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I've always loved playing minecraft the way it was made to be played, which is my way of playing it.. get it? I play only survival minecraft, and the only mods i've ever downloaded are mods that take away features of the game to make it more like its older version (zombies drop feathers, old food/health mod, old chest, etc.) I love to build things (as you can see in some of the examples I have on the forums and my youtube account). I absolutely love to mine. It's my favorite thing to do in minecraft, just mine. specifically i'm talking about caves here guys. and I'm talking about the kind of caving that was way more difficult than it is now adays.


I'm an animation student studying at the University of Colorado at Denver so I guess you can say that animation is one of my main interests. I do love gaming obviously. I also really enjoy watching old lets plays of minecraft on youtube. For some reason I love living in the past.

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