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    posted a message on Builders needed. GTA:SA. 1:1 scale build. 20k views. Structures built, need details added
    Woo, Reddit!
    I don't personally own GTA, so therefore I can't help. Keep up the good work, though!
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    posted a message on [1.7] Using /summon & /give DataTags in Map-Making (TUTORIALS)
    Not sure if this has come up, but this is how to summon Item Frames and Paintings:

    /summon ItemFrame ~ ~ ~ {TileX:0,TileY:0,TileZ:0,Direction:0,It­em:{id:minecraft:,Count:1},ItemRotation:0}

    TileX, TileY, and TileZ are the coordinates of the block in which the item frame is resting on. When this block is broken, the block pops off.
    Direction is the way that the item frame is facing. 0 is for west, 1 for south, 2 for east, 3 for north.
    Item is the item within the item frame that shows up. Put in the item id.
    ItemRotation is the rotation of the item within the item frame. Put in 0-3 for pre-1.7, or 0-7 for 1.8.

    /summon Painting ~ ~ ~ {TileX:~,TileY:~,TileZ:~,Direction:0,Mot­ive:Aztec}
    Motive: the painting name. The names can be found here:
    Quote from Lai1999

    How do I summon 5 Silverfish that can't move nor receive Knockback?
    Summon it with equipment that has the knockback resistance and speed attributes. Make the knockback resistance really high and the speed negtive. If you want to prevent movement altogether (falling and stuff) have it ride a wither skull.
    Quote from RetardedNinja2

    I'm pretty sure you can rotate blocks with /setblock. (As in having a stone block be diagonal, not which way a furnace in facing). I have no idea how that works, but I think it it would be a good tutorial.
    No, don't think you can do that, you'll need an entity, like a fallingsand or a block in a minecart.
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    posted a message on Silk Block, a way to store your string.
    Quote from SVGK

    or.... just let wool be craftable into string?.
    But then a sheep farm could easily replace a spider farm. What we COULD do, however, is make it so wool crafted from string uses different damage value. 16, where it loops back around from all of the colors. Wool with that higher damage value would look like wool and behave like it, but be able to be crafted back to string. Dying it would cause it to go back under 16. So, this wool is a functional storage block, separate from wool farms.
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    posted a message on Purple Fire with Wither Skeletons.
    I always thought Withers looked too much like endermen. Make it red and I'd support.
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    posted a message on Item Skins!
    Not needed, we already have maps that take up the whole block. You can disguise them as you please.
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    posted a message on More Saturated And Lush Grass/Foliage. *Updated, Will No Longer Hurt Eyes*
    This is one of the instances where saying "use a resource pack" would be okay. Some people, myself included, enjoy the grass textures, and it really isn't hard to change them. The swamps needed change, and that's what they got. I like pretty much every other grass color, other than nether and desert.
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    posted a message on Fast Item Transport w/ Enderchest.
    There are no data tags on an endershest, it is all stored in the particular players's player.dat. Did you notice you can't access another person's ender chest? so why should a hopper be able to? The only way this could ever work is if the server had it's own ender chest inventory, and only items put in by hoppers could be taken out by them. Likewise, the only way to access an item put in by a hopper would be to take it out by a hopper. But this idea is redundant and pointless anyway, and removes the challenge of moving objects. While it is tedious, they added storage minecarts, hoppers, donkeys, and ender chests to make it easier. No support from me, because long distance item transportation would be overpowered.
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    posted a message on [Convenience] Middle Click Air to Clear Your Slot!
    And if your inventory was full?

    Honestly, I do not support because an empty hand does nothing but serve as a spot to grab items, which you can already do by pick blocking the next item you need. In creative, you have no need to clear the item, /clear or the item destroyer should be fine.
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    posted a message on Keep items and blocks names simple !
    Quote from NagaviperTheLord

    What's the big deal if the names aren't familiar to you? It teaches people new things. Before I played this game I had no idea what lapis lazuli was, and now I do! Its part of a learning process!

    With your logic, these items should be renamed ASAP:

    Lapis Lazuli: Blue Rock
    Mycelium: Mushroom Dirt
    Comparator: Device
    SIlverfish: Bug

    I'm sure Minecraft would be 10x more attractive if it featured bugs and blue rocks.

    Obsidian: black rock lava
    Pistons: Pushy thingies
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    posted a message on Repackage Minecraft in an Educational Format
    I would like to propose a repackaged and limited distribution of minecraft to schools for education purposes.

    You stated this being a limited edition of minecraft. That position is better suited by a mod, in which one already exists:

    This forum is for suggestions for vanilla minecraft, not a limited edition or different version, in which a mod would be more appropriate.
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    posted a message on Keep mobs on the Scoreboard
    As of the recent 1.8 snapshots, mobs can be effected by scoreboard, and can join teams and have scoreboard data. It displays their UUID as their name, which was never achievable before without external editors. However, the scoreboard system is limited with them. Team attributes do not affect the mobs, such as freindlyfire or team color. Also, it looks a bit unprofessional to have a 20 long ID as the mob's name in scoreboard. So, I suggest some changes to scoreboard and mobs.

    1. FreindlyFire also applies to mobs
    This, is the most useful part of this suggestion. You can, with this, essentially decide for the mob, who it can and can not attack. If it is on a team with FreindlyFire on, and it detects another mob with another team, it will attack, even if it wouldn't normally. For example, you can have dueling zombies, skeletons as your personal snipers against other players, or creepers as heat-seeking missiles. Maybe even villagers that fight back! Perhaps a new data tag that allows the mob to attack things it normally wouldn't, and if it has no default attack means, it would adopt the zombie's AI, the most basic, yet most complex of them all. Things such as skeletons would remain with their sniping skills though, this would only effect passive mobs that have no attack means.

    2. HearEnemyMobs
    This would be a new attribute to the teams, where you can or can not hear a mob's ambient sound, such as a ghast screech or a zombie groan, if you are on a different team.

    3. Color
    Color should display in the name tag of a mob, which as of now, doesn't.

    4. Names and UUID's
    The UUID system is great for figuring out the UUID of a mob, but can be quite annoying in every other circumstance. Named mobs should display their name rather than their UUID, and if there is a duplicate or a mob of the same name, it will display (name) #2. Unnamed mobs keep the UUID.

    That is the suggestion as of now, if anybody has other ideas that should be added to this, or somebody finds a mistake that I made, please comment, otherwise comment your opinion, or problems with my setup.
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    posted a message on Food Chain System
    If this could be a customizeable attribute, that would be awesome. Perhaps a string that can be inserted, say, this wolf has a .8 chance of attacking a player in specific named "sethbling," or a zombie spawned in by the red team will only attack people on the blue team.
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    posted a message on Strawberries in Minecraft!
    Quote from Luigiatl

    The "Potion of Health Increase" has a potion effect, known as absorption, but has no potion. It should have the right name, but otherwise, I support.
    Absorption is completely different from Health Boost, which I assumed he was referring too. Health boost creates new red health bars that act like normal ones. At the beginning of the effect, they start out empty, and must be regenerated. Absorption adds a health "buffer" that is destroyed, and then can not be regenerated, however, the new hearts take effect as soon as the effect starts.
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    posted a message on Extended Command Block Function
    One such function would be a sort of "/take" command. I am aware of the /clear command which removes all or a single type of item out of a player's inventory. So saying, the /take command I am suggesting could most likely be combined with the already existing /clear command. The take command will function much like the /clear command, just with added functionality. This would be the ability to check if a player has the item defined in the command block's text, and then to remove a specific number of said item. Such a function would prove useful in things like vanilla item shops. Click a button and a command block makes sure that the player holds the correct amount of payment, which could be any item, and then either outputs the product of the transaction or sits idle in the case of the player not having the correct currency.

    As of 1.8, the /clear command can clear a certain amount of an item, including 0, which essentially tests for the item. Also, data tags will be accepted in the /clear command.
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    posted a message on Hell's Gateway
    Quote from Quadrabliz

    Minecraft generally generates tied to gravity. Everything is smoothly sculpted and attached to the ground, except of exceptional single cases. The only reason that normal blocks don't fall is that it would make building impossible. Your crater is part of generation, so it should also look like gravity has affected it.
    Explain the mess that is savannah hills. Those have floating islands all over the place, intentional too. Minecraft has floating islands, just because most generation tends to stay towards the ground doesn't mean that there can't be one in the future.
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