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    Vernon opens his eyes. He rolls to his side and gives Ki a light shake. She awakens. He waves his finger to hush her.

    "Don’t make a sound…."

    Ki has heard his thoughts.

    "It’s time to go, kid."

    He takes her by the hand.

    "Are you ready?"

    There is something in Vernon’s calm demeanor preventing Ki from feeling fear, yet her thoughtful curiosity for Venon’s unexpected behavior can be heard.

    "My time has come," He answers her, "it’s time to step from the shadows."

    Deciding to trust Vernon, Ki provides a slight nod in answer to his question. She is ready.

    "Don’t be afraid. I am in control." As Ki hears these words move through her mind, her vision fades to black…

    Ki’s vision returns as the black scrolls away. She has appeared hand in hand with Vernon, by the side entrance to the mansion. Vernon gives her a wink and, casually using his free hand as though pulling aside a curtain, removes the pink force field from the door.

    "Did I ever tell you I have a daughter?"

    Slightly skeptical to the prospect of what Vernon is telling her, Ki narrows one eye.

    "She’s nothing like you."

    Ki smiles.

    "It would seem she needs my help. But hey… what else are dead fathers for?"

    Ezra has changed. He seems… amused by the efforts of the other presence in the attic.

    “Take not a dog by the ears, lest you be bit.” His words are steady, no trace of the fear he previously portrayed. “You’re interfering with family affairs. Be gone.”

    With a shot of breath from one of Ezra's nostrils, the runes on the floor shatter like thin ice and sweep across the attic in many pieces to the skirting of a wall, where they melt, soaking quickly into the dry timber of the floor.

    As Ezra is freed from his bondage, his appearance begins to change….

    "Dead?" Ki asks, her grip on Vernon’s hand tightening as they make way through the dark hallways of the mansion.

    Vernon rubs her knuckles with his thumb to help relieve any onset of fear, replying with a jovial connotation; "I’m not really dead"

    "She thinks you are?"

    "That’s right, kid. She had no reason to disbelieve her mother’s lies. All those times she’d seen me in town while begging for coin from strangers…," Vernon explains, as they begin their climb to the second floor, "…how it pained me not to let her know who I was…. I was nothing more than another face in the crowd."

    Ki seems confused as they make way along the upstairs hallway toward the stairwell to the attic. "Who is she?"

    “You’ll be meeting her soon, Ki…. You may have seen her around from time to time. They call her Annie…."

    "But why keep it a secret?" Ki inquires. They begin their climb to the attic. "Why not tell her you were her father?"

    “Because…” Vernon breaks the silence to speak as they come to a halt in the threshold to the attic, facing the monstrosity that looms over the bed of Annie’s chamber; “That’s one trait she has in common with me.”

    Vernon now turns a severe glare to Ki, instructing her to stand behind him. She does not hesitate to do so. What she’s seen standing in the attic has filled her with fear, her hands trembling as she grips to Vernon’s belt.

    "Relax, I’ve got this," he tells her, turning his focus to the monstrosity, saying;

    “I see the Order deploy assassins to handle the dirty jobs these days. Must be tough managing a wee girl…. Little overkill, though, don’t you think?”

    Ezra, no longer the depiction of a tortured soul dragged forth from the fires of hell, turns his intense crimson eyes at Vernon – Though his facial features are similar to that of a gargoyle, his head and tall, sleek body appears to have no epidermal layer; the midnight-green veins and the well-toned muscle fibres of his umber flesh are clearly visible. Though he stands erect on two legs, he has four arms, hands and feet shaped alike primates while each digits, his opposable toes included, are embellished with razor sharp, hooked back nails. He has no visible genitalia – Despite his less than common air, his look of conjecture for Vernon was unmistakable.

    “Can’t quite pick my face?” Vernon asked, taking a step into the room. “I must admit, it was quite some time ago. Still, I remember you well, Ezra. But then… who could forget an ugly head like yours?”

    Ezra appears… spooked, as he replies in a wisp and gravelled voice, “State your name….”

    “I’m hurt, really…” Vernon discernibly lies. “You don’t remember me. Then, I guess I did something right… So how about…” He looks off to the side with pretentious thoughtfulness; “How about you just call me… The Gallant Knight.”

    Ezra now turns his entire body at Vernon, tilting his stare with further curiosity, no doubt endeavouring to place a memory to Vernon’s face. Within moments his recollection for Vernon is seen in a short, uneasy quiver of his flesh, while his intensely narrow stare widens with consternation.


    “Yes…” Vernon smiles complacently; “It is I.”

    In the foyer…

    …Annie is regarding Ei’s question with disappointment, which, in light of the events about to take place, is no doubt a ruse to further deceive her –

    A horrendously loud noise is heard throughout the mansion, that of inhuman yelling and heavy crashing, as though a fight between monsters has suddenly erupted from direction of the attic.

    Ki then appears beside Annie, instantly speaking to Ei with the words: “You left your post.”

    Annie finds Ki’s sudden appearance and the sound of the upstairs battle infuriating, as she yells out ‘no’ in frustration and grabs Ki by the neck with intent to strangle her. As she takes Ki to the floor, Annie’s form changes to that of a shadow, while Ki, being choked by this ghostly form, looks to Maras for help.

    In the Attic, Vernon now looks much alike a man made of granite, while he and Ezra are locked in battle. The two embroiled bodies crash through a wall then down through the floor as their battle spills out into the hallway of the second floor.

    As their battle progresses through the mansion, four dark figures appear surrounding Annie’s chamber.

    Each of the four figures waste no time raising their hands high to strike the chamber with a sharp blast of crimson light!

    In the kitchen...

    ...In the wake of the massive noise that can clearly be heard taking place upstairs, Fin jumps to his feet and flees the room. As this happens, Ariel no longer sees Fin as Betty, Renard once again sees Ariel as the Angel he knows, and they both can hear the words each other speak as normal.

    …it would seem that the illusion taking place has now been interrupted by the event taking place upstairs.

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    After repeated failed attempts of budging the spear off his foot, Silas finally stops trying, panting tiredly. Now staring up at the 'person' before him, he grunts at Maras' remark, then, when he is done speaking, roars at him in rage and frustration. "WHY ARE YOU KEEPING ME IN THIS PLACE, YOU APPARITION! WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS PURGATORY!? WHAT INTEREST AM I TO YOU, EXACTLY? OR ARE YOU SIMPLY CONTENT WITH MAKING ME LOSE MY MIND AND SOUL?!?"

    Maras shakes his head at Silas, apparently unimpressed. After giving the spear a twist, he withdraws the spear and vanishes. The door to the dining room is now ajar.

    Silas is free to leave.

    Trixie quickly reacts and dodges out of the way of Orson's attack. Since this is a dining room, it shouldn't be too hard to find something to use. She spots a knife laying on the ground nearby, must have fallen off the table during the fight. She quickly picks it up and tries to stab Orson, being careful not to get in the way of his dagger.

    Trixie manages to avoid Orson’s slashing attack and drives the knife into his torso. A violet light moves over Orson’s body. In that same moment, Orson has secured her wrists, pinning her to the wall in a cross formation. His hold is too strong to break. Behind his hood, his face close to hers, she can hear him drawing a deep breath, analyzing her scent. His tongue then extends from a slot in his hood and glides over her face, her nose and lips. Done with his sample, he pressed in aside her face and whispers in her ear;

    “Now… we now you. You are of no concern to us. Your taste is but savory. Do not get in our way lest you perish.”

    In the closing of his words, Trixie finds herself alone in the room. The door is now ajar. She is free to leave.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    "Of course I can, you see, that wasn't just an ordinary stone." Lyudmila responds, as something seems to drag Revel back towards where the rock hit the wall. Not just Revel is dragged back however, furniture and other items in the room are also being dragged towards the wall, and a large cupboard is torn from it's stationary position by the wall as well and enters a collision course with Revel, who will find it increasingly difficult to move forward the more objects collide with the back wall that was hit by the stone.

    Meanwhile, Lyudmila isn't being very... helpful, using magic to create large, spiked chunks of ice that are then drawn towards the same back wall, shattering upon impact and sending large, sharp chunks of ice in various directions, particularly in Revel’s general direction.

    Revel seems to be enjoying the phenomenon taking place around him. He is laughing delightedly when the many items, furniture and cupboard break apart on contact with him.

    The large, sharp chunks of ice, however, impale Revel’s body overall. In turn he appears no more to be a man, rather of water in the form of a man that soon drops to a puddle on the floor.

    Before Lyudmila can react, the water has rushed across the floor and rises up over her person. She is now enveloped in water. She can feel it enter her ears, her nose, her mouth and every orifice of her body. She is overcome and unable to move. She cannot breathe. As it feels that she may soon run short on oxygen and pass out, she hears a voice whisper in her ear;

    “Now… we know you. Your essence is sweet. ...Yet the rule of your mistress is hazardous. Do not get in our way lest you perish. Go, tell the one that rules your existence: The child is ours now… and forever.”

    In the closing of his words, Lyudmila is once again able to breathe. The water is gone. Revel is no longer present. The door to the dining room is ajar. She is free to leave.

    Quote from Darthrafael»
    At first, Maras is confused as to where Ezra has wandered off to. Didn't he say he wanted to meet Ei or something? His train of thought is suddenly interrupted however as Annie and Ei enter the room.
    "Ah! Lady Ei!" Maras says as he notices Ei before turning his attention to Annie. "This must be Miss Annie, correct?"
    Maras doesn't really wait for a response before bowing, to which Ei responds with a chuckle.
    "Yes, this is Annie. Annie, this is Maras, one of my subordinates. Speaking of subordinates, where's Lyudmila run off to this time?"
    "Last time I saw her she was passed out drunk in the dining room. Then only me and Ezra were left and went to look around for the others. Now Ezra is gone too..." Maras responds, as he looks around the room to see if Ezra is still elsewhere in the room.
    "Ezra? Who's that?" Ei responds with a confused stare.
    "Ah, he claims you saved him from Hades. He wanted to thank you but now he's gone..."

    Annie seems… distant. She offers no more than a faint nod to Mara’s upon his introduction.

    When Ezra is mentioned, a small smile grows on her face as she turns to Ei.

    “Hades…. Hell. No one can save those unable to be saved.”

    Ezra climbs the steps to the attic and enters the room. He stands over the bed, upon which is Annie’s sealed chamber.

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    Silas sighs. "I knew it," he remarks. "All a simulation. One that can kill, though..." He winces in pain at his foot, but does his best pulling the spear out of the ground in another attempt to disarm 'Maras'.

    As much as Silas tires, he cannot seem to dislodge the spear from Maras’ grip. His foot remains pinned to the floor. Maras stares stolidly at his struggle for some time. At last he speaks in a… banal tone,

    “Is that all, man?”

    Quote from ValkonX11next

    As 'Boris' thrusts Revel Yell towards Jack, he swings his shield against it, sparks flying from its surface as the strong dragonbone tip grinds against the steel of his kite shield, pushing the attack to the side; in the moment, time almost seems to slow for Jack as he considers several factors in deciding what move to take next. Boris's movements were far more quick and agile than he had witnessed during the fight; even when boosted by Revel Yell, Boris hadn't moved with the precision and apparent skill that he was now, and it seemed highly unlikely to Jack that he had simply been hiding it. His quietness outside of his "introduction" was also an oddity; Boris hadn't given the impression of someone who would remain quiet in a fight, especially when he had been spoken to.

    And then there was the matter of Boris being there in the first place. Why return after leaving- and disappearing- a few minutes ago? Even if he had intended to return, with the layout of the mansion Jack doubted Boris would be able to find his way back to him, short of a stroke of dumb luck. And what he had said itself didn't seem to add up with the previous events of the day, when Boris had put as much effort as he did in protecting Jack- whether he needed the protection or not.

    It was then that Jack saw the look in Boris's eyes. Cold, empty; not at all like the Boris he knew. Nothing about this Boris was like the one he knew. It was then he decided what had to be done. The trip of Revel Yell disconnecting from Jack's shield as time began to return to normal, his decisions made, he quickly shouted, "Boris, if that's really you, I'm sorry!" before stepping inwards and thrusting Magebuster into Boris's gut.

    In the same instant Jack thrusts Magebuster in: A violet light expels from the wound and flushes over Boris’ person. Boris’ hand is covering Jack’s own, securing his grip on the sword, ensuring the blade remains impaled. Revel Yell is no longer present. Jack is pinned at the neck to the wall by Boris’ second hand. Though Jack may attempt to free himself, though he may kick and strike at Boris with the shield of other hand, such a struggle would prove futile. Boris’ hold is immovable as stone, beyond that of man.

    With effortless poise in keeping this hold on Jack, Boris steps in close, running the blade through to exit his back. His nostrils flare, eyes partially closing, seemingly enamored by Jack’s musky aroma. As Jack exhales, though his breath wheezes with struggle, Boris inhales to share in Jack’s breath, eyes rolling back with indulgence. His tongue extends to Jack’s cheek, gliding the moist tip over his skin, his nose, and gently down over his lips. Done with taking samples, with which Boris seems… more than pleased, his cheek is then pressed to Jack’s, while whispering softly in his ear…

    “Now… we know you. Your essence is sweet…. Alas, you present no challenge to us. Don’t get in our way lest you perish, ….” In the closing of this statement, he utters Jack’s true name, then releases his hold.

    Recovering from the grip Boris had on him, Jack discovers himself alone once again, Magebuster and shield in hands. The door to the dining room is now ajar, allowing exit to the rest of the mansion.

    Jack is free to leave.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    "So, want to wait here, Ezra? Or would you rather we move to a different room?"

    Maras receives no response. It would seem Ezra has… wandered off.

    Ei looks at her hand as if expecting to see something on it, and then smiles at Annie's reaction to apparently feeling it too.
    "Yes, I did. More evidence that we are meant for eachother, huh?"

    Ei quickly follows after Annie, wondering what's been going on downstairs.

    Annie leads their way through the mansion with unexpected ease, no thought at all given to her navigation. No sign of the Order is seen. They soon arrive in the Foyer to find Maras… alone.

    Lyudmila doesn't waste time when Revel destroys the dining table, quickly getting to her feet and casting a small blast of wind to put more distance between them, buying her more time to charge up a different spell, launching a small boulder at Revel. The boulder misses Revel, and explodes on the ground behind him, releasing a blast of water that is certain to drench everything nearby, including Revel.

    A violet light shimmers over Revel’s person when the water comes. He laughs, though the laughter comes to a sudden halt.

    “Well, that was refreshing. But I’m sure you could do better!”

    He continues his savage advance upon Lyudmila.

    Trixie quickly runs out of the room and down the hall, taking random directions to confuse the figure that was fighting her.

    Trixie doesn’t make it into the hall, her exit brings her back to the same room. It would seem her current situation is not the reality she is accustomed to. Furthermore, upon her re-entry to the room, Orson in now standing before her. It would appear that her efforts to leave have only served to assist his chase. With no further delay, he lashed at her torso with the dagger.

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Renard's eyes shine with a determined glimmer for the first time. With all that had happened and finally remembering who he was, now he was finally out of that horrid state of mind. He knew what to do, and he had a plan-- but first, he had to escape the mansion and lay the person in his hands to rest. This was easily done, but before he could do that, he first had to find his companions: Ariel, and Maras. He did have a feeling Maras could be in the mansion; he always was attracted to trouble, and this place was definitely the holy grail of trouble.

    And he had to get his original body back too-- sure, it wasn't much of a priority, and there really wasn't much of a problem with Faux's form, but the height difference and squeaky voice meant people were going to treat him like a child, not taking him seriously. It was all so strange; what really was the point of Faux taking the liberty of changing appearances to his dead self? Was there any significance of his trademark golden coat? And how did Renard's weapons even disappear with his body? Where was his body and weapons all stored? There were many unanswered questions. They were both still the same person, and but Faux was still somehow hiding something from him.

    Even now, looking at Faux was strange-- he did look like him slightly, but sometimes he found it hard to grasp that Faux's form was really just Renard from around 8 years ago. He only knew of his own past not from his memories but from Faux's tales, so details like his personal growth had been left unknown because of the memory gap. It still felt like he was a different person.

    Renard shakes his head and continues through to the kitchen before him, Fin still in his arms. Everything he thought about would wait for now; he had more important things to do.

    That was easy. He had already found him, less than a minute after he decided to go look for him. Convenient. Renard narrows his eyes at the unsettling sight, trying to make sense of what was going on with Ariel's appearance. He sure had gotten a makeover-- and a dark one, too. Maybe this was what angels really looked like? Never could really leave the depictions of them up to artists. Nonetheless, Renard approaches him-- violent-looking or not, it was still the same person.

    "Ariel... what've you been doing this entire time? Fooling around?" he remarks, forgetting entirely about the weight of Fin on his arms.

    Renard's first thoughts are about how Ariel nonchalantly throws out swears and other sorts of incomprehensible dialogue as if he weren't a Christian, though whatever he is saying all seems to blend together messily-- and then his mind quickly drifts to less sillier matters like Ariel attacking him. With almost no time to react, Renard closes his eyes tightly, bracing for impact. It is only after a loud 'CLANG!' sound is heard that Renard opens his eyes again, to the strange sight of his floating blade locking together with Ariel's. He had inadvertently moved the 'Truth' to save himself. But this particular feature of the sword obviously wasn't intended for combat; the blade begins to falter, only about 2 seconds before it had started locking.

    Renard quickly drops Fin, who falls to the ground with a thud. Intentionally not taking the opportunity to go for a groin-attack or anything else for his friend's sake, he instead grabs his sword in defence, continuing to lock swords in a tie with Ariel.
    "What in the... you've lost your mind now, haven't you?! It's me, Renard!"

    Quote from Buttons»

    When the blades became locked overhead, the words Renard spoke 'To be honest.. it gave me great pleasure to end that harlots life. She was meant to be mine', seemed to jar Ariel from his sudden impulse of rage, which in turn caused him to be mindful of the obvious discrepancy concerning the unlikelihood of Renard having time to meet up with and subsequently kill Betty in the time that had transpired since Ariel left her behind in the bedroom. In one sudden moment the entire situation felt absurd. These weren't words fitting of the man, Renard, that Ariel had gotten to know, and it was obvious that there just wasn't enough time for him to have killed Betty... despite the fact that she was lying dead on the floor at their feet.

    Releasing the tension from the lock of blades, Ariel stepped back, but taking no chances he kept on guard with sword at the ready. The situation may not been making any sense, but there weren't any obvious answers as to why, either.

    "Have you completely lost your mind?" Ariel shouted; "How can you be saying all that crap and be so nonchalant about it!?" He looked at Betty's corpse on the floor, then back at Renard. "Tell me what the hell is going on here!"

    When Ariel speaks, he appears as crazed as he previously did, yet Renard hears his words as follows;

    “You’ve killed Betty for stupid reason. We were never friends! …I will end your life for what you have done to me!”

    Quote from Buttons»

    Boris was too large a man to dodge or parry Jack's speedy attack in time to avoid having his head lopped off, all he could really do was begin raising Revel Yell in defense while stepping back, at the same time wanting nothing more than to just move out of the way in time - and as Jack's blurred motion brought the blade of Magebuster to Boris's neck, Boris found himself behind Jack, while continuing the action of stepping back and raising Revel Yell - The whole thing happened so fast, Boris barely realized what was taking place before swinging the bone back down hard on the rear of Jack's head.

    A loud, cracking thud was heard as the bone smashed into Jack's helmet, synchronized with a pulse of cyan light that charged Boris with extra power, and chaperoned by the beastly roar of a dragon that shook the room.

    In the same instant Boris strikes Jack with Revel Yell, a violet light expels from Jack’s head and spills over Jack’s person. In the following moment, Jack’s hand is covering Boris’ own, securing his grip on Revel Yell. Boris is pinned at the neck to the wall by Jack’s second hand. Though Boris may attempt to free himself, though he may kick and strike at Jack with his free hand, such a struggle would prove futile. Jack’s hold is immovable as stone, beyond that of man.

    With effortless poise in keeping this hold on Boris, Jack steps in close. His nostrils flare, eyes partially closing, seemingly enamored by Boris’ musky aroma. As Boris exhales, though his breath wheezes with struggle, Jack inhales to share in Boris’ breath, eyes rolling back with indulgence. His tongue extends to Boris’ cheek, gliding the moist tip over his skin, his nose, and gently down over his lips. Done with taking samples, with which Jack seems… more than pleased, his cheek is then pressed to Boris’, while whispering softly in his ear…

    “Now… we know you. You are of feeble mind, yet you are the spawn of a god…. You have been marked. You will be hunted. Alas… now is not the time…” In the closing of this statement, he utters Revel’s true name, then releases his hold.

    Recovering from the grip Jack had on him, Boris discovers himself alone in the bedroom once again, Revel Yell in hand.

    "You've gotta be bloody kidding me!" Buttons streaked as he circled around Bob with kitten speed; "You don't actually expect to catch me, do you?"

    Pouncing high, he latched onto Bob's upper back, attacking his neck in a frenzy of claws and teeth.

    Bob reaches back with great speed and rips the cat from his neck. As a violet light shimmers over Bob’s person, he holds the kitten by the scruff at arm’s length.

    “You are little more than an abomination. You are free to leave.”

    Bob is no longer present. Buttons drops to the floor. The door is now ajar, allowing exit to the mansion.

    Meanwhile, Sluggy continued to frantically grope his way low across the wall to the exit and tried escaping the room through gap beneath the door.

    The slug’s effort to escape the room prove to have a different outcome than Trixie’s. He is now in the hallway of the mansion. He is not attacked. He is not pursued. Outside of the room, reality for Sluggy has remained as always. It would seem this perverted gastropod is of… little interest to the Order.

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Ei smiles and nods at Annie's suggestion. "Yes, let's go." she says, while clenching her fist. As she does so, a wave of energy erupts from where she is standing, rippling through the building as it's distorted state reverts back to how it used to be, followed by an eerie silence as all sources of light grow dim.
    "I do hope you don't mind the darkness, but I quite like it being dark."

    Ei releases Annie's hand in order to clench her fist. In the moment their fingers disconnect, Ei feels a curious sensation, like that of a small electrical current tickling its way up her fingers, her hand, and dissolves as it traveled up her arm. Annie keeps a playful demeanor, apparently she had felt the sensation too.

    "You felt that, right? I guess we really were meant for each other."

    As the eerie silence ensues, Annie casually looks around, taking note of the dimming light. She smiles in response to Ei's remark.

    "Of course. It's all the same to me."

    With no further delay, Annie leads their way from the Attic.

    It takes a second for Lyudmila to realise what is going on, but she doesn't waste a second to roll out of the way of the swing, and under the table.
    "How much have you been drinking, Revel? If I have to set your face on fire to get you to sober up I will!"

    "Hey now, Princess. Don't play coy with me."

    Revel advances. He is laughing playfully, yet in his eyes can be seen a certain... emptiness, not a look befitting the God that hosted the recent dinner. With one hand, Revel grabs the large dining table and casts it across the room where it shatters into many pieces against the wall. With Lyudmila exposed once more, he lashes out with another strike of the broken bottle.

    Maras opens the door, and sees something he didn't expect. Of all the things that could possibly be on the other side of the door that used to lead the main hallway, it's the hallway. Even though the hallway is a lot darker than it used to be thanks to what happened to the lights, Maras apparently doesn't struggle to see in the darkness, opening the door across the hallway to find the sitting room.
    "It seems that the mansion is back to normal, which would mean that Lady Ei is done with what she was doing upstairs. I think she'll be downstairs soon."

    Ezra remains close behind Maras, keeping away from Maras' line of sight when they enter the Foyer.

    As Ei's pending arrival is announced, Ezra releases the loose hold on Maras' elbow.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    How fortunate that Silas can bluff.

    As the spear rapidly makes its way toward Silas, he suddenly sidesteps the spear entirely, such that it flies right past his head, the point barely grazing his hair. Then he grabs the spear with one hand by the end that faced him, and yanks it hard, away from Maras' grasp.

    By all instant accounts, Silas is under the impression that he has relieved Maras of the spear, but with a second look it is clear that Silas' hand is empty. Maras is still holding the spear and laughing halfheartedly as he drives its point through Silas' foot and into the floor.

    "Got you!"

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    That was easy. He had already found him, less than a minute after he decided to go look for him. Convenient. Renard narrows his eyes at the unsettling sight, trying to make sense of what was going on with Ariel's appearance. He sure had gotten a makeover-- and a dark one, too. Maybe this was what angels really looked like? Never could really leave the depictions of them up to artists. Nonetheless, Renard approaches him-- violent-looking or not, it was still the same person.

    "Ariel... what've you been doing this entire time? Fooling around?" he remarks, forgetting entirely about the weight of Fin on his arms.

    Renard's words do not come across to Ariel as intended:

    "Ariel... what did you think was going to happen? Raise mutant children on a farm?"

    Renard's first thoughts are about how Ariel nonchalantly throws out swears and other sorts of incomprehensible dialogue as if he weren't a Christian, though whatever he is saying all seems to blend together messily-- and then his mind quickly drifts to less sillier matters like Ariel attacking him. With almost no time to react, Renard closes his eyes tightly, bracing for impact. It is only after a loud 'CLANG!' sound is heard that Renard opens his eyes again, to the strange sight of his floating blade locking together with Ariel's. He had inadvertently moved the 'Truth' to save himself. But this particular feature of the sword obviously wasn't intended for combat; the blade begins to falter, only about 2 seconds before it had started locking.

    Renard quickly drops Fin, who falls to the ground with a thud. Intentionally not taking the opportunity to go for a groin-attack or anything else for his friend's sake, he instead grabs his sword in defence, continuing to lock swords in a tie with Ariel.
    "What in the... you've lost your mind now, haven't you?! It's me, Renard!"

    Quote from Buttons»

    With pressure of both blades seemingly locked in a tie, Renard can see that Ariel's blade is descending slowly upon him, yet it remains unclear as to which of the blades is cutting through the other.

    Renard speaks once again. The words Ariel hears, as in the previous instance, are vastly different to what Renard intended:

    "To be honest.. it gave me great pleasure to end that harlots life. She was meant to be mine!"

    Quote from Buttons»

    When Buttons heard the sound, he instantly knew who it was, since he had heard the familiar sound of Bobs senseless staggering all too many times before.

    "Well, that'd be just about right, just when I thought things couldn't get any better..." Buttons sneered and sarcastically grumbled, as turned around to look, but seeing Bob lifting his foot to deliberately stomp him was something Button's didn't expect in the least.

    Taking off fast, paws skidding on the floor like a cartoon, before bolting out of the way just in time for Bob's foot the come down on the already singed tip of his tail, Buttons screeched in pain. When he reached the other side of the room he spun around again, arching his back and hissing. After his involuntary cat-like response, he started yelling at bob;

    "What are you doing, you dumb bum?! Get a grip on yourself, hammer head! What sort of spell did that girl put on you anyway? It's me! The kitten that holds your only chance of ever getting your stupid dumb bum soul back!! Now, cut that out!!"

    Bob doesn't seem to mind the yelling. Keeping his dazed condition, he simply alters course, each floundered step increasing speed toward Buttons.

    Boris is a little winded by the impact to the wall on the other side of the room. He sits on the floor catching his breath for a moment before pushing to his feet. He was also a little confused, which is expected with Boris, really, but this time the reason was clear enough; Jack seemed different. He seemed mean in a mocking way, and that wasn't like Jack at all, and he also seemed a lot stronger than he was before. Even for Boris' naive and simple mind, something about the situation just didn't add up.

    As Boris started to cautiously circle about the room, which now had less light than before, towards his the dark silhouette of his subject, he was very much desperately wishing that he could see Jack better. After all, It was going to be even harder to fight him if he couldn't see properly. That was when another strange thing happened, adding to the many things that were confusing Boris lately: Form no particular source whatsoever, the bedroom lit up. Not a lot, but there was now enough light spread evenly around the room for Jack to be seen properly.

    Boris paused mid-step, wondering where the light had come from, and as he did, he heard a familiar voice. It was the magic man, Revel, but Revel's voice wasn't spoken from somewhere in the room, it was coming from inside Boris' head.

    "That was you, my boy, the light is yours. Now show this fake Jack what you're made of, be the man I know you can be. All you need to do is believe...."

    Boris finished his step, but felt even more confused as he looked at Jack. Apparently the magic man, Revel, thought this Jack was fake, which Boris, in some way too, had considered as well. But what did Revel mean by the other stuff he said? The light is yours? All you need to do is believe? Be the man I know you can be...? It must have been that Revel was trying to tell Boris something important. Trying hard to figure out what all these things meant, Boris held his position with Revel Yell at the ready, allowing the fake Jack to make his advance while he thought things through.

    Jack is advancing at Boris when the light fills the room. In that moment, Jack halts, analyzing the change with moderate curiosity. A wave of violet light moves over his body, from head to toe, before looking back at Boris with a weak smile and empty eyes as he re-commences his advance. He is now moving faster, blurred with speed as he swings Magebuster at Boris' neck.
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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Ei turns around once she hears the sound, and watches as Annie emerges, stunned by her new appearance. It takes her a few seconds to get used to Annie’s knew look, but she soon rushes over to embrace Annie.
    "The vision, was it true? The child, is it ours?"

    Annie holds Ei, caressing her back affectionately to put her at ease, whispering gently in her ear.

    “You need not worry anymore…. And yes, you are going to be a mother.”

    Stepping back, she keeps a hand in Ei’s while waves the other dismissively. In so doing, the furniture slides gratingly across the floor to allow access to the door. Of peculiar interest, Annie is now clothed in her grey robe as she smiles, winking playfully for Ei.

    “Let’s go kill some Drones.” She then pauses, as though analyzing her own thoughts, then regards Ei with an evocative narrowing of her eyes; “That is, if we can find our way around this mansion?” She grins, pleased with the lengths Ei had gone to in preventing the Order from finding her, but no less making the obvious suggestion that the mansion be returned to its previous outlay for the hunt to commence.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    As Jack turns, continuing to look for a source of the malevolent feeling, he notices that everyone else has suddenly vanished. He quickly turns, scanning the entire room. "Guys?" Given the scope of the room, and where they had been standing, the others couldn't have just left that fast... could they? The battle before seemed not to last too long, yet had spanned from morning until past sundown... was his sense of time being distorted by the town? Whatever the case, the prior feeling of malevolence that had made him feel uneasy was now edging into a sense of terror. If their group had all been separated...

    Jack didn't have much time to think about the implications of being alone now, nor to consider what to do next, as the door slammed behind him; he turned, facing Boris once more. But... hadn't he vanished? Why had he come back? Did he get lost in the mansion's twisted architecture, ending up back where he had started? Jack didn't have time to think over these things as Boris began talking, approaching Jack with Revel Yell in hand.

    He had to think quickly as Boris swung; parry or dodge? While Jack figured he was probably strong enough to parry Boris's attack, the angle and height Boris swung the bone at would make it difficult. As such, he leapt out of the way of the swing, drawing his shield and watching Boris for sudden movements. "You don't have to do this, Boris! We're friends, Boris- I don't want to hurt you!" He raises the shield in one hand and Magebuster in the other, entering a defensive stance. "But I didn't come this far to die now! I don't want to fight you, so stand down, because I won't go down without one!"

    Boris moved with surprising speed and agility for a man of his robust structure, but he pays Jack’s rebuke seemingly no mind at all as he recovers from his futile swing. Behind the teary exterior of his face, a certain cold emptiness can be seen in Boris’ glare as he continues his attack, spinning Revel Yell and stepping forth in one fast movement to thrust its pointed end into Jack’s midsection.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    Silas stares wordlessly at 'Maras', seemingly intently focusing on his, yet at the same time, he looked like was staring right through his - as if he and even the entire mansion wasn't really there at all. It was as if he was in another world, a world that was fading in and out of focus to SIlas. As he stared down the shaft of the spear and up to its owner, Silas also saw flickers of other things in the corner of his eye, interrupting his sight of the here and now - of slaughter and massacre, war and destruction, death and suffering. To him, it was impossible to tell if it was his past or his future, yet he knew - he had caused all this pain. And he didn't know how to stop himself.

    After a long moment of rethinking, he simply sighed, and looked down, looking as if he closed his eyes. "I see," he gasped. "I accept my fate."

    Maras seems perfectly content by Silas’ abdication. There is to now notice a suspicious cold emptiness in Maras’ glare, as he thrusts the spear hard at Silas’ neck.

    Trixie narrows her eyes at the hooded man. She picks up a chair and hurls it in his direction. She ran around for a little, being careful not to be near his blade. A fiery orange fireball forms in her hand and she sends it flying in his direction. She starts forming another.

    As Trixie attempts to dodge Orson’s slashing blade, the fire launched in her defense fizzles to nothing on contact with his dry clothing…. It is clear, as Orson continues his attack, that he is not what he appears to be.

    Quote from Buttons»

    Boris was confused when he made out the form of Jack standing in the night beside his bed. He'd never been approached by a man while in bed before, then again, he'd never been approached by a woman either. But when he heard Jack speak, it became perfectly clear why Jack was their. History was once again repeating itself; Jack was like all the rest. He hated Boris, and wanted nothing more than to hurt him. With this realization in mind, Boris made a sorrowful groan, knowing he had lost his only friend - but moving fast, Jacks sword only hit the bed as Boris rolled from his position and onto his on the floor.

    With the bed between himself and Jack, Boris drew his bone as a tear ran down his cheek.

    "Why you want to hurt Boris, Mr. Jack? Why you make Boris' heart hurt?" Boris' voice then became bitter with rage as he raised Revel Yell - "BORIS NEVER DID NOTHING WRONG TO YOU, MR. JACK!!!"

    With a big stride, Boris jumped on the bed and came down with an overhead swing at Jack's head.

    Gripped with one hand, and apparently not feeling the need for his shield, Jack raises Magebusted to block Boris’ overhead attack with incredible ease. Jack laughs as though mocking the large man’s efforts, while he raises one leg and proceeds to kick Boris across the room.

    Quote from Buttons»

    Lifting his head from nibbling a flea, Buttons looks around to find he'd been deserted. He lets out a long sigh and groans a little...

    "Yeah, that'll be about right. Don't mind me, I'm just a cat...."

    Feeling like maybe he should go look for the others, he walks to the door where he then stops and drops back in a seated position, regarding the door handle with a defeated stare.


    As the kitten stares defeated up at the door handle, he hears a scuffled sound behind him. It is unmistakably the familiar sound of faltered footsteps, belonging to no other than Bob. The soulless man had somehow appeared in the dining room, staggering toward Buttons and raising his foot with apparent intent to crush the cat.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Lyudmila wakes from her sleep in the dining room. As she attempt to pull herself free from her groggy condition, she notices that most of the people from the dinner had departed, leaving her all alone with only one other, Revel.

    Revel is standing over her, gripping the neck of a broken bottle in hand, glaring with a grin of anticipated satisfaction.

    “Now, let’s see if I can’t carve up that pretty face of yours.”

    With these words spoken, Revel swings the bottle at Lyudmila’s face.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Maras looks around the room, confused.
    "I don't know, so stay close." Maras says, as he reaches out to pull Ezra up onto his feet.
    "Let's explore, hope we find some of the others." He says, as he approaches the nearest door and opens it.

    Ezra nods in thanks for the assistance Maras granted, yet also for the approval of his suggestion.

    “Indeed, My Better, I will follow wherever you go.”

    Ezra takes one step behind Maras, holding loosely to his elbow as he leads their way out the door.

    Quote from Pandolen»

    After Ariel does his implausible twisty duda thing in the air kissing Betty on his way out the bedroom, a whole lota commotion takes place between Betty and Ezmond - Spells are being cast and all sorts of mumbo jumbo is just being shot out all over the place. The whole thing is just so gosh darn nasty that all the animals start running around scared and hollering and stuff. So at one point Betty casts a spell she ain't never done before, and all the animals end up outside. Now there's a whole bunch of animals from all around the world running free in the streets of Waise.

    Like someone might suspect, Ezmond was going pretty easy on Betty because she wasn't as powerful as he was, and because she was his daughter he really didn't want to kill her, even though he really wanted to... IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE! Anyway, eventually, being that Ezmond had it in his head that Betty had lost her mind because of her love for Ariel, he decides to whip up an old 'Mind Stabilization' spell. Now as you might expect, this spell is designed to snap anyone out whatever crazy frame of mind they are in and make them think normally again. But wouldn't you gosh darn well know it to be truth - when Ezmond cast that spell at Betty, Betty dived out of the way and the spell hit little Chissy when she entered the room right at that moment!

    When the spell hit Chissy, it had no choice but to expel whatever was possessing her so that Chissy could get back to her normal way of thinking. And just like that, whatever Order freak influence was inside of her was cast out and Chissy came back to her senses again.

    But that isn't all! When Betty picks herself up off the floor and sees her little dragon friend standing their all bruised and bleeding, she almost has a blazing fit! Thinking for a split second that Ezmond caused the injuries, Betty throws another one of them spells at Ezmond, like the one she used on the animals earlier, and just like that Ezmond wasn't in the room anymore! He was standing in the Library instead.

    Meanwhile back in the bedroom, Betty is screaming at the top of her lungs because of the mess that her little baby dragon is in.


    Right after yelling that, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not allowed to say, Betty runs over to Chissy and gets down on the floor beside her and, whether she likes it or not, she pulls that dragon into her lap and cradles her in her arms like a big ol baby, rocking her back and forth and telling her everything is gonna be ok in a really soothing voice.

    As Chisille succumbs to sleep, Betty only then notices the strange presence in the room. That which had been expelled from Chisille, is now quietly standing nearby.

    The entity can be seen as obscurely human; having no eyes, no nose, no fingers, no distinctive features aside that of its hazy humanoid form. Its entire compositions appears to be like that of translucent grey mist, fused with a loose network of thin scarlet veins.

    Retaining its silence, it raises one arm in a slighted and dubious endeavor to regard the dragon in Betty’s arms.

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Ei’s attention is caught by a sharp sound. She looks to see that Annie’s encasement has ruptured. Cracks continue to form in various areas before the shell decorticates. Annie rises from within the open chamber. She appears older by only a few years, a beautiful young woman in her late teens. The soft locks of her lustrous pearl-white hair seem to glow with an unnatural aura, as does the silver rings of her iris’s, beading like gems against her otherwise powder-blue eyes. Her skin is exquisite, also aglow with a texture that seems somehow out of focus, while her lips are full, glossed with a frosty purple hue.

    She rises from her chamber and stands beside the bed, unclothed as she was prior the transformation. She takes her eyes to Ei, a spectral reverence in her gaze.

    “Ei… my love, you’ve done well in keeping me safe. Behold, I am no longer under threat.” She smiled attentively. “The Order can no longer defeat me.”

    She opens her arms, welcoming Ei’s embrace.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    In a peculiar moment, Silas discovers himself alone in the dining room with Maras. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether the others with them had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while Silas is still coming to terms with being forsaken by the others, Maras turns to him with spear ready to strike –

    “I’m sorry Silas, but the mistress has spoken. You will no longer be permitted to live.”

    In a peculiar moment, Trixie discovers herself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering her uncertain as to whether those with her had vanished, or if she had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while still coming to terms with being forsaken, Orson enters the room.

    The hooded man is noticed as the door slams shut behind him. Without a moments further notice, he advances upon Trixie, wielding the blade wildly while yelling all manner of profanities.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    In a peculiar moment, Jacks discovers himself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether those with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while still coming to terms with being forsaken, Boris enters the room.

    The large man is noticed as the door slams shut behind him. He holds Revel Yell firmly in one hand. His eyes are watered. Lines of many tears streak his face. His lips tremble with the trouble on his mind.

    “I’m sorry Mr. Jack. I likes you, but too many people hurt Boris, and I don’t want to hurt anymore.” He raises Revel Yell, now gripped by both hand. “Probably best this way, Mr. Jack.”

    Before Jack can reply, Boris steps in quick and low, swinging the weapon with a side angle assault.

    Quote from Buttons»

    In a peculiar moment, Buttons discovers himself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether those with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    In a peculiar moment, Maras discovers himself alone in the dining room with Ezra. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether the others with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while Maras is still coming to terms with being forsaken by the others, Ezra looks up frightened from his position on the floor to propose the question:

    “Where… where have the others gone?”

    Quote from Buttons»

    Boris is awoken with a knock to his bed. Eyes open, he sees a man standing over him. The room is dark, yet just enough light is available to make out the form as that belonging to Jack.

    “Hello, Boris. I’m sorry from waking you like this. I’ve come to you because I’ve been giving your situation some careful thought. I’m sorry to be the one to do this but… I believe I know what’s best for you now.” Jack raises Magebuster above his head, preparing to strike. “Clearly, I should be the one to put you out of your misery.”

    With a powerful swing, Jack brings down the weapon on Boris.

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Quote from Buttons»

    Ariel sees Renard enter the kitchen with Betty in his arms. By the blood, many lacerations and the gaping wound to her neck, it is clear that she dead. To his rising horror, Renard appears to smile casually while speaking the words:

    “I had to, Ariel, she was meant to be mine. But don’t worry… you’ll be joining her soon.”

    Renard enters the kitchen with Fin in arms. He sees Ariel before him, yet the angel’s appearance has drastically changed. Dark, demonic wings are spread wide from his back. His eyes are bloodshot and crazed, his mouth lined with many rows of serrated teeth, his skin is burnt red, parched and cracked, yet his entire person shimmers like that of a mirage, while in his hand is a black sword that appears to bend and contort as though it were liquid.

    “NO! What have you done!” Ariel yells in a maddened voice, clearly out of his mind, while wielding his sword viciously in his advance upon Renard.

    Out of Character: I have requested permission from Buttons via PM that I may take the liberty of Ariel's initial action in this post. I would also like to thank the others players I contacted via PM for their patience in refraining from posting until this post was made.

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    As midnight strikes.

    The dazzling array of lights both in the attic and surrounding the mansion climax in the forming of one light. This light fills the mansion and all of Waise for but a moment, yet only affecting the following people:

    Boris Dreams…

    Boris stands in a vast cemetery. The night is bathed in the moons faint glow. A low, blue mist blankets the ground, from which the top of nameless headstones show.

    Boris can see Annie. She is a little older. She is facing Boris, standing between two headstones and brilliantly adorned in a white gown, a crown of gold light floats upon her head. In her arms she cradles a newborn child, swaddled in crimson cloud.

    Boris draws near, longing to behold the child. He stops close when Annie speaks.

    “I have supped the blood of mortal man.

    I have born your animosity. Your strength and heart have been imparted.”

    Boris now looks upon the infant. The infant is smiling, they turn their gaze to Boris, and speak.


    Boris wakes upon his bed.

    Silas falls to the floor and dreams…

    Silas stands in a vast cemetery. The night is bathed in the moons faint glow. A low, blue mist blankets the ground, from which the top of nameless headstones show.

    Silas can see Annie. She is a little older. She is facing Silas, standing between two headstones and brilliantly adorned in a white gown, a crown of gold light floats upon her head. In her arms she cradles a newborn child, swaddled in crimson cloud.

    Silas draws near, longing to behold the child. He stops close when Annie speaks.

    “I have supped the blood of mortal man.

    I have coveted your will. Your Volition has been imparted.”

    Silas now looks upon the infant. The infant is smiling, they turn their gaze to Silas, and speak.


    Silas wakes on the floor of the dining room.

    Somewhere in Waise, a certain dark puppeteer dreams….

    He stands in a vast cemetery. The night is bathed in the moons faint glow. A low, blue mist blankets the ground, from which the top of nameless headstones show.

    He can see Annie. She is facing him, standing between two headstones and brilliantly adorned in a white gown, a crown of gold light floats upon her head. In her arms she cradles a newborn child, swaddled in crimson cloud.

    He draws near, longing to behold the child. He stops close when Annie speaks.

    “I have supped the blood of mortal man.

    I have feasted on your power. I have claimed it as my own. Your darkness has been imparted.”

    He now looks upon the infant. The infant is not smiling, they turn their gaze to him, and speak.

    “Your end is nigh.”

    He awakens.

    Ei falls to the floor and Dreams…

    Ei stands in a vast cemetery. The night is bathed in the moons faint glow. A low, blue mist blankets the ground, from which the top of nameless headstones show.

    Ei can see Annie. She is a little older. She is facing Ei, standing between two headstones and brilliantly adorned in a white gown, a crown of gold light floats upon her head. In her arms she cradles a newborn child, swaddled in crimson cloud.

    Ei draws near, longing to behold the child. She stops close when Annie speaks.

    “I have supped the blood of mortal man.

    I have endured your contest. I have known your carnal love. Your seed has been claimed as my host. Your gift is my giving.”

    Ei now looks upon the infant. The infant is smiling, they turn their gaze to Ei, and speak.

    “Love me.”

    Ei wakes on the floor of the attic. Annie’s chamber is unchanged. The lights are gone. The unsettling sense of a looming presence has returned to the room in their absence.

    With the exception of Ezra and Chisille, the same looming presence is now felt by all those in the mansion. …It is clear that every person is being watched by an unseen, encroaching malevolence.

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Maras chuckles at Revel's actions towards Lyudmila, before turning to Silas to answer his questions.

    "As Revel was nice enough to mention, my name is Maras. Anyway, as for your questions..." Maras steps closer to the table and puts his spear on it, pointing it's glowing tip at Silas "I'm sure they're questions about things what her favourite foods are, right? It'd be a real shame if she got... upset at you, you know?"

    Maras looks curiously at Ezra as he falls at his feet. He wasn't used to people begging to help them in ways that wasn't saving them in some way, so he isn't quite sure how to respond.
    "If your request is to help her in her fight then I'm afraid I cannot comply; she has forbidden even me and Lyudmila from helping, and I am not sure what her plans are."
    "But, if you truly wish to aid her in any way, I'm sure she'll happily accept your request once she's done."

    Ezra seems... frustrated. He repeats the request in words maybe better understood.

    "I understand... I am not worthy to help. But please, allow me to follow you until such a time that Lady Ei is able to accept my gift."

    As the amount of lights increases, Ei is started to become suspicious of their purpose. While at first she thought they might have belonged to Annie, she is starting to doubt that possibility. She stands up, the air wavering around her, ready to react.

    As midnight draws closer, the spectacle of lights intensifies.

    Quote from 9314265068»

    Since Faux had begun to approach her, she didn't turn back to Fin to finish him off. Instead she growled even more as his sword once again was materialized and equipped. However with the damage Chisille had done to his sword arm, holding it up was harder to do. Not only because of the pain coming from the area that was bitten, but also because of the blood loss from around there as well.

    With the sword being pointed directly at her, she knew that he wasn't just going to stand there waving a bit of metal at her. In anticipation for a fireball or an arrow or anything like that, she quickly dodged out of the way of where he was pointing as a loud bang occurred. The bullet from the barrel ended up striking some of the floorboards behind where she was, leaving a hole in the floor and sending a few splinters into the air.

    The sound of the gun on the sword firing briefly disorientated her due to the noise, but she quickly shook that away and lined herself up with the approaching attacker. She once more opened up her mouth in preparation to send out something at Faux, but this wasn't the only thing she was doing. It might not be as satisfying to do instead of sinking her teeth into Fin, but killing him would still be satisfying and she was going to do that if she could afford it. Her tail searched around where she had been on Fin, and once she found his neck she prepared to strike down. The stab surely would end him.

    The voice inside is urging with increasing impatience. It is an urgency that is imparted onto Chisille.

    "What are you waiting for!"

    Sometime during Sunset's sleep. She managed to be closer to Vernon, her head almost resting on him.

    For reasons unknown, Sunset opens her eyes and discovers she is now on the road outside the charred ruins of the Inn.
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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Ei sits quietly next to Annie, observing the twinkles of light. Unsure of what they are, Ei remains seated, ready to act.

    Although the eerie silence remains, the haunted feeling it had presented is subdued by the increasing, marvelous array of randomly appearing lights, while outside the darkness surrounding the mansion begins to glitter like a festive decoration.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Meanwhile, Maras enters the mansion again, saying a few words in an unknown language to open a temporary doorway through the barrier created by Ezmond, and passing through while it's open. Once inside, the barrier closes again and Maras wanders around, eventually arriving in the Dining Room.

    "Lady Ei saved this man, that's the relationship they have." A voice speaks, coming from the doorway into the dining room. Maras walks in, apparently the person who spoke. He walks up to Lyudmila, pokes her with the back of his spear, and mutters the words 'Can't handle alcohol, huh?' before looking at Ezra, and then at the other people in the room.
    "As for answers to your questions, I'm afraid neither I nor Lyudmila can answer them all, even though we are her servants. Lady Ei's species for example is something nobody knows, and I'm not sure even Ei herself knows nowadays. She's not here right now because she's got some... intruders to deal with. Those figures that have entered this building are targetting her friend, Miss Annie. She has, however, asked us to not interfere, and that goes for you too, Revel." Maras says as he points his spear at Revel for a bit before stabbing it into the ground.
    "But, since Lyudmila here passed out due to being drunk, I do believe I'm the only one here in any position to answer any questions about her you might have. As for you," Maras says as he looks at Ezra. "Lady Ei is busy right now but she should be finished soon. I must ask you to wait for her to be finished and not try and get to her before that."

    For the most part, the replies of those in the dining room do little to serve Ezra's inquiry. He remains unresponsive until Maras enters the room. He takes a reluctant step back, recalling the boy from outside the mansion, but he listens with intent caution to Maras' every word. Once Maras had concluded his speech, Ezra shakes his head seemingly distraught, yet somehow enamored of Maras as he begins to approach the boy with his twisted and struggled walk. He falls prostrate at Maras' feet, as one would to pay homage to a sovereign.

    "You are blessed to be in service of her. I am not worthy of this grace. But I beg of you this day, have mercy upon me, please. Allow me to follow in your footsteps - allow me to assist your cause in any way that I can.... that when the appointed time is due, I may present Lady Ei with my gift of thanksgiving...."
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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack watches the charred man as he points to the ceiling, the figure's focus apparently falling on him as he presents his question. Jack glances at the others before looking at the ceiling, opening with, "Ei...?" He looks back down at the figure, continuing, "Who or what is 'Ei'?" He takes a brief glance at the others again, thinking that perhaps one of them would have a better idea what the charred man was talking about, before looking back at the trembling figure, hand still ready to draw Magebuster if an attack commenced.

    Quote from Buttons»

    Boris just shrugs at Ezra's question, then again when Jack asks his. Revel, on the other hand, replied to Jack with a discerning nod.

    "That'll be a friend, and the lady responsible for..." He looks back at Lyudmila sleeping on the floor, as if she may have been related to the situation somehow, then decides not to finish what may have been a far too informative explanation for everybody in the room. He then looks to Ezra, while refraining from his usual acclaimed demeanor.

    "Don't worry, I don't believe anyone here will bite unless you bite them first. No need to be afraid...." Revel informs the charred man, in one of his more benevolent tones. "And as for Ei, yes.... She is definitely upstairs, but I don't think she's accepting... guests at the moment. A little preoccupied, you understand? In the meantime, maybe you'd like to share who you are, and why you might be asking for Ei? I'm sure the others here would feel a little more comfortable if they knew who they were talking to."

    Ezra doesn’t seem to react to Jack’s ignorance on the matter, he however seems slightly eased by Revel’s statement. He rises slowly from his crouched position, eyes flickering from Jack to Trixie with dwelling caution. Now standing, though awry by cause of his disjointed right leg and contorted torso, he regards each person with equal diffidence.

    “My name is Ezra.” He winces slightly, believing those words alone could warrant a hostile reaction, but when the expected rancor was not rendered, he concludes his statement with calming stress. “Ei delivered me from Hades and… worse . I wish to… convey my gratitude.”

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    The calm silence in the attic is somehow... unsettling. Each moment that passes gives Ei the distinct feeling that something is wrong. The air seems to be haunted, visually undisturbed, yet plagued by the repeating notion that someone else is there... looming... watching....

    In time Ei catches sight of a small twinkle of light, much alike a tiny star in the corner of her sight. But as soon as it appears it is once again gone, while another appears and disappears just as fleeting as the first. These fleeting sparks of light now continue to come and go in irregular locations around room, unable to be touched, unable to be captured, while outside the night too is starting to come alive with similar events, as these small sparks of light appear and then vanish at random location around the mansion.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack takes the last remaining bit of the steak Revel had given him at the beginning of the dinner as he replies, "Alright, Revel. I'll keep that in mind." He then consumes the piece of steak, leaving only what was left of his potatoes to finish off.

    As Silas explains himself, Jack nods. "I see. Understandable." He didn't have any idea what a 'radar' was either, but he assumed it was just another one of the science things, and most likely beyond his understanding if he had tried to ask about it. He opted instead to finish off what remained of his roasted potatoes, bringing his meal to a close. "Well, this has been a particularly satisfying meal. A shame every dinner can't be like this," he starts, taking the bottle of red in his hand again, "but perhaps if they were, this wouldn't have felt as special as it does."

    As Jack is about to drink from the bottle of red again, the tornado strikes. As the contents of the room are thrown into the air, Jack grabs the bottle of cinnamon brandy with a speed and precision one might not expect of a man who has had as much to drink as he had that dinner. He keeps his grip tight on both of the bottles, plugging their tops with his thumbs as they are thrashed around the room. As quickly as it had started, however, it ends, leaving Jack floored, lying on his back, still carrying the bottles, which against all odds didn't take any damage in the torrent of wind and feast-turned-debris.

    He sits up, only to be greeted by his mug from earlier striking him on the head as it falls, followed by Jack's helmet managing to land on his head as perfectly as if he had put it on himself. He sets the bottles on the ground next to him, taking off his helmet as he mutters, "You would've been useful if you had gotten here before the mug," rubbing his head where the mug had hit it. He sets the helmet on the ground too as he pushes himself up off the floor, stumbling a bit as he looks around the room, asking, "Everyone alright?" The first person he noticed was Lyudmilla, snoozing away on the floor. "She seems to be alright..." Next, in the corner, he noticed the charred, lacerated body of...

    He didn't know who that was. They hadn't been there before the tornado. "Guys? I think we have company..." Jack moves his hand onto the grip of Magebuster, ready to draw it and strike should the figure lunge out to attack or something.

    Trixie huffed. "I'm alright, thank you and I can see that there..." she said, grabbing her wand, powering it up just incase. She doesn't attack the figure yet though.

    Quote from Buttons»

    Buttons was still relaxing at his spot on the table, casually watching the shenanigans taking place, and was just lowering his head to nibble at a flea when the cloudy tornado struck the room. There must have been something very calming in his dinner, possibly the milk, that prevented him from getting upset as he swirled through the air with his legs and tail flailing every which way. When the wind suddenly subsided he landed on his feet, as cats normally do, just a few feet from the charred and partly transparent man that had appeared. He sits where he landed, licks his paw to give his face a quick brush, and then looking rather offhandedly at the oddly disturbing individual, he says;

    "Hey, how ya doing?"

    Sluggy was upset, actually he was very distressed when the tornado wind struck, because somewhere in the turmoil he lost grip of Trixie's shoulder. His little soggy, slimy body twisted and turned in the air, narrowly missing all manner of projectiles as he screamed, not just for his life, but for the deep, deep despair he was suddenly feeling for possibly having lost his purple girlfriend forever. Then, just before everything went calm, he was thrown from the tornado and slapped against the wall with enough force to flatten his body on impact. Fortunately, he didn't die, and as his body regained its rounded shape he decided clinging to the wall was probably his best option for now in any case. He looked around desperately for Trixie, calling out her name at the top of his lungs, fearing more than anything that maybe she couldn't hear his little voice from way up high near the ceiling.

    A garbled "Daww..." was all the noise that Boris made as he circulated the room one or two times then came down heavy on his bottom near the center of the room with a cut of pork hanging from his mouth as looked around baffled. He clambers to his feet, swallowed the pork, kicks a few items from his path and steps over sleeping Lyudmila on his way to stand next to Jack, where he then looked down, befuddled by the new arrival.

    "He sure is ugly, Mr. Jack...."

    Revel had just polished off his bottle of black label in the moment the tornado struck. Lifted from his seat he laughed merrily enjoying the ride until it sadly came to an end and he was dumped on his back in a puddle of gravy, empty bottle still in hand. He then watched Lyudmila as she struggled to her feet then attempt to speak before collapsing on the floor beside him. He rolled over, gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her sweet dream before standing up and looking around at the mess.

    "I did say it wasn't going to last much longer," he said to no one in particular, then threw a not-so-surprised look in Ezra's direction; "...So let the games begin."

    He then walks up next to Boris, Trixie and Jack, folding his arms while raising one brow in an aloof kind of way at the charred soul huddled in fear on the floor. But he didn't say anything to him at all.

    Keeping stationary in his huddled position, Ezra guardedly observes the various people now acknowledging his presence. He listens to their words, he studies their faces, he is unnerved by their approach. Nevertheless, he persists to contain the viable impulse to flee, eyes continuing to quiver with fearful unease, for in truth there is but one thing persuading him to stay...

    ...Unwrapping one arm from his knees, he slowly raises his trembling hand, erecting one finger at the ceiling as he singles out Jack with apprehensive curiosity.


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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    IC: Fin opened the door at the top of the stair-case and came out into a room barren of anything except what looked like a man in the corner of the room. He quickly slammed the door behind himself, and fell against it, breathless and exhausted as he stopped moving. "Dead- *HUFF* End." He knew he couldn't go back out. The dragon was still bouncing around, and wouldn't stop until she got to him. On the other hand, he would have to try and stay in there and wait while he bled out for either the serpent to fall unconscious, or get to him and finish the job. There wasn't any way to win this one.
    Breathing heavily, he looked over at the other person in the room. He didn't look too well either, a little sickly, as well as being very... Pale.((Ezra, by KnightsRemnant)) "...Hello." Fin finally spoke.

    Quote from 9314265068»

    Fin could hear the pursuing dragon loudly growl as they bounced up the staircase behind them. Upon slamming the door he heard an additional slam against it. That bouncing was really getting on Chisille's nerves at this point. Several lesser slams could be heard afterwards, each one timed almost perfectly in sync with the last. Heavy, angry breathing accompanied the growls. She was relentless but she certainly didn't have infinite energy.

    Over on the other side of the door, Chisille knew that once again, there was a door in her way. Once more she aimed for the handle every single time she was forced to bounce, eventually latching onto it after several failed attempts. Just like the previous door, she twisted the handle and pushed against the floor, trying to force it to open.

    However since Fin was right on the other side of the door, he could tell what Chisille was doing. Thankfully his weight against the door blocked her from just opening it outright, but there was a lot of force going in to doing so, at least for a creature of her size. The growls calling for his demise were certainly unnerving for him.

    Ezra is mostly hidden, crouched low in the dark corner. What can be seen of his translucent skin is covered in lacerations and darkly charred burns that meld well with the shadows. The white of his eyes, which are more of a jaundice yellow, stand out above all else and seem to give off a faint glow in contrast with the darkness.

    While Fin speaks his greeting, the abrupt arrival of Chisille is heard at the door, causing Ezra to react nervously, narrowing his eyes with ambivalent scrutiny as he attempts to tuck further into the shadows. He then emits a hiss, somewhat like that of a threatened cat, followed by the sound of wisp and cracked voice speaking one word, as though it were a warning to Fin –


    Unfortunately, the repeated pounding and growls from Chisille at the door provides no relief for Ezra. His blood-ringed iris’s start to quiver as all of the room begins to shake. A painting falls from one of the walls, its frame breaking when it hits the floor, while a clay vase trembles atop a dresser before tipping from the ledge and shattering into shards across the room. The sound of the vase smashing, though it were indirectly caused by Ezra, causes his defensive behavior to intensify. With a shrilling scream, he bursts from the shadows, no longer in the form of a man, but rather a grey mass that sweeps across the room like a cloud of ash blown by a strong wind that knocks Fin clear off his feet, causing him to break through the door he had entered.

    As Fin comes down on Chisille in a shower of wooden splinters from the door, Ezra, keeping his clouded form, storms down the stairs and passes through the next wall in his path.

    The Dining Room.

    All those at dinner are suddenly interrupted when everything in the room, including said guests, are lifted from their places in a tornado of wind and grey cloud. Moments later the swirling mass of people, furniture and food fall heavily to the floor while Ezra manifests his previous form, huddled with arms wrapped about his knees in the corner. While his quivering eyes examine the many strangers and destruction he had caused, he is convinced he will likely be chastened for his actions and would soon need to make yet another escape....

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    As Ezra wanders through the mansion, the spell Ei cast still affects him, each wall they pass through leading into a different, random room. Eventually though, he finds his way out of the mansion, just in time to see Maras emerge from the dark void surrounding the Mansion.

    Quote from Pandolen»

    Arin wakes up inside some damp and dark place. It smells a lot like rotting fruit and timber. He’s curled up on his side and can’t get up because it’s just too gosh darn cramped in there. Outside of where he is he can hear some familiar laughing, the deranged laughter he had heard coming from the furry little men he had seen before he got shot with a bunch of poisoned needles and passed out. The laughter is all broken up by voices in some other weird language, probably the little furry men making jokes about all the fun they are having right now.

    Before too long, Arin hears a loud wack on the outside of the container he’s in. After that he feels himself moving away from the laughing voices as he starts rolling over and over with the container he is in, and that’s when Arin realizes he must be trapped inside a barrel and rolling down a hill or something like that.

    The speed of his rolling gets faster and faster with the sound of the wood from the barrel knocking around pretty loud against the ground outside. Pretty soon he’s rolling so fast that he’s feeling kinda sick then, all of a sudden, the barrel feels like it hit a sharp gradient in the ground and the next Arin feels is the sensation of butterflies in his stomach as he must be flying through the air. He must be in the air for a gosh darn good half a minute before the barrel touches down at its destination with mighty hard crash. The Barrel busts open on impact and leaves Arin sprawled out all over the ground next to some building. It looks like a giant house with piggy pink force fields sealing the windows and the doors. In the far away distance he can still hear the lunatic little fury men laughing, but they’re too far away to be seen in the night!

    Ezra has been through a great deal. He is diffident. Passing through to the outdoors is not encouraging. The open night and void beyond the mansion seem to scowl at him. He winces in fear. Seeing a boy gripping a large spear while emerging from the void is threatening. It is a fear that is further enforced by a barrel that flies across the void and plummets to the ground nearby, where it explodes to reveal yet another young man armed with a scythe. All of these things cause Ezra to cower in retreat and pass back through the wall of the mansion. Inside once again and constrained by his maimed condition, he tries with pained effort to make haste down a hallway, with very little success. He soon relinquishes his effort, diverting through another wall to find himself in a dark room where he crouches in a corner to hide.

    Quote from 9314265068»

    Chisille was so angry and set on her goal that she completely ignored the dinner guests and any sort of reaction that they had with her sudden and aggressive appearance. She just marched on towards the next door without any pauses, even though she had to have been rather tired from all the walking around that she had done so far.

    Suddenly Faux bursts out from where he was sitting at the table and walks in front of her, babbling non-stop words as she walked to her destination. She didn't care about him or what he had to say. The only thing she cared about was killing off that girl Annie and... getting past this stupid fool! Increasing her walking speed, she swerved past Faux, snarling at him to try and get him to back off. He was not what she was interested in, but if he insisted in becoming an obstacle then there was going to be something far worse waiting for him.

    Which is unfortunately what Fin gets... Chisille was already angered by the fact that one person had decided to interrupt her walk, but now there was another directly in the way to the door! She stood there, furiously glaring up at him. Another, even larger snarl came from her. Her claws tensed up. She wasn't going to wait for the imbecile to get out of the way on his own accord. She was going to MAKE him get out of the way. If he was so thick that he wouldn't... well then it's his own fault then isn't it?

    Fin suddenly saw the 'snake' lunge at him. Jack was right, this snake did have limbs. And the claws that were on the end of them were suddenly piercing into any exposed place that they could find on him. Regardless of whether the initial lunge had knocked Fin down, he now had Chisille latching onto his chest, and a mere moment later, her tail spike had impaled into his leg while her teeth bit down on one of his shoulders. Everywhere she had just attacked, blood was being drawn.

    Though why did Chisille lick her lips when going for a second bite?

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Pain... That was all that Fin felt at that moment. Excrutiating, mind-melting, leg-jellying pain, so harsh he couldn't even scream. Got to... Run! With all his strength, all the force he had in his body, boosted by his adrenaline, he threw the dragon off of him, even if it was just a foot or so. That was all it took for him to get up and start running through the halls again, although not quite as fast as he did before. The pain... It penetrated him with every step, a harsh acid that was melting him slowly from the inside out, waiting for him to give up and consume him. But Fin had learned long ago that after pain was done, it left but a faint memory in his mind.
    Unfortunately for him though, as he kept running, the great serpent with wings started, believe it or not, bouncing. While it wasn't a very strong throw, and he hadn't thrown her very far, it was enough to activate his powers, and the dragon kept hitting off the walls of the hall, in a magical pursuit to come back to the one who had thrown her, who happened to be going where she intended, even if unintentionally.
    ((Yes, his powers can affect living beings. Get over it please.))

    As Chisille attacks the man, Fin, she is fevered with fury that this man has delayed her prize. His blood is sweet and his actions have caused frustration, further hatred, animosity. The undeniable voice in her head gives further instruction.

    “Eliminate the intolerable. They force your delay. Nothing will stop you from reaching this child, yet they mock you with their hindrance. Let nobody stand in your path. Make him suffer. Kill him! Taste the sweet blood of your wrath!”

    The exuding viscous matter has soon solidified and set, providing an enamel-like encasement around Annie’s chamber. It would seem that in the attic all has become still... quiet.

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    Quote from 9314265068»

    Chisille found herself running through a forest. The trees twisted in extremely strange ways around her as she ran, more then a few times she had to jump over or weave under some of them. They looked more like wooden snakes writhing in pain rather then trees. She knew this place all too well, it all seemed so familiar... Also, why was she running again?

    A loud crashing noise came from behind her. Oh yeah. That was why. Something was chasing after her. So why didn't she bother to start running again? It was after her and would very likely catch up to her in a few seconds. There was just something different... and the same about all of this that surrounded her.

    Then she remembered. She remembered it happened last night. This all happened in a dream. One where she ran and ran until she slowed down exhausted, then she got caught so easily. Like she wasn't even able to resist letting herself die. She had remembered pleading which that which was after her, but to no avail. This time... this time was different. She felt different. She didn't feel scared, even if she wanted to.

    And then a sharp lance of pain surged through her side as if she had been struck by a sharp blade. "Not this again..." she mumbled after tumbling over from the impact. She looked up at the thing that had been chasing her. Yes, it looked exactly like it did in her previous dream. A giant, blood red version of her formed out of a great mass of misty cloud, never quite settling it's shape. This time however, she saw what it was doing as she wasn't so busy running. Where she was struck her blood trickled out, as normal for a wound, however as soon as a drop had left her body it floated over to to the larger Chisille's paw, drip by drip, forming a sphere she had seen before.

    The larger version of herself grinned maliciously, as if it had enjoyed how she had given up so easily. Chisille however was irritated by this display. "What in the name of my flames do you want??" she growled up at herself. The larger Chisille lowered it's grin slightly and leaned in closer and closer. Chisille would've backed away, except the orb in the larger Chisille's paw started to glow like before, her legs refusing to move. Her entire body once again refused to obey her. The larger Chisille brought her mouth right up to her ear, and whispered something into it. "W...what?" is all Chisille could say in response, because...

    The scream caused her to wake up again. This was the second time this night she had been disturbed from her sleep now. She grumbled awake, being tired the main concern that she had. "Stupid scream. Wake me..." she spat to herself, sighing as she now knew for sure she wasn't going to get any proper rest in this place. With not much else to do, she tried to figure what she had just dreamt about, and what it meant.

    While Chisille contemplates her dream, she is overcome by a familiar presence of another that dwells within. Again this presence is commanding, overriding her will, yet this time the dweller within does not endow Chisille with the previous sensation of benign calm. Chisille is instead filled with incredible bitterness and rage, longing for vengeance for all the suffering she has ever endured, accompanied with the insatiable longing for the blood of retribution. Her new, malicious desire to kill abrogates any logic and focuses on a specific individual, the one she had been made aware of on the previous occasion. The one named Annie. As Chisille is filled with this immense hatred and rage for this child, the presence within her speaks its undeniable command:

    "It is time. Begin the hunt!"

    Quote from Buttons»

    Chisille's attack leaves Bob's long john pajamas's, which had already had been turned into shorts from the earlier fire in the mansion, with the back burnt out, and what would have usually been to any responsive person, a rather red and sore looking burn mark on his back.

    Simply by chance in the magical maze that Ei had created, one of the seven dark figures exit a portal in the library.

    Upon their arrival, Bob, who had previously been placed under a type of spell by Annie herself, and is currently lodged in his frivolous stagger in the corner of the library, stops. He turns. He is standing perfectly upright with dignity, clarity in his now fiery eyes as he looks upon the dark figure.

    In response, the dark figure appears disturbed by Bob’s sudden change of behavior. Without turning away, they begin their retreat, floating backward to distance themselves from this soulless man. However, Bob quickly extends his arms to both sides, and in so doing his rib cage cracks open like a doorway to release an awaiting creature from within. The dark figure has not time to escape as the creature, something of a black, ghostly image of a man, though adorned with spiraled flaming horns, demonic wings, and screeching like the spawn of hell, flies at great speed to commence its assault. Subsequently, the dark figure is seized by the powerful limbs of the demonic spirit, and ripped apart in the force of a brutal thrashing.

    The many severed parts of the Dark Figure dissolve into the air. The demon retreats to the confines of Bob's chest, while then Bob, as his chest seals shut, returns to his former state of… aimless wanderings.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    "Ah, I see. But yes, I think he's in the house too now, though he's... preoccupied with things so he won't make it to dinner for now."
    Lyudmila says as she starts eating again, occasionally drinking some wine.

    Lyudmila chuckles as she realises what Revel is doing, she could appreciate humour like that.

    Ei tilts her head curiously at the soul's plea, listening to it with interest yet showing no interest in complying. Then, the Order takes control again, and Ei's curious expression is replaced by a shocked one.
    "One... with child?" Ei seems confused for a second. "But then... that means that..."

    As the Order finish their monologue, a smile settles on Ei's face.
    "If what you say is true. If she is indeed with child, then you can wave goodbye to your hopes of getting to Annie. Before the only reason I had for protecting her was that she is my friend, but now you just gave me several extra reasons."

    As the young man is being dragged away, Ei grabs his wrist, and speaks, her voice twisted and echoing throughout the room.
    "The mistress has given her verdict. You are to be sentenced to death by fire."
    As Ei finishes her sentence, the room shakes and twists, and the figures find themselves in the basement as white-hot flames start filling the room, rapidly spreading. The young man meanwhile is still in the same room, all alone as Ei too has vanished.

    Meanwhile, up in the attic, Ei is once again sitting next to Annie, curiously watching her.
    "So, you are with child, huh?"

    To the Orders disappointment, they have lost containment of their mediating soul. Upon arrival in the basement, the white flames are parted and gathered, reformed into seven spinning circles of fire that serve to host a violet radiance within, becoming separate portals for each of the dark figures to exit in the continuation of their hunt for Annie. They depart the basement.

    As midnight draws closer, the thick network of a capillary compound that cocoons Annie’s body continues to thicken and grow in mass, while now exuding a moss-green, viscous matter that emits the pungent odor of rotting flesh.

    Another of the seven dark figures manage to re-emerge from their portal at the bottom of the steps leading to the attic. Before closing, the portal that the dark figure exited, launches upward through the stairwell, devouring Maras and his companion before closing. In that instant Maras and his companion are deposited in the air above the void that separates the mansion from Waise. The dark figure swiftly ascends the stairs in their approach to the door of the attic….


    ...The soul of the man abandoned to the room Ei had left him in, and maimed by the years of torture to his soul, lifts to his feet. He stands in a broken and abashed manner, looking down over his charred and lacerated ghostly limbs, before beginning his awry limp across the floor. At the wall he pauses for but a moment then continues, passing on through barrier as though it did not exist and arriving on the other side, where he proceeds in his lame struggle down the hallway in search of…… life.

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    "You... could say that. We both serve the same person, that is how we know eachother. Is he off fighting again?"

    Ei seems thorougly unimpressed at the figures actions. Either that or she's incapable of expressing interest. Once the soul finishes talking, Ei chuckles.
    "You claim that Annie only has one purpose, and that she is a threat to this world without it, but I disagree. I belive that she can find a different purpose in life, and I feel... obligated to help my friend, help her live a life that does not involve you. I do not fear potential betrayal, I do not worry about the danger she is to this world, neither of those things matter to me. Even if she betrays me and kills me, it'll just be a minor annoyance at worst, and I will keep trying to help her live a more... normal life, no matter the cost. But while my friend is... busy right now, I do know one way I can help her; keeping you away from her, no matter your reason for trying to take her. So you have two options, leave her with me, or fail at trying to take her away."

    Ei sighs and shakes her head.
    "Those are the options. I will not hand her over. If you leave, then perhaps we could... trade something in return for you leaving if you so desire. If not, then too bad, I am not leaving my friend, even if your claim that she doesn't see me as her friend is true."

    The dark figures become unsettled. They seem… disturbed by something Ei has specifically mentioned. Upon the completion of Ei’s testimony, the soul, who has probably been chosen as a mediator for the sake of more fluent communication with Ei, scowls as though pained by the disappointment she is forced to endure by the intercession of the Orders reaction.

    “No…. you don’t understand. There is nothing you can offer of any interest to them.” The soul now speaks as though fearing for her own wellbeing, that maybe the repercussions of failing in her task to be mediator for the Order, would be worse than the torture of hell she had already endured. “Please help me… please do what they ask. You don’t understand what they’ll do to me if I fai – “ Quite abruptly, the soul throws her head back in obvious pain as the Order retakes full control of her once more. With her tone being what it was prior to Ei’s response, she looks at Ei to speak again under the Orders possession.

    “You claim that the child is busy. You’re words indicates that she is now unable to fend for herself…. We therefore assume that she has commenced her transformation. But this should not be the case…. Her time has not yet come….”

    Although the soul has been restrained of any control of the words she now speaks, Ei can clearly see the fear behind her eyes as a tear of blood comes forth. But now speaking with the words of the Order, there is an undeniable dreaded contempt to her tone:

    “What have you done…? Only one with child can undergo the transformation before their time…. No…. The child has beguiled you by means greater than we had anticipated…. You… do not know… what you have done. It is clear to us now, because of the harlot’s heart that pumps lust within your chest, that we are already too late. You are weak. You have been seduced by the child’s own desire to escape us, your emotional inadequacies have served only as a puppet to her will. The child and her unborn must DIE!”

    The mediating soul, knowing that in her failure she is now to suffer a fate worse than hell, is dragged back screaming across the floor towards the dark embrace of the Order. As she is being dragged back, Ei watches her features change to that of a face Ei did not recognize. They were in fact a young man, apparently chosen at random to be mediator for the order, a young man that now stretches out his hand for Ei to save him while he screams in a voice that pierces the mansion and all of Waise with the sound of unimaginable terror.

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