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    posted a message on How many times have you seen a charged creeper?

    I've been playing since beta 1.8.1 in 2011. My current world has about 108 (real)days of total playtime. In the entire time I've been playing, I have never seen a charged creeper legitimately in survival mode.

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    posted a message on Tales of Skyrim - Bringing Skyrim to Minecraft (Dungeons, Tools, Mobs, Magic, and more)

    Oh wow! Seems very nice! Will definitely have to check up on this from time to time. Been getting back into playing Skyrim again here recently, so seeing this is really cool!

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    posted a message on How did you come up with your Minecraft username?

    MCForum - Basically from Super Mario 64 DS.

    Minecraft - I forget how we came up with it. I was trying to figure out a name to use with a friend of mine from some other game."Seth Reed" was the end result. No, it isn't my actual name.

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    posted a message on Been ages since I played - does the Win 10 version lack any features from PC / Java?

    Windows 10 edition is missing a few things from Java edition.

    -Still yet to be able to hold an item in the off-hand slot

    -Which means no shields.

    -Missing the "Mending" enchantment as far as I can tell
    -Not sure if the igloos and Polar Bears are added yet

    -Hunger system is slightly different than Java edition, though I'm not sure of the exact mechanics
    -You can't pause the game. Bringing up the ESC menu does not freeze the world, even in single player.
    -Not entirely sure, but I don't think the other game modes exist yet (Adventure/Spectator)
    -Cannot connect to PC, Xbox, PS servers
    -PC worlds do not work with Windows 10 edition that I'm aware of.
    -Does not seem to be a way to import your own resource pack with Windows 10 edition that I'm aware of.
    -You can use your own skins, though. They do sell skins, but you can use your own if you want, and not pay anything.
    -No mod support yet, that I'm aware of

    Things it does have:

    -Slightly different terrain differences. Things like fallen logs, vines that randomly spawn with trees, etc

    -Controller support

    -Can play over LAN with other Windows 10 players/Pocket Edition players

    -This works for servers as well
    -Game runs much smoother than Java (from my experiences anyways)

    I'm sure there's more differences, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. Otherwise, they're kind of close, gameplay-wise. I will probably switch over to Windows 10 when they add the Mending enchantment. Not sure if they're still doing it, but they were giving the game away for free if you already own PC edition.

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    posted a message on Anyone feel like Spruce Forests are WAY more common?

    It may not actually be happening, but it does kind of feel like it. I seem to find a lot more plains and normal forest biomes than I remember in the old 1.6.4 terrain. Sometimes it will take me days in-game to find a desert, for example.

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    posted a message on Is it MC or is it my screen resolution?

    I think the stained clay colors are tinted orange a little. It's supposed to be this way. You'll get the "true", vibrant colors in 1.12, with the new concrete blocks. Personally, I kinda like the colors of stained clay as they are. I like the slightly duller colors. Plus, I think the mesa biomes would look weird if they were the bright, vibrant colors like wool.

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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 database
    Quote from Xannot»

    Thanks, that's all I need. I think blocks 93 and 94 are piston's head and a block moved by piston, but I'm not 100% sure.

    After looking around, I think they're the powered/unpowered states of redstone repeaters.
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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 database

    I'd been using this image for items/blocks for 1.7.3. I think this is everything.

    I think ID 95 is the Locked Chest, which was an old April Fools thing in 2010.

    Also note that there are wooden slabs, but the game thinks they are stone blocks, so they mine with a pickaxe, and not a normal axe.
    I'm not really sure what IDs 93/94 are.

    As for mobs, a lot less of them for sure.







    -Ghast (nether)



    -Zombie Pigmen (nether)







    I don't think magma slimes are in yet. I think this is everything for b1.7.3. Correct me if I missed anything!

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    posted a message on Cartographer

    Ok, I really needed the totem of undying, but additionally, I think i like the sea lanterns more. What should I do to prepare for the ocean monument?

    Enchant your armor, and make sure it's in good condition. I used some diamond enchanted gear, but I imagine if you're skilled enough, iron will work fine. You will need some water breathing potions, so go catch some pufferfish (make them last as long as possible!). It wouldn't hurt to bring some extra food, either (steak is probably preferred). You may also want to bring some night vision potions, as it can be kind of dark in the ocean monument, and the potion will let you see one from the surface very easily! Otherwise, it's just about being aware of your surroundings, and keeping an eye on your health and potion timers. Don't get lost inside!

    Note that you can bring doors, place them in water, and use them as air pockets, should you run out of water breathing potions. Unless you kill the three elder guardians, however, you won't be able to get them back quite so easily.
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    posted a message on What sort of use would you apply to poisonous poatoes

    It's poisonous, though, so it'd probably make more sense for it to make a "Bad Luck" potion. Could then throw in a fermented spider eye to change it into a normal "Luck" potion!

    To me, I don't see Luck potions fitting. Would probably make more sense as a poison of nausea. This would give the effect similar to entering a nether portal. Could be useful in PVP to disorient opponents, or for map makers with custom potions. For balance, could probably have it not last very long.
    As for what its inverse potion would be, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it doesn't need one (water breathing doesn't have one, does it?).

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    posted a message on Minecraft role-play server idea

    Was sort of interested, until I read that it'll be a 1.7.10 server. Hopefully, if you do make such a server, you can make one for whatever the current version is at that time! I would probably hop on, and at the very least check it out, because it sounds interesting!

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    posted a message on When Did Minecraft Go Bad?

    I don't think the game went bad. A decline? Maybe, probably something up for discussion. If I had to guess when people started to think the game was going bad, I'd probably guess around b1.8.1/1.0. b1.8.1 changed quite a lot for a single update. The world looked different, we got a hunger system, we could sprint, an experience system was added (which at that time was useless), and even Endermen appeared (which griefed even more than they do now). It was a lot of changes to take in at once, and I think that turned people away. Throw in potions, a "final boss", a new dimension, and another terrain change, and I think it just got worse in their minds. Every update there are people who keep saying "Minecraft is dying". It's mostly people who do not like change, and that's fine. Everyone has their preferences. Myself, I like the craziness of the old terrain generator.

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    posted a message on Taking food from villagers at starting point?

    The crops in villages generate naturally with the world. To me, saying that taking crops from a village near your spawn is cheating would be like saying mining cobblestone near your spawn is cheating. If it's there, use it!

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    posted a message on What's your current Minecraft seed?

    I've got 3 different worlds. However, the other two are ancient, alpha/beta versions, and amidst doesn't seem to like those too much (as in doesn't work with them at all).

    So here's my world with my tree home. It's made with large biomes! Been playing this world since 1.9!

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    posted a message on [Beta 1.7.3] Minecraft Beta 1.7.4 Custom Update Mod! New: OTA Updates Released!

    Oh wow, a mod for an old beta version, still in development! Just recently started playing b1.7.3 myself. It isn't what got me into the game, but it has the same spirit (I got hooked watching old videos from Alpha, back in 2011). I personally prefer the vanilla experience, but I like what's in this mod! May give this a shot later on if you ever get the server thing working!

    Would kind of like to see other future blocks added in, like you did with stonebrick! Namely the other plank colors (always felt weird that birch logs gave me oak planks).

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