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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Edgar seems to consider the chair for a few seconds, before shrugging and heading through the southmost door to his right.
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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Edgar opens the nightstand, but finds nothing. All of it's drawers lack a bottom. The closet itself only contains some old, torn clothes.
    Even with the compartment closed, Edgar can hear the beating of the heart go faster and faster.

    Edgar pauses for a moment, mouth agape as he struggles to make sense of what exactly this heart was doing. He shakes his head-- acknowledging the ridiculousness of the situation would surely bring him to an end. He looks at the old clothes hung up in the closet and back at the clock; then, quickly, he takes the clothes, opens the clock compartment and wraps the heart with said clothes, pulling it out of the clock as he does so. He then ties it to his side for ease-of-use. Pondering what useful applications a heart would even have, he decides to try to return it to its rightful owner-- the mental image of someone having misplaced their heart by accident lingering in his mind.

    Feeling a little peckish, Edgar decides he had better get going, so he takes the southern door on a whim.
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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    As Edgar inspects the clock, he is horrified by what he sees. There is no internal mechanisms that seemingly cause the clock to tick, only a living, beating heart that seems to speed up as Edgar looks at it.

    After his initial surprise, Edgar contemplates something. He closes the compartment that holds the heart and decides to keep the clock with him, in case it meant something. A horrible sinking feeling washes over him temporarily; this place wasn't right. Nonetheless, with his left hand occupied with holding the clock, he makes a decision to open and examine both the nightstand and the closet.
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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Edgar wakes up, lying on in an unfamiliar room. How he got there is a mystery to him. The small bedroom he finds himself in is almost silent, no noise except for a clock mounted above the door, ticking backwards. In the room he's in are two doors, a closet and a nightstand, but not much else.

    With a groan, Edgar helps himself up from the floor. He holds his head as he attempts to ascertain what exactly had happened to him. Nothing came of this-- his memories were too hazy. He had been on autopilot for the past few weeks, passing towns and lazing around at inns, trying out various foods... and then what next? This was the first time he had actually thought clearly in weeks; unfortunately, it was all too hazy, and he could not think of what had happened before he ended up in this room.

    Edgar sighs and turns his attention to the situation before him. He glances around the room, before eventually stopping at the clock, something which seemed to be of interest.
    "Right, then-- what have we here?" he mutters to himself in a decidedly British-sounding accent as he inspects the strange clock before him. He reaches for the clock and grabs it, checking its inner workings for anything suspicious that had been causing the clock to reverse.

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    Character Name: Edgar
    Character Pronoun (He, She, It, etc.): He
    Character Appearance (What they look like. Optional): Blonde, wavy hair. Wears a slightly damaged and worn-out chef's uniform. Various cooking and eating utensils are strapped to him, though none are good enough to be used as makeshift weapons.
    Extra Info (Backstory, Phobias, etc. Optional): Once a former chef, he now travels the world in a quest to eat all manners of food. He is unafraid of death, knowing that ethereal food might taste nice. Has a phobia of stairs.

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    Quote from Buttons»

    Ariel is amused by the immature remarks coming out of Renard's mouth, especially the bit about the icky icky girls, that was just cute and made Ariel chuckle a little, despite the growing onset of nausea he was feeling. Whatever had happened to him was entertaining if nothing else.

    "Well then..." He said, catching eye of the sword still floating around the room; "If you're not in the mood for food, how about we collect our things and head out?"

    Ariel forces himself to move on, fighting the fever and illness as best he can as he shuffles towards the nearest door and returns the sword to his back. "Oh, and one other thing," He says, struggling with the door handle that slips from the sweat of his grip; "what in the hell was that fight about earlier in the hallway with that dragon? And who was that other guy with you? I can't pick his face... not that I had the best view while spinning through the air. I'm guessing it was the same guy that just came to life and ran away then?"

    Renard doesn't move at all, despite Ariel having begun to leave the room. He shrugs and begins to reply.
    "Questions are answered, which leads to new questions that when answered lead to more questions. Never stops, does it? Not much of a path for us to follow-- just the passage of fate."
    The once aimlessly wandering sword stops in its tracks abruptly.
    "I fell into a deep sleep earlier, and I spoke to myself. Or rather, a boy... who was my past self."

    The sword slowly begins to rotate towards Renard.
    "He was supposed to be me... or maybe I was supposed to be him? The boy really tried to mince his words, and beat around the bush, but I understood what he really meant. I suppose I'm the remnant of a dead boy named Faux. Through his dying desire to escape the passage of fate, he created something he could continue to live through. Me, body and soul, something that shouldn't have come into existence. An anomaly, if you will."

    His eyes do not notice the sword beginning to move towards his chest.
    "I can feel myself fading away as every hour passes too," he says, a slight bit of panic evident in his eyes. "I think I haven't got much time. I lived this long, but my luck's running out. I'll cease to exist, no one'll remember me, and the world'll go on running its regular course through the passage of fate."

    The sword begins to dig into his chest-- not entirely piercing him yet.
    "He asked of me a task, and that is to help restore this town to its former glory. I'm not exactly obligated, but my heart tells me to do so, and so I will. I guess you could say I went through changes just like you have. I don't feel empty like I did earlier... I just feel uncertain. I only have a few days at best, but I can try to help restore this town to its former glory. As nothing more than an observer, of course."

    The sword finally brings Renard back in touch with reality. He quickly grabs the blade and spins the sword around, gripping the handle and guiding it into a non-existent scabbard at his hip.

    "Jesus, is this thing working against me...?"
    "Anyway," he says, shaking his head, "forget all that. It's a bit of a pain if we worry about too many things."

    Renard shakes his head again and begins to follow Ariel, whilst something resembling a frown forms on his face.
    "So, to actually answer your questions... the dragon belongs to that damned girl, remember? It's out of control. The dragon woke me up from my deep sleep, and for some reason, I was apparently locked in battle with the dragon even though I was sleeping. I was really confused-- and before I knew it, the dragon had gone and pierced the guy's neck."

    He pauses to think for a second, eyes fixated on his sword in case it tries anything again.

    "That guy, though... I've never seen him before. And he's now suddenly alive. Is it another illusion? What's an illusion and what's not? Is this entire mansion an illusion? How do we tell?!"

    "So... with that outta the way, here's what we gotta do while we're here: we have to go find your accursed girlfriend, tell her to discipline her pet or else, and then we gotta go grab those two other girls and get outta here. And if they're unwilling, which they most likely will be, then screw 'em, I don't need a bunch of nasty, icky girls in my party, I'll do just fine with Ariel... and also Maras. He's here somewhere... he's attracted to trouble, you see. It's like a trail of breadcrumbs to him. We'll find him. Let's be quick; I haven't much time here."

    He pauses briefly, shifting his eyes.
    "We should grab that guy too; maybe he can tell me the secret to cheating death.

    (Edit: Condensed)

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    Quote from Buttons»

    Despite his ill feeling, Ariel is a little amused by Renard's sword floating about the room, smirking and following it with eyes while Renard is talking, but he doesn't seem surprised in any way. He'd seen a lot of weird stuff in his time as an angel, and also since being in Waise, so an aimlessly floating sword was nothing too crazy.

    "My thoughts exactly." Ariel responds to the question of illusion, then swallows back a bit more vomit before saying any more. "From my point of view you were carrying Betty, dead, and claimed that you'd killed her out of jealousy, so.... Anyway, I guess time might explain what that illusion was all about." He wiped more sweat from his forehead, shifting more weight on his sword tiresomely, explaining; "...As it happens, I met up with Betty a few hours back and she came on pretty strong, you know how it is, wouldn't take no for an answer and all that." Ariel clears his throat. "So yeah, I just kinda caved and, uh... yeah... one thing led to another. Anyway, bedding a woman out of wedlock isn't the healthiest path to take for an angel so... Kinda going through some changes right now. Not exactly sure of the outcome to be honest, since I'm actually the first angel stupid enough to find himself in this situation."

    Ariel shrugs, since there really isn't anything anyone could do for him at this point, he'd just have to wait and see how his physical changes transpired.

    "When was the last time you ate, Ren? You should try some of this food." He looks around at the delicious assortment of foodstuffs all over the kitchen; "It's actually really good. Stuffed myself before this illness kicked in." He gives Renard a look up and down, winks. "Hey, growing boys need their food, right?"

    "Hmph!" exclaims Renard in response to Ariel's monologue, crossing his arms childishly. "Figures! Icky, icky girls! Not even once! Just like ravens-- never make eye contact with 'em unless you wanna be torn apart, both physically and mentally! Us guys gotta stick together!"

    Renard pauses a little after his rant, shuffling awkwardly as he thinks to himself. Had he really meant to say that? It was strange; his mood had changed so quickly, and one thing lead to another...

    "It's weird," he says, listening to Ariel's food inquiry. "I'm sure I haven't eaten in days, but I feel full for some reason... Hey! I'm 23, I've grown enough!"
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    Quote from Buttons»

    Ariel watches with odd speculation as the noise starts upstairs, before Betty gets up off the floor, changes form into some guy he vaguely recognizes from somewhere, and then runs out the door.

    Ariel then shifts his studious glare to Renard, who seems to be aware of the changes taking place as well.

    "What, are you serious?" Ariel replies heuristically; "You think I'm the one that needs to come to his senses?"

    Ariel then sighs with relief as well, now fully aware of the obvious notion that some sort of illusion had just taken place. Lifting one arm, he uses his sleeve to wipe away the fevered sweat from his forehead then, lowering the tip of the sowrd to the floor, he places both hands on the pommel and shifts his weight like an old man resting on his cane. "Mate... you wouldn't believable the night I've had. I'm not feeling too good right now."

    He glances around the kitchen, swallowing a few times to choke back vomit in the sudden onset of nausea, then looks back at his friend, a note of concern in his eyes.

    "I'm pretty sure I screwed up, Ren....."

    With a quick change of thought, he furrows his brow peculiarly at the little man. "By the way, you seem... different somehow. Something happen to your face and uh... overall physical size? Maybe going through a gender transformation or something?" He inspects Renard's chest for any signs of newly formed protrusions.

    Renard averts his eyes at Ariel's questioning. Even he didn't know. Was it magic? Or something else? Everything Faux had said to him didn't add up. He couldn't even trust himself.
    "It's... nothing. Don't worry about it.."
    Due to his small stature, Renard had to raise his head just to maintain eye contact. He sighs and shakes his head. His sword floats aimlessly around the kitchen without purpose, most likely in reaction to his wandering thoughts.
    "An illusion... right? Did you think I'd killed that girl? Out of jealousy? Hey... I make it a point not to go out with women who throw poisonous spiders at me," points out Renard. "Right, so fill me in now. I've been sleeping for a while."

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    Renard breathes a sigh of relief as he sees Ariel revert from his so obviously and conveniently evil appearance, also stopping in his tracks as the dead man suddenly jumps up and runs away, accompanied by some infernal noise heard from upstairs. He hadn't known people to get up after being impaled through the neck, but nonetheless...

    "Ariel...? Have you come to your senses?" he says, a slight bit of hesitation evident in his voice.

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    Quote from Buttons»

    When the blades became locked overhead, the words Renard spoke 'To be honest.. it gave me great pleasure to end that harlots life. She was meant to be mine', seemed to jar Ariel from his sudden impulse of rage, which in turn caused him to be mindful of the obvious discrepancy concerning the unlikelihood of Renard having time to meet up with and subsequently kill Betty in the time that had transpired since Ariel left her behind in the bedroom. In one sudden moment the entire situation felt absurd. These weren't words fitting of the man, Renard, that Ariel had gotten to know, and it was obvious that there just wasn't enough time for him to have killed Betty... despite the fact that she was lying dead on the floor at their feet.

    Releasing the tension from the lock of blades, Ariel stepped back, but taking no chances he kept on guard with sword at the ready. The situation may not been making any sense, but there weren't any obvious answers as to why, either.

    "Have you completely lost your mind?" Ariel shouted; "How can you be saying all that crap and be so nonchalant about it!?" He looked at Betty's corpse on the floor, then back at Renard. "Tell me what the hell is going on here!"

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    When Ariel speaks, he appears as crazed as he previously did, yet Renard hears his words as follows;

    “You’ve killed Betty for stupid reason. We were never friends! …I will end your life for what you have done to me!”

    As Ariel steps away, Renard watches with laboured breathing, appearing to regard something. He had almost lost that sword lock because it was impossible to exert much force with how small his stature was. Renard deduces that Faux wasn't actually very good at swordfighting-- he just knew lots of ridiculous techniques so he could gain the upper hand. And it worked, too; Renard only started bar fights, but Faux had taken on an army. Without Faux's actual repertoire of skills, this body wasn't very helpful at all. He breathes a small sigh; his beloved gun and cape were most likely lost forever.

    There definitely was something wrong with Ariel, what with his strange appearance and insistence that Renard had killed someone named 'Betty'. It came to him very slowly that he was talking about the irritating girl that had been trying to kill him earlier. He hadn't been aware of anyone else in the mansion besides him, Ariel, and the two other strange girls, but of course-- if that wretched dragon was here, so was their master. If she really was dead, then that would explain her pet running amok

    Getting back to the matter, there was obviously no chance of reasoning with Ariel; after all, he had just declared that he would end his life. Whether it was some sort of magic or not, he would have to beat Ariel into submission until he came to his senses. The old-fashioned way.

    A continuous scraping is heard as Renard, his sword being dragged across the ground, slowly and silently walks towards Ariel.
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    Renard's eyes shine with a determined glimmer for the first time. With all that had happened and finally remembering who he was, now he was finally out of that horrid state of mind. He knew what to do, and he had a plan-- but first, he had to escape the mansion and lay the person in his hands to rest. This was easily done, but before he could do that, he first had to find his companions: Ariel, and Maras. He did have a feeling Maras could be in the mansion; he always was attracted to trouble, and this place was definitely the holy grail of trouble.

    And he had to get his original body back too-- sure, it wasn't much of a priority, and there really wasn't much of a problem with Faux's form, but the height difference and squeaky voice meant people were going to treat him like a child, not taking him seriously. It was all so strange; what really was the point of Faux taking the liberty of changing appearances to his dead self? Was there any significance of his trademark golden coat? And how did Renard's weapons even disappear with his body? Where was his body and weapons all stored? There were many unanswered questions. They were both still the same person, and but Faux was still somehow hiding something from him.

    Even now, looking at Faux was strange-- he did look like him slightly, but sometimes he found it hard to grasp that Faux's form was really just Renard from around 8 years ago. He only knew of his own past not from his memories but from Faux's tales, so details like his personal growth had been left unknown because of the memory gap. It still felt like he was a different person.

    Renard shakes his head and continues through to the kitchen before him, Fin still in his arms. Everything he thought about would wait for now; he had more important things to do.

    Quote from NightsRemnant

    Renard enters the kitchen with Fin in arms. He sees Ariel before him, yet the angel’s appearance has drastically changed. Dark, demonic wings are spread wide from his back. His eyes are bloodshot and crazed, his mouth lined with many rows of serrated teeth, his skin is burnt red, parched and cracked, yet his entire person shimmers like that of a mirage, while in his hand is a black sword that appears to bend and contort as though it were liquid.

    That was easy. He had already found him, less than a minute after he decided to go look for him. Convenient. Renard narrows his eyes at the unsettling sight, trying to make sense of what was going on with Ariel's appearance. He sure had gotten a makeover-- and a dark one, too. Maybe this was what angels really looked like? Never could really leave the depictions of them up to artists. Nonetheless, Renard approaches him-- violent-looking or not, it was still the same person.

    "Ariel... what've you been doing this entire time? Fooling around?" he remarks, forgetting entirely about the weight of Fin on his arms.

    Quote from Buttons»

    When Ariel sees Renard enter the kitchen, he was taken by two instant emotions. The first one being of gladness that Renard wasn't the beast he was expecting to appear from the looming nature of what he was feeling. The second was being completely and utterly horrified by seeing Betty dead in his arms. At first he figured Renard would have a reasonable explanation to this, but when he heard Renard claim responsibility for killing her due to jealousy, Ariel just... lost it....

    - Ariel hadn't had a lot of practice keeping his new human array of emotions under control, since he had only been in human form for a day, and because of this the emotional horror didn't for a moment allow him to stop and consider that Renard's knowledge of the affair between Ariel and Betty didn't make any sense. After all, it was only a little while ago that Ariel saw Renard in the hallway fighting Chisille. Not to mention the oddity of knowing that there could have barely been enough time for Betty to finish fighting her dad and then manage to meet up with Renard, tell him about what happened, and subsequently get murdered by him -

    Logic seemed to be damned by a flooding of despair and rage in the moment he heard Renard speak those casual words; 'I had to, Ariel, she was meant to be mine. But don’t worry… you’ll be joining her soon'. In that moment of overwhelming emotion, Ariel wanted nothing but to have him pay for what he had done, and raising his sword with intent to kill, he screamed out some unmentionable cussing and charged at Renard.

    Renard's first thoughts are about how Ariel nonchalantly throws out swears and other sorts of incomprehensible dialogue as if he weren't a Christian, though whatever he is saying all seems to blend together messily-- and then his mind quickly drifts to less sillier matters like Ariel attacking him. With almost no time to react, Renard closes his eyes tightly, bracing for impact. It is only after a loud 'CLANG!' sound is heard that Renard opens his eyes again, to the strange sight of his floating blade locking together with Ariel's. He had inadvertently moved the 'Truth' to save himself. But this particular feature of the sword obviously wasn't intended for combat; the blade begins to falter, only about 2 seconds before it had started locking.

    Renard quickly drops Fin, who falls to the ground with a thud. Intentionally not taking the opportunity to go for a groin-attack or anything else for his friend's sake, he instead grabs his sword in defence, continuing to lock swords in a tie with Ariel.
    "What in the... you've lost your mind now, haven't you?! It's me, Renard!"

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    An invisible force having thrown him, Faux grunts as he hits the wall with a loud thud. He glares dizzily up at the dragon as she begins to walk away. A feeling of immense hatred begins to course through him. His sword, floating nearby, as some sort of reaction to this, flies straight towards him, which he catches and grips stiffly. The sword-- the Truth begins to glow immensely, fuelled by his hatred. He would kill her, he thought. She had to die.

    Before Faux could act, the golden glimmer, previously seen, begins to shine, unknown to Chisille. It blinds him with a brilliant light, and time effectively begins to stop for him. And then he saw it. Fleeting visions of the future. A cycle of loss and revenge. A person who perpetuated this cycle because it brought meaning to his life, eventually resulting in his end. He was doomed to this reality if he gave into his desires.

    The visions stop, and Faux finds himself in a white void. The golden shimmer appears before him, which appears to collapse into itself before taking form-- appearing as... Faux. The first Faux looks at his arms, and then at the rest of his body. Tall. Leather armour. And a black cape. He chuckled, coming to a realisation. He thought he was Faux. He thought they were one and the same. But now he was wrong.

    Renard wryly smiles at Faux. His cape flutters slightly.

    "In my head, there're two versions of me," Renard begins to say. "One of them is saying, 'Forget about it all. Lick your wounds and move on.'

    Faux tilts his head endearingly in some sort of confusion.

    "What's the other one saying?"

    "It keeps shouting, 'Make them pay!' 'Kill every single one of them!'," says Renard. "And it won't stop getting louder."

    "Sure that isn't my voice in there?" giggles Faux.

    "Could be! It's a bit of a loudmouth!"

    "There you go, then!"

    The two simultaneously let out a hearty laughter.

    Faux eventually stops and begins to look into the distance of the never-ending void.

    "A long time ago, I felt the same sense of deep loss as you now, y'know. I cried as I charged by myself toward my last battle. As I held my sword and killed hundreds, my friends, who they had killed, were all I thought about."

    Renard's eyes widen. His memories were returning. The hazy night in which the city he worked in went up in flames... and the giant graveyard of swords in his dream world where he had relived an event where Faux futilely fought an army by himself. It was connected. The field of swords was located directly in front of the city. It was being attacked... and Faux had been too late, though he still fought.

    "As I laid on the ground, bleeding out, I decided I would shed no more tears," continues Faux. "Everyone who had died in that war had something they wanted to protect. Family, friends, loved ones, their home... I did, too."

    While he says this, he suddenly reaches out to Renard's chest and grabs his locket. Inside, as usual, is the picture of the unknown girl Renard was looking for.

    "This is her," Faux says. "Your sister, Camilla. She's safe now. So no matter how painful, no matter how hard, it's nothing to be sad about... I decided that there and then as death took me."

    Renard, shocked, looks at Faux wordlessly, taking in everything he had just said. Not much of an expression is returned from Faux.

    "You were born of my death," says Faux, "but I know now it wasn't a mistake. You're my second chance. You can make things right. Break the cycle of loss and revenge that we have perpetuated through our entire lives.

    "Yeah. You're right. I'll return Waise to its former glory. And if anyone gets in my way... I'll keep convincing them, until they see things my way."

    Faux smiles warmly at this notion.

    "Looks like my job's done. I have to go."

    "Where're you going?"

    Faux looks at Renard sadly and points at his heart.

    "I'll always be in there," Faux says. "...Thanks for everything."

    Renard tries to choke back his tears as the void slowly begins to deconstruct itself.

    Finally, he suddenly finds himself back in the real world, still slumped against a wall. Taking one look at himself, he still has Faux's appearance. The dragon was still in the middle of leaving the room. His sword clatters to the ground as Renard releases his grip, finally coming to a decision. She wasn't worth it at all. The sword stops glowing, deprived of the hatred previously fuelling it. The cycle was broken.

    A few moments pass before Renard finally gets up and limps over to Fin's body. He only takes one long lamentful look at him before beginning to carry him-- one arm under his legs and the other supporting his back. A little heavy, but Faux's body was strong for his age. Knowing full well of the mansion's room swapping trait, he walks through the same door the dragon did.

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    I'm me, and you're you. We're different, now. We can't merge. It would do you good to stop pretending to be me. Be yourself. Let go of the past.
    Thanks for everything.
    - A boy in gold
    Quote from 9314265068»

    Since Faux had begun to approach her, she didn't turn back to Fin to finish him off. Instead she growled even more as his sword once again was materialized and equipped. However with the damage Chisille had done to his sword arm, holding it up was harder to do. Not only because of the pain coming from the area that was bitten, but also because of the blood loss from around there as well.

    With the sword being pointed directly at her, she knew that he wasn't just going to stand there waving a bit of metal at her. In anticipation for a fireball or an arrow or anything like that, she quickly dodged out of the way of where he was pointing as a loud bang occurred. The bullet from the barrel ended up striking some of the floorboards behind where she was, leaving a hole in the floor and sending a few splinters into the air.

    The sound of the gun on the sword firing briefly disorientated her due to the noise, but she quickly shook that away and lined herself up with the approaching attacker. She once more opened up her mouth in preparation to send out something at Faux, but this wasn't the only thing she was doing. It might not be as satisfying to do instead of sinking her teeth into Fin, but killing him would still be satisfying and she was going to do that if she could afford it. Her tail searched around where she had been on Fin, and once she found his neck she prepared to strike down. The stab surely would end him.

    Faux stood there silently, his ragged hyperventilating being the only sound he could hear. His legs would not move him, as if his resolve had shattered in a matter of a few seconds. Time slowed to a crawl as the reality of the situation unfolded in front of his eyes. The man was going to die, and there were no options to take. The same, again, and again, and again. Losing what he cared to protect, even after rebirth. Was him and Faux destined for the same outcome every time? Would he have not been better off staying in the dream world forever? Those were questions he asked himself in this fleeting moment of despair.

    Then I'm Faux, he decided to himself. We are the same. There's no Renard now. I should carry those burdens myself. I should think about what he-- no, what I would do in this kind of situation.

    Faux still continues to stand there, motionless. No matter how hard he tries, he can't think of anything. His mind begins to become blank. The futility starts to dawn on him. As if it were some kind of response to this, a golden glimmer in the air shines next to Faux for a split second, and he is thrown rather forcefully to the side by an unknown entity before Chisille's attack hits.
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    Quote from Buttons»

    Ariel figured he better take Betty's advice and make a break for it while he could. Using a rhinoceros as a launching pad and his wings for an extra boost, he flew across the room, flipping in a kind of sideways somersault about half way to plant a quick kiss on Betty's cheek while passing by. On the other side of the room he hit the floor running while calling back 'You were great!' and simultaneously opening the door. He then entered the basement where he kept up the pace, ascending the stair on the other side and through the next door into the library. Not bothering to stop for a formal introduction, but said a quick hello to a strange man wandering aimlessly in burnt long johns before exiting the next door to see Chisille ravaging Renard - who was for some reason now dressed in a golden coat - and some other guy laying bleeding on the floor. It was quite a bloody mess to say the least, but Ariel didn't have time to stop and ask questions. Taking another leap, he managed to say 'Hi' to both Chisille and Renard as he flew by overhead, down the stairs, and out the next door.

    It takes seconds for Faux to register who had just flown above him. A half-smile forms on his face, though he shakes his head quickly and gets back to the situation at hand.

    Quote from 9314265068»

    With Faux giving her one good shove against her snout, Chisille was forced to let go of his arm. What she had done to him seemed to cause him to do exactly as she wanted. With Faux being wounded, confused, and now on the ground and out of the way, Chisille roared at him as if to say 'Don't you DARE try that again!' before moving her attention away from the interruption once more and set her eyes back onto the unconscious Fin.

    All the smoke and flames building up was making it a bit harder to breathe, especially since all the fighting had exhausted the small dragon somewhat. She still kept going, her anger willing her to keep pushing forward with her desire to tear this man's throat out. As she descended the rest of the stairs she momentarily looked up to see Ariel fly over them, but since he was moving too fast to even interact with and didn't bother her anyway, she didn't dwell on that subject for long.

    The last few stairs she leapt down, landing roughly on the unconscious Fin and once more sinking her claws into him. At this point though with all his previous injuries this was more for the thrill of the moment rather then to keep him from fighting back. She opened her mouth, ready to finally end the life of this man once and for all while simultaneously emitting a low growl.

    She made one final glance over to Faux to make sure he wasn't about to come at her again. Provided he wasn't, she turned back to Fin, extending her wings slightly in pleasure as she lunged down towards his throat.

    Faux grits his teeth in anger.
    "Why've I got to clean up that girl's messes?"
    Faux briefly gets up and leans against the railing of the staircase, barely staying on-balance. He pats his side, only to find that his entire arsenal of weaponry had gone missing along with his original attire: his sword, halberd, and pistol. Blasted, thought Faux. Curses.

    Memories of his sleep resurface as he tries desperately to find a way to save the man being mauled. He recalled that he had been talking to his past self... something about a sword that was both parts technology and magic and was connected to 'both' their hearts. That was it...! The Truth. He had to find his Truth and summon it. Faux held his hand out and closed his eyes. The truth, and the Truth. The two were interchangeable. He thought of how his past self had told him he were never meant to exist. He frowned. There was no denying it. Everything he had said, was, indeed, the truth.

    His eyes open and the sword finally materialises in front of him. As he grabs it, the sword emanates a faint blue glow, something which 'Faux' didn't have with his version of the sword. Faux surmises that 'Faux' not having any emotions and instead imitating them from memory meant the sword was the weakest for him. The Truth was powered by emotional energy, after all, since it was connected to his heart.

    Faux gets down to business immediately after Chisille stops paying attention to him; seeing the small barrel attached to the side of the blade that he had noticed in his sleep, he points the sword at Chisille and pulls a trigger located on the side of the hilt. With a crack, a shot is fired. Faux doesn't stop to confirm whether he had hit or not-- he immediately grabs the railing he had been leaning on and hops on it, sliding down the remaining set of stairs towards the dragon.

    "Stop right there, damned scoundrel! You're not taking his life as long as I'm still alive!" he exclaims, having quite a rough landing but nonetheless managing to stay on his feet unlike before.
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    Quote from 9314265068»

    Just as Chisille was about to sink her teeth into his arm, a bright flash occurred, coming from Faux. She quickly shut her eyes, landing unsteadily on the stairs as she tried to recover her sight. Leaving no time to waste she turned around while blinking hard, ready for another lunge at the man now standing there in a daze. Now even more furious then before, she wasted no time sinking her teeth into his arm again. Even though she could've, she didn't go for the throat, like what happened with Fin.

    Faux felt the dozens of sharp little needles pierce through his skin and sink into his arm, letting him know that he definitely was on the bad side for this particular 'dog'. However after the first second of hard biting, it was replaced with a stranger but still painful feeling. The area around where Chisille had her mouth felt stranger, as if he was being drawn up through a large straw, and her throat started gulping. For whatever reason, she was sucking his blood out from his arm and drinking it.

    The satisfaction this brought the dragoness was unexpected to her, for the most part. She knew that Fin and Annie's blood would taste sweet, as that's what she was commanded to feel. However drawing from Faux was just still sweet for her, satisfying in a way. Her anger subsided somewhat as this went on, though it was almost too clear that she didn't feel like stopping. At least not yet.

    Whether Faux forcefully ends this or she ends up being satisfied enough to let go, she licks her lips of the remaining crimson liquid.

    Faux looks around in confusion, before finally noticing the dragon sinking its teeth into his arm.
    "W-Who's this?! Get off!" he exclaims, momentarily panicking as he grabs at her and shoves her off. Briefly, he holds out his hand and looks at the golden-coloured coat he was wearing-- apparently coming to some sort of realisation. He grabs at the wound Chisille inflicted on him and tries to step away from her, only to stumble and fall on his bottom, almost as if he were not used to his height.

    "You're... you're that girl's pet," he utters, trying to find his breath. "Why've I been awakened...?"
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