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    posted a message on Add human(monster) mob back
    Quote from Feri2001»

    The steve(human) mob would be a good alternative for villagers.I mean villagers are boring and annoying.Adding back the human/steve mob would be more interesting.They can do jobs as farming,foresting,hunting,mining.Also if you kill a human with a specific job will drop the items he is gaining from the job.(Ex:If you kill a farmer it would give you wheat,potatoes or carrot).Also they are neutral.If you attack a human all of them will attack you back.

    You can also make trading with them.

    I think they should keep Villagers and add Humans back as a /summon mob for adventure maps.
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    posted a message on Scaring the Creeps
    Quote from Robloxer11»

    Creeper should try to avoid hot blocks like magma lava fire and lit furnaces. If a creep is lit on fire when it has low health left it will start to blow up. After blowing up they may leave fire.

    1: All mobs should avoid lava and fire
    2: Creepers running away from furnaces would be weird, but maybe a good feature?
    3: If a creeper were to leave fire after explosions, I think health shouldn't matter.
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    posted a message on Merge with Roblox
    Quote from Kirbyguy»

    It's sad that you guys can't see the benefits from this. Minecraft would receive more players because we all know it's dying out, so it's a win for Minecraft AND a win for ROBLOX because they receive more players.

    1: Minecraft isn't dying at all, It's just not at it's highest popularity.
    2: Combining Minecraft and Roblox would make both of their community hate the game, and the companies would lose fans quick. To be honest, it would probably be a lose for both teams.
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    posted a message on Hello, Neighbor!
    Quote from Spark»

    It's quite complicated in a sense. The dev has built different alpha stages, each with different stories. Basically the dev built a foundation with a story, then scrapped it and did another. Then scrapped that one.

    Tiny Build said that Pre-alpha and Alpha 1 were "scrapped" versions, so I imagine the story was changed in Alpha 2 too.
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    posted a message on HOWS YOUR MINECRAFT DAY :D
    Quote from mcgamer342»


    I haven't played minecraft yet today (It's early morning: Minecraft forum time!) but yesterday I started working on the house from Hello, Neighbor and a redstone machine!
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    posted a message on Skeletons shoot infinite arrows but only drop one?

    I just wanted to point out how Skeletons can shoot infinite arrows, but when you kill them they only drop one. Also, the bow they hold most of the time doesn't have a enchantement shiny effect thing on it, so it can't have the infinity enchantment on it.

    This isn't something that bothers me, but I just wanted to point it out because it's weird.

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    posted a message on Tips and your thoughts
    Quote from htmljoecss»

    Hey all, we are creating a new medieval server and would like your opinions and thoughts on it.
    We would like you to tell us what you would like to see or that you think would be unique

    You should make some games like Factions, Prison, PVP, etc. I also suggest adding a custom player list just to make things look cooler (I pretty sure you can do that, but you can really only edit the title).

    P.S: Good luck on the server!
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    posted a message on Minecraft International Aviation museum!

    This is amazing! Great job! How long did it take you to build this? :)

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    posted a message on Question for all of you about Magma Blocks

    Hi everyone! When Magma Blocks were first introduced, sneaking on them would still damage you normally, along with sneaking while jumping. But after a young player complained about this on the bug tracker, it was changed to where sneaking on it or sneak-jumping would no longer hurt you.

    Here is where my question comes in: Do you prefer the "new" behavior or the "old" behavior of Magma Blocks?

    I don't make a big deal about it because it doesn't really affect me, but I honestly think it should hurt you while sneaking. It just makes sense.
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    posted a message on Door maze

    Did you forget to add a picture?

    Yes, No one was commenting, I'll add that now! :P
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    posted a message on Hello, Neighbor!

    (Try to forgive me if I break the rules or I do something wrong this is my first time in the "Off-topic" section :( )

    Welcome to the Hello Neighbor thread..... I guess

    Here you can discuss rumors, how to get past certain parts, and new updates!

    What I want to figure out more about is the Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 ending where (Spoilers ahead.)

    Where it's the flashback and the Neighbors sobbing. Also, if you look through one of the keyholes, there's a creepy shadow. :unsure:

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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!

    31,289 :)

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    posted a message on No Mining In Minecraft Anymore?
    Quote from ToastedKat»

    I recently noticed that over time, mining is almost completely unnecessary. You can get every material from underground automatically through farms now.

    - Coal from a wither skeleton farm, or replaced by charcoal in an automatic tree farm.

    - Iron from villages and iron golems.

    - Redstone from witch farms.

    - Gold from pigmen farms.

    - Lapis and emeralds from villager trading.

    The only exceptions to this are diamonds, which are rarely needed anymore because of mending, and quartz, which is different because it's mined from the nether. So, do you guys think this is a good thing or a bad thing? And do you think an update to minerals/mining is needed, either by adding different non-farmable materials, or something else?

    You can make farms, but you don't start out being able to do this. (Well, unless you cheat)
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Dalton63841»

    How about making sponges break as easily as slime blocks? It's basically a given that you will be putting them down and taking them back up 90% of the time.

    Maybe not as easily as slime blocks, but still fast. It's annoying when you accidently break a slime block because of how fast it breaks.
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    posted a message on More bears? (or colors or types)

    I think minecraft should go ahead and add more bears, or bear types. Other bears would be same as the polar bear except for the grizzly bear, which would be faster and/or stronger.

    P.S: To be honest I'm not really a bear fan, but I just think this would make sense.

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