and a fancy title. That's all you really need to know but I did put some further information in a text file included with the download about feedback/playthrough etc. as well. Any and all feedback posted below will be very much appreciated.

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