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    posted a message on Staff List
    Quote from AppleEater01»

    Agreed. 8-14 hours is way too much and Beltir was probably ruining his family and social life by doing so. Also more time on the MCF then sleeping is not healthy B)

    Then again everybody did spend 7-13 of those hours abusing him.
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    posted a message on Can't Post Pictures
    Have a guide for easy uploads. As for the not allowed issue, the link should end with the filetype as stated above eg.

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    posted a message on What's on your DVD Shelf?
    I have most of my discs stored away, have the remnants of my recently used that reside on the shelf:

    The Wall
    Cowboy Bebop: Collection
    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
    Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
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    posted a message on Current member title list
    My influence in the system never wavers~

    Enjoy your new words!
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    posted a message on New report page
    The text input feature is used to give a brief description of the offence caused or issue occurring, It is not used to display a user breaking the rules in an animated .gif while underlying the point with 72pt rainbow text.
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    posted a message on What cellphone do you own?
    Bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace a few days back. Haven't owned a phone in a few years and don't plan to use this often so I stuck myself on a cheap contract. Compared to my previous phone (Sony Ericsson k510i) this is a technological godsend after some rooting.
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    posted a message on Warning Level

    Each user can view their own warning bar irrespective of whether a warning has been issued or not. Users can also click on their level to view warning logs.

    A user with one warning point will have a bar like this:

    If your query is regarding the 'Altar Warning Level' icon, it is a bug within the current design of MCF and will be ironed out soon. Standard users do not have the permission to access the section either way.
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    posted a message on Games for bad computers?
    I'd look into some Sandbox RTS games: Pharaoh, Zeus: Master of Olympus and Ceasar III were very good without as steep a learning curve as other games at the time.
    There is also Fallout 1 & 2, Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 & 2 and try looking into The Settlers (II and IV are notable).

    There is also Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII for £2 on Steam and the Oddworld collection is quite cheap.
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    posted a message on Fortresscraft copying minecraft
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    posted a message on What is your screen resolution?
    1920x1200 #masterresolution

    I need more monitors.
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    posted a message on [MEGATHREAD] Runescape
    I spent almost a good decade playing it in multiple on/off states.
    It had its ups and downs and I was vastly integrated into the community aspect (which was one of the only reasons I kept at it for so long), spending my time working with the community for a long time and also providing the basis for the Dung Smith clan which so many use today.
    While I have not played for a long time (having no interest in touching the game again) and may not be happy with many recent changes, all I can say is that I do have many good memories of playing it.

    Some stats I achieved on one of my accounts...

    Pretty proud of the 42M attack, 17.3M slayer, 16M summ and 26M hp - Glad I don't have to touch it again.

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    posted a message on What game should my team make?
    Quote from Liberality

    post-apocalyptic dating simulator.

    With extra dating!
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    posted a message on Drawing Tablets?
    Wacom's basic Bamboo Pen tablet (the 2011 model) will be around $60-80 AUD, with the touch version a little more (and not as good personally).

    For a basic tablet I would always recommend trying it out first to see if you have enough interest to warrant upgrading. If so you could then look into their Intuos range ($200-500 AUD) or a larger version of the Bamboo Pen/Touch.
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    posted a message on 100$ Looking for a new case.
    The Fractal Define R3 is always a good option, it offers great noise reduction and decent cooling, comes in just over budget at $110 although it could probably be found for $100:

    However like above I would have to side with a HAF model, 922 is pretty decent.
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    posted a message on Amazon delivery times?
    For untracked deliveries in the UK Amazon uses Royal Mail.

    As is the case, do not be surprised if most RM deliveries are late or do not arrive. I would recommend always getting a tracked package if working to a deadline (Even though Guaranteed Next Day can be expensive).

    But yes, do make use of the Amazon Contact Us Live Chat - They will ask you for order number and some personal account information to verify your identity - Then if the first class (paid for) package has not arrived after 7-10 days they well ask you to get back in contact where they will refund postage and send another parcel.

    Unfortunately for me almost every untracked delivery from Amazon I order is late (I order very often) so try to avoid it.
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