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    posted a message on Cool things to build at base?

    If you want a challenge, figure out how to build an iron farm, “starving villager” breeder, villager trading hall and villager-powered crop farms... all positioned so that they don’t interfere with each other but their chunks are close enough that they stay always loaded.

    Warning: this is not easy to do.

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    posted a message on Beginner

    A few thoughts:

    - First and foremost Minecraft is extremely flexible. Figure out how *you* like to play it and ignore any criticism from others that are trying to make you play their way.

    - When trying to create a safe base, light is your friend.

    - If you haven’t researched it yet, google how to make an auto-furnace.

    - It will take you a while to get your first villagers, but sooner or later you will want them. They are a very powerful resource.

    - At some point learn about enchanting and the best enchantments for your tools, weapons and armor.

    - Figure out which mods you want - if any. Most people will recommend JourneyMap, Optifine and NotEnoughItems (this last one for crafting recipes). Some will recommend more and a few fanatics will say “none”.

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    posted a message on Way to Prevent Zombie Sieges?

    In a design for acombined iron golem / villager breeder / trading hall I saw they used a brilliant tactic: at each of the 4 outer corners they put two short corridors (about 2x6) with doors on the sides that intersected on the inner end. At the intersection there was a 2x2 drop about 2 deep with lava at the bottom and open trapdoors flush with the corridors floor.

    Zombies spawned "outside the village" (in the corridors as they were the outermost space), walked inward, fell into the lava and... Bye bye.

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    posted a message on What's the best enchanted sword you had/have?

    "Best" depends on what you use it for. I don't PVP and I want to maximize loot, so my favorite is:

    - Sharpness 5

    - Looting 3

    - Unbreaking 3

    - Mending

    - it intentionally has no form of fire or flame whatsoever

    - built by combining the right books in an anvil

    And yes, I have access to an excellent enderman XP farm, so my sword us ethernal.

    It was a pain to collect the pieces, but now that I have it, it is glorious!!!

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    posted a message on Enchanting today
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    In other words, I really just can't see why everybody depends on XP farms to recharge their Mending gear

    I can't speak for others, since everybody plays Minecraft differently, but I wear out my Efficiency 5, Fortune 3, Unbreaking 3 shovel, pickaxe and axe quite often when I'm doing a project, so that the XP farm is essential for me.

    Mainly that is because I am using the tools FAR MORE than I generate XP with them. Also, I don't normally move them to the shield slot the instant I see a hostile to battle... that would be annoying. I'd rather spend a few minutes at a *good* XP farm to mend them, and maybe watch a movie while doing it.
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    posted a message on Enchanting today

    Another option is a blaze farm (in the nether) but you would have to afk or have another activity you can do in range of thenblaze spawner.

    There is a particularly good design in youtube that uses a flying machine to sweep the blazes out of the spawn area and to the collection/kill area.

    Plus, the tons of blaze rods you get from it are excellent furnace fuel.

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    posted a message on Enchanting today

    Rosebine, google enderman xp farms for rapid XP gains to use in mending. On a good one one strike kills a bunch of endermen.

    It is also what generates my excess XP, as I use it a lot to mend my tools. I do a lot of work with my fiamond tools and even with unbreaking 3 (plus other enchants) they do wear out.

    I often find myself with 50+ XP even with frequent bottling.

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    posted a message on Slime Spawning

    For the easiest way to do a sime farm:

    1) Dig to y=39 on any biome.

    2) clear a large area and put a fence at all chunk borders (x or z chunk coordinates - you can see them by hitting F3, and they go from 0 to 15) = 0.

    3) mark which chunks spawn slimes

    4) use jack-o-lanterns or other block lights embedded in the floor of slime chunks for lighting.

    5) dig a 3-wide channel around every slime spawning chunk.

    6) dig under the original platform, and repeat all of the above... until you get close to bedrock, so you have a bunch of lit spawn platforms surrounded by a si gle channel.

    7) Now for the interesting stuff... google "slime farm" and learn about slime water channels (to route to your preferred location) and a good slime drowner design that feeds into hoppers and your chests.

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    posted a message on Positioning villager-powered farms

    Ty Martin, that design is excellent. It might take me weeks to fully understand it, but I plan to continue studying it. There is lots to be learned from it.

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    posted a message on Positioning villager-powered farms

    Thank you everybody for the great input. I especially like MartinTheMess tower design that combines breeding, iron farm and other things into one tower, thanks for providing the download.


    • Do wood trapdoors count as "village doors"?
    • Do iron doors/trapdoors count as "village doors"? (I think the answer is no)


    For anyone else finding this thread I summarize what I learned from this thread and others. Please correct me if I misstated something.

    • The game calculates the center position of the village based on the positions of the doors. If your "village" is an iron farm cell or anything else symmetrical, it is easy to figure out the center.
    • For most iron farm, breeder, crop farm designs the safe distance between these "villages" is 64 blocks from their centers. Some people go to 72 blocks for extra safety. The distance is measured in any direction as a sphere, that includes up/down.
    • If you place any doors (and I think trapdoors too) inside that 64 block radius you WILL mess up your setup as the village radius and center will change.
    • Villagers will breed until the villager count in the village reaches 1/3 of the number of doors (0.35 to be exact), assuming they have food or a field they can harvest for food.
    • Assuming I understood correctly, separate from the village size, villagers are "in the village" up to 5 blocks vertically from the village center. This is how breeder cells are constructed (top cell with 6 doors defining a village and one villager to keep it active, breeding pad with a crop and 2 villagers to start 6 blocks down. Since they are not counted "in the village" but are inside the village radius they keep breeding indefinitely - until population is too high for area and they start suffocating against the walls or the children are funneled away).
    • If I understood correctly there is a maximum of 200 villagers per village. Important for your trading hall: After selecting which to keep, destroy the bad villagers and funnel the "good but not awesome" villagers away to a holding area at least 100 blocks away.
    • There is a great mod that will show you the borders of your village: Village Marker Mod. It works in single player, and can work in multiplayer ***if the server has the right plug-in***. It is based on LiteLoader, so you likely end up with a fairly typical Forge+LiteLoader setup for your client mods.
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