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    posted a message on New Nether Mob, The Slip, It's So Adorable!.
    I like the concept but would prefer a few minor adjustments. So here are my suggestions.

    - Colours are too vibrant, maybe a dark murky yellow and a navy blue to fit the theme.
    - Drain xp 1 segment of the bar per 0.25 seconds, so 4 segments per second regardless of the level. (that way its gradually depleting it rather than bam its all gone)

    - When it depletes all of your xp instead of brutally murdering you it should launch you away a few blocks (causing fall damage, or in the nether a chance to fall in lava)

    - Also at full growth size it should die and seperate out like a slime does into smaller chunks. As if it used your xp to feed its offspring.(these however would sporadically run away from the player until after 10 seconds or so, where they would become normal again)

    They ignore all other mobs. There is no point in them targeting everything.

    Reason for my ideas?

    There is already enough mobs in the nether which can kill you. They aim to murder you regardless. If you accidentally swing and catch a pigman while fighting another mob you get swarmed enough as it is.
    So why not make this mob passive in terms of damage but hunt for your xp on its own.

    That way you aren't worrying about some super demon thing which will maime you like a boss that can spawn when it feels like.
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    posted a message on I've worked out how to live forever....
    Quote from Sargeant_om_nom


    By 2065 (Estimation) you should be able to upload your consciousness into an Android body. Letting you live on forever.

    But accidents happen.

    2 problems with this theory though (which is just adding to the whole, we can't live forever, posting)

    1) To have a living robotic organism that has our conscience you have to have storage in the form of an electronic device. Like a HDD, ROM or whatever they invent when quantum computing gets a breakthrough.
    Electronics fail, no matter what. Blue screen of death would then become your funeral.

    2) By 2200 we will have exhausted ALL natural resources on Earth so how do you propose we keep this android master race alive?

    And before you say "space exploration" or some other form of answer to get resources. I should just politely point out that our current situation is severely lacking the physics and mathematical research to produce such technology. (although we are trying bless)

    Just food for thought :)
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    posted a message on Would You Kill 100 Cats To...
    I would keep the cats. Breed them and make more cats.

    There's too many humans in the world as it is, so much so that we are actually going to eventually become the cause of our own extinction.
    Just some fun numbers for you too to make you wonder should we be researching how to prolong lives or save us all from our own extinction.
    • In approximately 4 billion years the sun will "burn out" as it runs out of Hydrogen. When this happens that's it, no more sunlight. The earth will slowly freeze due to lack of heat, we will all catch hypothermia and die from either freezing or asphyxiation due to Oxygen not being produced by plants (which need the sunlight to photosynthesize)
    • BUT approximately 500 million years from now the human race will be extinct, because the heat from the sun will increase continuously until it "burns out" causing us all to die anyway.
    • Also in 4 billion years our Galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy, shattering our solar system, killing us all anyway.
    • Next fun point, Our planet is "past its use by date" so to speak, it cannot sustain much longer at our exponential growth. By the year 2200 (only 187 years from now) our planet will COMPLETELY run out of resources for our use, coal, oil natural gas etc.. So...erm...what do we do then?

    Therefore what I say is, sure research cancer and what not if you like, preferably how to not get it in the first place.
    But we should be heavily researching how to stop radiation from making us all blind when we leave our atmosphere, and how to sustain life on another planet.

    Which we will destroy like this one...

    And the next...

    And the next...

    sorry if that's put a downer on peoples day's/nights.


    Save the kitties!

    Also, yes...I like Astronomy.
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    posted a message on [1.7] Desperado [Wild West Map] [50,000+ Downloads]
    Nice map, very good job with the redstone and all that complicated stuff. and a very good job of the textures too :)

    My results were average citizen, 45 honor.
    To be perfectly honest it didn't take me an hour, just under I think but then I did sort of power through it.

    Some critical points though if I may: (and these are just my opinions, take them or leave them, makes no difference :))
    - you made it seem like we would really need the horse with the whole learn to tame it, do an obstacle course bit. But then all I used the horse for was to ride down the train track to the town to fight the bad guy.

    - Another town or area would have been nice to explore, get side quests from etc
    I used the map (had no idea where I was on it properly) found the track and rode up to the town. You had a chasm thing on there but I never found it. Nor do I feel I had to anyway.

    Other than that, it was a very good map :)

    it said to be continued....

    I look forward to more :P
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] PK's Lawn Mower Mod V1.1.0 - Unofficial Update by LukeD1994
    Quote from TXX59

    Cool mod! But... could you maybe update it to 1.6.2?
    And why is there an image of someone in the city?
    EDIT: Nevermind the update. But I'm still puzzled about that image.

    Quote from Nimolo

    where ? :o

    EDIT: Saw it. LOOOL I don't know xD Fail upload I think

    The images for this mod for some unknown reason all became broken links a while back. God knows why. The host website must have made changes which caused the city man to be a replacement to one of mine. Fail indeed xD
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    Quote from Aadnesigurd

    Getting an error, a different error that I expected too.
    No errors without this mod, when I put this on the mod folder this happens.

    Yeah your error is because you've got too many mods clashing for space, look.

    [STDOUT] CONFLICT @ 1270 item slot already occupied by [email protected] while adding org[email protected]474dd974

    Clash in item slots are all while adding millenaire.

    The mod which is causing an error directly is mo creatures
    Client> 2013-09-13 16:35:45 [INFO] [STDOUT] MoCreatures{6.0.1} [DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod] (DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod v6.0.1) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Errored

    And this is why

    Client> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 253 is already occupied by [email protected] when adding [email protected]

    you need to either sort out the item ID's and block ID's yourself or delete some mods dude. Sorry.

    In other news, I made a photomerge of a canyon, kind of removes to depth aspect view but I thought it was cool so put it here for you :)

    there are 5 pictures merged into one (hence the curves on the picture border)

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    posted a message on ATG - Alternate Terrain Generation
    Quote from TTFTCUTS

    Very nice! I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement cliffier areas - good looking cliffs are, it seems, both an art and a precise science... maybe I set my standards too high. Anyway, that sort of thing can actually be accomplished with a biome, using ATG's biome modifiers. I'll test how something like that might come out on BoP's crag, perhaps.

    Oh ok, i'll make do with TNT for now then :)

    I was just thinking some new areas would be interesting to mix it up a bit. cliff edges, massive valleys with spikey mountains surrounding them, lava in the bottom.

    Think "ravine" but 10x bigger. :)

    the sort of place you would NOT want to go adventuring but can guarantee 99% of a film or adventure would be based in their.
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    posted a message on ATG - Alternate Terrain Generation
    This mod deserves far more attention. Seriously.

    I used to play with the extra biome mods that are out there, but got fed up of spending most of my time flying around looking for the place I wanted to begin my minecraft game.

    This mod is just amazing, I love how much it changes everything.

    Just for effort, I took some screenshots of various features while using 2 other mods which I find to compliment it nicely.

    The first, is SEUS (Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders) V10 and the second, Better Grass and Leaves mod.

    Here are my screenshots :)

    There are 23 images, so I will post the album link on here (otherwise the thread will overheat and explode)

    Enjoy :)

    Also to the mod dev...

    Could you perhaps add sections with larger ravines, and jagged rocks/mountains :)
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    posted a message on Glenn's Gases - Cool guys don't look at Gas Explosions 1.6.6
    Well this is certainly interesting.

    Haven't used it yet as I've only just downloaded it, I saw the AntVenom video of it though.

    As per usual with a mod I like the sound of I'm going to throw as many ideas at you as my mind can possibly think of :)

    Warning, lots of text

    Going off some of your ideas you posted as upcoming:


    Add valves. These can be used to direct gas flow a specific way or stop it. Stopping too much gas (nowhere for it to flow) should build up pressure in the pipes and cause an explosion! :D

    You could then add pressure monitors which emit a redstone output when pressure is too high, this can be used to automatically override valves and release the gas out of emergency vents.

    Gas Masks

    Because...gas + mask = breathing in gas. Without a gas mask the player will die when breathing in some gasses.

    More Gases

    Add more :) I'll name a few, I also think they should have proper chemical names as it makes it more interesting (and is technically educational so parents can't complain their kids are gaming and not doing science homework lol)

    Here are a few examples I've come up with...
    • Helium - Found in caves - When inhaled the player gets a similar jump effect to the chicken (glides down instead of falling) and after this effect wears off adds nausea for a few seconds
    • Methane - Given off by animals - Adds nausea to the player if inhaled (because its basically poo in gas form)
    • Propane - ? - Highly flammable
    • Carbon Monoxide - Smoke from fires, if trapped turns to this after a while - makes the player sleepy, and kills them after so long
    • Phosgene - Caves, used as a weapon - (Phosgene was the chemical gas used in WW1), it suffocates the player, killing them.
    • Plutonium Gas - Caves, used as a weapon) - Highly radioactive gas, sits on the ground. Cause nausea, poison and hunger.
    To go with these lethal gases you could add special machinery which alters the gas to make it less dangerous.

    Liquid Gases

    I think I saw something about this?
    Basically, gasses can be converted to make liquid versions of the gas.
    That way you can harness the gas better and use it. (eg. 1 bottle can hold 1 gas block but if in liquid form the bottle can hold 3 gas blocks)

    Random Extras
    (These are just random things, I won't be hurt if you ignore them)

    Smoke Grenades - Blocks a mobs vision of you (so they can't attack)
    Gas Grenades - For attacking mobs with gas.

    Fans - For pushing gas blocks
    Gas powered furnaces - Faster than normal ones
    Gas Bottles - For storing gas (not small like the potion ones, I'm talking a full block)

    That's all I can think of :)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] GardenCraft V5.0 - Beta release out for testing!
    Quote from Superjustinbros

    Is the mod porting process to 1.6.2 coming along well?

    Trying to work around renders etc. As I was never very good at them, which means I have to actually learn them properly rather than copy code.

    So technically I've stopped to learn that.

    If I do what I did before the major updates and ignore the renders for now, I only have the flowers and the trellises left to do.

    Trellises are being irritating, I've changed them to metadata as I intend to add a new one for each flower, but they appear to be not liking that.

    In terms of the flowers, I'm actually waiting to see what Jeb announces for 1.7 as I've heard speculation of more flowers. If they do that. I can work around theirs. (Typical mojang ­ing over the mod developers by stealing their content)
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    posted a message on Tile Entity Textures are missing and + they crash when set [Forge][MC 1.6.2]
    I could do with some help on this please guys.

    If I do the same as the OP and place the resource location code in this class file:
    public class RenderStatueR extends TileEntitySpecialRenderer

    It will load the game and give me a blank bounding box with this being spit out in the console:

    Using missing texture, unable to load: minecraft:textures/blocks/MISSING_ICON_TILE_209_lamp.png

    HOWEVER if I put the function


    into my Block file then it tells me the file could not be parsed due to broken aspect ratio. (because it isn't a standard 16x16 file, its a texturemap file)

    Any ideas?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] PK's Lawn Mower Mod V1.1.0 - Unofficial Update by LukeD1994
    Quote from Wez_the_hunter

    nooooo alll my life i have been looking round every were for a mod like this and i have been trying to make a piston one (never worked) and its sooo sadening ;_; why did this mod die i neeed this for my 1.6.2 survival :( why did you give up on the mod mod maker nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    like no he should add not just a lawn mower but also a conbine harvester for that and a tractor that bone meales the land but THE MOD DIED SO NOOOO that is not possible

    Not dead, yet.

    I have somebody working on an update, haven't contacted him for a while so will need to check his progress.
    If it is that he cannot get it done, I will begin to rewrite ALL of the code from scratch using Forge API.

    BUT if I do have to rewrite it all it will take longer to remake, AND it will have to wait for my gardencraft mod to be rewritten as that is my main mod.

    And yes, the plan was to add different "farming" vehicles as well, but that got thrown out of the window when the code died. Bare in mind this mod was a badly put together update from a very old version owned by someone else. So it probably needs a rewrite anyway.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] GardenCraft V5.0 - Beta release out for testing!
    Update Progress Notes:

    Here I will post my update progress notes for you all to see.

    Green text = files complete
    Orange text = in progress
    Red text = not started

    Core Files
    - Main Mod File
    - Client Proxy
    - Server Proxy
    - ModInfo
    - Recipes File
    - Names File <--- These three files get updated each time I add a block or item so will be in progress until the mod is done.
    - Block ID's File

    Content Files
    - Hedge Block
    - Slate Tile Block
    - Marble Tile Block
    - Checkered Tile Block
    - Mowed Lawn Block
    - Wall Light Block <---Still doesn't toggle state when clicked, but its done.
    - Framed Window Block
    - Plant Pot <--- Both this and the gold plant pot will be renamed to Plant Beds as mojang added pots.
    - Gold Plant Pot Click me if you don't know what a plant bed is and want to see my inspiration
    - Flowers
    - Garden Lamp Block <--Waiting for improved knowledge of renders
    - Trellises
    - Table Block and Item
    - Ceiling Lamp block and Item
    - Chair Block and Item
    - Custom Block Render Files
    - Mountable Block Files
    - Rake Item

    New Content will be added AFTER I have rewritten everything else.

    If you have any comments suggestions or opinions please add them to the post, however if you are just happy that the mod is being updated just like this post.
    Not to try and improve reputation, its so I can keep this post relatively close to the end of the thread so people who skip to the latest post can see my progress.
    Thanks :)


    I'm releasing a BETA right now!
    Reason is so people can test it for me while I'm on holiday.
    Get the BETA download!

    Uses the latest version of forge.

    Please note that this is a beta. The mod does not have ALL of its features yet, and there may be the odd bug.
    (hint: for creative players, they're all in the decorations tab: for survival players they should all have a crafting recipe except the mowed lawn)

    Latest Edits:
    - Completed the plant beds, moving onto flowers and the garden lamp
    - Removed the stained and varnished wood blocks due to them being practically a waste of block ID's now that minecraft has different wood colours.

    I've started building some custom renders, haven't put the code into effect at all yet, that is the hardest part. but here is a preview design of the new garden lamp.

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] GardenCraft V5.0 - Beta release out for testing!
    Quote from Stuart98

    And I assume that the mod is now officially dead?

    Nope, I've been website building which took priority. (not for the mod though)

    I've just re-downloaded all the pre-requirements to modding again, as I had a purge on my pc a while back.
    I'll be re-writing most of the core of the mod within the next few months as and when I have a good amount of time.
    ^ I say months because I leave for a family holiday to Turkey this coming Friday. Then when I get back I go to Wales for a week away with my girlfriend. So I'm going to be spending more time away from my pc this month lol.

    I should also make it absolutely clear that because of how much has changed since I last released an update, it may take me a while to get back into the routine. And effectively I have to re-learn it all due to the severe changes mojang made.

    Hopefully I will have it a lot nicer looking code wise, as with all the "rushed" updates I made in the past year or so the code became very messy.


    GardenCraft V5.0 - total code rewrite is coming soon.
    So I have the core files done and working. you could technically use the mod again now in 1.6.2 (albeit with no content)


    I lied, I've made the first block to be put back....the infamous hedge.

    Oh and just for the record, the reason I gave up coding the mod for a while, the college work I mentioned?
    (spoiler so you don't have to read the mini story)

    I was doing a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science.
    For those that don't know (not from the UK) a BTEC is a 100% coursework subject, no exams just coursework.
    My particular one, the Extended Diploma is the equivalent of 3 A Levels (the exam courses you can take in the UK)

    I was under so much pressure because you do the Extended Diploma in 2 years normally, 1st year you cover compulsory modules, 2nd year you pick the rest.

    I did the entire thing in 1 academic year (year 14). Hence all the stress, and why I gave up with this mod.
    I did this because I nearly failed my A levels, the grades would not have gotten me into university at the end of year 13 (final year of college)

    So now I get to go to university 1 year after all of my friends did. But hey, I'm happy now.
    If you read my spoiler story, thanks. No worries if not :)
    I got D*D*D* (that's 3 Distinction Stars which is the same as getting 3 x A* at A Level) Which is the best grade you can get.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] GardenCraft V5.0 - Beta release out for testing!
    Quote from MineCraftFTW2013

    is this still continued? i want it for 1.5.2…

    See OP...

    This mod is NOT dead. it is merely paused until I finish school at the end of June.
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