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    posted a message on 1.3.1 Amazing Island
    2 things... JEZUS SEED. AMAZING!!!

    and nice profile pic sandcraft.... -_-
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    posted a message on How do you make a suitable home in a Jungle?
    post deleted
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    I was on a server with some friends i knew in real life, we were all mods. The only reason I was on was because i was freinds with a man named "NarwhalSlayer99" i knew him in real life. I was helping building his city after i was done with my house. I had finished the bar it had 4 cobblestone slabs on the corners of the roof and the word BAR made of glowstone above it he came in and said cobblestone wasnt alowed in the city. I told him it was only 4 slabs, but he de-opped me for back talking do i said "What the ****!" and he threatened to kick me for swearing. I told him i would fix it. he then left and i made to entire roof out ofcobble to **** him off. he came back and kicked me. I got back on and told him he was a stupid litle ****tard. he then did /nick Dodge_hellonen Narcisist... he didnt even spell it write at this point i was pissed so we got into the huge flame war and for the next 2 hours we went back in forth we greifed the bar building and destroying cobblestone. Now i was ****ing furious. so i went in world edit and made the whole city cobbblestone including his castle that he built brick for brick. he kept being a smart ass and telling me he wwas "thebuilding god of this server" he tped me to the museum were there was a pixel art statue of him that said building god under it. i told him to **** off and i got kicked for swearing cuz there was quote "little kids" online when it was onhly me him and another admin. so i got back on and set the pixel art on fire and built a big **** under it. the other admins little brother got on, the other admin said ther e was now a little kid on a i couold not swear. so i asked him what a vagina was, he said he didnt know. so i went back to the bar and and all cobble was gone. i threatened to hack and i got banned for "scaring" his little brother... and Narwhal slayer? he says he is popular on the flood forum on
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    posted a message on What Was the Epic/Dramatic Battle You Had in SMP?
    I was on a server in 1.3 during my great days of PVP, and I had finally killed my arch enemy on the server, well he was very popular... and the entire server came at me most of them had iron leather armor with diamond swords. i had a diamond sword and no armor. 7 people came at me. i raped them all... they kept repawning re-armoring and coming at me, i still raped them. I was about to take my reveng on them by setting there main city on fire when they burst through my door and killd me... but i took 4 of the 7 of them with me...
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    posted a message on What didn't exist when you started, that now you can't live without?
    restone for sure.
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    posted a message on Looking for co-owner/admins
    Position wanted:Admin
    Country/Timezone:eastern mercan
    About you (minimum 5 sentences): Ill be honest with you, im the guy who is usually caught greifing, but i know responsibility and with a position like that i wont abuse.
    How much can you play per day?: 1-2 hours
    Experiences in this position (minimum 6 sentences): iv been admin on about 2 different servers, one was a small community server the other was a large hardcore pvp server.
    Have you ever been banned?:ill be honest here too, ive been banned ALOT wheather it is from greifing or telling an admin to go **** him/herself.
    How many servers have you played on?: 13
    Maturity (1-10):8
    Dedication (1-10):9
    Plugin Knowledge (1-10):9
    Will you put all server issues and needs before your own enjoyment?:Yes
    What would you do in a situation where someone has been griefed?:I would have each one explain their side of the story andlh mysel heater the offendergets banned/kicked/ or killed
    What would you do in a situation where someone is harassing another, or an argument is going on?: tell the offender to **** off and that ill hack him (i wont really)
    Skype(no mic. needed, include username):dodge.hellonen
    Other info/Questions: can i swear or use profanity? im a real character
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    posted a message on Nostalgia overload
    a mighty fine shame its in a swamp biome
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    posted a message on What types of housing do you prefer?
    I like to build a 8x9 wodden house on stilts :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on What you currently doing in your Survival!?
    I am making a gigantic cathederal/dojo in my harcore surviival, i plan to beat the ender dragon.
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    posted a message on Looking for a buddy! :D
    Yes do h a skype it is Dodge.Hellonen
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    posted a message on Looking for a buddy! :D
    :biggrin.gif: I would love to do comentarys and lets plays with you. pogise though i am only 12 srry. and im quite mature if say so myself. my IGN is Dodge_Hellonen.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: First Ravines, Now Rivers
    ZOMG Finaly cant wait for water falls oh and 1.8 is coming out on august 23 or sum time around there ok!
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    posted a message on Bedrock Kingdom(Now Recruiting)

    Why you want to join:i would like to enrich ur clan with redstone conrapions
    What can you do to help the clan: pvp traps, piston lights and secret doors.

    pm me if you choose me for your clan
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