About Me
Well I am just your average straight gay best friend =D Perfect friend to the ladies and mans man when needed too!

Currently involved in a design project to build a super functional car computer system which is taking up a lot of my time. There is also the many laptops, computers and servers I am busy working on at home as well in preparation for the prototype testing.

I also just completed pre lim tests for my back garden movie theatre I am trying out for me and my neighbours too. Thats a very exciting project for me at the moment

Other than being a complete nerd all the time I am also a singer in my spare time. Not winning any competitions but i can hold quite a note so it makes for a good laugh on nights out and indeed during bath time xD

Minecraft has become a nice little corner of my life where time itself is lost to the creativity of it all! I run my own Tekkit server, though that is still not ready for public release

Oh I am also an IT Technician by trade and have been for 7 years now though there was a year before that where I was working for the government but that was definately not IT related

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