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    posted a message on 🏰 Glarthford | Adventure/Puzzle/Exploration | 60+ Voice Acted Characters | 5+ Story Lines | Custom Sound Track | Tons of Models

    Talk, Scam, Explore, Fight and Trade your way through Glarthford to achieve your goals!

    Can you save Glarthford in 6 unique storylines?

    βœ₯ Map Features:

    ✧ 6 Unique Story Lines

    Glarthford is a whole new way to play an adventure map! Talk, Scam and Trade your way to achieve your goals. Save Glarthford from 6 different enemies, and become the hero you always wanted to be! Drag a friend with you through the adventure, if you feel like you need a sidekick! Glarthford contains multiple stories to dive into, and various other features!


    ✧ 60+ Voice Acted Characters

    This map has over 60 voice acted characters by a variety of professional voice actors and other map makers (and some of our Team Members)! Glarthford has a total of over 200 lines of voice acting!


    ✧ Custom Sound Track

    This map has a custom soundtrack, consisting of 10 custom tracks made by TTEXTT, BenTechy66, and Green Greeny to enhance the atmosphere in the world of Glarthford!


    ✧ Interactive Characters

    Glarthford has 70 fully interactive characters, which you can talk to and trade with! Sometimes you can even have longer conversations with them, or trick them into giving you items! Some characters have a sleep cycle and can be found in different places at different times. If you give a character the right item, they might even be able to open new places for you! There are character animations over 1 minute long!


    ✧ Exploration

    In Glarthford there are tons of secrets and easter eggs, so we always recommend players to look for their own way of beating the challenges, that they have been given. Explore the 25+ different areas of the map, with new hidden secrets in each of them. For the adventurers out there, we also added multiple secrets that only the most amazing explorers will find, are you one of them?


    ✧ Custom Boss Fights

    In Glarthford every storyline finishes up with its own unique boss fight. All bosses have their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities! Can you find and beat all the bosses?


    ✧ Tons of Models & Textures

    To enhance the experience even further, we chose to make custom models for each and every character in Glarthford, Models for items laying around in Glarthford, and custom textures for items, for you to play around with. There are 150+ custom textured characters, items, and blocks, for you to find. Will you be able to win Glarthford back with the help of these items? We hope so!


    ✧ Ambience Sounds

    To further enhance the experience while playing the map, we added a ton of custom ambiance sounds for you to listen to along with the music. For example, we have custom forest, nether, and even waterfall sounds!



    βœ₯ Download::

    Map Version: 1.0.2
    Minecraft Version: 1.12.2


    βœ₯ Pictures:


    βœ₯ Solution:

    You can find a full list of all solution for all quests here:
    Since it's quite long I didn't put the whole thing here.


    βœ₯ Creators:

    ✦ Mechanics ✦ Building

    ✦ Textures/Models ✦ Sounds/Music

    ✧ McTsts ✦✦✦✦

    ✧ marhjo ✦

    ✧ MrKukurykpl ✦✦

    ✧ EnderPig ✦✦

    ✧ TTEXTT ✦✦✦

    ✧ BenTechy66 ✦✦✦

    ✧ CheckMiner ✦

    ✧ Ds43m

    ✧ infinitydrago

    ✧ BigNinjaChicken

    ✧ CrazyCowMM ✦

    ✧ djae95 ✦

    ✧ kradziejpyr ✦

    ✧ Stalkative ✦

    ✧ Green Greeny ✦

    You can join our team by applying here →

    If you have any questions you can join our discord server here and ask here or just comment on this thread. We will try to answer your questions!
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    posted a message on 🏰 Mystford ~ Solve Quests & Save the world [Quests, Sidequests, Voice Acting, Time System, Bossfights, Spells & Cutscenes]
    Quote from TheRoxas96Β»

    I'm playing version 1.12.2

    I'll try to find the issue as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting it
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    posted a message on Map Maker Convention [60 Minutes Map made for "60 Minutes Maps 2 Years Anniversary Convention"]

    Map Maker Convention
    Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
    Map Version: 1.1

    Map Maker Convention is a map made in 60 Minutes. It's the first map we have ever done in such a short time. It was created for the 60Mins2Yrs Convention. Every Team Member who worked on this created his own small branch in this map, which can be accessed from a Convention Hall. Each branch gives one wool block, your goal is to find 10 wool blocks! The Theme for the challenge was 'Convention'.



    - Made in 60 Minutes

    - 7 different branches of various genres


    - McTsts: Bossfight, Convention Hall Design, General Mechanics

    - marhjo: Escape, Convention Hall Design

    - EnderPig: Trivia, Convention Hall Design

    - MrKukurykpl: Puzzle, Convention Hall Design

    - infinitydrago: Exploration

    - CheckMiner: Parkour

    - TTEXTT: Maze


    Convention Hall

    Convention Hall








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    posted a message on [Challenge] Make a 25Β³ adventure map! (Built in 25x25x25 Blocks)
    25Β³ Challenge

    Nowadays, there are a lot of huge adventure maps. This challenge forces you to re-think how you build to make optimal use of the limited space.

    This idea was by Artifact123.

    I improved the rules from his thread (The map isn't really 25x25x25 in his challenge) and created this thread.


    1. If you create a 25Β³ map just post like a normal map and send me a link to the thread (you don't need to create a thread if you don't want to though, you could just post it only here as well)

    2. The map has to be 25x25x25 or less. It is NOT allowed to place redstone or command blocks outside this space.

    3. The Lobby/start area has to be inside the 25x25x25 area
    4. The map must be playable without mods

    5. The map has to be built in a 27x27x27 bedrock box, the bedrock can be replaced with air, barriers or glass, but not with any other block. (If you want to use a different block ask). You can use structure blocks and commands like /fill and /clone though.

    6. (optional) Call your map "25Β³ Name" or "25^3 Name" or something similar to make it clear that it's a 25Β³ map. (e.g. 25Β³ Buttons)

    7. If you create a thread follow the Mapping and Modding Rules

    8. Use something like Mediafire/Dropbox/Curse for the download

    9. The map can be any Minecraft Version. (though 1.11 or 1.12 is advised)

    10. You are allowed to use Resource Packs (as

    11. Structures/Functions are allowed

    All 25Β³ will be let's played and reviewed by me.

    Because of lack of maps there won't be a winner. Sorry.

    I'm also looking for somebody else who can review & rate the maps.

    25Β³ Maps so far:

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    posted a message on 𝐌𝐒𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐩𝐬 β–ŒπŸŒŸ 40+ Maps β–ŒπŸ”₯ New: Mirage Tower Defense (on Realms) & Thunderstorm β–ŒπŸ“† Upcoming: Mirage Wars


    ~ McTsts' Map Collection ~

    All of my maps in one thread! But not just my maps, you can also find many of my other creations here. Tell me your opinion in the comments! If you have any ideas or find any bugs just tell me here. I also show maps that I helped with, tested or maps that were made for my challenge. All maps link to their original thread. There are a few maps exclusive to this thread as well. When we start working on a new map or release a new one I will announce it here!


    βœ₯ Map Overview:

    A list of links to all my map threads can be found here

    There you can find direct links to all my maps. If you click the pictures at the top you will also find some information about the map. Most maps link you to their thread, but there are also maps that are only available in this thread.


    βœ₯ YouTube Section:

    There are a lot of videos of my maps. Thanks for everyone who made one!

    You can find many of them here


    βœ₯ Map Trailers:

    All map trailers can be found here

    Or you can also find them if you go to a map's thread.


    βœ₯ Information:

    Of course I didn't create all these maps alone.

    Click here for a list of everybody who helped me.


    βœ₯ Other Info:

    ✧ Questions, comments, Ideas, Found Bugs, ...? Reply to this thread.

    ✧ Follow me on twitter for free spam @McTsts

    ✧ Check out my YouTube channel for useful videos

    ✧ Support me by becoming my Patron

    ✧ Chat with us on our discord



    βœ₯ Applications:

    We are currently looking for more Redstoners, Builders, Resource Pack/Model/Sound/Music Creators & Voice Actors.

    Currently we have a second thread for applications

    Application Thread →


    βœ₯ Changelog Section:

    The changelog for this thread can be found here


    βœ₯ Music:

    I also used to create music. My music has its own section in this thread here.

    At the moment I don't create music anymore.


    βœ₯ Upcoming Sections:

    ✧ Free 3D Models Section

    ✧ Map that shows the positions of all maps (like a map of a world)

    [box=#000000]𝔑𝔒𝔴 π”π”žπ”­: [box=#000000][media][/media][/box][/box]

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    posted a message on πŸ‘‘ Custom Boss Collection II ~ 150+ Bossfights [10k+ Downloads] [Music, Voice Acting, Models, Classes & more] [V3.0 Released!]

    Is there any chance I could voice-act a boss? I do mostly silly, chaotic and annoying voices. What does "serious" even mean? I could probably voice a character that's insane or something.

    We aren't working on this map right now. We are currently looking for voice actors for an upcoming map though. Maybe you'd be interested in that? It also has multiple bosses. If you are interested you can join our discord server or just pm me.
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    posted a message on πŸ‘‘ Custom Boss Collection II ~ 150+ Bossfights [10k+ Downloads] [Music, Voice Acting, Models, Classes & more] [V3.0 Released!]

    Zombiecreeper243: "I just finished playing the map (it was great!)"
    PiCookie: "It [the map] looks like a really good one by the way"
    Saws311: "The boss you made me was just perfect! Thank you!"
    The_Minecraft_F: "This [the map] sounds good"
    dangerousdiamond: "We beat all bosses and LOVED IT!"
    proxwarrior33: "Your boss is awesome"
    Saws311: "Keep up the good work!"
    Mr_Forum: "I love this map!"
    Crackrazor: "So far the map is great!"
    Mineminethat: "It feels awesome seeing my name posted here."
    13379001: "I liked it, myself; creative boss design and effects, amazing-looking arenas, etc."
    Crackrazor: "The Blood Mage boss fight and class are genius concepts"
    mrtrey336: "In my opinion, this is one of the best maps ever"
    Nototherium: "I wish I could do something this awesome!"
    Pengi003: "Cool map"
    rabidgoodra27: " 'Cool'? This is awesome."
    Pengi003: "Awesome map"
    Cmcq80_YT: "Great map"
    Coltj1: "I think your map is good"
    proxwarrior33: "This map is getting better and better [...] Keep up the good work"
    KingAmo: "[...] It was one of the best maps I've ever played. This must have taken forever to create."
    eliot: "This should be a minecraft realms map"
    NinjaMaster909: "Good good, couple of problem tho [...] Other than that, though, great map!"
    Mxlau: "I was absolutely blown away by all the hard work you've put into this!"
    blazer_king: "Wow, this map must of taken for ever to make"
    melwei: "But keep building maps like this, you're really good! Thanks for this great map,"
    Mr_TheJ: "I love this map. [...] Mechanics and [...] number of bosses great [The map] gives me next to [no lag]"
    Mxlau: "This is definitely one of THE greatest maps I have ever played"
    JoeCat17: "Great map!"
    melwei: "I killed every boss and did every challenge here. It is completely worth it!"
    Heya: "The map is great! One of the best I've ever played!"
    xWhyb: "best map... EVER! :D"
    0133 PortGamers: "Killing bosses is not hard & not easy. You have to know all of their Attack Patterns/Skills to win."
    Magmadude999 Gaming: "I downloaded this and I love it! Good job!"
    EpicBerkeGamer: "I played it and it was great map"
    Doge Gaming: "omg i love your maps :D"
    Space Invader Gaming: "Wow"
    GeneralKnife: "Looks fun!"
    Kneight: "Also, I love your maps!"
    Tereith205O: "Well this [...] was a lot of fun to play through. "
    GeneralKnife: "An overall fun map!"

    All these quotes are take from comments on this thread, from minecraftmaps, CBC II trailers & White Pumpkin Bossfight trailers/threads (it's a boss in this map as well now)

    Alternative Download

    Minecraft Custom Boss Collection is a map created by:

    Custom Boss Collection II 1.0 Team

    McTsts - Main Redstoner - Everything
    EnderPig - Main Builder - Redstoner
    Booty156156 - Builder - Texturer
    Aequalis_ - Builder
    Rafakado - Builder - Texturer - Redstoner
    Mattscarp - Builder
    DomoRaider - Helper
    PixelVolt - Graphic Designer
    Troller4Ever - Redstoner - Builder
    Mllster - Redstoner - Builder

    CheckMinerYT - Builder

    Antrobot123 - Redstoner - Builder

    DarsilvaPlayx - Redstoner

    MarMar23 - Builder

    CookieCaveman - Builder

    Cb_Crystal - Builder

    Cb_Fishy - Builder

    Custom Boss Collection II 2.0 Team

    McTsts - Main Redstoner - Everything

    EnderPig - Main Builder

    TTEXTT - Builder

    NemPlayer - White Pumpkin Bossfight Redstoner

    Custom Boss Collection II 3.0 Team

    McTsts - Main Redstoner - Everything
    EnderPig - Main Builder - Redstoner

    TTEXTT - Builder

    CheckMinerYT - Builder

    marhjo - Builder

    MrKukurykpl - Builder

    Custom Boss Collection II is a map about fighting bosses. But not only are there lots of bosses, but there are also many other things. At the moment the map has 100 and is probably the biggest Boss Collection there is other than Custom Boss Collection I. When you begin the map you can choose a class with which you will fight a boss. After selecting the class you will get tped to the Boss Selection room. This room is split into 8 different corridors. There is the Misc, Overworld, Nether, Ocean, Player, Unlockable, Remake and End Corridor. Bosses are sorted into these corridors. Currently most bosses are in the Overworld corridor. After you select a boss you will fight it. Bosses are normally mobs, but there are also some more unique bosses, that are e.g. made of Blocks or Custom Models (e.g. McTsts or Zombie Lord). On the right side of your screen you will see your amount of deaths, but there is no live limit. After deafeating a boss you will be tped back to the class selection room. Many classes are unlocked by deafeating a certain boss (e.g. EnderPig class is unlocked by defeating EnderPig). But like I already mentioned bosses arent the only thing in this map. If you are in the Boss Selection room you will find a button near the center which will take you to the Challenge Corridor, in the Challenge Corridor you can select one of the many Challenges (e.g. Defeating Ghost in 20 seconds). Completing a challenge the first time often rewards you with a special item/ability for a special class: Mage. The mage class will get better/stronger the more bosses you defeat. And there even is another mode in this map: The Player vs. Player mode. You select it by flipping a lever in the Class Selection Corridor before you choose a class. After that you can choose a class and you will be teleported to the Arena Selection Corridor instead of the Boss Selection Room. In the Arena Selection Corridor you can select one of the arenas (Normally used for bosses). The first person to reach three kills wins. After a Victory everybody is teleported back to the Class Selection Corridor. The Player vs. Player mode can only be played in multiplayer. Bosses and Challenges can be played in single and multiplayer. Another feature of this map is the Boss Finder & Randomizer. It can either look for a boss with certain criteria or select a random boss. The Boss Finder can also find/unlock a couple of classes and bosses.

    Help with the map! (We might add you as a boss!)

    There are many ways you can help with this map!

    A. Contribute to the map!
    You can make your own boss, arena, textures, models, music or class and send it to us! We can add it to the map (Of course you'll get credited)

    B. Tell us your ideas/Request a boss

    You can also help us by telling us your ideas. You can even request a boss and we might make it for you!

    You shouldn't request more than one boss.

    1. Request a boss

    Request bosses by replying to this thread. You can also request bosses on my twitter (@mctsts) or on skype (McTsts) or on YouTube (also McTsts) or on discord (McTsts#4705), but I prefer if you just leave a comment on the thread with the boss request.

    (Note: I can't/won't do things dependent on the bosses health)

    Warning: This map is no longer the only map I'm working on and I'm working on other maps too. If you request complicated bosses they might take a while or won't be created at all. (But I will tell you if that is the case)

    I can't guarantee that I will every requested boss, but we will try to make at least most of them.

    When you request a boss please tell us these things:

    - Minecraft Name

    - Boss Name (probably your minecraft name as well?)

    - Type of mob

    (Btw Zombies, Skeletons, Witherskeletons and Zombie Pigmen can wear armor and one item in each hand - of course any entity is allowed anyway)

    - Armor (if leather, which color?) (also enchantments?)

    - Health

    (300 is pretty normal)

    - Weapon (There are a variety of wepons in this map, e.g Mace/Battleaxe/Spear/Dagger/Swords/Staff/Trident/Hammer) (also enchantments?)

    - Effects (like Speed/Strenght)

    - Attributes (like Knockback resistance/Movement Speed)

    - Own Arena or already existing one? (if own, what size?)

    - What should it be? (for Arena)

    - Arena name (optional)

    - Attacks (between 0-5)

    - Text (beginning, Death, Attack 1, Attack 2, ...)

    (If there are spelling mistakes in the text we will fix them.)

    (Information: If you request simple attacks I will be able to create your boss faster.)

    - Blocks for the Boss Selection room

    - Other Things (if there is anything else you want to mention)

    - Why I should add you

    Also if you vote something like very bad I might not feel like making a boss, if you think it will be very bad anyway.

    Goal is to get a boss done within two weeks.

    2. Request a class

    You can also suggest classes e.g. one that unlocks after your boss is defeated

    Suggest like this:




    Special Items (like Enderpearls, Potion or golden apples):

    Unlocked by (e.g. defeating your boss):

    3. Suggest a random event

    Starting from update 3.0 this map has had random events. Random events can happen when you enter the boss selection corridor. Random events are things like e.g. a random potion lying on the floor or fireworks.

    These random events are supposed to make the map more interesting.

    If you want you can suggest a random event. They can pretty much be anything.

    4. Suggest a challenges/combined bosses

    You can also suggest challenges or combined bosses!

    Challenges are basically harder ('challenging') versions of normal bossfights.

    Here are a few challenge examples:
    - Fight while being blinded
    - Fight and at the same time
    - Fight with 5 lives
    - Kill within 1 minute

    There are also a few bosses that are a combination of other bosses. These bosses are usually secret and can only be found with the boss finder.

    - FrozenRiker (combination of Riker & Frosty)
    - drySimlas (combination of derSimlas & Queen Nefertiti)
    - ForestSkeleton1000X (combination of Skeleton1000X & Werewolf)
    - Flying ZombieLord (Zombie Lord + new flying abilities)

    5. Tell us your ideas

    You can also tell us your ideas!

    C. Join the team

    We are still accepting new builders, redstoners & more

    Click here for more information!

    You can join the team!

    - 112 Custom Bosses (Shadow, EnderPig, Riker, Queen Nefertiti, King, Mushroom Skeleton, Killer Rabbit, McTsts, Rachael, The Joker, derSimlas, Ender Lord, Gravel King, Skeleton1000X, SilverMaster, Zombie_1, Zombie Lord, Lava King, Bladez872, Enderwither, Nether Giant, Mllster, Nether_Say_Never, Ghost, Blood Mage, Noobcrew, Powerful Skeleton, Notch, Doofenshmirtz, The Technovore, Julius Caesar, Proxwarrior33, Quad, Missy, PopularMMOs, GamingWithJen, Emo Teenager, Flying Witch, XP Swarm, Noob, Spider Queen, Pig, Pirate, Pumpking, Elemental Creeper, Beetle, Thor, The Normal Person, TheDramon, Snow King, Mayor Slime, Undead Arrow, Werewolf, Storm, Penguin, Boulder Spirit, SSundee, MrCrainer, Shape Shifter, Furious, rafakado, Giant Ghast, Creetos, Frosty, Soulless Squid, Hacker, Dr. Trayaurus, Giant, Fire Mage, Blaze Zombie, Emotionless, Cakey, Rainbow Sheep, Xorvas, The Old Man, Redstone Bug, drySimlas, FrozenRiker, ForestSkeleton1000X, MightyEnderman, Air, Flying Zombie Lord, Iron Golem, Necromancer, Henk de Steen, Ender Priest, CheckMiner, Alien, Effect Master, Palpatine, Guardian Prince, Giant Wither, Veteran, Shulker Monarch, Savanna Knight, Evoker, Logdotzip, Mirage Enderman, Lone Stray, White Pumpkin, Npoah, Troller, Roberto Rizzo, Trier Gaming, Sir Dynamite III, Pufferfish Marquess, Kylo Ren, Vex, Popstar, Townmusicians of Bremen, Herobrine, Phantom Ganon)
    - 24 Challenge Bossfights
    - 9 Sudden Death Bossfights
    - 17 Mini Bossfights

    - Custom Classes

    - Automatic Win Detection

    - Player vs. Player Mode

    - Player vs. Boss Mode

    - Death/Kills Counter

    - Rewards for defeating bosses

    - Restarting System

    - 8 Boss Selection Corridors

    - Automatic Spawnpoint Mover

    - Custom Items

    - Unlock classes by defeating bosses

    - Player Bosses

    - Normal Bosses

    - Structure Boss

    - Custom Weapons

    - Colored Signs

    - Special Abilites on some items

    - Many Challenges that unlock custom items

    - Bosses based on 3d models

    - Bosses with up to 36 attacks

    - Unlockable Bosses

    - Recommended Bosses

    - Boss Randomizer

    - Boss Finding System

    There are a lot of bosses in this map, you can find an explanation and picture of every boss here

    (It didn't fit in the thread, so I added it to the first reply on the thread)

    You can request your own boss here

    There are also mini bosses. These mini bosses can randomly spawn when you enter the boss selection room and are usually based on normal bosses. More information about these bosses can be found here

    There are also quite a few challenges in this map, you can find an explanation and picture of every challenge here

    There is also a mode called 'Sudden Death' whichs name probably doesn't make much sense. You need to kill many bosses without dying. For more information click here

    The boss finder is a room that can be found in the Boss Selection room

    It is very helpful if you want to fight bosses with specific themes or just a random boss!

    - Look for a boss with specific criteria

    - Select a random boss

    - Unlock secret bosses

    - Find eastereggs

    - Find hidden classes

    & more

    There are a lot of classes in this map. You can find the all the classes here

    You can request your own class here

    1.0 - The Release

    + Added Shadow

    + Added Mushroom Skeleton

    + Added EnderPig

    + Added Riker

    + Added King

    + Added Queen

    1.1 - The McTsts Update

    + McTsts

    + Killer Rabbit

    + Rachael

    1.2 - The Update that didn't have a name

    + Added derSimlas

    + Added The Joker

    + Added EnderLord

    * Fixed Bugs

    1.3 - The Model Update

    + Added Zombie_1

    + Added Gravel King

    + Added Enderman Class

    * Fixed Bugs

    * Added 'McTsts Zombies' to the McTsts Bossfight

    * Updated the Resource Pack

    1.4 - The Silver-Skeleton Update

    + Added new classes

    + Added Skeleton1000X

    + Added SilverMaster

    * Minor changes

    * Fixed Bugs

    1.5 - The PvP Update

    + Added Zombie Lord

    + Added Bladez872

    + Added Lava King

    + Added PvP mode

    + Added Healer Class

    + Added Fighter Class

    + Added Knockback Class

    + Deaths display

    + Wins counter

    + Wins reward system

    * Changed Archer Class

    * Multiple small changes

    * Fire now gets removed after winning a boss

    * Better reset

    1.6 - Update of Deatils & Bugfixes

    +Added Enderwither

    +Added Nether_Say_Never

    +Added Mllster

    +Added Ghost

    +Added Nether Giant

    +Added Blood Mage

    +Added Noobcrew

    + Added Powerful Skeleton

    +More Database Attacks
    +More Team Members
    +Several 'coming soon' bosses
    +Added lobby particles
    +Added new PvP arenas
    +Added new classes
    +Added Unlock Information to classes
    +Added Class information to name sign via click thing
    *Fixed McTsts Boss bugs
    *Colored signs
    *updated Plains Arena
    *updated Plaground Arena
    *updated Forest Arena
    *Colored lobby signs
    *Changed lobby signs
    *Expanded pvp corridor
    *Colored Class selection room signs
    *Changed class seleciton room
    *Changed Overwold Corridor
    *Changed name thing in boss room
    *Colored Boss Selection Room names
    *Hid colored signs behind tnt
    *Minor class changes
    *Increased Class Selection Room Height
    *Increased Lobby Room Height
    *Moved Blood Ritual Particle Commands
    *Changed PvP loading thing a bit
    *Class Equipment Color System: Red - Offense, Blue - Defense, Green - Special, Gold - Additional
    *Defeating King now counts
    *Defeating McTsts now counts
    *Defeating Shadow now counts

    1.7 - The Challenge Update

    + Added 7 new bosses

    + Added 2 new classses

    + Added 1 special new class

    + Added the Challenge Mode

    * Fixed many bugs


    * Fixed problem with 1.7

    1.8 - The Frostburn Update

    + Updated Map to 1.10

    + Added 14 new bosses

    + Added a new class

    * Fixed Regeneration System

    * Fixed many bugs

    1.9 - The Structure Boss Update

    + Added Snow King

    + Added Mayor Slime

    + Added Undead Arrow

    + Added Werewolf

    + Added Storm

    + Added Penguin

    + Added Boulder Spirit

    + Added SSundee

    + Added MrCrainer

    + Added Shape Shifter

    + Added rafakado

    + Added Giant Ghast

    + Added Mllster Class

    + Added Boss Health System

    + Added Structure Boss Attack Database

    + Added Structure Boss Hurt Attack Database

    + Added Cooldown mechanic

    + Added Timer mechanic

    + Added eastereggs

    * Updated Lobby

    * McTsts' Poison Sword now can use an AoE attack every 10 seconds

    * Bower now has a quiver that gives arrows and shoots arrows too

    * Fixed all known bugs

    * Minor Changes

    1.10 - The Relocation Update

    + Added 11 Bosses

    + Added many new classes

    * Completly changed Class Selection Room and Lobby

    1.11 - The Database Update

    + Added 16 new bosses

    + Added 3 new classes

    + Added boss finder

    2.0 - The Version Update

    * Updated to 16w39c

    2.1 - The Update that should've been 2.0.1

    * Updated to 16w40a

    2.2 - Hundred Bosses.

    + Map has 100 bosses now

    * Fixed bugs

    * Updated to 1.11

    2.3 - The Very Accurate Changelog Update

    + Added new stuff

    * Fixed things


    * Updates & Fixes


    * Updates & Fixes

    2.4 - The Return

    + Added Master Class
    + Added Healthbar to many bosses
    + Added Detection for multiple bosses and automatically fixes the situation
    + Added More Light to the Beetle Arena
    + Enchanted the Carpet of the Llama of the Savanna Knight
    + Added two new attacks for the Caesar Boss
    + Added a new powerful weapon to the Alien Fight to make it less difficult
    + Added Difficulties (Easy, Hard, Very Hard & Insane - Medium is the same as the only old difficulty)
    + Added Fireworks to Giant Wither
    + Added Npoah Boss
    + Added SSundee Hint
    + Added Night Mode
    + Added Colored Names depending on Difficulty

    * Fixed Bugs
    * Updated to 1.11.2
    * Fixed Evoker Class
    * Henk actually does something now
    * Made Evoker Boss' Vex Minions less annoying
    * Made Missy's second version a Wither Skeleton
    * Fixed The Old Man (was able to sink)
    * Zombie_I's Shulkers are now Purple instead of White
    * Updated a few Caesar Attacks
    * Balanced Caesar
    * Fixed Nether Say Never
    * Fixed Alien's Shulkers
    * Fixed Nether Giant Minions
    * Fixed Shulker Monarch Boss
    * Fixed Boulder Spirit Boss
    * Fixed Boulder Spirit Minions
    * Fixed Emotionless Skeleton/Wither Skeleton
    * Fixed a lot of Shape Shifter Attacks
    * Fixed Shape Shifter Shapes hovering in air for a few seconds
    * Fixed some of the White Pumpkin Light Bugs
    * Automatic tp back to lobby after boss kill disabled for The White Pumpkin Boss re-enables now
    * Made Caesar a husk
    * Balance Xorvas
    * Fixed The Normal Person Dialogue not repeating
    * Change Giant's Minion Value
    * Buffed Doofenshmirtz
    * Fixed Creetos
    * Fixed EnderPriest's Shulkers
    * Fixed EnderLord's Shulkers
    * Fixed TheTechnovore

    - Removed Gamemode 0
    - Removed the Flower Power (boss was never made) Arena (it was part of the Cliffside Arena and was annoying in the Veteran Boss)


    * Bug Fixes

    2.4.2 - Sudden Death Update

    + Added MrCrainer & SSundee Challenge
    + Added Sudden Death

    * Fixed Challenges
    * Fixed Health Chat Display mechanic bug
    * Fixed Ghost

    3.0 - The Major Update

    + Added Germany & Holland Class as unlockable classes
    + Added Specific Difficulty mechanic (can increase the difficulty for some bosses)
    + Added another Health System for a new type of bossfight
    + Added Losing
    + Added new music
    + Added Name Tags for Boss Finder, that change color & name according to the displayed bossfight
    + Pizza Class
    + Yoda Class
    + Removed .. uhm I mean added Herobrine (Unlockable boss! After fighting ~20 bosses you'll unlock him)
    + Added new Error messages & fixes the problem if possible
    + Added random events (small things that can happen when you enter the boss selection corridor) (currently supports up to 160 random events) (they start appearing after you fight the first boss (originally 17 fights, but I decided to change it..))
    + Created a new type of Boss (Mini Boss). Mini Bosses are part of the random event mechanic
    + Added 'Right-click to use!' message to weapons with right-click ability
    + Added Phantom Ganon Voice Acting
    + Added new team members to the lobby
    + Added a version and a resource pack testing mechanic
    + Added random facts about the map
    + Added remake information signs
    + Added Link Class
    + Added Belarus Class
    + Added Denmark Class
    + Added Poland Class
    + Added Troller Boss
    + Added Trier Boss
    + Added Sir Dynamite III Boss
    + Added stuff that I forgot now I'm sorry but we worked on this update way too long and how am I supposed to remember everything!

    + Added Random Events:

    + Green, Red, Blue & Yellow Fireworks
    + Overworld corridor changes to jungle theme + Red wool turns into dark red wool
    + _tsts_ Zombie
    + McTsts Zombie
    + EnderPig Zombie
    + Other Creator Zombies
    + Other Entities & Custom Mobs
    + Wolf spawns + you get bones
    + Potions of Strenght, Swiftness, Leaping, Healing, Regeneration & more (also Splash & Lingering Potions)
    + Bow & Arrow
    + Totem of Undying
    + Scroll(s) of Damage
    + Ender Pearls
    + Golden Apple & Notch Apple
    + Shield
    + Random Slippery Floor warning sign
    + Boss Finder advertisment
    + Silverfish
    + Fountain
    + A few random things
    + Eagle Warrior Mini Boss (based on Queen Nefertiti)
    + Zombie Clown Mini Boss (based on The Joker)
    + Apprentice Mini Boss (based on Zombie_1)
    + Little Golem Mini Boss (based on Iron Golem)
    + Legionary Mini Boss (based on Julius Caesar)
    + Asgardian Mini Boss (based on Thor)
    + Mother Mini Boss (based on rafakado)
    + AntiEmotion Mini Boss (based on Emotionless)
    + Bob Mini Boss (based on PopularMMOs & GamingWithJen)
    + Evil Boulder Mini Boss (based on Boulder Spirit)
    + Wither Prince Mini Boss (based on Giant Wither)
    + Cake Warrior Mini Boss (based on Cakey)
    + Savanna Squire Mini Boss (based on Savanna Knight)
    + Wind Boss (based on Storm)
    + Zombified Wife (based on Roberto Rizzo & Zombie Lord)
    + SpecialZombie (based on Mllster's first test boss)
    + Testy (based on EnderPig's first test boss)

    * Updated YouTuber message
    * Improved giving up (you now lose)
    * Fixed a Creetos Bug
    * Difficulty now also changes the mc difficulty and not just the custom difficulty stuff
    * Fixed Health Bar Sound issue
    * Fixed White Pumpin Stage 8 Armor Stand
    * Made Hacker more powerful
    * Major Sudden Death Bugfixes
    * Various Improvments and Bugfixes
    * Fixed Nether Giant Minions (again)
    * Added new bosses to the boss database (used by the Boss Finder)
    * Zombie_1 now has his own new arena
    * Updated Difficulty rooms
    * Queen Nefertiti +3 Difficulty
    * Guardian Prince +1 Difficulty
    * Hacker +2 Difficulty
    * Improved Sudden Death Design
    * Removed that Tnt trap, that I didn't know existed from the DrTrayaurus Castle arena
    * Remade the music system (it took forever, but it was worth it)
    * Frozen Riker has his own new arena
    * Recommendations only appear once
    * Fixed some bugs that don't exist (for me), but if they existed they would be fixed now. (...)
    * Fixed Bugs in the pyramid arena of DrTrayaurus & added lighting (and I found things that I didn't know that existed :o (Troller4Ever made that boss))
    * Change the arena of the 1000X challenge to a new one
    * Fixed antrobot123's easteregg
    * Change some music
    * Updated lobby & made it bigger
    * Made Frozen Riker a stray
    * Changed some things
    * Buffed Mirage Enderman (Minions have more health / live longer & Mirage Enderman doesn't always tp into the middle of the arena now)
    - Removed Gamemode 0
    - Removed some music
    - Removed some thing probably? honestly I have no idea I can't remember every change

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="923" height="152"></a>


    There are a lot of videos on this map. Thanks to everyone who made one!

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    posted a message on 🏰 Mystford ~ Solve Quests & Save the world [Quests, Sidequests, Voice Acting, Time System, Bossfights, Spells & Cutscenes]

    Map Version: 3.0

    Minecraft Version: 1.12


    This map is an indirect sequel to Glimford and Warthford

    EverydayDreamer: "Good, Good, Nice work indeed."
    kvgbyhdsvcisb: "A pretty good map"
    Pengi003: "Cool map"
    rabidgoodra27: "Also, this is pretty awesome."
    Superman011: "Amazeing map. The map was awesome!"

    Mystford is a map created by:

    McTsts, EnderPig & rafakado



    - Many Quests and Sidequests

    - Different ways to solve quests

    - Time System

    - Bossfights

    - Battles

    - Many Characters

    - Cutscenes

    - Different Areas

    - Unlockable Places

    - Custom Items

    - Custom Textures

    - Interesting Story

    - Custom Spells

    - Optional Spells

    - Voice Acting




    DONT READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE MAP!! This explains exactly how to solve quests in the map, only read this if you are stuck. Else you might ruin the map for you. There are multiple sections here. One for each quests (each with a specific Color). (The numbers after the Name of a quest tell you how many parts of it you Need to complete)

    This is still WIP. Not all Solutions are here yet.

    The Quests:

    Pink Quest (Start) - Book of Spells

    Green Quest - Dark Shards

    Blue Quest - Crystal Shards

    Red Quest - Dagger of Sacrifice

    Purple Quest - Defeating the Evil Sorcerer

    Yellow Quest - Making the Lock Powerful

    White Quest - Locking the Sorcerer away

    Brown Quest (Optional) - Additional Armor

    Gray Quest (Optional) - Additional Spells

    Orange Quest (Optional) - Additional 1.11 Items

    Lime Quest (Optional) - Getting lost items back

    Character Positions


    Pink Quest (1/1)

    I. Prologue

    1. Wake up

    2. Enter the cave

    3. Collect the Book of Spells

    4. Talk to the old man

    -> Get Book of Spells, Learn Contego, Detrimentus & Tempus Celer, Start Green & Blue Quest

    Green Quest (4/5)

    I. Vampire

    a. Kill

    -| 1. Find Wine (chest near Knight)

    -| 2. Cleric: Trade wine to golden sword

    -| 3. Vampire: Fight using golden sword

    -| 4. Kill Vampire to get Dark Crystal

    b. Trade

    -| 1. Kill rabbits

    -| 2. Necromancer: Trade raw rabbit to Scroll of Shape Shifting

    -| 3a. Get a bottle of blood from Necromancer

    -|-| 1. Kill Citizen (-> Corpse)

    -|-| 2. Necromancer: Trade corpse to Bottle of Blood

    -| 3b. Get a bottle of blood from Shark Hunter

    -|-| 1. Kill cows

    -|-| 2a. Get gold from miner

    -|-|-| 1. Miner: Trade leather to gold ingot

    -|-| 2b. Get gold from blacksmith

    -|-|-| 1. Find Wine (chest near Knight)

    -|-|-| 2. Cleric: Trade wine to golden sword

    -|-|-| 3. Blacksmith: Smelt golden sword to gold ingot

    -|-| 3. Fishing Rod Seller: Buy fishing rod for one gold

    -|-| 4. Shark Hunter: Trade fishing rod to Bottle of Blood

    -| 4. Shape shift into Vampire

    -| 5. Vampire: Trade Bottle of Blood to Dark Crystal

    II. Wither Worshipper

    1. Find coal in the baker's or blacksmith's furnace

    2. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    3. Craft torch

    4. Apprentice: Give torch for the inflammo spell

    5. Find the cave in the desert and inginite all four torches, take wither skull

    6. Wither Worshipper: Trade wither skull to Dark Crystal

    III. Werewolf

    a. Kill

    -| 1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    -| 2. Find Scroll of Explosions in Mystford near guard tower

    -| 3. Blow up clay in mines and take silver

    -| 4. Blacksmith: Silver + Stick -> Silver Sword

    -| 5. Werewolf: Fight using Silver Sword

    -| 6. Kill Werewolf to get Dark Crystal

    b. Trade

    -| 1. Find Scroll of Explosions in Mystford near guard tower

    -| 2. Blow up clay in ravine area

    -| 3. Take raw mutton from chest

    -| 4. Kill rabbits

    -| 5. Necromancer: Trade raw rabbit to Scroll of Shape Shifting

    -| 6. Shape shift into Werewolf

    -| 7. Werewolf: Trade Raw mutton to Dark Crystal

    IV. Summoner

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Trade sticks to iron

    3. Blacksmith: Craft Wrench from two iron

    4. Baker: Fix furnace with wrench for cake

    5. Governor: Take Scroll of Truth

    6. Guard: Give cake to open cell

    7. Use Truth spell on Burglar

    8. Unlock Alchemist's Secret door

    9. Take Potion of Youth from Alchemist

    10. Summoner: Trade Potion of Youth to Dark Crystal

    V. Necromancer

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Trade sticks to iron

    3. Blacksmith: Craft Iron Shovel from Sticks and Iron

    4a. Archaeologist: Trade shovel to bones

    4b. Open the kings or queens grave next to the castle and take bones

    5. Necromancer: Trade bone to Dark Crystal

    -> If Blue Quest is finished too, start Red Quest

    Blue Quest (8/10)

    I. Chicken Man

    1. Kill cows

    2. Butcher: Trade raw beef to feather

    3. Summoner: Trade feather to scroll of chickens

    4. Use the spell to summon chickens near Chicken Man

    5. Get Crystal Shard from Chicken Man

    II. Lake

    1. Find tank in butcher's well

    2. Clock Builder: Fill tank

    3. Diver: Trade Full oxygen tank to harpoon

    4. Shark Hunter: Trade harpoon to Scroll of Water Breathing

    5. Dive in the lake and use spell

    6. Find cave

    7. Take Crystal Shard

    III. Druid

    1. Find Scroll of Explosions in Mystford near guard tower

    2. Blow up clay in forest

    3. Take a sparkle flower from Opal Ender

    4. Hold sparkle flower near sparkly pig

    5. Get a sparkle potion

    6. Knight: Trade sparkle potion to King's Corpse

    7. Druid: Trade King's Corpse to Crystal Shard

    IV. Cave with lava

    1. Take Scroll of Cooling from Old Man's house after completing Pink Quest

    2. Find cave behind waterfall in ravine

    3. Freeze lava lake

    4. Take Crystal Shard

    V. Clock Builder

    1a. Get gold from miner

    -| 1. Miner: Trade leather to gold ingot

    1b. Get gold from blacksmith

    -| 1. Find Wine (chest near Knight)

    -| 2. Cleric: Trade wine to golden sword

    -| 3. Blacksmith: Smelt golden sword to gold ingot

    2. Merchant: Trade gold to gear

    3. Clock Builder: Trade gear to Crystal Shard

    VI. Divinator

    1. Find crystal ball in castle

    2. Divinator: Trade crystal ball to Crystal Shard

    VII. Courthouse Guard

    1. Take plant from Divinators chest

    2. Druid: Trade plant to Potion of Ghost Healing

    3. Ghost: Trade potion to scroll of enchanting

    4. Courthouse Guard: Use enchantment spell

    5. Get Crystal shard

    VIII. Climber

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Trade sticks to iron

    3. Blacksmith: Craft Iron Shovel from Sticks and Iron

    4a. Archaeologist: Trade shovel to bones

    4b. Open the kings or queens grave next to the castle and take bones

    5. Craft bones to bonemeal

    6. Chicken Man: Bone meal to lead

    7. Climber: Lead to Crystal Shard

    IX. Governor

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Trade sticks to iron

    3. Blacksmith: Craft Iron Shovel from Sticks and Iron

    4. Open the queens grave next to the castle and take town key

    5. Governor: Trade town key to Crystal Shard

    X. Truffle

    1a. Get gold from miner

    -| 1. Miner: Trade leather to gold ingot

    1b. Get gold from blacksmith

    -| 1. Find Wine (chest near Knight)

    -| 2. Cleric: Trade wine to golden sword

    -| 3. Blacksmith: Smelt golden sword to gold ingot

    2. Druid: Trade gold to creeper head

    3. Courthouse Guard: Trade creeper head to sludge shovel

    4. Find tank in butcher's well

    5. Clock Builder: Fill tank

    6. Diver: Trade Full oxygen tank to harpoon

    7. Shark Hunter: Trade harpoon to Scroll of Water Breathing

    8. Dive in the lake and use spell

    9. Find cave

    10. Take sludge (slime)

    11. Mushroom Addict: Trade sludge to Strange glowing mushroom

    12. Truffle: Trade strange glowing mushroom to crystal shard

    -> If Green Quest is finished too, start Red Quest

    Red Quest (1/1)

    I. Dagger

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Find Scroll of Explosions in Mystford near guard tower

    3. Blow up clay in mines and take silver

    4. Blacksmith: Silver + Stick -> Silver Sword

    5. Werewolf King: Fight using Silver sword

    6. Kill werewolf king using silver sword and take his head

    7. Druid: Trade werewolf kings head to Dagger of Sacrifice

    8. Talk to Old man in Wither Worshipper's Cave

    -> Start Yellow Quest

    Yellow Quest (1/1)

    I. Sacrifice

    1. Dialogue with old man

    2. Learn Pulso Retro

    3. Sacrifice old man

    4. Take lock and key

    5. Enter new way in Wither Worshipper's Cave

    -> Start Purple Quest

    Purple Quest (1/1)

    I. Battle

    1. Enter Sorcerer's Area

    2. Hit sorcerer multiple times with pulso retro

    -> Start White Quest

    White Quest (1/1)

    I. Victory

    1. Finish Purple Quest

    -> You won!

    Brown Quest (0/4)

    I. Truffle

    1. Play hide and seek with the truffle

    2. Find next to the witches house

    3. Take leather helmet

    II. Apple Lover

    1. Find coal in the baker's or blacksmith's furnace

    2. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    3. Craft torch

    4. Apprentice: Give torch for the inflammo spell

    5. Ignite Apple Lover's torch for leather boots

    III. Knight

    1. Take plant from Divinators chest

    2. Druid: Trade plant to Potion of Ghost Healing

    3. Ghost: Trade potion to scroll of enchanting

    4. Enchant Knights weapon for leather leggings

    IV. Courthouse Guard

    1. Governor: Take Scroll of Truth

    2. Use spell of truth on courthouse guard

    3. Tell courthouse guard to give you armor

    4. Get leather chestplate

    -> Additional armor

    Gray Quest (0/4)

    I. Mushroom Addict

    1. Take Apple from Apple Lovers chest

    2. Necromancer: Trade Apple to mushroom stew

    3. Mushroom Addict: Trade mushroom stew to scroll of damage

    II. Opal Ender

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Trade sticks to iron

    3. Blacksmith: Craft Iron Shovel from Sticks and Iron

    4. Open the kings grave next to the castle and take kings tear

    5. Opal Ender: Trade kings tear to scroll of protection

    III. Witch

    1. Take sugar from chest in desert

    2. Scarecrow: Steal pumpkin

    3. Kill cows

    4. Butcher: Trade raw beef to feather

    5. Summoner: Trade feather to scroll of chickens

    6. Use the spell to summon chickens

    7. Wait for eggs

    8. Take egg

    9. Craft pumpkin pie

    10. Witch: Trade Pumpkin pie to scroll of earthquakes

    IV. Thomas Sean Tibius Samuel Rubycrust

    1. Find coal in the baker's or blacksmith's furnace

    2. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    3. Craft torch

    4. Apprentice: Give torch for the inflammo spell

    5. Find the cave in the desert and inginite all four torches, take wither skull

    6. Wither Worshipper: Trade wither skull to Dark Crystal

    7. Causes Wither to appear

    8. Kill wither using spells

    9. Take nether star

    10. Thomas Rubycrust: Trade nether star to scroll of power

    -> Additional spells

    Orange Quest (0/3)

    I. Thomas Sean Tibius Samuel Rubycrust

    1. Thomas Rubycrust: Talk to at night in multiplayer

    2. Get one use only Imperium spell

    II. Illager

    1. Find ontop of the Divinator's hut

    2. Illager: Agree with his terms

    3. Get free Totem of Undying

    III. rafakado

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Trade sticks to iron

    3. Blacksmith: Craft Iron Shovel from Sticks and Iron

    4a. Archaeologist: Trade shovel to bones

    4b. Open the kings or queens grave next to the castle and take bones

    5. Craft bones to bonemeal

    6. Chicken Man: Bone meal to lead

    7. Go to the kings and queens grave and put lead onto llama

    8. Bring llama to rafakado

    9. Get free diamond chestplate

    -> Additional 1.11 Items

    Lime Quest (0/1)

    I Steve

    1. Find sticks in the chest next to the butchers house

    2. Miner: Lose all sticks by trading them to iron

    3. Steve: Trade iron to sticks

    Character Positions

    Merchant: Mystford

    Baker: Mystford, Bakery

    Blacksmith: Mystford

    Clock Builder: Mystford, Town Hall, Second Floor

    Butcher: Mystford

    Governor: Mystford, Town Hall

    Alchemist: Mystford, Alchemist House, Secret Room

    Town Guard: Mystford, Guard Tower

    Courthouse Guard: Mystford, Town Hall Entrance

    Gate Guard (Night): Mystford, Broken Gate

    Burglar: Mystford, Guard Tower, Top Floor

    Citizen: Mystford

    Summoner: Mystford Keep

    Werewolf: Sleepy Woods

    Vampire: Sleepy Woods

    Apprentice: Mighty Hollows, Right Path

    Wither Worshipper: Dark Caverns, Lava Lake

    Archaeologist: Decayed Prairie

    Knight: Mystford Keep, South-west tower

    Miner: Gloomy Ravine

    Cleric: Dark Caverns, Dead End

    Divinator: Sleepy Woods, Divinator's Hut

    Druid: Decayed Prairie, Pyramid

    Old Man: 1. Mighty Hollows, Left Path 2. Mighty Hollows, Middle Path 3. Dark Caverns

    Evil Sorcerer: Evil Sorcerer's Tower

    Shark Hunter: Dreaded Lake

    Necromancer: Crystal Morass, Cave

    Fishing Rod Seller: Dreaded Lake, Fishing Rod Seller's Shop

    Diver: Dreaded Lake

    Witch: Crystal Morass, Witch Hut

    Climber: Gloomy Ravine

    Ghost: Mystford Keep, Top

    Apple Lover: Apple Plains, Mystford City Walls

    Mushroom Addict: Poisoned Plains, Mushroom House

    Truffle: 1. Poisoned Plains 2. Crystal Morass

    Opal Ender: Sleepy Woods, Cave

    Thomas Sean Tibius Samuel Rubycrust: Apple Plains

    Werewolf King: Sleepy Woods

    Scarecrow: Poisoned Plains, Cave Entrance

    Melyssa: Mystford Keep, Top

    rafakado: Dreaded Lake, Hut

    Illager: Sleepy Woods, Divinator's Hut, Roof

    Steve: Gloomy Ravine, Top


    ------------------- Evil Sorcerer's Tower -------------------

    ------------------------ Dark Caverns ------------------------

    Mystford Keep - Poisoned Plains - Crystal Morass

    Gloomy Ravine ------ Mystford ------ Sleepy Woods

    Decayed Prairie --- Apple Plains --- Dreaded Lake

    ----------------------- Mighty Hollows -----------------------

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    posted a message on 🏰 Warthford ~ Solve/Complete Quests In Limited Time [Quests/Sidequests/Time System] [5K+ Downloads] [Sequels Released!]


    Minecraft Version: 1.12
    Map Version: 5.0
    Trailer: coming soon
    EnderPig: [Here]

    You have 24 hours (in game) to save your wife, solve quests/sidequest, get hints and rescue her

    MAXOU1626: "Amazing !"
    rsmalec: "We REALLY enjoyed this!"

    There are sequels:

    1. Indirect sequel 'Glimford': Glimford

    2. Indirect sequel 'Mystford': Mystford

    3. Anniversary Remake 'Anniversary Edition': Warthford A. E.

    Warthford is a map created by
    McTsts and EnderPig

    EnderPig is writing a story about this map! Check it out here!



    - Many Quests and Side Quests

    - Different ways to solve quests

    - Time System

    - Bossfight

    - Many Characters

    - Different Areas

    - Unlockable Places

    - Custom Items

    - Automatic Reset & Restart




    Minecraft Universe | TrueMU






    1.0 Release

    + Added everything

    1.1 Time Update

    + Added Potions of time, that set time back by an hour. (Added in the Brewery and the Witch Hut)

    * Closed Old Mens house door

    * Closed Butcher back door

    * Fliped Lumberjacks Lever

    * Cave Man now takes any fish

    * Brewery Worker also takes used bows now

    1.2 Message Update

    + Added message for the gravel in the mines "It seem like you can somehow break the gravel"

    + Added message for the lake/Diver Thing "It seem like you can dive here"

    + Added message for the first Mayors grave "It seem like you can dig open the grave"

    1.3 Bugfix

    * Fixed 1.2

    2.0 1.9

    * Updated to 1.9

    2.1 Bugfix

    * Fixed start

    * Fixed summon commands

    2.2 Bugfix

    * Fixed beer

    2.3 Bugfix

    * Fixed beer again

    * Fixed name

    3.0 1.10

    * Updated to 1.10

    3.1 Bugfix

    * Fixed bugs

    4.0 1.11 #1

    * Updated to 16w39c

    4.1 1.11 #2

    * Updated to 16w40a

    4.2 Updates #1

    * Updates

    4.3 Updates #2

    * Updates

    4.4 Remade Mechanics

    * Remade a lot of mechanics

    4.5 Bugfix

    * Fixed Bugs

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    posted a message on πŸ”² 25Β³ Buttons II ~ A map built in 25x25x25 blocks [25 Puzzles] [Sequel to 25Β³ Buttons] [Played by Vikkstar/Lachlan/More]

    25Β³ Buttons II

    Minecraft Version: 1.12
    Map Version: 2.0
    EnderPig: [Here]

    25Β³ Buttons is a map created by
    McTsts and EnderPig



    - 25 puzzles

    - Built in a 25x25x25 area

    - 25Β³ Challenge: [Here]

    - All redstone is included in the 25Β³ area

    - 5 different themes

    - New & Cool puzzles

    - Improved design

    - Special effects




    1.0 Release

    + Added everything


    * Updated to 1.11

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