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    posted a message on Is climbable vines a good idea?
    I just build a little town on top of the trees with my vines; I think I’d cry if the climbing was suddenly removed.

    It’s not like ladders are particularly hard to make, and in the case of vines, you actually have to find them first in the right biome, have the tools to get them, and then live with the fact that they might spread all over your pretty building if you don’t control them right. They’re great for cave exploring, I suppose, but in other situations they’re not so great at all because of how they spread. They’ll be lovely in adventure maps where I’m sure they can be used creatively to hide secret stuff and make things accessible in a less obvious manner.

    I hope they’re left precisely as they are – I love to use them in the right situation. They can be attached to glass, for one, which ladders can’t be, which made for great glass-tunnels and other fun things.

    I don't get why things need to be 'realistic'. I think climbable vines follow roughly the same kind of realism as the rest of the game has. They're not ridiculous swingable vines that can throw you halfway across the map or anything. They're just a nifty little asset in building.
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    posted a message on How to fix: Minecraft cannot connect to
    Hahah... it totally works, that's ridiculous - it's the wrong date for me now XD

    I guess I can live with that...
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    posted a message on Is it just me, or is Jeb better for Minecraft than Notch?
    I am so cheered up by the jungle. I'd sort of lost heart as of late, but the jungle is just spectacular - it's soooo gorgeous, so much fun to build in, and it's the first biome I feel that makes use of the height in a different way, not just hills but trees growing upwards. It gives me hope that there might be more great stuff coming along in the future. One of my favourite things about it is we get a new type of wood, which I LOVE. I hope we'll get more new building blocks too. Maybe new colours of processed wood - would love really dark or really light wood planks to work with.

    I sort of wish I didn't have to make a new world for it, but I'm not going to rage because I do.

    While I won't say that Jeb or Notch is better, I will say that Jeb seems to like the same things that I love about Minecraft, which makes me really look forward to his updates. I couldn't care less about the ender dragon and the weird villages (I don't bother to hate them, but they're not part of my gameplay), but this - this is the kind of thing that is really up my alley.

    Aw, my darling jungle biome! How I want to hug you!
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    posted a message on [API] Minecraft Forge
    Quote from horace528

    I have the same bug too when the furnace output only comes to one when I cook more then one piece of something.
    Like when you cook 64 pieces of pork, it only gives you 1 at the end.

    I have the same problem :< been trying to figure it out all day; this is the first time i've used this mod, and it seems to lead back here. right now i've set up five separate forges, trying to cook one piece at a time, hehe. takes forever though. i'm waiting patiently and eagerly for the fix - great work here :smile.gif: been="" trying="" to="" figure="" it="" out="" all="" day;="" this="" is="" the="" first="" time="" i've="" used="" this="" mod,="" and="" it="" seems="" to="" lead="" back="" here.="" right="" now="" i've="" set="" up="" five="" separate="" forges,="" trying="" to="" cook="" one="" piece="" at="" a="" time,="" hehe.="" takes="" forever="" though.="" i'm="" waiting="" patiently="" and="" eagerly="" for="" the="" fix="" -="" great="" work="" here="">
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    posted a message on ▒▓ISLAND OF THE SKIES▓▒ - Intense Minecraft survival map - WITH CHALLENGES! (40000+ DL's!)
    My friend and I are having tons of fun with this one, though something of a Creeper problem, haha. Those buggers blew up our melon farm twice now!
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    posted a message on Why its our fault for what has happened to minecraft
    Never at any point did I stand behind any of the programmers with a gun to their neck, threatening them to do my bidding. The only ones responsible for the state of the game, good or bad, are the game’s creators.

    Listening to the demands of the community or not is still their choice. Making the changes is their choice. All the community can do is offer suggestions for what they want in the game – only a very silly developer will take all of that to heart.

    That being said, yes, I wish the high-pitched and angry demands would stop.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 is completely Unbalanced.
    I don’t find it too easy, but I think that comes down to me being a terrible player. I mostly play the game in multiplayer with a friend, and we’re both AWFUL. Really, really bad. We drop down mineshafts and die all the time. We shriek like little girls constantly when we explode from a Creeper-sneeze™ and I am so terrified when exploring mines that I jump at any little sound.

    We both have big scares where we’re wailing pathetically on vent over something or other and any items have to be considered disposable because we die and drop them and can't find our way back. I’m more of a scaredycat with zero sense of direction and she’s clumsier, tripping over her own feet.

    That said – and this is the funny part – we’ve gone from playing Easy to playing Hard.

    Us, two of the most worthless players around, can’t be bothered to play on Easy because we just aren’t very challenged there. It’s shocking, we kept debating whether we should turn the difficulty up.

    She said there was no way, we’d die instantly.

    I said, let’s give it a try. It might be fun!

    So we did give it a try and we still fall down mineshafts and die, and I still get lost and she has to come find me, but nowadays we go out at night to beat up mobs and we don’t freak out every time the sun sets. I'm no longer freaked out when I go dungeon crawling. What I’m saying is – it IS easy. For us two, Hard is sort of like Easy used to be, which is fine with us but I can see how that’s a problem for people who aren’t absolute hopeless at the game. It just doesn’t seem right, I guess – me and my friend, we can go back to playing on Easy, but now the ones that want a difficult game have nowhere to go.
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    posted a message on Worst biome?
    I just wish that vine growth wasn't so extreme in the swamps... and the transitions not quite so awful.

    I built this swampy cathedral in a swamp and eeeverything got overgrown with vines :biggrin.gif: I just wanted... some vines.
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    posted a message on Creeper Baby!
    If Creepers actually breed, though, would that mean we'd have to go around actually actively kill Creeper babies to make sure there are less creepers? :biggrin.gif: That would freak me out!

    But yes... I want Creeper babies too :/
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    posted a message on Creeper Baby!
    deanoeverton - Thank you :biggrin.gif:

    Steve_S - Awesome little poem :biggrin.gif:

    Klimmit - Haha, I want a mod if nothing else - a mod where, whenever you whack a tuft of grass, a bunch of tiny Creepers run shrieking from your location.
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    posted a message on Creeper Baby!
    I’ve made a baby Creeper figurine. It comes with a detachable SSss sign (since it can’t yet speak!), a bumblebee, a little flower, and a block to stand on. If you want to read the idea behind the figurine, click on the Spoiler, if not – just enjoy the pictures below :smile.gif:

    So, I want to shine some light on an ongoing issue. People ask themselves – why are Creepers so angry? Why do they explode at first contact? Why do they hide behind corners, and blow up in our face?

    Well – I think I may have the answer. To those who have also asked themselves ‘why are there no baby Creepers?’ I say – there ARE. There are baby Creepers already in Minecraftia. It’s just that we’ve all been too blind to see. For every angry, explosive Creeper shrub, there’s a miserable little Creeper-baby tuft of grass, terrified of every Minecraftian coming along to beat it over its head for its EYES.

    Yes, that’s right – the seeds we all plant to grow precious wheat, are really baby creeper eyes! Now ask yourself again – why wouldn’t Creepers be angry, explosive, and unwelcoming? You’ve beaten their children to death, trampled their babies, and stuffed their babies’ eyes into the dark, dank earth to grow food. For shame!

    Please, help spread Baby Creeper Awareness by writing poetry and making pictures, let their little voicesss be heard! Speak for those that have no Sss's of their own.

    Steve goes hunting for more baby Creeper eyes.
    Whack! goes the hoe, and another baby dies!
    Oh, why won't anyone hear their pitiful cries?
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    posted a message on Bring Back Beaches!
    OP has such a well-thought out argument, made clearer with good picture examples. I hadn't even realised that beaches were gone - but you're right. I guess the beach house I had on my old server wouldn't really have been possible today.

    Thumbs up. Bring beaches back!
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    posted a message on Apple Rant*
    I’d personally have preferred if apples were more commonly found in chests, and you could make seeds that would then plant an apple tree. Much like melon seeds I guess. I think I would have loved that – I’d have made a pretty orchard and stood on a hill above, gazing out over my fancy schmanzy stuff, red apples gleaming as far as the eye can see!

    However, this way is fine (it just doesn't cater to my wishes, which I can live with). I’ve seen a lot of talk about how some are bitter that they’re being ‘forced’ to farm now to keep their food up while building and working, having preferred to hunt or not have to think about food at all. Well, this is a food source that you don’t need to farm for and you’ll get naturally while building. I don’t see that as a bad thing. It encourages different play-styles. I might yearn for my apple-tree orchard, but I guess that would have been yet another farming option that might be unappealing to a part of the player base. Some don’t want to gather up animals and feed them wheat, or grow wheat, or fish, or plant melon seeds, or whatever it is you do for food.

    I don’t see them as a useless food source – they’re a food source for a different play-style from my own.
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    posted a message on Yogscast Responds To Statement
    Maduo - let it go. Rehashing things already said, nothing new to add, and continuing to slander with statements already debunked.

    Go to bed, have a shower, take a walk. Maybe get yourself some ice cream.

    On top of that, quoting yourself seems a bit iffy at best.
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    posted a message on Yogscast Responds To Statement
    Remember though that Notch did NOT start out with saying all of this. All his first posting said was that there were some people they were disappointed with and wouldn't work with again. He did not mention anything else and who it was. And only after it got out somehow and YC-fans started badgering him to explain what he actually was talking about did he post the details.
    (I do recall the word "hate-mail" being used about it but that might just have been someone here on the forum calling it that)

    He did start it. First rumour popped up on his tweet. People started asking question, he admitted it was Yogscast.

    After that, fans were pissed off by his statement.

    Again, like a teenager tweeting about a party. Not at all professional behaviour.

    If he'd just 1) not started spreading rumours on his twitter in the first place, and if he did then, 2) not given any names no matter the pressure and then 3) not writing a lot of hurtful things in response to angry fans that felt slighted - we wouldn't all be here. He DID start this. He could just not have said anything.

    I don't care if he and the Yogscast members were howling insults between the scenes and pissing on each other's cookies. Notch shouldn't have brought it up if he does love the community like he says he does. It's not our business, it should have stayed between them.
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