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    posted a message on Tour of my world (5years) hardcore (trying to fix pix)

    i can see someone's been inspired by etho ;P

    good work!!

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    posted a message on Daib's "Progressively Updated" Survival Journal - Every entry takes place in a new update!

    oh sweet nostalgia...

    i got minecraft in early 2012, shortly before 1.2 was released. all the lets plays of the game i watched on youtube were in either alpha or beta, so i've got a lot of nostalgia from those periods although i didn't play them myself.

    i did not know the signs were so big. i'll be following this best i can.

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    posted a message on The Right Branch of Development. A complete new minecraft experience! 150+ FEATURES, Now with ambient sound loops!

    PLEASE DO PORT THIS MOD!!! please. pretty please with cherries on top. this mod(aside from a few misc. features i can get over) is like, my ideal mod.

    i have one big suggestion i can't believe you forgot though. well, maybe it's pretty believable, yeah: the way creepers stared at you even when they couldn't "see" you. i think that was what they did, at least, i just remember them being a lot creepier because of something regarding the way they looked at the player.

    one other thing that i wonder: is it possible to remove the new better lighting? back in alpha the lighting-- like, the transition from day to night-- was really sudden. it was a lot more... well, terrifying. then they added in that one dude's better lighting mod... or was it dynamic lighting? probably that. all i know is that turning dynamic lighting off doesn't make the day/night transition sudden like it used to be.

    i would love to use this mod in newer versions! i hate using older versions just,,, cause i feel out of date. sort of a weird paradox. i want an up to date out of date mod.

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    posted a message on Gearworks Golem!
    Quote from chrispang»

    This is why this isn't a ranged golem.

    ^^^ okay that quote is weird but as a reply:

    see, the snow golem is a terrible sentry for any reason just because it can't defend itself. it dies easily whether by glitches or by angering every mob ever pretty much and then getting shot/killed through a fence block or something. it's hard to build something with a good angle for the snow golem so it actually is in range but without it dying from either mobs or rain.

    gearworks golem would be exactly the same as an iron golem. you spawn an iron golem and it'll take damage over time to the point where it very well may die. it's a big tank. you would spawn a gearworks golem where it would be able to hit mobs without being overwhelmed by melee mobs(which is sort of the entire point of range.) however, it would still be vulnerable to skeleton's attacks. eventually, just like the iron golem, it'd be killed. by the way, the OP makes it clear that this golem has some very obvious weaknesses and points out that you may have to get some iron golems or tamed wolves to support it.

    it'd be a pretty cool addition to minecraft because it adds a ranged sentry mob that balances out with the iron golem, just about. it would also be really cool to use in custom maps and minigames and stuff like that for obvious reasons.

    as for some balancing, i think maybe it should need a little maintenance. this, honestly, should go for the iron golems too. i would suggest that whether they are protected by the rain or not these golem mobs get rusted and go inactive. right click em' with a gold ingot(making gold even more useful to keep your golems powered) and some redstone or something, and they get powered again.
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    posted a message on Gearworks Golem!

    support! and here's why:

    we don't have any ranged golems aside from the snow golem who doesn't do any damage. this guy would be a great alternative to the(sadly) useless snow golem mob! you can pretty much never put a snow golem in any tower low enough for it to attack mobs because it'll be really easily killed and if you protect it enough then it can't aim and even then if it rains it'll be dead unless you have a usually ridiculously large covering over it.

    this guy's laser comes from his head, which means he'll be able to aim at and hit mobs at a better angle from a higher position. this guy is sort of expensive cause he makes a good sentry, and his crafting recipe makes gold more valuable.

    my only qualm is the following: make the block arrangement the same as the snow golem, not the iron golem. makes more sense if it's relatively skeleton sized.

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    posted a message on Two Rogues in the Desert

    nice pictures


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    posted a message on Need to vent about (lack of) survival building skills

    i used to do this a lot, until recently i made a world when the 1.9 update came out. finally i made just about the most progress i have made on a survival world-- defeated the enderdragon! haven't fought the wither yet, but recently i went to the end and got an elytra and some cool loot(in 1.11 snapshots). in addition, i built a bunch of stuff just because i progressed so far in the game. so how do i do it?

    well, honestly, don't really know how. you have to find a way to play the game you enjoy, make a goal, get creative. the problem is that minecraft used to be so very limited in the palette and abilities you have, which made people really creative(although the terrain gen helped a lot)! nowadays, however, the exact opposite is true: there are a plethora of things to do and use in minecraft, not to mention creative mode. most players nowadays don't even believe survival mode is FOR building, because they'd rather just use creative mode. creative mode is nice for inspiration, but here's what i say:

    first, indulge the survival experience. build up. make a nice base, look at some screenshots of the old days or others' builds and plot out what to do, or just wing it. once you have some better stuff the process of material obtaining is less difficult, and you have less things to explore which leaves a lot of room for doing anything. after that, the question is WHAT to do-- and i can't help you there. sometimes i have good days and sometimes i have bad ones in the creativity department. i dunno, explore, find some cool terrain. if you want a cow farm, build the mother of all cows. make a tower that stretches from a bedrock pit up to the world height limit. do something interesting that makes absolutely no sense but looks cool.

    sorry if this seemed like an uninteresting rant without a point, but i tried. also, here's some stuff i've built:

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    posted a message on Trouble in Paradise - 1.10 Modded Survival Journal/UPDATE: Ch.33: Shine

    sorry to say, but your banner looks more like a fox with a robber's mask on or some kind of raccoon. love the journal, keep it up

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    posted a message on The Settlement Challenge

    on the butcher building, you forgot about sheep meat, mutton.

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    posted a message on The Settlement Challenge

    i'm confused about a few things. i couldn't find what qualifies as a residential building. does it have to be bigger than 4x4? are there any requirements per building, like, you need a crafting table or something for it to qualify. i noticed further that apartment blocks are productive buildings. wouldn't they count as residential buildings, if they're for population?

    as far as the saw mill goes, it says you can craft with wooden planks but does that mean you can craft the wooden tier of tools? it doesn't specify that in the description, and it doesn't make sure to say you can't craft wooden pickaxes. there's a few gaps in this challenge that make it a bit difficult to understand,,, i'll be doing it anyway though, cause it's interesting.

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    posted a message on The Settlement Challenge

    i am definitely going to try this challenge. it's like a hands-on strategy game!

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    posted a message on "Watermelon Steven" Challenge
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    How about making snow golems, which are made with pumpkins? They are actual living entities and would be harder to keep alive since they will try to attack any hostile mobs nearby, which will then retaliate, and depending on the biome they can melt in the sun (I'd recommend having a snowy biome nearby - or you can farm snow at a sufficient elevation in cooler biomes).

    i thought about that, yes, but snow golems are TOO hard to keep alive. i can't even keep one alive to be in a guard tower, let alone have an entire village of the things. the pumpkins aren't entities so they're a bit... immobile, but they're less unpredictable. i guess using snow golems is this challenge's hardcore mode.
    Quote from rodabon»

    I'm curious why you chose to go with pumpkins instead of watermelons, given your source of inspiration was based on watermelons. Because they have faces?

    eeeeexactly, haha. watermelons are nice and all, but i relate to the pumpkins. maybe it's because my skin's head is just a green version of one. i guess someone could substitute pumpkins for melons anyways, but they wouldn't have faces. that'd be creepy.
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    posted a message on "Watermelon Steven" Challenge


    *except for the fact that you use pumpkins instead of watermelons.

    this challenge is based off of the "steven universe" episode "super watermelon island". in this episode our protagonist discovers that the anthropomorphic watermelons he brought to life two seasons earlier have created their own community in which they farm watermelons, thus expanding their community. it's adorable. can you see where i'm going with this?


    set cheats to on and create a new survival world. change your gamemode to creative and spawn in two pumpkins and a seed-- these are your progenitors. put the pumpkins on a block of your choice and put two levers on the side to make arms. it's alive! all you need to do now is keep them safe so they can stay alive.

    for every two pumpkin people there are, you will allot one block of land(cannot be fertile) to plant a pumpkin seed. after your new pumpkin has grown, break and replant the stalk. every new pumpkin you grow and animate(by giving it a body and arms) becomes part of the population. if you have no seeds to plant, you're allowed to turn an un-animated pumpkin into seeds.

    it is your task to build your helpless pumpkin friends homes, farms, and walls against the foul night terrors, among other things. one day, with enough TLC, perhaps your pumpkins will be a part of a sprawling utopian metropolis.


    1. you must be on at least easy difficulty
    2. for every three pumpkins you have you need at the very least one home.
    3. every home must contain a bed for every pumpkin and a furnace.
    4. IMPORTANT: after the population has reached any quarter increment of 100(i.e. 25, 50, 175, etc.) you must destroy 1/4th of it. sadly, pumpkins go bad. the good news is that after the deed is done, you do not have to do so again until reaching the next increment.
    5. also important, but less so: a pumpkin couple can grow and house no more than three pumpkin children, at maximum(you can override this by making it clear the pumpkin's name is Jim Gaffigan. i don't suggest an entire population of comedians, though).
    6. after growing one new pumpkin you must wait 3 minecraft days before planting another stalk. the ground needs to regain nutrients,,, probably!


    your pumpkins are going to thrive as a civilization under your care, even if their lifespan is significantly shorter than yours. as such, they'll often make requests of you. feel free to do these in any order, and you can find the stages and requests below. (NOTE: this part is unfinished and subject to change. in fact, i highly suggest making a suggestion for new tasks so this challenge can "grow"! ,,,pun intended.)

    1* Quests:

    "not i, said the baker." | build a bakery; appoint one of your citizens to the task of running it.

    "among the fields of straw and stover,,," | build a farm to supply the bakery with wheat; appoint a citizen to the task.

    "defense mechanism." | build a humble wall made of at least wood.

    "fight, flight, or love." | slay 10 total hostile mobs in one night.

    "well, well, wellwellwellwellwell!" | build for your citizens a source of fresh water, whether it be a well or some sort of aqueduct.

    "timber!" | build a primitive lumber mill for housing and cutting wood; appoint two citizens to work there.

    "eating worms" | deliver 25 wheat seeds to the farm.

    2* Quests:

    "the forge." | create a forge for your citizens so they can craft better tools; appoint a blacksmith to the task.

    "creative marketing." | build a basic marketplace or store; appoint a citizen to work every stand or two for every store.

    "you smelt that?" | deliver 20 iron ingots to the forge.

    "what the hay?" | deliver 64 wheat to the bakery.

    "the watchtower" | build a lookout tower; appoint a citizen to be the lookout.

    "the music of the night" | slay 5 creepers in one night.

    "miner forty-niner" | build a mineshaft in a nearby hill or underground.

    "deauuguaguh" | slay 10 zombies in one night.

    "wood you please?" | upgrade the lumber mill; appoint another citizen to work there.

    3* Quests:

    "maniac with an axe" | deliver 128 wooden logs to the lumber mill.

    "what, are you chicken?" | build two chicken coops for the local farm; fill these with 6 chickens each.

    "digging for gold." | deliver 20 gold ingots to the forge from the mineshaft.

    "local commodities" | deliver 10 wool, 12 iron ingots, a compass, and 6 item frames to the local market/store.

    "rattling my ears!" | slay 15 skeletons while underground.

    "the colossus" | deliver 64 iron to the forge.

    "forethought" | upgrade the town's walls.

    "machiavelli of machinists" | build a redstone machinist's shop; appoint a solitary, italian inventor to work there. or a citizen.

    "trapper's dream" | build simple or complicated traps and mechanisms to defend your walls.

    "specialized market" | divide your marketplaces/stores into selling specific products.

    "human canary" | destroy one cave spider spawner.

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    posted a message on another survival journal(with a totally original thread name!)

    another entry! wow, a LOT has happened in my past few play sessions, i will say that!

    first thing's first, i made sure to craft myself this thing. brewing stand, that's it! i totally remembered! i realized something: i can't make any fire resistance potions to travel safely through the nether without magma cream! worst part is that i hadn't seen one slime. i would have to find a swamp.

    i remembered that i had to get my horse from over at the outpost where i had left it before i could start exploring. as you can see, i found two zombie pigmen who very curiously like that spot. maybe they just want to roam free with their other piggy bretheren?

    found this very interesting piece of terrain generation in a small savanna mountains biome north of my base(where i was exploring).

    i found a flower forest isle! how interesting is that? i'll have to build something cool there, like a garden.

    an F1 driveby shot of that savanna mountains biome. really cool!

    i saw a LOT of ocean monuments, but this was the only one i saw where these guardians were just straight up jumping out of the water. flighty guardians!

    the full map after exploration. it was... a lot of ocean. really not much to report, aside from the things i took pictures of. a lot of ocean monuments to take care of though. well, no swamps, so i would have to uncover the land far south. out i go!

    i encountered a village... and realized the entire population is made up of librarians. there are only two libraries. mojaaaaaang.... (okay, well, not the entire population, but there were like 8.)

    my world had a bit of a shutdown error and i came back to some chunk errors... i was a little bit scared of that, so i made sure to backup my world.

    if jungles didn't anger me so much and they weren't so laggy, i'd actually think this was a really cool spot to build something.

    roofed forest! and a HUGE ravine! i keep encountering those, don't i?


    how did you like that montage? there was a lot to cover there, so i'll say this much: did a lot of exploring, found a lot of cool stuff, got some slimeballs, got some wolves who disappeared on me and are probably in some field waiting expectantly for me, and had a really cool play session. after this, i decided to start exploring the nether a little bit and getting prepared for endgame.

    didn't get many pictures of that first fortresses' loot, but i got a wither skeleton skull. after i exploring the initial fortress my portal spawned right by, i realized there was another really extensive parked right beside it. conveniently for it though, not close enough to access easily. i had to make my way around to where it docked to the netherrack.

    a cool lava fall and as you can see, my expedition was pretty exciting. i managed to get three wither skeleton skulls and i was determined to fight the wither-- i have never ever fought it in legit survival, so i tested it out on my creative world with gear similar to my own to make sure i wasn't make a huge mistake and set it up.

    really disappointed in myself for not getting enough screenshots, but it isn't exactly an easy battle. at least i didn't have to use my golden apple! also, what am i saying? of course it was an easy battle! the wither turns out to be a pushover as long as you have insta health splash potions!

    no idea what i'm gonna use this for. at one point i thought "wait, all health effects damage undead mobs, could i make a regen beacon to protect a village? i tested it out in creative although i was doubtful regen acted like poison on undead mobs. it does not, evidently, and would not work, so i don't really know what i'll use this for unless i have to mine something really big out.

    i decided to go find a stronghold, so i was enderman hunting. in the process, i got some loot from a nabal(retextured witch, and biblical reference. it fits because he's a drunk and the witch just ends up being a really senseless and mad at the world drunk guy who throws bottles at you) and i managed to find this! another dungeon! this should be useful, eventually.

    oh, and the dungeon comes with a nametag! yesss!

    my organized loot chest.

    welllll then, hellllooooo... as you can see i got my ender eyes and at this point was hunting for the stronghold. i didn't want to explore it at the moment, so it's still sitting out there in the jungle somewhere. anyway, that's all for now.

    next time, i'll be finding and exploring the stronghold, hopefully linking it with my nether portal, and fighting the enderdragon. after that i'll be able to visit the end islands for the first time. cya next time!

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    posted a message on another survival journal(with a totally original thread name!)
    Quote from Fyqcraft»

    Lol, I know how to craft a map and fill it out, I was saying I don't know how to connect multiple maps correctly on a wall to make one big map B)

    hah, i was so confused "this guy knows redstone out the wazoo but not maps? oh well"
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