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    posted a message on Moderators
    Quote from kelik »
    Contacting - Please contact the staff if you have any questions or concerns: memberlist.php?mode=leaders, or by #minecraftforums at

    this was taken from the topic at the top of the forum labelled "read before posting"

    I think it's awesome that you've never overlooked anything in your entire life before.

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    posted a message on Moderators
    Found it!

    Mod Group > Mod > PM

    Got it... thanks guys.

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    posted a message on Moderators
    Quote from Kaav »
    PM him/her.

    Where do I find a list of Moderators? This board is unlike any other board I frequent, there's always a list of mods at the top of a forum so you know who you can contact regarding problems.
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    posted a message on Moderators
    How do you contact a Mod on these forums? I see no information in the FAQ, or elsewhere.

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    posted a message on THIS is how Survival is meant to be played!!!
    Quote from Randomlyweir »

    Please, stop, we play as we want, so change the title now.

    Huh? What's your problem? Stop what? Stop sharing my ideas, and my opinions? You act like I'm sending you private messages telling you that you're playing the game wrong and in violation of some kind of intergalactic ethos, and are punishable by death. Get a grip dude, STOP READING the friggin' thread if you're not interested.

    Would you prefer I write a generic uninteresting thread title such as "An Idea"? Don't be retarded. I'm not changing anything, man.
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    posted a message on Biggest Problem With Minecraft:
    Quote from Kasudain »

    1) 10,000 religons? [citation needed]
    2) I'm a missionary in Missouri, where I also promote logic and critical thinking, as well as creative problem solving. I have lived for a grand total of 15 years, and through my life I have decided that Christianity is the best religon to follow.
    3) There is a large ammount of scientific evidence supporting the Bible's claims, as well as the fact that any logically, unopinionated, undoctrinated scietific study points to an intelligent creator.
    4) Who said I was trying to brainwash anyone? Don't make idiotic, misinformed assumptions.

    Just a heads up little buddy...

    All of the scientific evidence in the bible, that you speak of, supports the Hebrew contribution, known as the old testament. You should probably understand that single important point. The Roman contribution (aka New Testament), is an addendum, and was largely politically driven. There are no certifiable, on-record accounts of Jesus that were written during his lifetime, and the collection of works assembled in the new testament were canonized nearly 300 after his death. Food-for-thought.

    Secondly, with a modicum of research, you'll come to learn that most of the information in the bible is in-fact, and in actuality, re-writes of much older stories and facts taken from prior civilizations and their religions, predating even Judaism, and most certainly Christianity and Islam. These stories and facts have been substantiated by scientific evidence.

    Sidenote: In the original Hebrew texts, the Creator is Elohim. People do not realize that in those texts Elohim is plural, thereby connoting that "Creator" is in fact, plural... as evidenced by the statement "Let US go down and make man in OUR image." The plural was dropped in subsequent translations, and that is how we arrived at a singular "Creator".

    When you get a little bit older, you'll start to think for yourself, and then you'll start to ask big questions, and then you'll start to come to important conclusions. And the icing on the cake is, the older you get, the more you'll realize you don't know.

    "They must find it difficult ... those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority." -Gerald Massey
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    posted a message on THIS is how Survival is meant to be played!!!
    Quote from XSSheep »
    This sounds awesome!
    Bookmarked so I can download and try it a bit later! :biggrin.gif:

    Is the coal even harder to find now than it was in alpha?

    I wasn't around for Alpha... but I'm guessing my settings make everything a lot harder to find. Put it this way, I've only found 4 coal deposits in what would probably amount to 1.5 years (game time). It took me nearly 5 months to stumble onto my first coal deposit... and a welcome sight it was, because it was long overdue. In fact, I had nearly blown the whole thing up accidentally, with TNT, when I was blast mining a mountain top in search of the coal. A few blocks more to the left, and I would have put the TNT in a bad spot. I'm a little more careful with blast mining now, and more strategic about how I expose surfaces with it.

    Anyway, each deposit has yielded roughly 150-250 pieces of coal... so I'm really, really happy when I do find some. My coal reserves can get very low, and even non-existant... so I try to budget it accordingly between coal prospecting expeditions (map exploration required). You really have to use your head when you play the game this way.

    You'll find yourself trying to exercise the balance (time spent-wise) between shaft and branch mining at the lower levels, versus time spent in other areas of the map at higher altitudes, blast mining in search of coal. You need the coal to smelt the iron to extract the Gold and Diamonds you can only find in your deep mining operations.

    If you're not smart about the whole thing, you'll find yourself out of Iron and Coal... and you'll be back to roaming around in the stone ages with wood and stone tools and leather armour on your back. The problem with that is that you DO NEED to fight Creepers to acquire the Gunpowder you need to resume blast mining in search of coal.

    Anyway, I'm rambling, but in a nutshell... the game feels like it evolves (and devolves) technologically (stone age to iron age and beyond) as opposed to Vanilla where you just jump in, and you're only stuck with wood and leather for about 10 minutes, and then you hit Iron and never look back.
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    posted a message on THIS is how Survival is meant to be played!!!
    Quote from CowedOffACliff »
    Keeping this on my to-do list for when I finally get bored, sounds fun.

    It's a ton o' fun, man. It puts the mining back in Minecraft... and makes the game challenging again.
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    posted a message on THIS is how Survival is meant to be played!!!
    Quote from Casand »
    Would it be possible to implent it on my server?

    Just a heads-up... if you gen a map in single-player first... make sure you travel great distances in all directions before putting it up on your multiplayer server. The way the mod works is that it REgenerates ore deposits that pre-exist as generated by the map generator. So, as you explore a map, it erases whatever little ores existed here-and-there, and regenerates the ores using the mod settings (probability, max, min, etc). Since this isn't a server mod, you won't be generating new, large, rare deposits when you start exploring uncharted territory, on the multiplayer server... you'll get the usual vanilla, many small deposits in those unexplored areas.

    Hope I didn't confuse the issue with my attempt to clarify.

    PS. You'll DEFINITELY NEED more powerful TNT than Vanilla TNT. You'll want a mod for that for multiplayer. Vanilla TNT is useless, and won't help you blast mine the way you're going to need to in order to expose large areas of rock. You DO NOT want to set the TNT to more than 5x more powerful than default. Any more than that, and it gives you ungodly, unrealistic massive rock removal, plus major lag because of all the loose chunks. 5x is appropriate, in my opinion, after much testing.

    TNT Hint: You won't be able to just light it and run. You'll have to be a little bit creative in trying to activate it.
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    posted a message on THIS is how Survival is meant to be played!!!
    Tired of digging a tunnel, knowing full well that no matter which direction you go, you are likely to find the same ol' same ol? Do you have so many resources stockpiled at home that nothing makes you nervous about going out at night? Haven't bothered to explore your map, because you know it doesn't matter where you go, the resources are just as likely to be below your bed at home as they are off yonder?

    If you're looking for a way to make playing Survival interesting again... I've got the solution for you.

    Download and install Zombe's mod pack. Adjust your Ore Generation settings to make deposits, rare, and large. Adjust your TNT settings to increase the power of TNT (you're gonna need to.) Activate Plant Growth.

    I recommend starting a fresh game of Survival, but it's not necessary... (but I seriously, highly recommend it).

    You'll find it much more difficult to find and acquire resources. This will mean you need to mine strategically, and conserve the resources you do have. Cows have relevance now, because you'll be using a lot of leather armour in the beginning. You'll need to hunt Chickens often, because you'll need their feathers. You'll find yourself excited to discover Gravel beds, because Flint will be a hot commodity. Feathers and Flint will give you the Arrows you'll need to hunt the Creepers that you'll HAVE TO FACE, so you can get the Gunpowder you'll need to make TNT. TNT is A MUST, because you'll need to uncover large areas of the map to see if there's any resources hiding inside those mountains and hilltops. Be careful though, the TNT is much stronger, light that sucker and run as far away as fast as possible, and pray you don't blow up a would-be deposit along with yourself.

    Exploring the map becomes critical. No more mining right beside your home... you'll have to get out and look around, to find Coal and Iron. You'll be chopping down a lot of trees in the beginning... wood and charcoal are your best friends until you find yourself a decent deposit to mine.

    These small changes that the mod offers, have breathed new life into Survival for me. It makes living off the land a challenge, and mining a risky and rewarding venture. There's nothing like FINALLY finding a Coal or Iron deposit... and then praying that it runs deep and wide. Sooo much fun!!

    Consequently, you'll only be able to modify your house when you're flush with resources. Your shack will become a cabin, but not until after you've put in some hard work. Then your cabin can become a house... maybe a mansion, but not for quite some time.

    The look of excitement will show on your face when you finally spot Diamond in the bowels of the earth. The disappointment... if it's "only" 25 blocks. Branch mining (and other mining techniques) will have their appropriate place in the game. Your branches will be spaced a little differently, mind you... but your mine will become A MINING OPERATION.

    Good Luck to you!!

    Zombe's mod:


    My Ore Regeneration settings:

    optOreCoalRule = 10/120/80/3/600/1 5/96/48/2/600/1 5/48/36/1/100/1 1/120/64/1/1/1
    optOreIronRule = 5/80/32/3/600/1 5/96/24/2/100/1 1/120/64/1/1/1
    optOreGoldRule = 2/32/12/2/400/1 2/64/32/2/200/1
    optOreBlueRule = 1/32/8/2/150/1 1/56/32/2/50/1 1/64/56/1/2/1
    optOreRedRule = 1/32/4/1/400/1 1/32/4/1/400/11
    optOreDiamondRule = 1/16/4/1/300/1 1/24/16/1/100/1

    My Boom (TNT) settings:

    optBoomDropChance = 30
    optBoomDropOreChance = 30
    optBoomScaleTNT = 5.0
    optBoomScaleCreeper = 1.0
    optBoomSafeRange = 0

    My Plant Growth Settings:

    optGrowthFlower = 15
    optGrowthShroom = 50
    optGrowthPumpkin = 30
    optGrowthSappling = 20
    optGrowthReed = 10
    optGrowthRooting = yes
    optGrowthRootingSpace = 3
    optGrowthRootingTime = 10
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    posted a message on Add large, rare mineral fields to make mining a challenge
    I'm all about this. This exactly what Minecraft should be. Resources would become currency in SMP. Anyway, I've been tinkering with Zombe's Ore Regeneration mod, trying to find a way to make my large deposits, rare. I think the minimum I can get an ore deposit down to... is about 1 per 100 chunks. I wish there was a way to decrease the odds even further.

    I wish there was a way to tie ore's to biomes. Does anybody know if there's a mod for that?
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    posted a message on Resource Spawn control?
    Quote from maunokki »
    I believe one of Zombe's mods can do something like this, go ahead and give it a try.

    Zombe's Ore Redistribution mod... exactly what I needed. Thanks very much!
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    posted a message on Resource Spawn control?
    Quote from Shpaget »
    If you want to control the amount of rare items, use invedit and a lava pool.

    I don't want to edit my inventory, I want to control how a map spawns its resources. What part of that are you not understanding?
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    posted a message on Resource Spawn control?
    Quote from Shpaget »
    Can't you see that it would be the same?
    Let's say you have to mine for a half an hour to find a vein of diamonds that will yield 4 diamonds.
    With that mod you would need to mine for how long? Two hours? And you would get how many diamonds? 16?
    See the lack of difference?

    Yeah, zero difference, using your example. That's not how I would use it. I'm talking about being able to control the frequency/quantity. So if I'm starting up with a new world, I'd probably want diamonds to be very rare, but if I do stumble on to them, I get large amounts. Even if you set the frequency:quantity ratio on par with the current settings, the risk/reward is much greater. How satisfying to FINALLY find the mother-lode of diamonds.

    (BTW, it doesn't take me an hour and a half to find 4 diamonds.)
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    posted a message on Resource Spawn control?
    Is there a mod that lets you adjust the frequency and amount in which the resources spawn?

    The reason I ask is because I would like to create a world where the resources are harder to find, but when you do find them, they are in greater abundance. I feel the game has become rather routine after only 3 weeks of playing it because I can pretty much find everything, at will. I think the game would be MUCH BETTER if it was harder to find the resources (iron, lapis, redstone, diamond, gold)... but in much greater quantities when you do.

    I also think this would translate well to SMP. People would have to work much harder to accumulate wealth. Consequently, they would work their mines feverishly in order to extract as much as possible, as quickly as possible, before others also discovered the large deposit. Perhaps a side effect of this would be that people would form small mining companies to work large mines co-operatively.
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