About Me

Hi. I'm NukeDuck. I'm a modder, programmer, texture artist, graphics artist, gamer and other stuff, too. I release about 1.5% of everything I make, just because most of it's either done before and I just didn't notice or it's not really very good.

Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetmin...thenuclearduck/

(Old website domain was reclaimed by registrar, so it has been removed)

Mods I've made:
Wall Jump Mod (1.8)
Heart Crystals Mod (1.7.X)
Magma Block Mod (1.6.2)
Tools Done Right (1.7.10)
Better HUD (1.8) (^_^)
Color Code GUI (1.8)
Snow+ Mod (very old, 1.2.5)
Nicolas Cage Texture Pack (somewhat old, notice "texture" rather than "resource")


Gaming, Modding, Programming, Texturing, Graphic-ing

Location United Kingdom

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