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    posted a message on What happend to 1.13?

    The World of Color update (1.12) is just over 4 months old...

    Why do people have zero patience nowadays...

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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies

    The End is pretty bland. I propose we change that by adding some new challenges.

    The Twitcher is a humanoid mob about the same size of a player, but much lankier and deformed. When it moves, it Twitches, hence the name. They spawn commonly in those large rooms in End Cities, and more rarely in the Outer End itself, about as rare as a Witch.

    The Twitcher moves by crawling over the floor, as it cannot support itself as long as it is not latched onto a Minecraft player.
    You read that right. As soon as a Twitcher spots you, it will slowly start stalking the Player, hungrily. After approximately 14 months seconds, it will suddenly pounce on top of the Minecraft player, and attach itself to the Minecraft player. Once attached, there is no way to remove a Twitcher for the Minecraft player. They're stuck with it until they leave the End.

    The Twitcher doesn't really cause any damage, but it obscures your vision and slows you down, so it is mostly an unnecessary hassle the Minecraft player will have to deal with until they stop playing.

    I reskinned a Zombie in MS Paint to give you an idea of what a Twitcher looks like.

    Please leave any comments to add to or improve my idea. Constructive criticism is heavily discouraged encouraged

    Edit 1: as CosmicjLightning pointed out I forgot to give this abomination of the End some health. Because of their annoying tactics, and generally cowardice way of behaving, I'd figure they don't have a very high health stat. This would also give Minecraft Players a chance to fight off a Twitcher before it strikes them, though it will still latch onto unsuspeting Minecrafters, or people who don't care about it being there.

    I'd say 8 health points, or 4 hearts of health is fair. That's half as much as a Spider's health, for reference.

    Edit 2: Courtesy of yoshi9048, you will also be able to remove a Twitcher that has attached itself to you by setting yourself on fire. The warmth of the fire and the bright light is enough to scare away a Twitcher, which feels most at home in cold, damp darkness.

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    posted a message on The problem with the Mo' Creatures mod

    Mastermined, do you think I'm over reacting or what?

    I think you are. No mod or mod author is preventing Mojang from implementing what they want to implement in their game.
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    posted a message on The problem with the Mo' Creatures mod

    The Horses in Vanilla Minecraft were actually made/perfected by Dr Zhark. That's why he was credited, he joined the Mojang team to help them implement and balance horses, because they felt the Mo'Creatures horses were so well built.

    Nothing is stopping Mojang from implementing what they want to implement. Even the Turtle thing all comes down to Jeb_'s personal tastes. If they really want to add turtles, it doesn't matter in the slightest Mo'Creatures already has them. Same with any other mob Mo'Creatures adds.

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    posted a message on The Lock Block

    What would this be useful for? I can't really think of any good use for a code based lock system for redstone, that can't ready be done using either levers or comparators.

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    posted a message on Oil in Minecraft

    Nah, it's water. It looks like you're either playing the Bedrock version of Minecraft or using some kind of shader. The water is shaded darker than it should be, making it appear like oil.

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    posted a message on PvP: 1.8 vs 1.9

    I think the problem is nobody is really innovating within the PvP community. All of the subtypes and gamemode are still the same as they have been for years, and all are generally very hectic and require no real skill besides knowing who to spam at when.
    And of course the 1.8 mechanics work better at those gamemodes, that's what they were designed for.

    If people in the PvP community actually bothered to embrace the new mechanics, and develop new PvP modes and games for it, it would have ahd a seriosu change of conquering servers. But unfortunately people tend to stick with what they know, and nobody actually feels like trying something new...

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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies

    First I give you that is highly unique but a lot of players would find them annoying. Make them little health, whats the point. Make them harder to kill, than it would be a nuissance.
    Sure, they don't need a lot of health. I don't imagine them lasting very long anyways. I will edit the OP accordingly.

    Who would this benefit? Absolutely nobody, but you'll have to deal with them anyways.
    Would this be useful? It would add some new content to the End, making it useful in a sense.
    What drops does it have? Nothing.Adding the Twitcher gives no direct benefits to the Minecraft player.
    Does it deal a lot of damage? You said not any but again this should be improved It doesn't deal any damage, it just clings to you to annoy you until you get rid of it by leaving the End.
    Does it give a unique block it only drops, or enchanted sword that is usually hard to get, or etc? See earlier comment about it not giving any benefits.

    This is essentially an more annoying zombie that causes permanent blindness. Um no, we don't need harder challenges in the end like that. Remove that grabbing on to a player, and keep it twitching is fine. But at least come up with a more unique way to challenge players but not make it impossible to explore the end by forcing them to leave and come back. After they kill the dragon, most players would be on the hunt for an elytra and this would make almost impossible to find. Plus going through portal and back dozens of times doesn't sound like fun to me, sounds tedious and annoying and quite laggy after awhile
    To be fair, they only latch onto you 14 seconds after spotting you. During that time they just stalk you like they already own, so you have a chance to kill them off before that point. And they don't spawn in groups either.

    If you would like to improve it, I could help you out. I do like the concept but how it ends is a lot of frustration for most minecraft players, right now.

    10% support

    responses in bold.

    Quote from Lord_Garak»

    Making it impossible to remove until leaving the End is completely unnecessary. There has to be an easier way.
    How do you propose we get rid of the Twitcher? I really can't think of anyway except for leaving.

    Response(s) in bold.

    Quote from C1ff»

    For those who are confused: This is a joke post, because it's about Twitch taking over the Minecraft Forums. (Unless it's not, in which case... Who is actually sitting in Mastermined's computer chair?)

    With that out of the way...

    I love this suggestion! I definitely consider annoying long-lasting visual effects a nice addition to gameplay! Sooper-de-duper Support! :3

    What are you talking about? I am being 1000% completely super-duper serious. Any association with the recent news that Twitch has pounced and attached itself to McForums 14 months after purchasing Curse is complete coincidence!
    Quote from sunperp»

    Lately, about 90% of the threads that people are claiming are wish lists, aren't actually considered wish lists. If you see a thread that you think is a wish list, just report it and move on.

    As for this thread, I am waiting for a second moderator/admin opinion on it, since it is technically a valid suggestion for vanilla Minecraft.

    Edit: also, people, please keep in mind that calling out threads as non-serious or troll threads is not allowed on this forum. If you think that a thread is a "joke" or "troll" thread, just report it, but do not create a post calling out the OP on it -- you will likely get a warning for it.

    I'd say joke threads are generally made just to waste everyone's time because the author thinks that's a funny thing to do. I'm not here to waste time. I made this tread because I had an idea, and wanted to share that idea with this wonderful community of ours. I am also willing to discuss and alter said idea, as shown earlier in this Mutli-response.

    I am treating the Twitcher as seriously as I would any other post on this forum.
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    posted a message on Killer Horse

    The Killer Bunny that no longer spawns naturally because of how annoying and unfair they were?

    At least the Killer Bunny has some actual point, being a popculture reference. What's the excuse to add a killhorse?

    No support

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    posted a message on Balena

    This sounds like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss story! How is this supposed in with Minecraft's simple, blocky fauna in any way?

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